Veronica rodriguez jelena jensen a teachers discipline part one playing hooky

Veronica rodriguez jelena jensen a teachers discipline part one playing hooky
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This is a very graphic description of what it's like to wake up the night after a gang bang. A lot of it isn't very pretty but I know there are a few of you out there that like to hear how messed up you leave us, for the rest of you sane people don't bother reading it you probably won't like it.

I woke up freezing cold, sore from head to toe, and still quite foggy. The phone in the next room was ringing. I remembered the night before as if it were a mostly forgotten dream. It was just a blur of men, laughing, grunting, cuming.

I began to sit up my hair an face was sticky mostly dried cum made a peeling sound as I pulled away from the puddle I was laying in. As I got to my feet my knees were shaking, and I could feel a wet trickle running down the back of my thy. I looked in the mirror an saw my face and hair caked in dried cum, it made me suddenly nauseous.

I could feel my stomach bubbling, between the beer an all the cum I was not well. I turned on the shower warm not hot, I knew hot water would burn my chapped ass. I stepped in an sat down letting the water wash over me for a while before I began trying to get the cum out of my hair, I could never get it all it took days to be rid of it. It is quite disgusting letting the caked dry mess turn back to its original slick mess. I could taste it on my lips as the water ran down my face.

I stood and turned my back to the shower an bent over letting the warm water mom and son fak sex me out.

How dirty I felt when I thought "at least I'm not bleeding that much this time". I sat there for at least 45 minutes before giving up on making myself "feel" clean. When I stepped out of the shower I realized the guys from the night before had already used all the towels. They were mostly crumpled up on the floor as caked in cum and sweat as I was.

I carefully stepped over the puddle of cum I had just woken up in. I walked in baby steps out of the bathroom my legs and butt weren't ready to move fully yet. The hotel room was lined with beer bottles two unopened boxes of condoms sat on the dresser.

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Not a single opened condom wrapper in sight. The dirty used feeling began to throb in the back of my head again. I sat down on the bed that appeared least used. I found my shirt and jeans lying nearby. I picked it up and realized one of the guys must have thought it funny to wipe off on it after finishing.

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The collar had a few stains on it as well, drippage from my first eager partner. My jeans didn't look much better, I had some memory of not removing my pants right away. Several of the guys had already finished before I got to take them off. The cum had run down my legs lusty twat and oiled racks pornstar and hardcore to my pants that were only pushed down as far as my knees. I lay back on the bed briefly still exhausted and sore just in time to hear the knock at the door.

I answered naked I didn't want a dirty towel or my unclean clothes on me yet. I stood hiding behind the door. Yes I answered I knew the security guard and he knew me. C'mon Jimmy ya didn't answer your wake up call you know we gotta check on you if you don't answer. I'm fine now Will… thanks… I try to push the door closed but he pushes it open and walks in.


Come on will not today. I close the door behind him. WOO! How many you take on last night honey? I look for something to cover up. Oh don't bother ill make this quick. Will I'm really sore it was a rough night.

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I can Tell! Come on Jimmy I'm always looking out for you. I walk over to him an kneel down in front of him. Keeping security in a big hotel happy is very important if you don't want to get arrested. And will and I have worked out an… Agreement… I unzip his pants and carefully pull out his half erect cock. Its already moist at the tip, I stroke the base helping him get it fully up. I stroke it faster opening my mouth letting his cock rub my bottom lip as I stroke him. No, NoNo&hellip.

Jimmy not the easy one this time. I take his cock in my mouth quickly slobbering on it as much as I can. Slurping as I stroke it. Hey! I said no… you know what I want not busty amateur redhead is paid for some wet public sex up here an bend over that bed. Just getting it wet baby. I stand up and spread my legs bending slowly down to rest my arms and head on the bed.

He steps up behind me. Damn boy they really messed you up. He pushes his cock against my boy hole. Sliding it up and down my crack.

Then firmly pushing it in to me I moan for him just how he likes it biting my lip at the pain.


He slip it in all the way, his balls resting on my smooth ass. He reaches around and grabs my cock. Will is always suck a gentleman. He begins sliding it out then back in as he strokes my cock. I moan deeply I know he likes to hear me while he fucks me. He starts thrusting with his hips, his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. Where do you want it baby, where do you want my load?

Where ever you want baby, I just want it now He pulls out spinning me around. I drop to my knees again my mouth wide open.

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He jerks it a few more times then he shoots. Spraying my face, it runs down my chit dripping on to my chest and legs. I catch some in my mouth and swallow quickly, opening just in time for the next stream. Without another word he zips up and walks toward the door. Check out is at 11. Don't make me come back up here.

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I clean up again quickly this time, its time to get out of here start my day. I slip my pants back on, its pocket had several empty blister packs of a popular sleep medication. I knew before finding them it's why my memory was so hazy but it usually helped deal with the guilt the day after. It wasn't doing its job quite as effectively this time. My wallet still had the money in it that was what truly relieved me. I did what I could to wash the stains out of my shirt and jeans before dressing.

I would probably have to throw the shirt away. Before leaving the room I picked up the two unused boxes of condoms, maybe for next time? I walked down the hall away from the lobby. The walk of shame is bad enough in cum covered clothes and not sure if you've got all of it out of your hair, there is no sense making it busty redhead milf lauren phillips screwed by pervert man walking through the lobby.

Finally in my car I call by buddy let him know I'm ok. He tells me that they already scheduled another visit for next month. Great I already got the condoms.