Asian cutie shows off her riding skills

Asian cutie shows off her riding skills
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Last night was incredible.


My husband and I had arranged for me to have a 'talk' with our normally shy son Evan about sex. Evan was skittish at first, but after I let him see me in my lingerie, and we looked at dirty pictures on his computer, he loosened up. We actually masturbated in front of each other, and he even ended up cumming on me. My husband Don had been listening at the door the whole time, and as soon as I came out he practically attacked me.

We spent half the night going at it like when we first met. I was so excited to put the next part of our plan in to action that it took me almost an hour to finally decide what to wear for my son that night. I knocked at Evan's door and went right in. He was at his computer, but this time he didn't try to hide what he was looking at. "What have you got there, honey?" I picked my way across his messy floor and looked over his shoulder.

It was a 'Mature Moms' picture gallery with a number of women my age and older in various nude poses. "I never realized older women could be so hot," Evan told me excitedly. "But, girlfriend doggystyled by her bf after oral seeing you last night, I learned better." "You in the mood to learn some more?" "Sure, Mom!" I dropped my robe and let him get a good look at me.

I had on a black garter belt with black stockings and heels. And that was all. Evan saw my naked breasts for the first time, and my shaved pussy was on full display. I turned around and let him have a glance at my bare ass. "Not bad for an old lady, eh?" "C'mon, Mom, you're not that old. And you're better than 'not bad,' you're mad sexy!" "Thanks, honey." I gave him a long kiss on the lips.

"I have a few things I want to discuss with isabella clark amp jenny simons lick and fist each others ass and do double anal dap sz doublepenetr. Do you want to get naked with me, or would you rather keep your clothes on while we talk?" He yanked his shirt off and dropped his shorts in a flash.

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My eyes were immediately drawn to his hard penis and plump balls. My pussy was already anticipating how my son's cock would feel. "Are we going to masturbate with each other again?" he asked hopefully.

"We'll see. How about we start with you lying down on the bed this time?" I took a seat on his desk chair and watched him hop onto his bed and get comfortable. His erection reached up almost to his belly button. I crossed my legs and tried to focus my thoughts and remember the questions I had planned. I noticed him staring at my chest. "Do you like my breasts?" "They're great, Mom.

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I never knew you had such long nipples. I like the way they're poking out right now." My nipples were probably my favorite part of my body. It was nice to hear my son complimenting them.

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I resisted the urge to tweak tiffany nunez in own personal black bookwormex doll and show him how long they could get when fully aroused. "I like looking at women's breasts, too," I told him. "It really turns me on." "You said last night that you looked at naked women in dirty magazines and masturbated when you were younger." "That's right." "So, you get excited looking at women, even though you're not a lesbian?" he asked, unsure but curious.

"Sure. I find both men and women sexually attractive. If you can keep a secret, I'll tell you that I've had sex with women before." "Wow.does Dad know?" "Your father and I don't have any secrets." I uncrossed my legs and let my son get a peek at my pussy, then crossed them the other way. "What about you? Do you ever get excited looking at men?" "I don't know." "It's okay if you do." "I really like girls.a lot.

So I don't think I'm gay, probably, but sometimes I think about guys, or look at them on the computer." "What sorts of things do you think about?" "I don't know.

Touching another guy's penis, I guess." He was having a real hard time admitting this stuff out loud. It took a lot of guts for him to be honest about this. "I love the feeling of a penis in my hand.

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I like it even more in my mouth." I licked my lips to emphasize my point. "Really? I never actually pictured you sucking on a penis before." "It feels so good to have a man's cock in your mouth. It's a strange combination of softness and hardness all at the same time.

The end is all smooth and squishy, and the shaft is firm. You slide your lips up and down it, and suck on him. You're in total control." "You make it sound real nice." "Your father loves it when I suck his cock. He likes to cum in my mouth. His cum tastes so good I swallow every drop of it." "Gee, Mom, I would have never guessed you were so dirty. I always thought you and Dad were kind of old-fashioned." "When you're behind closed doors with people you trust, you can be who you really are without worrying about being judged or made fun of.

Accepting the people you love unconditionally is what true intimacy is all about. Does that make sense?" "I think so. Like, I can tell you I want to try sucking a penis someday, and you won't think less of me because of it." "That's right, honey. In fact, I'm quite proud of you for saying so out loud." I got up and climbed onto the bed next to my son. I pressed my body against his, but refrained from groping him just yet. "I have another personal question for you." "Ask me anything." "Are you still a virgin?" "Yeah." He sounded almost ashamed of himself.

"I haven't done anything at all with a girl, except kiss Colleen at a party once during spin-the-bottle. And that doesn't even count, really." "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. We're all different when it comes to sex. There's no right way, or right time, that fits everyone." "Some of the guys think I'm weird because I haven't done it yet." "You're not weird, darling. Sex can be a scary and confusing thing when you're young.

That's why I was thinking it might help if you gvg 098 hagi azusa yagi son in law aimed at big tits toobscene for mother in law practice with me." "Like how?" " could make love to me. Then it might be easier for you with girls your own age." I touched my son's penis, letting my fingertips glide up and down his pulsing hard-on. "You want us to have sex? Like, real sex?" "Only if you want to, honey.

And if you wouldn't be ashamed to lose your virginity to your own mother." I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and squeezed. I know I wasn't playing fair, but we had come this far and I was dying to have my son fuck me. "No.I mean, yes.what I mean is, I want to do it." "You're certain? You want to put this hard cock," I gave his penis a tug, "in your mom's pussy?" "Definitely." "Okay, then, let's do it." I started with a long slow kiss on his lips.

My hand roamed over his body, touching his hard abs, his strong chest, then going back down to cup his soft balls. He remained still, letting me lead the way. "I want you to suck my nipples." Evan eagerly complied. He took my nipple almost reverently into his mouth and gave it a tentative suck. I moaned to let him know it felt good, and he continued with a little more confidence.

After about a minute, I slipped my breast away from him and let him take my other nipple. I hadn't felt his mouth on me like that since he was a baby. My hand was on his cock stroking him lightly when there came a soft knock at the door. My husband came in wearing just a robe, and Evan immediately pulled away from my breast and blushed. "Dad?" "What are you doing with my wife?" Don demanded with a raised voice.

Evan went pale. "Stop that," I scolded my incorrigible husband. "You're going to give him a heart attack." "Sorry, buddy," my husband chuckled. "Wow, hon, you look awesome in those stockings." "I'm sorry, honey," I said to Evan. "I forgot to mention that your father wanted to be here while I did this with you." " mean he's going to watch us have sex?" "If that's okay with you." I tickled my fingers underneath his balls, then whispered in his ear.

"I get so turned on when someone watches me fuck." "I guess I don't mind," Evan finally decided. "Then let's get this show on the road," my husband joked. "You're really going to enjoy this, Son, your mom has a great pussy." I gave him a stern look. "Okay, I'll be quiet now. You won't even know I'm here." Don sat on the desk chair and gave me a wink. I turned my attention back to my son. I could feel his heart beating like wild. I had to try to relax him a little so he could actually enjoy the experience.

"Do you want to suck on my nipples some more?" I offered. He returned to my breast, closed his eyes, and suckled me. I was lying on my side with my back to my husband and with Evan in front of me. I knew Don's eyes would be fixed on my ass, so I reached around and pulled my cheek up and gave him a quick peep at my butt hole. I heard his lips smack and I got goose bumps everywhere.

"Am I doing this right?" Evan asked. "You doing it just right, honey. Look how long my nipples are now." I pinched them both and pulled them playfully. "You made my pussy very wet. Do you think you're ready to do it?" "I guess." We repositioned ourselves so I was on my back, and my son was on top of me between my legs. Nothing too fancy for his first time; just some good ol' missionary. "Do you know what to do?" I asked tenderly, and he nodded.

"Take your time and relax. This will probably happen very fast, but that's okay for your first time. Don't worry about me, just do what feels good for you. I can teach you how to please a girl later if you want me to. Any questions?" "Should I be using a condom?" I was so excited to fuck my son, I wasn't even thinking about that. Such a responsible boy. "When you're having sex with other girls you should always wear a condom. It's okay with me because you know I don't have anything you can catch, and you don't have to worry about getting me pregnant." "Should I pull out when I cum?" "You can do whatever you want, honey.

If you want to cum inside my pussy that's okay. Or if you want to take it out and watch yourself cum on me, that's fine, too." I could feel my juices dripping down my ass and onto the sheets. I couldn't stand the suspense. I wanted him in me so bad. Evan looked over at his father. Don gave him a smile and a nod of encouragement. My son then looked down at me and gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips. I almost started getting teary-eyed when he did that.

I reached down and took his hardness in my hand and guided him forward. The police girls nude sexy xxxx of his penis touched the moist flesh between my legs and a sizzling electricity ran through me. I rubbed him up and down my wet slit, then centered him over my silky hole. He pushed his hips and entered me. I lost my breath in a gasp of erotic fulfillment. My son was actually inside me. His cock was sliding inch by glorious inch into my pussy.

It didn't seem real. After so many dreams about this exact moment it was more magnificent than anything I could have conceived. I had fucked dozens of guys in my time, and had my share of mind-blowing sexual encounters, but this was beyond anything I'd ever known. It was so much more that just a cock in my pussy. It was my son's cock. There was something so primal, so forbidden, and so perfectly natural about it that made this something of a transcendent experience for me.

"Oh, honey, you feel so good. Keep going, all the way in." "Mom, this is amazing. Your pussy feels incredible." I looked over at my husband. He opened his robe, revealing his nakedness.

His cock was hard and I could see a bead of moisture at the tip.


He couldn't see any of the graphic details of our lovemaking, but the mere fact that I was fucking his son in front of him was driving Don crazy with desire. "That's it, now you're all the way in. I can feel you deep inside me." "Don't move, Mom. I don't want to cum yet." I held perfectly still for him.

He was pressed down on my clit and it would only take a few good thrusts to get me off, but I had to stay focused on him. After several long seconds he drew his cock back, being careful to do so very slowly.

The aching in my pussy was building to an unbearable intensity. I was so relieved when Evan finally lost control. He pushed into me fast, then gave my pussy several quick pumps with his young, virile cock. He cried out as he unleashed his orgasm into my body. My son continued fucking me fast and hard for several seconds, shooting more and more cum into my pussy with each thrust.

"That's it, baby, get it all out. Fuck me, fuck your mom's cunt!" I took advantage of his runaway spasms and humped him back until I felt my own orgasm welling up from within, then suddenly crashing over me all at once.

I never came so quick or so hard in my life. I screamed and thrashed and lost all control. "Wow, did I make you cum, Mom?" "Yes," I said barely able to speak. "You made me cum, honey." As I gulped for air, I realized my husband was still stroking his cock by the sound of his balls slapping against his hand. "Look, you got your father all excited, too. See, he's jerking off over there." Evan couldn't resist looking and was captivated by the sight.

"Let's show Dad what you did," I said playfully, "and watch him masturbate." I had Evan pull out and I turned my body. I opened my legs wide for my husband and flexed my inner muscles, forcing my son's cum to dribble out of my pussy.

"Watch your dad's cock, Evan. He's going to make himself cum while he looks at your sperm leaking out of my cunt. See how nice your father's cock is?" Don saw our son's cum oozing out of me and started whacking off like mad.

In only a few seconds he was spurting big white globs all over his own chest and belly. A little later, after everyone recovered and cleaned up a bit, we tucked Evan into bed. "You were wonderful, honey." I gave him a kiss on the lips. "Nice work, sport." Don tussled his son's hair.

"I haven't seen your old lady cum like that in years." "Maybe if you pick up your room we can do busty buffy loves anal toys in her 18yass porn story sex fairy tales flv again tomorrow night," I said as I shut off his light.


"Night, Mom, Dad." I didn't care if his room was twice as messy tomorrow, I couldn't wait to fuck my son again!