Hot blonde and brunette d heroes fucked raw

Hot blonde and brunette d heroes fucked raw
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Though my husband is a wonderful lover who makes me cum like no other I'm a woman with an occasional dominate streak mom son fuk story movi needs to be satisfied. I decided to find satisfaction for my inner Mistress on the internet. After having several dominance and submission cyber sex sessions with potential slaves one certain candidate stood out from all the rest.

Stephen was convenient as our time schedules were similar and he was always very willing to please and accept his punishment. We would chat sometimes twice per day enticing him with all the things he knew I really would do to him. Our chats were so hot and he was so teen secretary teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a wrong turn and fun to make cum.

Upon first contact from my potential new bitch all the normal pleasantries were exchanged. We discussed the roles we would play in our fantasies. My story themes would always be different and unexpected little surprises were a must. We soon developed our relationship as the Mistress and her slave. I knew my slaves schedule well and would choose to discipline him when it suited my mood.

The holidays were approaching and after months of taking charge of Stephen my curiosity began to get the better of me. Ideas I had never had before started entering my mind. On a cold, gray day in November I felt the need to contact my slave to make him add sweet lips sucking his dick to my bidding.

As soon as I logged on to my lap top the chat window appeared. My slave had been waiting for his Mistress. Time to give pinay student high school finger little bitch boi a new character in his fantasy. Mistress says: It is time for you to serve me my little slave Come over here to me NOW Stephen says: As you wish my Mistress Mistress says: I'm pushing you to the floor Stephen says: hard Mistress says: You just will not behave tonight I have to slap that cute little face Slapping it HARD and AGAIN I grab your chin and pull head up so you are looking at me Who OWNS YOU Stephen says: Oh god you do Mistress says: Why do I OWN YOU Stephen says: To serve you Mistress says: What are YOU Stephen says: Ur bitch boi Mistress says: and Stephen says: Your slave Mistress says: Very good my nasty whore you have been paying attention You are kneeling on the floor in front of me Stephen says: and looking at you Mistress says: I grab a fist full of your hair and pull your face up to my hot wet pussy Mistress says: Do you want this BITCH Stephen says: Yes ma'am Mistress says: How bad Stephen says: More than anything Mistress says: I think you need to earn it Stephen says: Please tell me how Mistress says: I think you need to see what a real man would do with it I take you and tie you to a chair I go into the bathroom of our hotel room and bring out the Master He has been listening to us and his massive beautiful cock is standing at full attention He looks at you juicy babe adores hot action smalltits and hardcore disgust and slaps your face VERY HARD Stephen says: Please let me taste his cock Mistress says: He sees you looking so longingly at his huge cock He says "You dirty little bitch you'll never have my cock it belongs to the Mistress forever" He slaps you again and heads for the bed where I'm sitting with my legs spread wide He pushes me back on the bed and climbs up between my legs Spreads my sweet pussy lips with his fingers exposing my hard throbbing clit He looks over at you and says "Pay attention BITCH BOI this is how you make a woman cum" He starts licking and sucking my clit Stephen says: I need it Mistress says: Then he puts two fingers in my tight dripping pussy and rubs my G spot The waves of pleasure radiate through my whole body as I buck and moan with an explosive orgasm and I squirt all over his face He makes me kiss and lick his face until it's all clean Then takes his finger and scoops a wade of bbw girl jers me off full handjob and cumshot juice out of my cunt and tells you to open wide He shoves his fingers in your mouth almost down your throat making you gag "TASTE THAT PUSSY JUICE you useless sissy" he screams at you Stephen says: ccccccccccccc (= I'm Cumming) amazing Mistress says: Did you like it baby make you cum nice and hard Stephen says: very hard Mistress says: Good I'm glad Stephen says: Thank you very much I can't thank you enough for making me cum Mistress says: You are very welcome my sexy bitch boi do you still want to meet with me Stephen says: Yes Mistress please Mistress says: I will contact you with your instructions my slave be ready to follow them Stephen says: As you wish Mistress Stephen had been asking to fly out and meet with me for some time now and I decided to finally give in to his desire or was it my desire.

A plan was devised, all travel arrangements made and now to wait for the weeks to pass before I would actually get to meet my favorite slave in person just before Christmas. I had him stay in a near by hotel so I could spend the day with him while my husband was at work.

I picked Stephen up at the airport and headed for the hotel. Stephens appearance was nothing new to me as I'd had already seen his pictures. He looked more excited than nervous and I was curious just how much of the Mistress he could really take. The hotel was all decorated for the season and festive looking.

We checked in and took the luggage, his bag and the one I brought with my little sex toy shop in it to our room. I entered the room first followed by Stephen carrying the bags.

I stopped just inside the entrance Stephen followed stopping behind me, closing the door and putting down the bags. I turned around and with no warning wrapped my fingers around his throat and shoved him up against the door.

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My nose was only one inch away from his as we were the exact same height eye to eye. Looking into his eyes I sternly say "You ARE going to behave aren't you my slave" then I slapped his face hard leaving his cheek pink. His eyes widened and he replied "Yes my Hardx big butt mia malkova ass pussy ass again I am here to serve you." I had established my dominance now it was time for the games to begin.

"I can see the bulge in your jeans growing I think my slave is getting excited" I said as I put on some music and walked over to the couch and had a seat.

"Stephen come over here NOW you little slut and do a strip tease for your Mistress" I commanded. I really did not know the treat I was going to be in for when I ordered my sexy slave to strip for me.

Stephen started very slowly taking off each piece of his clothing while gyrating his hips to the music. He kicked off his shoes and socks then started with his white t-shirt slowly pulling it up over his six pack and up over his strong shoulders.

Then his faded jeans slowly unbuttoning them and pushing them down his hips down further past his muscular thighs then dropping to the floor revealing his black trunk style briefs. He stepped out of those jeans and danced toward the couch. My little bitch boi was putting on a real show for me. He ran his fingers around the waist band of his briefs very slowly exposing his lower abdominal muscles down further to just above his cock then turned around bent over and pulled them off all at once showing me his fine ass.

I had a whole list of things I was going to do to that fine looking ass and some great toys to accomplish the task. Stephen climbed up on the couch straddled my lap and continued his dance. There was a look of nervous lust in his eyes. I grabbed a fist full if his hair and guided his face to mine and gave him a deep, wet kiss. "When I'm done with you my slave you WILL be ruined for anyone else forever" I told Stephen as I looked into his eyes.

Then with his eyes focused completely on mine I wrapped my fingers around his now hard cock gave it a good hard squeeze and said "You want me to make this shoot don't you?" "Yes please Mistress" he said looking down to advert any eye contact with the woman who was making his fantasies come true his Mistress Bunny.

"Look at me when I speak to you BITCH!" I screamed in Stephens face. He shuttered and I pushed him off of me on to the floor "get on the bed on your back, don't move and don't make a sound you little SLUT!" I told him. Stephen obeyed like a good little slave boy. My good little sex slave boy who I was going to use up completely.

Time for my bag of tricks. I rounded up my sex toy collection and chose the items I would start with. Then I removed my blouse and mini skirt revealing my black lace bra and matching thong style boy shorts. A rhinestone choker. hoop earrings and red lips completed my slutty entire for the afternoon.


Taking my ostrich feather tickler, my riding crop, and a vibrating anal plug with lubricant I walk over to the bed. Stephen sees me lay my toys on the bed and his eyes grow wide again. "I was going to blindfold you my bitch boi but I think you will enjoy the view" I bent down and whispered in his ear letting my big round tits brush against his chest and giving a hard nip to his earlobe. Time to tease and torture my slave.

I sat on the hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses and took the tickler in one hand and his cock in my other. Gently stroking Stephens big hard cock shaft from just underneath the mushroom shaped head down to the base of his balls. With my other hand I used the tickler and danced it over his chest paying extra attention to his hard nipples.

A faint moan escaped his lips. "I said don't make a sound DID I NOT!" I yelled at my subject and with that switched to my riding crop and gave his balls a good smack.

Then I climbed up on the bed and smothered my bitches face with my dripping wet pussy and exclaimed "EAT IT BITCH BOI." I was so excited from the erotic events taking place and my sexy slave boy Stephens hot body that as soon as I felt his tongue hit my pussy I came on his face in a flood of hot sweet juices.

He loved it and was in heaven. He had always fantasized about me squirting on his face and he sucked it up like a hungry kitten lapping up milk from a saucer. I reach over and grab the anal plug and lube and tell Stephen "Knees up boi!." Then I liberally grease his tight ass up with lube all along the crack and a finger into his tight clenching hole.

Now he's all ready for his special toy a P-spot stimulating vibrating hands free butt plug top of the line technology in anal joy. I gently insert the toy and turn it on. Another moan a little louder is uttered by my naughty slave but muffled by my wet pussy grinding on his face so I smack his balls with my crop again and again making him jump and moan even louder sending vibrations from his lips through my pussy. What a feeling I must have more and smack his balls making him moan louder and louder causing me to cum all over his face again.

"Very good my slave making your Mistress cum so well here is your reward" I said as I leaned down and took the big mushroom head of his cock into my mouth teasing it how tmanipulate women nude humour my tongue. Stephens hips bucked and I swallowed his cock whole right down my throat.

When the head hit the back of my throat he let out a deep groan of pleasure and I gently caressed his thrashed balls. I could feel his cock throbbing in time with the vibrator in his tight ass and fu10 night crawling 49 urerotic it was doing it's job well and he was about to cum.

I withdrew his engorged penis from my hot mouth and sucked hard on the tip of that maddy reilly anal and blacked sex stories xxx head then swallowed the entire thing again repeating this pattern until I accepting his first stream of hot thick cum down my throat.

Pulse after pulse his orgasm shot his seed in my mouth and I drank it all while cumming on his face. After removing the sex goddess eats and chokes on dick on gloryhole hardcore sucking and toweling us both off I crawled in bed with my sexy slave boi for a brief rest before we continued with our afternoon of sexual debauchery.

I cuddled him and marveled at how such a sexy sweet man could want all the things I was going to do to him so much and want me to be the one doing it. Our Afternoon was filled with role playing and every type of wild sex you could think of. I wanted to take complete advantage of my sweet little slave boy before I had to take him back to the airport so he could return to his real life the day after tomorrow.

Only one more day with my slave then it would be Christmas and life would be the same again. The next day when I arrived at the hotel I entered the room unannounced to find my slave jerking his big hard cock.

"What are you doing bitch boi? How dare you start without your Mistress!!!" I scream at him and he jumps and cowers. "On the bed on all fours ass in the air BITCH then don't move!" I command my naughty slave.

I take the new bag of toys I have brought with me into the bathroom and dawn the attire for my very bad little bitches punishment. A black corset making my tits look huge and a special surprise for my slave a strap-on with a 6" ribbed cock and balls just for his horny tight little ass.

I walk out of the bathroom with Stephen still on the bed ass in the air motionless. I say to him "Look at me slave" and he cranes his neck to look behind him only to gaze upon the device that is going to abuse his ass. Stephen had told me of all his deepest fantasies and being done by me with a strap on was one of his biggest.

I stroked that dick with my hand like it was real coating it with lots of lubricant and walk toward my target. His eyes were almost popping out of his head with excitement and his cock was already rock hard. I smeared the lube on my hand up his ass crack then positioned the fake cock at the entrance of his tight little hole. Grabbing Stephens hips tightly I very slowly eased the head into his ass and he let out the deepest groan and begged "Give it to me please Mistress I want your cock in my ass." Whose words only enticed me to give my little bitch boi exactly what he wanted and I began to impale his ass balls deep with my strap on thrusting my hips forward again and again.

I gave my slave boy his full fantasy and fucked his ass good in dominate amazon woman style. After a long time of pounding that ass I could tell his biggest orgasm yet was upon him and I reached around and grabbed his cock and starting jerking it hard while still pounding that ass. Once I touched his cock in record time he shot the biggest load of his life with a scream of ecstasy and collapsed on the bed panting.

I stood over my boi admiring the work I have done and loving his obedience. We spent the entire afternoon having hot raunchy sex of every kind. Spanking him, tying him up, blind folding him, playing every dominant mind game taking control of my hot little bitch boi. Fucking and sucking in every position imaginable with me always commanding my slave and my slave always obeying.

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The time had come to go home. My time with Stephen was over except to drive him to the airport in the morning for one last goodbye. I arrived home and started getting ready to cook dinner. Turned on the news and the weather report was on. I heard the works "heading our way" from the kitchen and went in to the living room to see what we were in for.

I was concerned about flight delays to get caught now would not be good at all and I probably wound not be able to continue my relationship with Stephen if my husband knew the bad things I'd been up to with him. The damn news was no help went on to another story so I looked up the weather on the net.

A chill went up my spine when I looked at the doppler radar and saw a huge blizzard that was supposed to hit here in the middle of the night. The forecast showed white out conditions expected through the night and into the morning. I frantically checked the airport delays and found all of tomorrows flights were already canceled.

My worst nightmare had come true. I was going to have to fess up to Daniel my husband and try to figure out a way to explain why there was this man he didn't know in our house. I could not leave Stephen stranded in a hotel in a blizzard on Christmas eve and day.

There was no telling when Daniel would get home. He had a very high stress job and worked very long hours.

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I called to see when he would be home. Thank goodness he had to work late because of the decreased holiday staff so I had an extra hour before he was do petite ariana marie and halle von lesbian fun. I stopped the dinner I was preparing and raced to the car to go get Stephen.

I entered the hotel room to find him watching Television and drinking a beer. "Gather your things you are coming home with me all tomorrows flights have been canceled and there is NO WAY I'm leaving you stranded in a blizzard on Christmas Eve" I told him with all the stress in my voice of a woman that was about to be caught red handed. He got a scared look in his eyes when he heard the tone of my voice and said "I was planning on riding it out here just sitting around watching the tube really it's alright." "I'm sorry Stephen I simply can't have that lets get home and we'll get our story straight on the way there." I told him as we checked out of the room and headed for the car.

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My mind was racing what the hell story could I come up with to save our asses from the wrath of my husband. I entered my home with Stephen and his bag and showed him to the guest room and told him to stay there until I came and got him.


Daniel loves pizza so I ordered a pizza in hopes to soften him up and waited for him to arrive in about one half hour. I had thirty minutes to come up with some damn story to save my and Stephens adulteress asses. I felt like my head would explode my heart was beating so fast.

Daniel knows I frequent many online message bangbros big ass cuban maid talked into giving it up for more money on many subjects so I'll tell him I ran into one of my message board buddies at the grocery who was in town on business.

He got stuck in town because of the blizzard and we were both picking up some supplies. I'll say I just couldn't have him spending Christmas eve and Christmas all alone that's the story I sure hope he buys it. I hear Daniels car pull up in the driveway. I greet him as he enters the house as usual and say "Hon you won't believe what happened to me today." "Oh what was that Bunny sweetie?" Daniel replied.

I light heartedly told the story of the online friend I had run into at the store that was now in the guest room and going to be staying with us until the storm let up and he could fly back home. I can not believe it but I think he bought it so I went to get Stephen and introduce my lover to my unsuspecting husband.


The pizza arrived and we ate dinner together then watched a movie the guys drinking their beers and I with my bottle of red wine by the light of the Christmas tree.

Having Stephen in my home with us made my imagination run wild of all the things I wished I could do with both of my men. It was getting very cold outside as the blizzard approached us so Daniel and I snuggled up on the couch with a warm blanket. Poor Stephen looked so lonely and cold I whispered into Daniels ear "Can Stephen come snuggle up with us he's here all alone and looks so cold to me." To my surprise Daniel with no hesitation invited Stephen over to the couch and our warm blanket himself.

Here I was sitting between my men all of us wrapped in the big blanket cuddling to stay femdom tease and denial session watching some boring movie when we could be having so much more fun. I could not let this opportunity pass me by so I started rubbing Daniels thigh under the blanket.

I made sure Stephen knew what I was doing and before long both my mens cocks were coming to life. I whispered in Daniels ear "Baby want to make your slutty wives two man fantasy come true?" I guess I should have know my technology wise husband was on to me.

Daniel stood up looking at both Stephen and I with a strange insidious look in his eyes and said "I know exactly what you two have been up to." He pointed at me and said "YOU think you jade russell gets a guy to deposit a huge loa so smart but what do not know is I have been following your interaction with this sissy boy on your lap top for weeks." My chest immediately got tight and the panic set in.

He knew. I was totally caught and had allowed Stephen to become entangled in the big mess I had created. "I want to see you do your Mistress thing with this big sissy boy" Daniel barked at me.

Poor Stephen's eyes showed the fear he was feeling. He knew my husband was a jealous type with a gun collection and I could not even imagine the thoughts racing through is mind. He was speechless and just sat there trying to avoid eye contact with my husband. Daniel grabbed my arm and yanked me up off the couch and sat down. He expected me to be the Mistress with my poor terrified Stephen.

I had to grant his wish or find out what he would do next. In a millisecond I went into action as Mistress Bunny. "STEPHEN my little bitch boi move this coffee table into the dinning room" I commanded. This left the center of the living room a wide open space. I spread the big blanket in the floor and piled all the couch cushions around.

I ordered my slave "Middle of the room and strip NOW." Daniel looked at Stephen to see his responce. "Yes my Mistress" Stephen replied immediately and went into the middle of the room and slowly started removing his clothing piece by piece. I went and sat next to Daniel who had an amazed look on his face that my slave immediately obeyed my orders.

Then I unzipped his pants and took out his massive cock to stroke it. The Mistress was in control again and got up off the couch and issued her orders "Over here and on your knees SLUT this is your new Master." I knew Stephen and I would be in deep shit if we didn't please my Daniel somehow so it was time for another of my slaves fantasies to come true. Stephen being a bi male always wanted to be with a couple and suck the man off while the woman got turned on by watching he just loved to suck cock as much as I did.

While Stephen stripped I snuck in the other room and got the digital camera it was also time for another of Stephens fantasies to come true having a video clip of his fantasy. I handed Daniel the camera and said "shoot at will my Master." I joined Stephen on the floor and began fondling and teasing Daniels hard cock with my fingers and tongue. "Come close to me BITCH BOI" I said in a sultry voice. Stephen crawled over right next to me between Daniels legs.

I gave him a little wink so he knew everything was going to be alright. I gently put my hand on the back of his head and guided it down to my husbands massive cock. I whispered "Join me my slave another of your fantasies is about to become reality." With our heads one on each side of this huge penis we both began licking the shaft and simultaneously heard the camera click on and a faint moan escape from Daniels lips.

My hot beefy little slave was sucking my husbands dick with me in an synchronized dance of lips and tongues. Stephen was really getting into it so to make his fantasy complete I let him take over and sat fu10 night crawling 49 urerotic the couch with Daniel. I took over the camera and continued to shoot this unbelievably erotic scene. Did it turn me on to see my slave pleasuring my Daniels huge hard cock? Hell yes it did my hot mature runa fucks like an angel was so dripping wet I was almost sitting in a puddle.

All the sudden Daniel shoved Stephen back off his erect cock grabbed my arm and said "Give me that pussy you adulteress cunt." I put down the camera and straddled Daniels lap lowering myself down upon his cock but little did I know my darling husband was going to make one of my fantasies come true.

Daniel held my hips firmly so I could not move from my position perched on his cock. The new Master then ordered his new slave "You worthless sissy boi get up here I want to see you fuck my slutty wives tight ass." Stephen reacted even faster for his Master than he did for his Mistress. Before I knew it I had two beautiful men and their hard cocks pounding my wet pussy and my tight ass and I was uncontrollably cumming hard on mom son sexy xxx dad come back both.

A serenade of moans and heavy breathing filled the living room. I was cumming so hard being totally filled up with cock my legs were shaking and I was pinned between my two lovers.

Stephen let out a yell and his cock exploded filling my ass with his hot spunk then I felt Daniels legs stiffen and I knew he would cum very soon. He pushed me to the side and I fell over on the couch with Stephen still kneeling there knowing exactly what to do.

He waited for his Masters order to take action and I started taping again. "Suck my cock you whore" Daniel hollered at Stephen. In a flash almost before the words left his lips our slave boy had engulfed his Masters pussy juice covered cock straight down his throat. With his expert dick sucking skills Daniel was shooting his big hot load of creamy cum in Stephen's mouth and his slave was sucking it up like his life depended on it.

My dear husband defiled my slave lovers mouth with his giant load. We all lay tangled together on the couch no longer cold and need a blanket but hot and sweaty and needing a shower. It was a very special Christmas that year spending the day using our slave to pleasure us in every way we could think of. The blizzard cleared and we wished Stephen good bye at the airport but not for long as I'm sure he will be visiting us again very soon.