Amateur slut victoria june taste a big cock for money

Amateur slut victoria june taste a big cock for money
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I've always wanted to make love with my daddy. I love reading stories about daughters seducing their daddies. I fantasize about my daddy coming in to kiss me goodnight after my mommy has gone to bed, finding me asleep with my nightgown up to my waist and my bottom half exposed.


Of course, he becomes rock hard instantly at the forbidden sight. He comes over to the bed and leans over to kiss me goodnight. I'm about 14 years old and just beginning puberty so I have budding breasts and faint pubic hair, just becoming a woman, but late compared to some of my girlfriends.

He thinks I'm asleep so he gives me a kiss and looks to see if anyone is coming before he slides his hands over my breasts, causing the nipples to harden, and then south over my tummy to the downy hair covering my mons.


He spreads my nether lips slightly, checking all the while to see if I'm asleep or awake. I pretend to be asleep, but am starting to get aroused by his touch. He lightly touches my clit, causing me to stir a little, and notices the dampness seeping through my pussy lips.

He checks again t o see if I'm still asleep and I'm still pretending to sleep, but it's getting more difficult by the moment. He starts to rub my clit slowly, then inserts a finger into my pussy, against the unbroken hymen. By now, I'm drenched in love juice and his hardon is raging.

Mommy is sleeping in the house but daddy's passion has become overwhelming. I stir awake. "Daddy?" I say dreamily. "It's okay, darling.Daddy loves you.

He wants to do something special for you." He replies. "What are you going to do?" I ask, as I spread my thighs wider to give him a good look at my treasures within. "When you start dating, boys will want to put their penis inside you and if you aren't prepared, it will hurt." "Oh, is that the long, hard thing they hide in their pants?" I inquire.

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"Yes, baby. Daddy is going to put his inside you first so you'll be ready for the boys. But first I'm going to show you how to suck a boy's penis so you can make him feel good and make him love you." "Okay, Daddy. I'm sure you know what's best." I answer, knowing all the while that I've been wanting this from him for a long time. "Now I'm going to take my penis out," he whispers, looking around to make sure mommy isn't close by, "Don't be afraid." He pulls out his penis and it's about 8 inches long and kind of fat.

As I look at it I see the purple knob at the tip and the funny looking mushroom shape curiously. "Daddy, it looks like a lollipop!" I exclaim, my eyes widening.

"Well, darling. You can suck and lick it like a lollipop and maybe you'll get some creamy filling as a reward. Go ahead, take it into your mouth." I wrap my tiny fingers around the large appendage and slip it into my mouth, tasting something salty as my tongue slides over the opening to his peehole. It barely fits into my mouth as I open wider at my daddy's urging.


"That's it, sweetie. Go ahead, suck it and lick it." He directs. I begin to adjust my mouth and my teeth so that I can taste the salty flesh and my daddy starts to slide the big hard thing in and out of my mouth slowly taking my hair into his hands. As I suck harder, he moves a little bit faster pumping in and out in and out until all at once he pulls it out completely leaving me wanting more.

"Now I'm going to put it inside your private place and give you a gift of love." He tells me, as he gently pushes me back onto the bed and spreads my thighs. He smiles as he sees the moistness already evident from my excitement. "This may hurt a little bit, but it will feel good once it's inside, I promise," He explains, placing his cock at the opening of my vagina. "Hang onto me tightly and if it starts to hurt, bite your pillow, so you won't make any noise, sweetie," he instructs as the tip of his penis presses against my hymen.

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As I hold onto him tightly, he reaches around and wraps his hands around my ass and pushes hard until he breaks through the thin barrier. It hurts a little, but it's bearable.

As soon as he breaks through, he begins to pump in and out of me faster and faster, as my body responds to his thrusts bumping up to meet each one faster and faster. His throbbing member invades my womb deeper and deeper until he grabs the pillow and puts it between us so he can moan into it as he releases his fountain of sperm int o my waiting crevice.

As his member softens, he holds me tightly and slides out of my vagina, drowning in the sweat of his efforts and mine.

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"Next time I'll show you how boys will like to give you oral satisfaction. Just remember, darling. This is our little secret. Mommy must never know, okay?" "Okay, Daddy." I respond, smug in my sense of knowing that now I have power over him he never expected I would have.