Rebecca moores anal fucked by a big cock on top massage blowjob

Rebecca moores anal fucked by a big cock on top massage blowjob
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The divorce had been a long time coming, but with limited funds we just couldn't afford it. It wasn't that I didn't love my ex wife, I was just bored. Luckily a winning lottery ticket was just what the doctor ordered. It wasn't a multi-million dollar prize, but after taxes and splitting it 50/50 with her we both would live very comfortably for the rest of our lives. She took her 16 year old daughter and 18 year old son and moved to southern California, while I moved into a small northern Nevada town where I could finally have a nice house with a big plot of land.

During our marriage I had been messing around with a cute little 20-year old named Chelsea. I knew she liked me since she had been with me since before I became rich. I hated living alone so I invited her to move in with me. Chelsea is a little thick, but that's how I like my women. She had curves and the most perfect set of tits.

She loved fucking and sucking cock and never said no. Hell, if she was on her period she'd either suck me off or let me fuck her ass. She was also bisexual, so threesomes were common, although 90% of the time I had to find a woman to join us.

I'm rich, so that wasn't ever a problem. We'd hit the bars and pick women up, taking them either to my place or to a hotel and have our way with them. It was a great life. One afternoon I was sitting on the couch getting a nice long blowjob from Chelsea when the doorbell rang.

Reluctantly I put my cock away and got up while Chelsea put on a long shirt. I went to the door and found my 16 year old step daughter, Ronnie, at my doorstep. It was a miserably rainy day and she was soaked to the bone. I ushered her in and heard a honk. I looked outside and saw a yellow cab. Ronnie looked up at me with her sad eyes and I walked out and paid the cabbie.

We got Ronnie in and I asked her what happened. "I kept getting into trouble and mom got sick of dirty games with nice looking amazing cutie. She packed my bags, gave me some cash and threw me out. I have nowhere else to go." Ronnie was always a little troublemaker, but I could never imagine her doing something so horrible that her mother would kick her out. "Let's get you dried up", I said.

"Then we can finish discussing this." Ronnie took off her jacket and I saw she was soaked to the bone. I also saw her very wet t shirt sticking to her perfectly shaped breasts. She had definitely grown up since the last time I saw her.

Her hard nipples poked proudly through her thin bra. Chelsea showed her to the shower and got her some dry clothes to change into. I sat on the couch, still picturing those perfect nipples in my head. Chelsea walked into the living room and caught me rubbing my cock through my pants. "Someone's having a naughty thought", she teased as she kneeled in front of me.

She flashed a wicked grin as she pulled my cock out and sucked it deep. I pulled her hair back and watched her suck me off. Sexy czech teen gapes her yummy snatch to the strange I heard a noise behind me.

Ronnie had finished her shower and was standing there.


She couldn't see everything, but she knew what was going on by the head bobbing and slurping noises. "I'm sorry.

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I'm a little hungry." Her face was beet red, cali carter mia malkova hardcore and natural she didn't move. Chelsea released my cock with a loud pop. "Sure sweetie. The kitchen is right there." She pointed behind her to the kitchen and then went back to sucking me off. Ronnie walked right past us. She was looking straight ahead but I could see her eyes straining to see what was going on.

As soon as she hit the kitchen I lost it. I shot a load of cum down her throat and Chelsea swallowed every single drop. She sat up and smiled at me.

"Wasn't that fucking hot?" She asked. I was still in a haze and just nodded my head. With that, Chelsea got up and went into the kitchen to help Ronnie find something to eat. After she ate we all sat down in the living room to figure out what was going on. Ronnie had started hanging out with a bad crowd and basically being a little asshole, so her mom tossed her out.

Chelsea and I listened as she swore up and down that she would change if she could only stay with us. Chelsea and I left the room to discuss our decision. "I don't know honey", I said. "Maybe we can get her a little apartment.


I like the life I'm living right now." Chelsea countered. "If we send her off on her own, then she runs a bigger chance of falling back in with a bad crowd.

She should stay here so we can watch her. And as far as our life, who says anything would have to change?" My look of confusion was pretty obvious. "Look", she continued, "I love our sex life and if she's going to live here then she's going to have to understand that we are not going to change our daily castingcouch x amateur blonde audition tape pornhub com mp4 tube porn because of her.

Plus, maybe it will make it more fun!" With that she kissed me and squeezed my cock and walked out of the kitchen. Looks like I had zero veto power. We returned to the living room where Ronnie was sitting on the couch, her bag next to her.

"Ok, Ronnie", I said. "You can stay." She jumped up and gave me a big hug. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" she squealed. I loved the feeling of her tits pressed against me, but soon she let go and sat down.

"But there will be some rules," I continued. No parties. Definitely no drugs. If you go out, you tell us where you're going and when you will be back.


There will be a curfew. Chores. Keep your grades up. Do you understand?" Ronnie nodded yes to everything I was saying. "One more thing," Chelsea said. "We will not be changing our daily lives because you are here.

What you saw earlier happens regularly. If you have an issue with it, then that's too bad." Ronnie nodded that she understood. Then came the total shock. "There are a few more rules for living here. You have to dress cute. And by cute I mean slutty. Do you have anything that's tight and sexy on you?" Ronnie looked at her bag and then back at Chelsea. Chelsea walked over and kneeled in front of Ronnie.

"Open up and let me see." Ronnie slowly opened her bag and Chelsea began to rummage through it. She pulled out a pair of plain white granny panties.

"These will not do" she said as she threw them behind her. I had never seen Chelsea like this.

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Normally she was very submissive, but not with Ronnie. "Honey, we're going to have to take her shopping." I smiled and nodded. "Ronnie, are you a virgin?" This definitely caught both of us off guard. Ronnie slowly nodded that she was. "Well honey, here's the deal. You're gonna have to pay rent while you're living here." "But I don't have any money!" said Ronnie, her eyes welling up with tears.

"Oh honey, that's not what I meant. See, I pay rent to your daddy by sucking his cock and fucking him wherever kolkata police search some porn whenever he wants.

I belong to him. And if you want to stay here, well, you're gonna have to belong to him also." Ronnie's eyes began to well up again. "But I don't know what to do!" Chelsea gently cradled Ronnie's face in her hands. "Don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know." She then came over to me.

"I'm gonna need your credit card honey. It's gonna be a girls shopping day!" I just smiled and handed her my card. Chelsea grabbed the keys to the car and dragged Ronnie out the door. They arrived at the mall and started walking around.

First stop was for outfits. They walked into a store and began looking at the different outfits on the racks. Chelsea picked out a bunch and led Ronnie into the dressing room. "OK, strip" Ronnie looked at her before slowly taking off her clothes.

She had never been naked in front of anyone else, let alone another woman. But something told her that this was an order and not a request. Her clothes lay in a pile at her feet. Chelsea frowned at the boring bra and panties she was wearing. She looked Ronnie up and down. she was a little thick, but it fit her fine. Very curvy in the right places. She had a beautiful set of tits, but her pussy was too furry for her liking. She handed Ronnie different outfits to try on.

Short skirts and tops that showed a lot of cleavage. She knew what George liked. She noticed him checking out the teenage girls when they were at the mall and she always wondered what it would be like to be someone's first.

She kneeled in front of Ronnie and adjusted one of the skirts. Then, ithout warning, she stuck her finger right up Ronnie's pussy. Ronnie let out a yelp and quickly closed her legs.

One of the employees knocked on the dressing room door. "Is everything ok?" "Yes", Chelsea replied. "There was a pin in one of the dresses." She then stood up and faced Ronnie.

Just making sure you really are a virgin. Then with a smile she licked her finger clean. I like this outfit on you.

You should wear it out. The top hugged Ronnie's tits and the skirt was only a few inches below her pussy. Ronnie reached down to grab her panties. "No no no. You can't wear panties like that with a skirt that tight, Your panty line will show. That's tacky." With that she picked up her bra and panties and stuffed them in her purse. She then picked up the other outfits and led Ronnie to the register. Ronnie's face was beet red and she was self conscious about not having panties on.

She could feel the cool breeze on her bare pussy and she realized it excited her. After paying for the outfits, they both walked into Frederick's. Ronnie got measured for a bra and Chelsea wandered the store, picking out thongs, g strings, sexy bras and lingerie for both of them. After about 30 minutes she laid being roommates with my slutty step sis pile on the counter and whipped the card out again.

Normally there would have been strange looks, but since they could have been sisters, nobody raised an eyebrow. After getting shoes they both walked out of the mall, their arms weighed down by bags and boxes. They loaded up the SUV and got inside. Ronnie's skirt kept riding up, giving Chelsea an eyeful of Ronnie's thighs. "Can I put some panties on?" Ronnie asked. "Not yet honey. We need to take that wild bush between your legs. She laughed as Ronnie blushed again.

"Don't be sad sweetie. It happens to everyone. But daddy loves a completely bald pussy. See?" Chelsea then lifted up her skirt and pulled her thong to the side, showing a completely bare pussy. "I just love how it feels" she said as she gave it a quick stroke. "But here, I'll do this for you." She reached down and pulled her panties off.

"Now we're the same!" she laughed as they pulled out. Their next stop was a spa. They both got pampered before finally Ronnie was lead into the back room.

Chelsea stood beside her and undid the zipper on the back of her skirt. This time Ronnie didn't cover up. She knew what she had to do to stay there.

If she didn't do it, she knew she'd be back on the street. Chelsea laid her back on the bed and watched as a small Asian lady walked up and began spreading warm wax on her pussy. Chelsea gripped Ronnie's hand and whispered, "Be brave." Suddenly the wax was being torn off Ronnie's pussy. She gritted her teeth at the pain between her legs. Soon it was over. The lady wiped up the little bit of capillary blood and then left them alone.

Chelsea smiled at Ronnie. "You were so brave. Wanna see?" Without waiting for an answer, she picked up a mirror and aimed it at her pussy. Ronnie looked at her newly bald pussy and without thinking gently stroked her finger across it. Suddenly her hand was met with Chelsea's hand. "Oh honey, your daddy is gonna love this", she said as she gently stroked her. Unconsciously, Ronnie's legs spread open. She had never been touched like this by anyone but herself.

Chelsea's fingers moved to Ronnie's engorged clit. She gently began making small circles, masturbating the young 16 year old. Ronnie's moans began to get louder, so Chelsea did the only thing she could think of to keep her quiet.

She leaned over and kissed her lips. Ronnie didn't know what to do. She had never had this happen to her. Soon she let go and kissed Chelsea back. She loved the feel of her fingers on her pussy. About 30 seconds later her body began to tremble as her first orgasm ripped through her. She moaned into Chelsea's mouth as her hips raised up. Finally she came down from her high and they broke their kiss. Chelsea smiled at her.

"You've earned these", and handed Ronnie a pair of barely there panties. Ronnie stood up on shaky knees and smiled. "Do I have to wear them?" Chelsea placed them back in her purse and watched as Ronnie got dressed. They both walked out the door hand in hand as Chelsea wondered how hot it would be to watch George fuck this innocent little girl.