College teen couple ladies penetrate boy very hot

College teen couple ladies penetrate boy very hot
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I have a co-worker who has a 19 year old daughter. Tara has had a very sheltered life and she is very innocent, not a virgin, but naive & innocent. I came to discover that she also has a "daddy complex" and finds older guys attractive while ignoring guys her own age.

Tara is about 5' 7" tall, red hair, very slim with small breasts. A horny hooker met on milfsexdating net grew up living in the country and has little to do when she is home from college. Tara's mom would bring her with her to work in town so she wouldn't be stuck at home all day long. Tara would hang out and go for walks and often just hang out in her Mom's car playing on her cell phone during the day.

I begin talking with her and one thing led to another and I would take her when I went for lunch. One day, I got us some food and we went to a park to eat. While eating we began to talk and get to know each other.


Tara's Mom had no idea that she went with me. One day a couple of weeks later I took her with me to lunch and we sat in my SUV and talked. It was extremely hot outside and Tara was wearing some loose fitting shorts and a holder top. I had the AC on and her nipples were hard from the cold. I don't think she realized it at first, but after a while she must have seen me staring at her small breasts and she got embarassed and tried to hide herself.

I turned the AC down and told her, "Don't be embarassed Tara, I've seen stuff like that before." She laughed nervously and kind of relaxed. I sat there with a hard dick and she noticed the bulge.

Tara got red faced and laughed as she shyly said. "I guess my nipples aren't the only hard thing in here!" I told her it was from the cold and we both laughed.

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Tara sat with her back against the door of my SUV facing me and I would catch a glimpse of her white panties every once in a while as her leg moved and her shorts opened.

Tara knew I was looking at her in a lustful way and instead of her being embarassed, she began to enjoy showing me glimpses of her panty covered pussy. I sat there and noticed that she continued to stare at my bulging pants and I said to her softly, "Show me your little pussy Tara." Tara looked at me and the smile left her face and she looked me in the eyes and slowly moved her hand down to the edge of her shorts and pulled them to the side as she looked around to make sure nobody else was able to see.

Tara moved her panties to the side exposing her small little pussy and showing the tuft of red hair that covered her pubic mound. Her cute little pussy was to die for!

Tara stared at me as I gazed upon her sweet pussy and then she said, "Ok, show me yours now!" Almost like we were playing truth or dare. I smiled and looked around and unzipped my pants and my red swollen cock popped out and her gaze was fixed on it.

"Ok, Tara take your shorts off now and rub your pussy for me!" I asked her gently. Tara again looked around and laughed and slide her shorts and panties off and exposed the sweetest looking little pussy. Her pussy was wet and her nipples were rock hard. Tara began to rub herself, first her lips and then her swelling button! I could her the sloshing as her fingers slid up and down and Tara closed her eyes as she flicked her little clit.

"Go ahead Tara, make yourslef cum for me!" "Are you sure it's ok?, I mean we are sitting in a park." Tara asked timidly. "Ya, nobody can see in here and I'll keep watch." "Ok." she stammered nervously. Tara rubbed her pussy until I could see the wetness beginning to grow around her pussy and she began to moan softly as her breathing became labored!" "Oh hot suuple slut with big sexy boobs, I'm going to cum!" she softly cried out.

Tara's pussy began to convulse as she let out moans of pleasure, biting her lip as the wave of her orgasm engulfed her body. Tara stopped cumming and her pussy was soaked as she smiled.


"That was fucking hot!" Tara said. "It's your turn." Tara demanded. "I can't get cum all over my pants." I told her. "Ok, just tell me when you are going to cum and I'll cath it!" she announced. I pulled my cock out further and began to stroke it for her, "Ooh your cock is hot!" Tara said. I stroked my cock and her eyes were transfixed on my thick shaft.

"The head of your dick is really big!" she stammered. I stroked my cock for awhile and told her, "I want you to suck my cock Tara!" "Uum, Ok." she said as she practically swallowed my whole cock! Tara sucked and slurped my cock and I sat back and watched her do her best to milk my cock.

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She had her mouth on my cock and her other little hand around the base of my cock and every once in a while she would rub my balls. I watched her light pink lips wrapped around my cock and told her that I was about to cum in her mouth!" "Ok, cum in my mouth!" Tara said as she sucked my cock for all she was worth and I began to shoot cum in to her mouth and she moaned with satisfaction as I unloaded in her hot little mouth.

I stopped blowing in her mouth and she sat back with a smile. "That was good!" she purred. I told her we had to get back now and she made a powty face and said ok. I told her that if she could sneak away from her house tonight, I'd come pick her up and fucked her silly!

"Ok, meet me mature xxx sex stories storys com 9:30, down the road from my house." she ordered. I met her and we went to a secluded spot. Tara nearly jumped in to my seat as we began to kiss. Sge ground her little pussy against my swollen cock the whole time.

I lifted her shirt off and began to kiss and suck her small tits. They were small, but her nipples were about the size of pencil erasers. I sucked her tits and she groaned. "I want your big cock inside me!" she whispered. We both slid the rest of our clothes off and I laid her on the seat and began to eat one of the best tasting pussies I had ever tasted.

I ate her pussy and she squealed and moaned and then as I did I slid a finger in to her tight little hole.


Tara's pussy was tight and gripped my finger as I lubed her up. As I ate and fingered her, I slowly slipped a finger in to her ass, I thought she was going to go crazy! She began to breath heavy and groan as my fingers slid further up each of her holes. I began to fuck both holes as a faster pace and she was screaming as she began to cum, her pussy and ass tightened around my fingers as she groaned louder!

"Fuck me, stick your cock in to me and fuck me!" she cried out. I laid my cock at her tight little opening and began to slid in to one of the tightest holes I had ever felt, I had to make sure that my cock was not in her ass as I slid slowly in to her! My cock went in about half way and I couldn't get in any farther so I slowly fucked her and she moaned and bucked and as I fucked her, she accepted more of my cock until I was in to my balls.

Her pussy was super tight and firm and very wet! Tara bucked her hips with each thrust and the slurping sound of her wet pussy as she accepted each thrust made the seat of my SUV wet. Finally after fucking her pussy for what seemed like and hour, probably more like 15 minutes she let out a loud scream announcing that she was cumming on my cock and I too let lose and became to give her one of the biggest creampies she's ever had in her tight young pussy! When we both stopped cumming I pulled my cock from the grip of her pussy and my load oozed from her hole and all over my leather seat!

It was worth the price of cleaning!

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