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Naughty awesome gal drills virgin fur pie hardcore and russian
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Jaquon and I had been chatting online for about a month,and finally arranged a personal favorite place to go and relax,is the park down the street from my house.i figured that would be the perfect place for us to have some good conversation and get to know one another.i made sure to dress cute but comfortable enough for a walk. when i arrived at the park i sent jaquon a text message letting him know that i was waiting.he replied with a message telling me to turn around.when i did turn and look behind me,i noticed a tall, dark skinned man waving at me.i could feel myself becoming nervous with every step i took toward him.

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finally we were face to face,and damn he looked good!we properly introduced ourselves,and then gave each other a friendly hug.i took a deep breath in and enjoyed his sent as we hugged,and he must have done the same,because when we released each other,he told me i smell amazing.i returned the compliment.OK its time for us to begin our walk. it was very warm and the sun was bright,i could see the sweat beads on jaquon's forehead.i reached in my bag and offered him a bottle of water,he accepted and then took his over exxxtrasmall petite latina sophia torres gets stretched off ,exposing his well defined body.

as we walked along asking each-other questions and laughing,i looked at my cell phone and noticed that we had been gone for over an hour.i explained to jaquon that i had some things to do and that i would like for us to meet up again soon.he suggested later tonight,and i accepted his offer.

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i walked him to his car,and before he got in,i gave him another hug,but this time he put his strong arms around my waist and pulled me close.i felt his hardness press against me.i wanted him to just throw me in his car and give it to me now,but i didn't have the time.i pulled away and told him to call me when he gets home.

he did call when he got home,but i wasn't able to answer the phone.i noticed a voice mail message,and quickly listened to see if it was jaquon.the message was from him,telling me that he enjoyed his time with me and was excited to meet up again tonight.

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later that night we met in the same park,before i stepped out of my car,i quickly sprayed my body and grabbed some gum from my purse. the second i opened my door i noticed him standing there with his hand out waiting to lift me into his arms once again.he looked amazing!

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we gazed into each others eyes and leaned in for a sweet kiss,and then started to walk toward the park.he reached for my hand,and lead me to a table under the tree.i sat on the top of the table and pulled jaquon to me to enjoy a deeper,more passionate kiss.

i could feel the intense tightness in my stomach.i wanted him so bad! his hands were gripping my ass,pulling me closer to the enormous bulge in his pants.i didn't want him to think of me as being easy,so i pulled away and started walking further through the park.when we reached the tire swing i told him to sit down so i could push him on it.i was surprised when he actually did it.jaquan slid off of the swing and then told me that i was next.i didn't want to in the beginning,but i decided to try it.the moment i sat down with my ass through the hole in the middle,he leaned in for another kiss,only this time he trailed his fingers up my thighs and under my shorts.all i could do at that time was moan because it felt so good.his breathing got heavier when he discovered that i wasn't wearing panties.he began whispering in my ear,while caressing my swollen clit"i want to taste this pussy so bad"!

jaquan brought his fingers to his mouth and cleaned my cunt juice from them.i wanted his tongue buried deep inside of me,so i slid off of the tire and dropped my shorts to the ground.jaquan kneeled before me,put my foot on his shoulder and began licking my hot pussy.he then tweaked my pearl with his finger and started to fuck my soaked hole with his tongue.within double penetration session with a busty hottie facial boobs he had replaced his tongue with two fingers je suis angel exhib une milf et amatrice francaise de lille jadore mexhiber began sucking on my clit.i could feel myself cumming all over his talented fingers and tongue.i reached for his hands and helped him stand.i kissed his cum soaked lips and tasted my sweetness.

jaquan wanted to explore more of the park,so we continued our we were walking i noticed his dick was still rock hard,so i lead him to a slide and asked him to strip completely out of his clothes.he looked so sexy with the light of the moon shining off of his chocolate skin.i asked him to lay back on the slide and relax.his cock stood at attention waiting to be pleased.i knelt down and spit on the tip of his throbbing dick,and then began to stroke it.i could tell that i didn't have much time before he would explode,so i wrapped my soft lips around the head and sucked it gently.still stroking the length,i moved my way down.sliding his thick rod deeper into my mouth one inch at a time.caressing his balls with my other hand.i could hear him say my name over and over again.his legs began to shake and he arched his back pushing his dick further into my throat.i could tell that he was about to cum, so i stopped sucking and began stroking harder until he released a huge load all over my tongue and nipples were covered in jizz.i made sure to lick them clean,while looking into jaquan's eyes.

after we rested for a few minutes,we decided to start walking back to our cars.but as we passed the tire swing,i walked over and laid face down on the tire,then lifted my shorts,exposing my ass to jaquan."come on baby,come bang this good pussy before we leave"!


within seconds,his hands were on my ass,spreading them far enough for him to guide his stiff cock into my tight hole.he took his time sliding it in.his dick felt huge!it was amazing! i wasn't sure if it would fit!


i was moaning louder,he slid one finger into my mouth to suck on while he began pounding my wet pussy harder."I'm gonna cum baby"!"yessssssssssss"! he pulled out of my soaked pussy just in time to squirt his load on my ass and legs were shaking.i was ready for a shower and some good sleep.


we finally arrived at our cars,kissed again and said goodnight.