Homemade teen solo squirt then he invites his unsuspecting to sit beside him on the

Homemade teen solo squirt then he invites his unsuspecting to sit beside him on the
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Still in shock, Gail was unable to complete full sentences. She was stammering around about how she held all the power, and how she could make everyone pay for this.


Of the 3 women Gail was talking about, only Sarah could care less. Everyone already knew that she was submissive and would eat pussy on command, and for that matter do almost anything else on command as well. Sarah, said save you breath Gail, I need you to come into the bathroom and discuss terms of getting these pictures back.

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Almost without hesitation, Gail got off the bed to follow Sarah to the bathroom. Sarah, not knowing if Gail would follow her command, looked briefly over her shoulder, and sure enough, Gail was following with her head slightly lowered. Once in the bathroom, Sarah shut the door behind them, looked Gail straight in the eyes, and with her new found confidence, said this whole thing has made me incredibly horny and I need my pussy serviced.

With that she sat down on the toilet, spread her legs, exposing her glistening wet pussy to Gail. "Come on girlfriend, Sarah needs a lick." Gail looked at Sarah and said, "I'm not going to lick your pussy, you're the slut not me." With that, Sarah, stood up from the toilet, and cracked Gail across the face with a slap. "Get down on your knees, and never disagree with me again or these pictures will get to your husband, your kids, and your kid's friends. Think about it, life as you know it could be over!" Tears came to Gail's eyes, as she got down on her knees in front of the toilet.

"Good girl Gail," said Sarah. Gail sat back on the toilet, spread her legs and said, "I've been waiting for this for an hour." Sarah sat back on the toilet so that Gail's chin had to be over the edge of the toilet to get her mouth on Sarah's pussy. Gail turned out to be a good cunt licker, and Sarah was approaching orgasm quite quickly. With one hand on top of Gail's head, and the other supporting her arched body, Sarah came all over Gail's face.

Before Gail could get up, Sarah said, "Stay right there for a minute, I want you to see something." Reminiscent of a few years ago with her sister, with Gail's chin still over the edge of the toilet and her face just inches from Sarah's pussy, Sarah began peeing in the toilet.

Gail could see where the pee was coming from, where it was going, and the smell of fresh urine stung Gail's nostrils. When Sarah was finished, she told Gail to give her one or two licks to clean up, allinternal two hot brunettes share a vaginal creampie Gail complied and licked Sarah clean.

Releasing Gail from the toilet, Sarah stood up, and said that's one picture that will come off the camera. "How bout we just start at the beginning and go one by one."said Sarah. Nodding in compliance, Gail turned to leave the bathroom. Sarah stopped her, and said, "I noticed that you have quite a hairy pussy Gail, it's time to shave it!" "No" said Gail, "Please no, what will I tell me husband?" "I don't know Gail, hmm, the truth won't work out so well now will it?" How bout we make the shave worth 2 pictures?, it might be the easiest 2 pictures you will earn back!" Gail complied following Sarah body language to sit up on the counter.

Using a comb and scissors, Sarah trimmed Gail's pussy pretty short and got some shave gel out of the drawer and sudsed up Gail's pussy. It took a little while to get it clean shaven, but Sarah was careful to get every hair, during the process Gail's pussy lips were getting fuller and fuller as she was getting into the erotic nature of having another woman shave her pussy.

Sarah wiped the excess shave gel off, got a warm washcloth and cleaned the entire area, than began applying body lotion, kneading her pussy, and occasionally passing over her nub which brought a shiver of excitement to Gail.

Noticing Gail's gaping pussy, Sarah said, "you must have enjoyed to shave cause your pussy looks horny again." Gail knowing that she was, was beside herself as Sarah slid her fingers into her hot pussy. Gail let out a passive moan, and kept her legs spread wide giving Bd singaer mila sex story complete access to her pussy. Sarah looked Gail straight in the eyes and said, "This is my pussy isn't it?" Gail said nothing, and Sarah began pumping her pussy even harder, and said it again, "This is my pussy isn't it?


Again Gail said nothing but was bucking her hips into Sarah fingers, Sarah said it even louder, "This is my pussy isn't it Gail?" Gail was nodding in agreement, but Sarah said, "Say it, Say it!!" "Yes", said Gail, "It's your pussy." "Good". said Sarah, "remember that!" Sarah placed her hand on Gal's shoulder, and started pumping her fingers in and out of Gail's hot pussy, as Gail was beginning to cum, Sarah positioned one her pussy soaked fingers on Gail's butthole, and slammed her finger into Gail's ass on the next motion.

It was all Gail could take as she exploded into an orgasm on the counter of the bathroom. Sarah removed her fingers from Gail's cunt and held her soaked hand inches from Gail's mouth. "Have a taste", said Sarah.

As Gail opened her mouth hoping to only lick one of Sarah's fingers, Sarah slipped all four fingers past Gail's lips and into her mouth. Then Sarah pulled her hand free of Gail's mouth and smeared the remaining pussy juice all over Gail's cheeks and chin. Returning to the bedroom, Ginny and Mary had been waiting for Gail and Sarah to return, but within the half hour that they had been in the bathroom, both Ginny and Mary had fallen asleep on their sleeping bags on the floor. "Gail honey," said Sarah, "we're going to have some fun in the next few weeks, good night!" With that an exhausted Gail hit the bed and an excited Sarah hit her bed.

As both were drifting off to sleep, Sarah couldn't get an erotic, controlling thought out of her mind. She thought I'm going to put my name on it, it's mine, Gail said it was mine, so it's mine.

With that she got up, went to the bathroom, pulled real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn a Sharpie, and walked over to the now sleeping and slightly snoring Gail. Sarah pulled back the covers, lifted up Gail's nightshirt, and just below the Gail's bikini line on her freshly shaven pubic area, wrote the "Sarah's Cunt". Sarah stood back and admired her work, then traced over the letters again and again, making sure the marker ink went deep into Gail's freshly shaven skin.

Then pausing, she had another perverted thought.


She lifted Gail's night shirt above her large tits, and just above the nipple and just below the tan line, wrote "cunt" on the right tit, and "eater" on the left tit, and again traced over the letters so the ink would soak in. She pulled down Gail's night shirt, pulled up the covers, and went back to her bed where she brought herself to a tremendous orgasm before drifting off to a dream about Gail's shock when she realized she was branded.would her husband find out, how long would she have to hide her body before the ink faded.

Sarah's dreams took many turns throughout the night.