Black dick for chastity lynn interracial pornstars

Black dick for chastity lynn interracial pornstars
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Johnson was over at Chris's house Chilin drinking some beer. He had invited her over just to have fun, but she didn't know the fun he was really talking about. He wanted to fuck her brains out of her head. Johnson was a very sexy black girl that drove him crazy at work by flirting with him.

He decided after seeing a couple photos of her on her profile that he would take a chance. Johnson never told anybody but she liked Chris as well.

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She tried to show him by flirting with him at work but he never made a move until he asked her over that night and she was going make her move. She had on just a very tight pink shirt that was 3 sizes too small. Her tits were begging to get slender redhead blows a massive meat pole and Chris noticed this when she walked in.

He could clearly see her nipples through her shirt. She also had on a mini jean skirt. It was very sexy and she caught him staring at her all night. The way Johnson was sitting Chris had a clear view inside her skirt and he could see she had no underwear on. When he looked all he saw was her cleaned shaved pussy!

He could not take his eyes off her and he was so distracted that he didn't notice the big bugle in his pants until it was too late.

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Johnson was sitting across from Chris so that she could seduce him by showing him her pussy. She had just shaved it before coming over. When she saw Chris looking at her pussy, she felt it getting wet! Having him there staring at her pussy was turning her on!

She asked him if there was anything he saw that he like? Before he could answer Johnson Opened her legs up and pulled her skirt up even with her hips exposing her soaking wet pussy to him.

He had already gotten up and moved in front of her. Chris kneeled down in front of Johnson which put her nice black pussy right in front of him.


She told him that no matter what he was not to cum inside her that she wasn't on the pill! He said he would not cum inside her. He took his hand and slowly started rubbing the outside of her already soaked pussy. "ohhhhh yes that feels good chris keep going baby I want you ohh" Chris then push two fingers deep inside her pussy parting the entrance with ease. He slowly started moving in and out of her pussy bringing Johnson closer to a massive orgasm. " ohhhhhh mmmmmm my god that feels so good Chris, ohhh fuck " Johnson breathing became rough and she was squirming around from the pleasure, she was going to cum very soon and it was going to be like nothing else she ever felt.

In and out his fingers went binging Johnson to the biggest orgasm ever! " oooohhhhh awwww yeah yeah right there Chris keep going baby right there oh yeah you're going to make me cum Chris ohhhh yeah awwwwww god Im cumming baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit"!! Johnson could not hold back any more she involuntarily thrusted her hips in the air and stream after stream of hot clear cum erupted from her pussy.

Johnson had never squirted before, she was all over the floor trying to get herself down from the biggest orgasm she ever had. She was still shaking from it when Chris lowered his tongue down on her soaked pussy to lick the cum off of her pussy and to give her another wild orgasm! He started licking and then went to sucking and before she knew it Johnson was squirting again and it was 10 times more intense this time!

Stream after stream after stream of hot clear cum squirted out of her pussy and in his face! Johnson had never felt so much pleasure. She was use to sex and being fucked but no one had ever made her squirt!

Johnson regained her composure and pushed Chris back on the floor, were she proceeded to rub his rock hard cock thru his jeans while trying to get to his monster cock. When she finally got to his cock she was stunned at how big it was.

She spit on it and slowly started stroking it! Johnson started slow using more spit to lubricate it and latest school rape sex vedios sex stories it became easier the faster she stroked it bring an intense pleasure to Chris, oooohhhhh god Johnson that's it baby stroke that cock make me cum ohhhhhh yeah! Johnson could tell he was about to explode, she started begging for it "you like that baby cum for me Chris give me your cum give it to me" Johnson hand was stoking it wildly up and down and Chris could not hold back anymore!

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah im cummming Johnson oh big tit sex with her own son and with that hot white sperm shot out of his cock stream after stream erupt, the first three giant cumshots landed all over Johnson hand and wrist while the rest land on the floor, the thing was that Johnson did not even give him a break to recover she went straight to sucking his cock, it took a little work to get his whole cock in her mouth but she didn't stop until his balls were slaping her chin.

She didn't waste no time she wanted his cum in her mouth and she was determined to get it by the way she was sucking his cock!


She was going so fast that it was becoming a slobbery mess. Chris was going crazy it felt so good having his cock in Johnson mouth, fucking it! "ohhhhhhh god Johnson suck my cock baby ohh yeah fuck baby ohhhhh yes Johnson your gonna make me cum again baby oh shit right there right there Johnson ohhh im cumin Johnson!" and for the second time in 10 minutes Chris's cock was shooting his hot white sperm and he kept cum stream after stream of hot cum shot in her throat.

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Johnson loved the taste of his cum she swallowed ever drop Chris laid Johnson oh her back and got on top of her he gave her a kiss and then he pushed his still rock hard cock thru her pussy lips. Johnson was so wet that Chris's cock slid right in she moaned as he started fucking her hot pink pussy! She loved having his cock fucking her!

Ohhhhhhhh Chris fuck my black pussy you know you like it fuck me oh yeah faster Chris faster oh right there baby right there omg your gonna make me cum baby oh go Chris!

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Chris took his cock out of her pussy and her hips thrusted and the cum started going everywhere she was screaming for him to put his cock back in her and as soon as he did she came again! Chris was very turned on by this and when she came on his cock the second time it was too much!

Ohhhh Johnson your pussy feels so good baby ohhh yeah oh shit your pussy ohh god imma cum oh shit and with that before he could pull out his cock erupted once again shot after shot deep inside her pussy! They both laid there for a minute, Johnson had told him not to cum inside her before they started and he had just done that! Johnson looked at her pussy and the cum that was flowing out now she was prolly gonna have another child she got up trying to get the cum out of her pussy!

She had gotten some of it out when managed to get his rock hard cock back inside her cum filled pussy and started fucking her again! He was really fucking her fast and furious, and Johnson who put up a little r?stance at first was now yelling and having another orgasm on his cock and the same thing happen again!

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Chris could not take Johnson pussy cumming on his cock that he came again, inside her filling her pussy up with more of his cum! Shot after shot of hot cum poured out of his cock, it was by far the biggest cumshot of the night stream after stream and Johnson could feel his cum inside her and running down her leg. They could not move and they both pasted out with Chris still inside Johnson pussy and his cum still drizzling out of her pussy.