Jessica hard amp jammie flaxxx tease each other on cam

Jessica hard amp jammie flaxxx tease each other on cam
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The Virgin by Dunchad© Mike was just like any other guy, he loved sports, he went on dates, he had a good job, the only problem was that Mike was a 31 year old virgin. Not saying that there were never chances but Mike had one big problem and that was the size of his 19 1/2 inch dick.

Every time Mike would date a girl and get her back to his place, she would see his big cock and immediately become afraid and leave, so this left Mike new english xxx big boy virgin. Mike thought this would continue to go on forever until he met her.

Her name was Alexa, she worked in the same office as Mike and some how she discovered that Mike had a huge thing between his legs, she just couldn't resist taking advantage of it.

Plus Alexa never had a man that was more than 4 1/2 inches so she really wanted to try something big. Mike and Alexa meet that day after work for some dinner and a movie.


During dinner nothing out of the ordinary happened, but once in the dark balcony of the movie theater things begin to pick up. During the mid way point of the movie Alexa finally got up enough courage to ask Mike if she could see his dick. At first Mike was afraid that she would run if he showed her so he held off until she finally convinced him. Mike pulled out his penis and Alexa didn't really get scared. Alexa said sure it's big but it doesn't look 19 1/2 inches only about maybe 11 or 12.

That is when Mike said that it wasn't hard yet. Alexa got a shocked look on her face and then said I don't care I'd still like to give it a go. This is when Alexa moved her face down towards his now growing cock. She wrapped her mouth around the head of his large organ.

Immediately Mike began to groan as this was the first time anything but his own hand had touched his cock. Alexa tried to take as much of his cock in her mouth as she could but couldn't even get it half way down her throat.


So instead she begin to use her hand on the parts that weren't in her mouth. Alexa didn't really know why but that 19 1/2 cock in her mouth made her pussy become soaked with moisture.

While still sucking on the head and jerking with one hand she used her empty hand and slowly began to finger her wet pussy.

While doing this she began to moan and that's when it became too much for Mike to take as he shot his first load from human contact. Alexa continued with the big member in her mouth and drank shoot after shoot of Mike's hot cum.

Cute asian sucks on a stiff shaft began to get a little embarrassed after this and tried to pull up his pants but Alexa stopped him and said, "Not so fast buddy first you have to service me with that fat cock." Alexa hiked up her skirt and prepared to mount Mike. She slowly lowered herself onto his enormous cock, as it entered her she screamed but kept going. She struggled to get more into her but she could only get 9 inches of it.

But to her 9 inches was more than enough. She began to move up and down on that big cock and after only the second time she dropped down on it she was hit with an earth shattering orgasm. She continued to bounce up and down on his cock as Mike, who knew, even though it was only his first time knew that he had this woman hooked on his cock for life.

With this new confidence Mike started to smack Alexa on her firm ass while she bounced her dripping wet snatch on his long cock.

She begins to moan out and louder as her third orgasm rips through her. This though brought the attention of a female usher who runs up to the balcony to see what is going on. The female usher watches in shocked belief as Mike continues to assault Alexa with his rock hard cock. The usher a19 year old college student with blonde hair and blue eyes begins to run her hand over her 36C tits and places the other hand down onto her moistening pussy. She makes an audible groan which makes Mike and Alexa stop for a minute and look over at the young girl.

Alexa pulled herself off Mike's cock and walked over to the buxom blonde. Alexa drops down to her knees and forcefully pulls down her pants.

Alexa roughly sticks her tongue into the usher whose name is Julia wet pussy. The orgasm that rips through Julia makes her knees buckle and she falls to the floor.

Alexa continues to go down on the young blonde's wet pussy now inserting her middle finger. Mike now full of confidence climbs out of the chair and walks over and places the 19 1/2 inch cock at Julia's lips.

Julia wraps her lips around the big cock and began to run it in and out of her moist mouth. Mike who had already been close to cumming with Alexa riding on top once again blasted another load of hot white sweaty cum into Julia's mouth. He pulls back off her face and goes straight down to Alexa who was still pleasing Julia orally. Julia who by now had cum several times from the work of Alexa's tongue pulls her pussy away from Alexa's mouth and stands up.

The young usher then hurried and pulled her pants up as she heard a noise coming up the steps to the balcony. She runs down and sees that the fat bastard who serves the popcorn at the concession stand is on his way up the steps. She hurries over to where Mike beauteous teen in slavery gets pussy wet schoolgirl and japanese still going down on Alexa and tells them to hurry and stop before they are found out.

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The two stop their oral acts and move back to their seats just as the fat fool reaches the top of the steps. Julia explains to him that she found out what the noise was and she would be right down.

The fat guy leaves the three alone again. Julia then tells Mike and Alexa to calm down on the sex acts until after the movie.


She then tells them that she also gets off work after also. She goes back down to her job and somehow Alexa and Mike manages to control their urges until the movie ends. They meet up with Julia after the show by the exit.

Where they all make their way to Mike's car. Julia tells Mike to take her and Alexa back to his place so that he can shove that big hard dick into both of their wet pussies. Mike hurries and hops in his car while the ladies climb in the backseat. Mike speeds off towards his house as Julia and Alexa begin to enjoy themselves in the backseat. As Mike undresses, Julia lays Alexa down in front of him and quickly goes back to work on Alexa's throbbing pussy. Mike then positions him self under Julia's still wet pussy and starts giving Julia a tongue bath of nasty honey gets team fucked at home own.

Julia soon finds out that not only does Mike have an extraordinary big dick. His tongue was enough to make Gene Simmon's feel inferior. Julia and Alexa quickly orgasm.

Julia seeing that Mike's, seemingly, still hard cock swaying back an forth, like a flag pole in a strong wind, moves off Alexa and back to Mike's member. Grabbing it in one hand, she straddles it. Spreading her pussy lips far as she can with the other, she slowly lowers her self down the long shaft, enjoying every second as it fills her up. Once she had hit the top she could barley put her fist between her and Mike.

Julia had never in her young age had anything fill her like this. She just wiggles and gyrates her hips keeping him as deep inside her as she could. Alexa gets up and places her still hungry pussy on Mike's face. Mike was beside himself, not only did he have this gorgeous woman Alexa riding his face, like she had an itch that only he could reach. He also had this young cheerleader type girl, that wouldn't have looked twice at him when he was in school, riding all that she can take of his cock and wanting more.

With both hands he feels his way up to Julia's breasts, pulls open her top, and sliding his hand up under her bra. Although spending himself several times already, he finds him self rising to the occasion again. Alexa, now recovering from her second orgasm from Mikes tongue against her throbbing clit.

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She stands and moves between Mikes legs behind Julia, Julia still swaying and thrusting her pelvis like a kangaroo trying to balancing it self on its tail, moaning like a lioness in heat.

Alexa starts liking Mike's balls and up the exposed shaft of Mikes cock. Savoring the juices of the young blonde pussy on this marvelous cock of his. She could tell that Mike was really enjoying himself, because Mike has almost pulled his balls completely up inside himself.

As Mike's whole body starts to tense with his orgasm he grabs Julia's hands, lacing his figures in her, both of them moment's away from full orgasm. Alexa eagerly awaiting the mixture of the two juices. Once again Mike explodes his cum right into bouncing Julia as another orgasm rips through her. Julia then climbs off of Mike's huge cock and Alexa once again jumps into her hot steamy pussy, licking and sucking Mike's warm cum out of the young blonde's hot cunt.

Mike even though he had already cum 4 times once again grew back to full length his member pulsating and covered in warm pussy juice. Once again he climbs behind the bent over Alexa who is still going to work on Julia's hot pussy.

Her tongue dashing in and out on Julia's engorged clit. Mike climbs behind Alexa and begins to insert one of his fingers into her waiting asshole. He begins to lubricate her ass so that he can stick that big fuck pole in her round and firm ass.

After a few more minutes of this preparing. Mike pulls his fat cock to Alexa's anal opening and inch by inch inserts it in.

Alexa feeling the pressure on her asshole begins to moan as she has her mouth still attached to Julia's clit. Mike continues on but still can only get 9 inches of his 19 1/2 inch cock in her tight ass. Mike begins to ram his cock in and out of Alexa's tight ass. Alexa so consumed with her orgasms ripping through her can no longer perform orally on Julia. Julia then gets off the floor and offers her 36C breast to the waiting mouth of Mike.

Mike starts sucking on the blonde's beautiful tit as he continues to pound another orgasm into Alexa. After three more long thrust once again Mike explodes and pulls his cock out cumming all over Alexa's cheeks.

The three then fall to the floor exhausted. The three lay there asleep for hours until Julia wakes up. She leaves her number on the coffee table calls a cab and goes home. Later Alexa wakes up and does the same. Finally Mike wakes up and finds the two girl's numbers. A huge smile hot marysol flashing ass on live webcam across his face as he goes to shower and get ready for work.

He arrives to work a little late and is shocked to see Alexa coming out of his boss's office. She has a huge smile on her face and her and Mike exchange greetings before Mike goes off to his desk to begin the day. About an hour into the day Mike's phone rings.

He answers it and it is his boss Samantha calling him. She tells him to come into the office for a meeting. Mike wonders what this is all about and then goes off to meet his boss. Mike enters the office and finds his boss Samantha sitting at her desk.

Samantha who is a forty three year old mother of four. She is 5'6 and still looks great considering the four kids and her age. She tells Mike to have a seat as she gets up and walks around the table to where he is now sitting. She tells him, "To put it simply Mike, Alexa was in here and she told me what a lovely time you had last night and I'm here to tell you I want that same thing right now." Mike was a little shocked to hear his boss talk like this but the thought of fucking his boss had crossed his mind a thousand times so he was all to happy as Samantha dropped to her knees in front of him and unbuckled his pants.

His 19 1/2 inch cock immediately grew to full attention, that's when Samantha says, "And I thought my husband had a big dick, compared to you he is a child." Samantha then slowly dropped her head around Mike's head and. She began to move her face up and down his cock while spitting all over the 19 1/2 inch dick.

While this was going on Samantha's 10:15 meeting walked into the room. He was a little Chinese man named Mr. Wuynk. Seeing what was going on his eyes bugged out of his head and his cock stiffened in his pants. Mr. Wuynk hurried and pulled his pants down and let his rigid cock come out into the open lesbian beauties like to use their dildos. Now Mr.

Wuynk had nowhere near the length of Mike but we did have a nice 8 inch dick. He walked up behind Samantha and pulled her dress up over her ass. He then began to move his dick over the moistened cunt of Samantha.

He brought his cock right to the opening of that gapping hole. And rammed it into her. Samantha not expecting a cock to be rammed into her pussy let out a loud moan. She then turned around and saw Mr. Wuynk behind her going to work. She was about to object to what he was doing but Mike just put his cock back in her mouth, plus what Mr.

Wuynk was doing was starting to feel good. Samantha went back to moving her mouth up and down on the long cock of Mike. Mr. Wuynk continued to ram in and out of Samantha's wet cunt causing her first orgasm to rip through her. Mike feeling the moan coming from Samantha's mouth all over his dick, began to shoot his hot semen down his boss's mouth.

Mr. Wuynk pushed in and out for about three more strokes before he too was done and pulled out and exploded all over the back of Samantha's business suit. After this Mr. Wuynk pulled up his pants and was about to take a seat on the couch in the office, when Samantha turned to him and said "Hey I'm not finished with you yet get over her and lick my pussy." Mr.

Wuynk hurried up and got off the couch and ran over to the waiting Samantha who was now laying on the office floor. Mr. Wuynk walked over to Samantha who was now on the floor and began to attack her pussy. Her pussy was a little musty but tasted sweet inside and Mr.

Wuynk loved the way her clit engorged while he tried to concentrate on sucking that and keeping her pussy wet with his petite teenager anya olsen sucking a huge cock. Samantha reminded him to not forget her ass, which Mr. Wuynk had avoided until now.

He used his thumb and forefinger to keep massaging her clit as he moved closer to her rear. Mr. Wuynk lightly touched his tongue to her anus and could taste its salty strange flavor like she wasn't completely clean. When Samantha shoved his head closer to her, Mr. Wuynk could barely breath but he licked greedily at her anus and began to work back and forth between it and her cunt.

This is when Mike got up off the floor and stuck his 19 1/2 inch cock into her mouth. Then as the fuck fest was going on Greg the accountant came walking in the office to see Mike getting his 19 1/2 inch cock sucked by Samantha and Mr. Wuynk licking her anus. Greg could feel his 7 1/2 inch cock grow hard from watching this fuck fest. He then got out his 7 1/2 inch cock and began to stroke his cock while watching all the action. Greg moans with delight.

Greg then goes and lays down on the floor with his cock sticking straight up in the air. Samantha walks over to him and drops her soaking wet pussy down on Greg's throbbing member. She begins to bounce on his cock until Mr. Wuynk comes up behind her and places his cock at the entrance to her puckered anal opening.

He slides himself into her ass and he and Greg begin to push in and out of her at the same time. Samantha begins to moan out loud as yet another orgasm rips through her. Mike getting tired of not having his cock either in a wet pussy or a hot mouth moves himself into position and slams as much of his cock as he can into Samantha's mouth as she was opening it to let out another moan.

The three men continued to ram their cocks into all of Samantha's openings until one by one they unleashed their cum on her. First it was Greg who let his shot go deep into the awesome babes from brazil love meaty weenies pussy of Samantha. Samantha feeling his cum going into her let out another moan as yet another orgasm ripped through her pussy.

Next was Mr. Wuynk who pulls out of her ass and shots all over her sweaty back again. Finally Mike let's go his shot into her waiting mouth and all over Samantha's beautiful face. After all three had finished letting loose they all fall to the floor in a big mass trying to regain their energy.

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The first one up was Mr. Wuynk who was late for another one of his meetings. He freshened up in Samantha's office bathroom and left the office with a huge smile. next was Greg, who just had to get back to accounting as he was more than likely being missed. Finally, Mike got up to leave and Samantha planted a heavy kiss on the young stud. She told him that that won't be the last time that this would occur and Mike walked out just smiling happily.

Mike went back to his desk and spent it without any further problems.