Rick gets a brunette as a gift

Rick gets a brunette as a gift
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Well, it's been awhile since I wrote, so I thought it was time. I get a lot of satisfaction from hearing from all of you guys and girls that seem to enjoy some of my wild exploits.

I never intended to write about all of them but I tried it and I really get off on telling my secrets. A few of you have left me messages and asked me about some of my most memorable fucks. The one's that really stick out in my head. There's so many. I have to admit that I love to get fucked. But there are a few that I tend to think back on more than others. Mostly the times when I was younger. I guess that I was about fifteen or sixteen when this particular incident happened.

I had grown up in a lot of different foster homes and had a lot of foster "Dads". Some were alright and some weren't. Anyway, I had ended up in this home that was very religious. I don't know why but white religious families always wanted to take in the poor Native American girl. They were O.K. though. I had been through it before and besides, maybe I could teach them something?

My "dad" was about fifty. He redheaded whore kehlani kalypso getting face and pussy smashed big and kind of quiet.

Most of his spare time he spent in garage working on cars or whatever. Most of the time I think that he just wanted to get away from everyone.

Especially his wife. She was pretty uptight.

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I don't know if she was jealous or what but she always seemed to keep him from interacting with me. When she was gone for any period of time though, he was always very nice. I sort of felt sorry for him I guess.

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Eventually it became a game between him and I. We would roll our eyes behind her back when she wasn't looking or he would sneak me a look because he knew that I understood how she was.

I had already been sexually active for some time by now and I'm pretty sure that "dad" knew that. Of course the subject of sex was never talked about. I was supposed to be a good church going girl, even if we all knew better. At first it started out kind of innocent.


There was a sexual tension when he would hug me. And I have to admit, it was probably me causing it. I would hold the hugs maybe a little bit longer or harder. I knew that he had noticed but he would never act on it. He was too nice. I just felt so sorry for him. She ran everything and I was sure that he wasn't getting any. If he was, it was sunny leone pron hot girls in the dark once a year on his birthday.

I guess you could say that I was the aggressor. I didn't have any problem with it. My first had been an older man and there was something about a fatherly figure that turned me on. Even today. Who doesn't like a big strong man taking control? Well, one day after she had really laid into him about something stupid and stormed off in the car, I went out and found him in the garage.

He looked tired, like he couldn't handle much more. Despite all of that, he wanted to make sure that I was alright. "I'm fine" I said smiling at him. "You know you shouldn't let her get to you" I said. "Yeah, I know" he said as he fidgeted with some tools. "Can I ask you something?" I said feeling a little awkward.

"Sure" he said looking concerned.

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"What is it?" "I don't mean to get personal&hellip.but do you guys even have sex?" I said sheepishly. I sat still, biting my tongue, unsure of what kind of response that I might get.

"Well", he said kind of nervously.

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"I suppose you're alright to hear the truth, but no, we don't. Not for a long time now." "That's sad", I said pouting a little bit. Right about then there was a long dead silence that kind of hung in the air. The tension was starting to turn me on. Kind of like the nervousness you get when you're about to do something that you've never done before like jumping out of an airplane.

I walked toward him slowly and hugged him. "You know……" I whispered quietly as my hand moved to the front of his pants, "it doesn't have to be that beauteous hottie having lusty trio sex smalltits hardcore I could feel his hands leave my shoulders and his hands began to tremble a little bit.

"It's O.K." I said looking up at him. "I've done this before you know." "I know but." he stammered. "Shhh" I whispered as I rubbed my hand on his crotch. I could feel it growing under his pants and my pussy was getting wetter. "It's O.K." I whispered as I kneeled down in front of him and started to undo his pants. Soon I had his half limp cock out and he began to rub his hands through my long hair.


"I want to do this for you" I whispered as I stood up to kiss him. "You deserve it." I walked him back into his work bench and undid his shirt. As I rubbed my hands over his chest I was surprised at how hard his body was. I took his hands and placed them under my tank top. Slowly he pulled it over my head. It was cold in the garage and my little dark brown nipples were hard and poking straight out.

He ran his big fingers over them and squeezed gently on them. I could feel the wetness in my panties and I let out a little moan. His hands began to explore my chest and tummy as I took his dick in my hand. I kneeled down and started to take him in my mouth. I could feel his meat throbbing on my tongue as I started to suck and lick.

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I looked up and saw that he had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. His balls were huge and I started to lick the underside of them.

As I pulled his pants the big titted blonde cougar lexxi lash hungry for bbc of the way off I could smell the grease and oil on him. The thought of this great big strong man wanting me was almost more than I could handle.

I sucked hard on his big cock until it swelled, completely stuffing my mouth. I pulled it out for air as I jacked hard on it, looking up at him the whole time as sexy as I could. My pussy was soaking by now and I needed him inside of me. I got up slowly without saying a word. My spit was still hanging on his big wet glistening cock as he watched me walk to his bench. I moved the tools out the way and crawled up on top of it. As I got on all fours I reached for his hand and placed it on my little ass.

He began to rub softly over my panties, bending over to kiss my little cheeks. I could feel his big warm tongue in my little crack as he pulled my panties down. Slowly he started to tickle my tight little asshole with his tongue and I let out a moan. His tongue was warm as he lapped at my little bald pussy from behind. I started to feel his big rough finger sliding into my little cooze and I squealed.

He worked it gently. Getting faster and faster until I was yelping like a little dog. By now my pussy was soaked and the slurping sound of his finger fucking me was too much. I hopped down off the bench and leaned over a stool that he had nearby, positioning my little brown ass up in the air for him.

I was completely ready to get fucked good and hard. The sexual tension between us was too much anymore and I needed his big meat inside of me. "Oh sweetheart" he moaned as he placed his giant hands around my hips.

"I love you even more" he said as he rubbed his big mushroom up and down my slit. All I could think of was how he was gonna fit that thing inside of me.

I could feel my tiny pussy begin to burn as he glided his head into me. He pumped slow and easy as I started sister help brother in home ease into it. I gasped to catch my breath as he started to slide deeper into me.

"Oh yeah!" I moaned. "Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little princess!" He started to groan louder as his big cock slammed in to me. "Oh yeah" he moaned. "That's my princess." My tight little stomach muscles started to clench as I felt my pussy starting to constrict and twitch. "I'm coming daddy!" I yelled.

Right about then he gripped harder on my waist and buried himself deep inside of me. I started to get dizzy as the steady rhythm of his pounding continued. I could feel his heavy body on my back and his whiskers on my neck as I started to come again.

"Oh…shit…fuck me …fuck me&hellip. Fuck me&hellip.yes,yes,yes,yes,!" I screamed as I felt him bite into my neck softly and his cock twisting and jerking inside of me. He lay still for a minute panting hard on my back as he pulled his meat out of me.

Cum dripped down my thighs and my pussy felt like it was on fire. I dipped one finger in it and tasted it in front of him. I smiled at him and told him teasingly, "I told you it would be O.K.

daddy. I can keep a secret if you can." After that we would meet like that for an impromptu fuck or blowjob whenever we got a chance.

But it didn't last for long. After about six months I was moved to another home and never saw him again. He would be an old man now but I'd probably still give him a nice blow-job if I saw him again.