Sirsi sex story in kannada

Sirsi sex story in kannada
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I have been wanting to attend one of the Comic Cons for a while now. Finally, I had the chance. All excited I set out shopping for something in a costume shop to give me an idea on what I can dress up as. Halloween was around the corner and the big tits bounce on a throbbing shaft blonde and teen was packed with all sorts of 'sexy something' costumes.

I wasn't able to find anything I could really use to create a comic book superhero. Dejected, I was about to leave when Xxxpron baby first time sex noticed this really cute school girl costume on one of the mannequins.

It wasn't exactly superhero material, but I could use it as a base for some anime character. I could actually dress up for the Con. As I swiped my card for the costume, it occurred to me that the costume was going to be used for more than just the Con. I almost giggled at the counter. and had an extra bounce to my step as I got to the car. My next stop was the lingerie store. I gave you a call and asked if you could drop by my place after you are done shopping with your folks.

You said you'd think about it. I didn't think it might be possible for you to show up on a Friday. but I had to ask. Well, I could work on my costume after lunch. the skirt was too short for anime schoolgirls! I decided to bake some cupcakes for you. Just a little surprise for tomorrow. Put them in the oven and whipped up a bucket of cream. Made a batch of chocolate sauce too. Stored them away. I would frost the cupcakes at night. Then I had a long soak in the tub.

which took longer as I was 'thinking' about you. All freshly scrubbed and a little flushed from the exciting/relaxing soak I sit down to alter the costume.

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That's when the doorbell rings. I look through the peephole and it's you. I am still wearing my bathrobe and feeling a bit naughty. I let my robe fall open loosely, showing off quite a bit of cleavage before I open the door.

One look at me and your eyebrows shoot up, you scoot in and you pull me away from the door and slam it shut.

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"Is this how you open the door for people?" "No. just for the cute guys." "Shameless woman!" You push me to the wall and whisper in my ear as you undo the robe, "I don't want you wearing anything when you open the door for me. And when you are with me, not a stitch." I manage to break free and back up a bit and tease you, "We'll see about that." I dash to the bedroom as you lunge to grab me and shut the door.

You stand on the other side and warn me that this will cost me dearly. I don't wanna keep you waiting and stewing, so I rush to pull on my pyjamas. That's when I see the schoolgirl costume. Yes, the skirt is too short for comic con and needs to be altered, but it is perfect to torture you with. I quickly put on the lace and satin pair of undergarments. The bra is a demi-cup, under-wired one.

I know it looks good on me. Then I pull on the short plaid skirt and instead of buttoning up the white shirt completely, I just button up the middle two and then tie up the shirt tails under my breasts.

I look in the mirror and I think it will do, my hair won't though. I grab a couple of scrunchies, there is no very hot shemale ki gand mari to braid pigtails, so I just make two side ponies. besides, it looks cuter than braids. Then I pull on my leg warmers over my ankle socks coz I can't find my stockings.

I open my bedroom door and peek out. You are back on the couch. When you see me walk to the living room (I am trying my best innocent, seductive ass swing), the irritated expression disappears from your face. You lounge back, relaxed and look me up from head to toe. letting your eyes caress me. I try to ignore that boor chatne wala sex stories story xx and bite my lips.

intentionally. Then I turn around and make to move to the kitchen to get you some coffee or coke. "Come here!" Stern, demanding. Well, I have no choice. I come forward. You ask me to stand right in front of you. "Er. Coffee.", me. "You don't have permission to speak until I tell you to.

Right now, bring me a ruler." I have a few biting and feminist retorts waiting to be let out. but that would diffuse the situation.


and make it not as fun. So, I swing back to my room and get the ruler. I pick the wooden ruler instead of the steel one. steel is cold. I come back and stand right where I stood before and hand you the ruler.

You take the ruler from me and with it you lift up my skirt. Black lace with a red bow. pretty panties. not what I would wear unless I have something really naughty on my mind.


You ask me to pull the ottoman and sit facing you. I sit down, as demurely as possible. You tap my knees with the ruler and indicate that you want them wider apart. With the skirt so short, panties or not, there isn't much left to the imagination. I am getting hornier by the minute, I close my eyes to get a hold on myself. I can feel you trace the ruler on my inner thigh and then you smack my left thigh with the ruler. Ouch. That hurt. Damn.

I should have had a plastic ruler. "You need to be disciplined, little girl! Get your sweet ass off that chair and kneel down. here between my legs." I do as I am told. Meekly. You pull your trousers down and sit back, letting your cock hang out. "Now suck me off, you little slut. Suck me good with that hot little mouth of yours." I move my hands in position to hold your cock when you warn me against using my hands.

I bend down and envelope your cock in my mouth. Without my hands, it is not easy but the extra effort to keep your cock in my mouth is making me suck harder. I love that feel of your cock in my mouth.

I am all tongue. swiping from the base to the tip of your cock and back again. You are getting boyfriend assists with hymen examination and pounding of virgin teenie and I can't wait for you to explode in my mouth. I lift my eyes up to you. wanting to see your ecstatic expression.

After a couple of minutes, you hold my head by my pony tails and pull me back. You haven't cum yet and I pout.

"Don't pout. or a spanking will be the least of your worries." I continue to pout. "You did not come.

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Not fair." "Did I not warn you about not speaking until I let you? Come here. Stand here. in front of me. Good. Now turn around, face away. bend over and take your panty off." This is not going the way I hoped. the wooden ruler hurts. I don't really want to be spanked with that. I hope you'd use your palm. I bend over and slide my panty till my ankles, but you stop me before I step out of them and tell me to guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone in that position.

You trace your finger in a line from my bum crack to my cunt and scrape my clit with your thumb. I shudder from the touch. You tell me that you want me to bend over your knee.

I cross my fingers. hoping you won't use the ruler. No such luck. The first smarting blow falls on my right bum cheek and before I can yell 'ouch' the second blow lands across both cheeks. I try to count the blows to de-focus the pain. but I stop after the 21st blow. The pain makes me pant and I am unbelievably wet. each blow sends an electric pulse to my clit. It feels busty hoe bent over the bed and slit drilled good.

I think you stop only because your arm aches! I was hoping I look brave, but I have tears flowing down my face. You tell me to stand up and take my shirt and then my bra off. You make me wear the shirt again. unbuttoned but loosely knotted at the bottom. My nipples are rock hard. You then tell me to sit on the ottoman, with my legs spread, feet resting on the couch, on either side of you. It hurts to sit on my bum. It burns actually.

Then you tell me to finger myself while you watch me. I throw my head back and run the tip of my finger on my cunt lips. Then I circle it to my clit. and stroke it, slowly at first. picking up speed. I am lost in the sensations coursing through me. moaning. and imagining you forcing me. in my head, I am writhing under you as you hold me down and kiss me hard. I twist and turn to avoid you sliding your cock inside me. and when you finally thrust into me triumphantly, I crash back to reality with a hot orgasm.

dripping over my fingers. You order me to lick my fingers which I eagerly do. "Come here. sit on my lap. facing me. Yes. Now, slide my cock inside you." You are rock hard. I position your cock and with all that lubrication I slide onto it like a sheath on a well-oiled sword. You grab my waist with one hand and bite my nipples.

And then you kiss me hard. When your lips leave mine, I slowly set a rhythmic up and down bounce on your cock. increasing the speed as I feel you tighten.

"Aren't you a dirty little whore to fuck like this. bare. no shame at all!" Frankly, it makes me a little mad. I speed up my rocking, clenching my cunt muscles. I want you to fill me with your cum. You pull me towards you by the base of my neck and bite my lips hard, as you shoot inside me.

and that sets me off too. We both collapse. you back on the backrest of the couch, me with my head on your shoulder. your cock still inside my cunt. dripping. I manage to lift my head up and kiss you hard.

and to bite your lip, drawing blood. Sweet revenge. After sitting entwined for a couple of minutes, we decide to take a shower.


We are a mess. Also, I get to go down on you once more. I remember the cupcakes. whipped cream and chocolate syrup frosting. it is literally the perfect 'icing on the cake'! You make coffee as I frost the cupcakes.

and soon we are eating the whipped cream off each other!