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Hot russian aunt seducing nephew blonde
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Nicole awoke with a yell, then sighed in relief once she realized it was just a nightmare. Sadly, that was more than a nightmare, it was a memory. She heard a teapot whistle while there was sizzling.


A scent of bacon and eggs filled the room, and she got up out of bed, startled to realize that all her wounds were gone. That girl Robert mentioned probably was here.

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She walked into the next room, a kitchen, Robert was making eggs while bacon sizzled in the pan next to it. He turned and saw Nicole, "Ah, you're awake. Bad dream?" She rubbed her eyes and yawned, nodding as she did. Then, she sat down at the table, a small glass of milk lay in front of her. "Listen," Robert said as he placed the eggs on a plate, "I know this may be uncomfortable to talk about but why didn't you run away or call the police after your Foster Father raped you?" "What?" Nicole was confused, how did he know?

"Oh yeah, forgot to mention, certain wizards can read minds and watch dreams. I can watch your dreams." Nicole felt her face turn red from embarrassment, "Can you not do that to me please?" "Yeah. I just heard you screaming in the middle of the night so I wondered what you were dreaming." he put the bacon on a plate, "What he did to you was unlawful, unmoaralful, and absolutely disgusting.

How many times has be done that to you?" Nicole looked up from her food that she ate while he was speaking. The look in her eye told him almost once a day. He shoved a strip of bacon in his mouth to keep from getting sick and loosing his appitite She looked back down sorrowfully, and surprised that she isn't pregnant by now. She finished her food and put her plate in bitchy student seller with nice tits sucks a big hard dick sink.

Robert did the same short after. He rubbed her back for comfort, "It's ok," he said, but in reality, she was nowhere near that. ~ "Keelan, there's a newbie in Wizard City." Antonio said, "It's a chick." Keelan looked up from his newspaper and his face lit up, "What size breasts?" "Uhh." Antonio checked the picture, "We got a silver bar." Keelan looked at the picture with him, and they both loomed at each other, then smiled.

"Tonight?" "Definately tonight." ~ Nicole lie exhausted in her bed after a long day of test after test. She closed her eyes and drifted.

~ Nicole screamed, she thrashed and fought against her Foster Father pinning her down. He tied her wrists together, then hung I on a hook that was placed just above the bed fo this. He laced his fingers down her naked body, a tingling sensation spread throughout her. He lowered his face to her vagina, he legs tied far apart and a few inches of rope was in-between her ankles and the nails on the ground. He began to lace her legs, tingling her some more. He then put his finger in her, then pulled it out, soaking wet.

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"You're already this wet huh?" he grinned, "Wonder how it tastes then." he shoved his mouth onto her vagina, his tongue inside her, tasting her. He pulled out and rubbed his cock against her vaginal walls to lubricate them again. Her nipples began to harden. Her Foster Father climbed her again, to where his chest was firm against her breasts.

He shoved his cock in Nicole's vagina, causing her to scream again. "Stop! Please!" Nicole kept shouting. His thrusts went faster and faster, until suddenly, he said, "I'm gonna cum Nikki, you ready?" his breath hot against her face. "No! Don't! Please!" she cried, tears xnxx 2019 porn folder story up in her eyes. Her Foster Father let out a sigh of relief as he began cumming.

He climed off of her, admiring her nice, tight body. He took out his cock and began to squirt it all over her yet again. As cum trickled down her legs, he left, trying to have her find a way out by herself. ~ Nicole awoke gasping, but she couldn't move.

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She felt a slight breeze, then looked to notice that she was completely nude. She heard Robert screaming and yelling, "Don't you touch her, you bastards!" "Oh don't worry, we won't, but you will." said a voice, evil.

"What?!" Robert got pushed into Nicole's room, where he immediately ran to her to untie her. Once he touched the knot, both him and Nicole were zapped with electricity.


With a yelp, Robert let go, hating to see her so helpless. Her legs were spread and tied down like what her Foster Father had done, and her arms were tied and hung on a hook, like what her Foster Father had done to her.

Suddenly, a sword was pointed at Robert, "Lick her pussy," Keelan said, gesturing toward her vagina, "Or you and her will both die." "Nicole I." Robert began. A tear little blonde daughter undresses for big black guy right before her fathers eyes down Nicole's cheek, "Let's get this over with." she whispered.

Robert, hesitantly, walked over and stooped down. He grabbed her legs for support, then began to lick. Nicole moaned quietly, sounding like heavy breathing.

Keelan and Antonio were watching, taking turns kissing her, licking her, and playing with her breasts. "Fuck her," Keelan demanded Robert. Robert stood silently and took off his pants, his cock looked about seven inches, and just as thick as her Foster Father. He stripped off his shirt, then threw it aside, preparing himself for her. Nicole didn't struggle. He put his cock in her, granted she was younger than him by maybe three years, but apparently, she was used to this.

He didn't want to hurt her, so he went slow, gentle. Antonio pinched her nipple, "Harder!" he demanded. His thrusts became faster, Nicole breathing deeply, crying, trying to take it. Suddenly, she felt the hot liquid, Robert nearly going into shock.

"I'm so sorry-" he began until Keelan snapped his fingers, then the next thing Nicole knew she had been flipped to where her ass was showing. "Fuck her there." Nicole's closing eyes shot wide open, her Foster Father never fucked her there, but it probably didn't feel good. Robert placed his cock against her ass, trying to put it in gently, but she was way to tight.

Nicole braced herself, "Get it over with." she whispered. Robert pushed his cock in as a blood curdling scream escaped her lips.

She could feel her bleeding, and Robert's thrusts were fast as Antonio demanded, and he was lulled out as her leg ropes were cut, then her arm ropes. Keelan grabbed her by her hair and threw her in front of Robert, "Suck his dick." Nicole toughened herself a little, and began to suck him, his cock rubbing against her tongue and throat.

"Play with his balls too," Antonio demanded, and she obeyed. Robert flinched, "Nicole brace yourself." he said. A load of cum began to wash onto her tongue and throat.

Suddenly he was hit on the back of his head, and he fell, his cock coming out of Nicole's mouth, and she began to spat up the cum.


Keelan grabbed her and pinned her down. "Our turn." he sneered. To Be Continued.