Teacher teaches sex education hd and big boobs teen blonde cam money hungry comrades

Teacher teaches sex education hd and big boobs teen blonde cam money hungry comrades
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Two young lads who become very close friends after one helps the other with a problem which he didn't like to tell his parents about. David had just turned 14, he was 5 ft. 6 ins. tall and of slim build with well-defined muscles.

He was pretty good looking with light brown hair and was a fairly popular fellow. This was particularly so as he was fairly bright, getting good grades in all subjects and was quite amenable to helping his close friends with their homework.

He had gone into puberty early and now at 14 his voice had broken, he was shaving his upper lip and had grown patches of light brown hair in all the right places on his body.

From his early years of playing childhood games of "doctor" and the like he had discovered that he was somewhat larger in the crotch department than most of his friends and he was secretly proud of this. From the same experiences he also knew that he was equally or more interested in boys anatomy than in girls. He disliked physical contact sports, especially those which involved getting covered in mud, but he excelled at swimming and tennis. David's parents were pretty well off and owned a large house with extensive gardens at the front and rear.

The rear garden had a large lawn with a goldfish pond, full size tennis court and a few apple trees. Beyond that, a tall hedge hid a garden shed, a double garage and a car port.

It was David's job to keep all the grass cut and for this his father paid him a modest sum. David enjoyed cutting the rear lawn especially since his father had purchased a ride on mower. The double garage had never seen a car (the front drive was far more convenient) but was home to the ride on mower, a table tennis table, snooker table, a couple of exercise machines and the usual pile of junk which collects in everyone's garage. David's parents had never raised any objection to him inviting his friends in to play tennis and this was undoubtedly another reason for his popularity.

There was just one thing in David's life which bugged him; he had an older sister. Joan, being 2 years senior to David thought that she had the right to boss David around especially when the parents were absent, but at 14 David was having none of it and this frequently led to friction. The worst time was usually Saturday mornings when Mr and Mrs Taylor were both out for several hours, leaving Joan and David by themselves. However, this Saturday wouldn't be too bad as David had to spend the morning with his father tidying the garden.

It had to be spick and span for next week end when a barbeque was planned for Joan's birthday. In the afternoon Joan was going shopping with her mother and they wouldn't be back until late also Mr Taylor was meeting a friend in the late afternoon. It looked like David was in for a peaceful evening.

As I mentioned before, David was a little more interested in boys than in hot babes siri and dayna vendetta fuck in threesome and there was one boy in particular who he had taken a shine to. His name was Tim and he was about 18 months younger than David. Tim lived about half a mile away and went to the same school as David but obviously was in a different class. Like David, Tim was a very keen swimmer and the only time that David was able to meet and talk with Tim was at the swimming pool.

David would always leave to get dressed at the same time as Tim so that he could check him out in the changing room. Tim had a beautifully shaped bum and David had heard others talking about it, the words "cute" and "peachy" being used in its description. For a long while David had been working on other ways of getting Tim into conversation without it being obvious that he was lusting after him, but then fate took a hand.

David had finished cutting the rear lawns and was working in the front of the house when he noticed a lad washing a car in a house on the other side of the road. After watching him for a while David realised that it was Tim.

David moved closer to the gate and waited for Tim to glance in his direction and when he did David waved.


Tim recognised him and called "Hi David". 15 minutes later Tim had packed up and he wandered across the road and called "Good afternoon Mr Taylor; would you like your car washed for £3". David's father walked to the gate, looked at the car across the road and said "well you've done a very good job with Len's car, so yes please; come in.

David will show you where the hose pipe is". Tim started on the confrontation turned out to be a hot threesome with ryans daugters car, David went back to the lawns and his father went into the house to get ready to go out. About 20 minutes later David had finished the lawns and was packing his things away when he noticed Tim and did a double take. Every minute or so Tim was giving his dick 2 or 3 quick rubs before going back to polishing the car.

After a while David went up to him and said "Hey man; leave it alone". Unknown to David his father was standing behind him and he said "Tim, if you need a wee the loo is first door on the left; I'll leave the front door open for you. I have to go now and you've done a very good job on the car so keep the change".

With that he pushed a £5 note into Tim's hand and jumped into the car which had just pulled up at the gate. David looked at Tim and said "Why don't you have a wee now and finish polishing the glass after". Tim said "I don't need a wee; I've got an itch that's driving me mad".

"Oh" said David, "have you got crabs or has something bitten you". Tim said "neither, the itch is under my foreskin and it won't go away".

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"Is your dick head enflamed" asked David and Tim replied "I don't know; the skin is too tight for me to pull it back to see". "Oh dear" said David "You'd better come inside and tell me about it or show me, if you're not too shy". "Why should I be shy" said Tim "You've checked me out at the pool enough times". "I'VE WHAT?" said David "Well, I mean—oh shit, did I make it that obvious". sun gkong vs dewi kwan in sex certainly did" said Tim "but no problem, I always check out your package when you're drying your hair with the towel over your head and can't see—and your package is worth checking".

David said "And you have a very cute butt, but let's not concern ourselves with that right now as I think you may have a bit of a nehara peris fuck storys best come on in side". Tim followed David into the bath room asking, as they went, if David thought that he would need to be circumcised and David said "That's a possibility but by no means certain.

Even if that is necessary it's nothing to worry about; my friend Gordon (the ginger haired guy) was "done" last year and he said that there was nothing to it. Before we jump to any conclusions drop your pants and let me check you out at close quarters". Tim meekly let his jeans and pants fall down round his knees revealing a smooth crotch with a neat 2 inch limp penis.

David said "Do you mind if I touch it", to which Tim replied "No, help yourself". David gripped his shaft and gently tried to see how far he could peel the foreskin back. Tim caught his breath and gave a little shudder. David stopped and said "Does that hurt" to which Tim replied "No, that doesn't hurt at all". David held Tim's dick, looking at the bit of his glans which could be seen through the small opening in his foreskin and as he looked Tim's dick increased in diameter by 50% and increased in length to 3.5 inches.

"Oh" said Tim "you've made me get a stiffie". "Yes, I'm afraid that was inevitable" said David. David put the tip of his little finger on the bit of Tim's glans which was visible and stretched his foreskin forward over his finger.

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He noted that there seemed to be plenty of room under the hood and that the only restriction was the opening which was just big enough to take his finger but not much more. David took his finger out and told Tim that he thought it likely that he could be stretched, and then he noticed a rather pungent smell from his little finger.

As he turned to wash his hands he said "But there's one thing we have to do now and that's to give your dick head a good wash" "However can we do that "said Tim. "Fortunately" said David "I know what Gordon had to do for several months before he got cut". David left Tim for a couple of minutes while he fetched a bowl, a glass of warm sex porn sex japan black fuck water and a drinking straw with a bendy end.

He sat Tim on the edge of a seat with the bowl between his legs, very carefully inserted the straw under his foreskin and after half filling his mouth with salt water, carefully blew it down the straw.

The water which initially ran out of Tim's dick was a cloudy grey colour but after 2 or 3 mouths full it started to run clear.

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David repeated this about 10 times while gently massaging Tim's glans through his foreskin. This caused Tim's dick to jump gently several times and if David had been able to see, he would have noted a smile on Tim's face. David gave Tim some tissues to dry his dick while he hunted through the bathroom cabinet for some antiseptic cream. Having found a tube he squeezed some into the end of the straw and blew it under Tim's foreskin, once again giving a little rub to spread it all around his glans.

David started to clear up but then realised that Tim still had a full blown boner which was throbbing in time with his heart beats. He wondered about giving Tim a wank but concluded that it would not be good for his enflamed glans; so it would have to be the cold shock treatment. David told Tim to stand in the bath and to hold up his tee shirt. Then he filled the glass with cold water and sloshed it straight at Tim's crotch. Tim shrieked and almost leaped out of the bath.

David said "I'm sorry about that but I couldn't let you go whilst sporting that boner, and that's the quickest way to get rid of one that I know". Tim looked down and saw that he'd gone back to a dangly 2 inches, then both lads burst out laughing as David threw Tim a bath towel. "I hope that irritation will settle down now" said David, "But if it doesn't, give me a call.

I'm afraid that the house will be full of people tomorrow so it won't be convenient for you horny babe with pussy tattoo gets fisted drop in but if you like to call round after school on Monday we can wash it again and put some more cream on".

"I'll do that" said Tim "And I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, and I do hope that we're going to be friends". "Oh, you can be sure that we're going to be friends" said David and he put an arm around Tim and led him to the front door where they said good bye. David went up to his room, stripped off and led on his bed. He'd been hiding his erect penis for the last 20 minutes and it was demanding attention. David was about to give it the attention it deserved and this was not going to involve hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz use of cold water.

Monday came round and David looked for Tim after school but he was nowhere to be seen, so David hurried on home. On reaching the front gate he saw Tim's bike leaning against a rockery and Tim sitting on the steps by the front door. "Hello" called David "You didn't waste any time".

Tim just smiled back and said "Hi". "So how's it been" said David "How's the itch". "Completely gone" said Tim "It just feels normal". "That's great" said David "But come on, let's give it a quick wash and put some more cream on.

"I'm afraid we shall have to be quick as a classmate is coming round for some help with his homework and it will be the same tomorrow but on Wednesday you can stay for a while and we can have a chat". As soon as they reached the bath room Tim dropped his trousers and David noted that he was already half hard.

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David said "You hold your dick this time and I'll just blow the water in". "Ok "said Tim with a hint of disappointment in his voice. So David squeezed a drop of shower jell into end of the straw before inserting it under Tim's foreskin and then blew a small amount of water down the straw. He waited while Tim massaged the soap solution around his dick head and then blew several mouths full of water into the straw. Tim was amused to see a stream of soap bubbles pour out of his dick before the water ran clear again and then more antiseptic cream was applied in the same way as before.

"I think we'd better apply the cream for a few more days" sunny leone finger her vigina David "just to make sure, but I'm afraid that you will have to go now". On noting Tim's disappointment David said "I wish you could stay longer but I'll make it up to you on Wednesday, I promise". With that he gave Tim a little hug and then escorted him to the front gate where they chatted until David's classmate arrived.

On Tuesday Tim turned up as before and things proceeded almost identically to Monday. Then as he was leaving he asked what was going to happen the following day. David said "Best not to talk about that now; try to concentrate on other things and put it right out of your mind till you get here tomorrow".

With that they parted company and David settled down to await the arrival of his classmate. David got out of school a few minutes early on Wednesday and had walked most of the way home when he heard a cycle coming along the road behind him.

On glancing over his shoulder he saw it was Tim who jumped off, a little breathless, and walked the last 400 yards with him. "Can we talk about what's going to happen now" said Tim. "We can" said David "But better still we can talk about it as its happening.

Come on let's get you washed first of all. The dick washing procedure had now become routine and in less than 2 minutes after reaching the bath room it was done and dusted. This time, as David pulled the straw out from Tim's foreskin he pushed his hand out of the way and mesh leopard foil print corset and thong(iphone tube porn hold of Tim's shaft, giving it a gentle massage.

Tim was already half hard and this immediately brought him to a full erection. David looked at him and said "I know you enjoyed the feeling when we first started this business but with your dick head as sore as it was, I didn't thick mature woman fucked by twguys that any further action would be helpful. Now it looks as though you've completely recovered so there is something I have to ask you.

Do you play with your dick; that is do you masturbate". "Is that the same as wanking" said Tim. "The same" said David. "Well no" replied Tim "I heard my mates talking about it in school last year and I decided to try it. While my dick was flaccid I accidently pulled the skin back over the head and then my dick swelled up. It was an awful job to get it back again and it hurt like hell.

Since then I've left well alone". "Right" said David "Then I think you're in for some very pleasant surprises; come up to my room where I think we shall be more comfortable". On entering David's bedroom and seeing David's computer desk, games consul and wide screen TV Tim hesitated for a moment.

"Are you ok" asked David. "I'm fine" said Tim "Just a bit nervous". "Relax" said David "I'm not going to force you into any thing you're not happy with, and just remember that you can leave whenever you want; the door isn't locked". "Oh, I'm quite happy" said Tim "It's just that something has made my heart beat much faster than normal".

"Yes that happens" said David "And to tell the truth, mine has speeded up considerably as well. How about you take your shoes and trousers off and lie on the bed with me". Tim removed his trousers and pants together and flopped down beside David, cuddling up to him. "Suppose you lie on your tummy so that I can play with those beautiful butt cheeks" said David.

Tim obliged and David knelt astride him and ran his hands under Tim's tee shirt massaging his back, shoulder blades and waist. Then down to his butt cheeks which he fondled and spanked. He blew into Tim's crack, making him shudder then ran his hands around Tim's inner thighs and drew a finger all the way down Tim's butt crack, continuing along his perineum until he just tickled the back of Tim's scrotum.

After planting a quick kiss on each cheek he said "Now over the other way, let's see what can be done with the front side". Tim quickly rolled onto his back with his stiff dick sticking straight up and pulsing gently. After massaging his chest and nipples David turned his attention to Tim's waist and tummy. He bent over and kissed Tim's navel while he ran his right hand down the outside of Tim' left thigh, across and up his right thigh.

He repeated this action but this time brought his hand up between Tim's inner thighs until he came to his scrotum. With his left hand David massaged his way from Tim's navel down to his dick where he gently played with the glans through his foreskin and fondled his balls with the other hand. Tim stared wide eyed at David and just exclaimed "Lovely—lovely". David took the whole of Tim's shaft in his hand, positioning it so that his hand bumped into Tim's crotch before his tight foreskin nipped his glans, and proceeded to give him a slow wank.

After a few minutes Tim started to moan very quietly and David picked up the pace. Tim started to breath faster and his leg muscles flexed involuntarily.

"Oh David" Tim almost cried "Something's happening" "It's ok" David said "Just go with it—enjoy". "But" said Tim "It feels so—oh—oh—Aaaahhh" as his first orgasm rocked his body resulting in a 6 inch fountain of cum erupting from his dick and splattering onto his tummy. This was followed by a couple of minor ejaculations which just trickled down over David's fingers.

After half a minute Tim had recovered enough to look at the small puddles of semen on his tummy and said "Is that my spunk". David confirmed that it was, and suggested that Tim should try feeling, smelling and tasting it. Tim was a bit reluctant to taste it but David told him that it was ok and proceeded to lick his own fingers.


"Hmm" he said "Yours is a bit saltier than mine". David helped Tim to clean up and then said "Now that you know what your dick uk teens get fucked suck cock and get facial for, I'm pretty sure that you'll be playing with it pretty frequently so you will have to find a way to wash under your foreskin by yourself".

"I've thought of that" said Tim "I've got some long straws, they are a bit bigger round than yours but if I flatten the end I think I can slip it in". "That's good "said David "So there ed powers petite teen the booty drop point km outside base remains one problem.

There are several things a guy can do to have fun with his dick, but they nearly all require the foreskin to be retracted so we have to work on a way to stretch yours. I've had an idea about that, but we'd better talk about that tomorrow as my father sometimes gets home a bit earlier on Wednesdays".

On Thursday Tim arrived about 5minutes after David got home and greeted David with "My long straw works, I've just washed it". "That's good" said David "Better come straight up to my room then" and he immediately led the way.

Once in the bedroom David shut the door and Tim held the buckle on his belt and said "Shall I--". "Yes" interrupted David and Tim let his trousers and underpants fall to the floor. David pushed Tim backwards onto his bed, then knelt down and removed Tim's shoes and trousers. Still kneeling David put his head between Tim's knees and stared at his hard throbbing dick. "We should really be thinking about how we're going to start stretching your foreskin" said David "but first we have to make your dick go down".

"Don't say you're going to resort to the cold water" said Tim and David replied "No; what I've got in mind takes a bit longer but it's a lot more fun". David ran his hands over Tim's tummy and over his inner thighs watching the way that his actions made Tim's dick jump. Then he cradled Tim's ball sack in his hand causing a gentle moan to escape from his lips and Tim said "Will I get that same feeling like I had yesterday".

"You certainly will" said David and he started slowly wanking Tim's shaft. "Oh yeah, that's nice" said Tim and he lay backwards and pulled his knees up. David gently peeled Tim's foreskin back as far as it would go without hurting and put the tip of his tongue on Tim's glans. He tried to stretch Tim's foreskin over his tongue; it wouldn't go very far but it enabled him to circle his tongue around the tip of Tim's dick head.

Then he ran a finger from Tim's balls along his perineum until he reached his butt hole where he moved the finger around in a little circle, synchronising the movements of his finger with that of his tongue. He carried on slowly wanking Tim's shaft and Tim responded by gently bucking his hips in time with David's hand. After a couple of minutes Tim started to breath more heavily and the bucking of his hips became more urgent and erratic.

He said "David, it's happening like yesterday". David increased his grip a little and wanked faster. Tim's dick jumped a couple of times, he gripped the bed covers with clenched fists and said "Dave I'm gonna do my stuff in your mou—ow owww—oh—oh oh". As Tim's dick spat its first squirt of cum David's tongue was pressed hard against his little wee hole and it tickled his tongue as it forced its way past, some landing on his nose and more dribbled down his chin.

He continued to suck gently until Tim's panting and bucking had subsided then he pulled back and licked the last dribble from Tim's dick. When Tim looked and saw his jizz splattered over David's face he started to apologise most profusely but David stopped him and explained that he actually liked the taste.

Then he licked round his lips and dried the rest of his face in a paper towel. Then he started to explain the thoughts he'd had on stretching Tim's foreskin.

He showed Tim a plastic bag full of various sized pen tops and suggested that Tim should find one which he could just stretch his foreskin over without it hurting. Then, If he could keep it there as long as possible (overnight would be good), then in due course he may be able to move to a larger size. Tim thought this was worth trying but said that before they attempted to start, there was something else that he wanted to ask David about.

"Go ahead" said David "I'm listening". "Well" said Tim "All this has been a bit one sided, I was wondering if I get to see you". "Of course you do" said David and he stood up and faced Tim with his hands on his hips. "Do you want to undress me" he said. Tim's hands moved a little tentatively toward David's belt and he released the buckle.

In doing so he noticed the bulge of David's rod which was tucked under the waist band of his underpants. He put a hand on the bulge and said "Is this what I think it is"? To which David replied "Why don't you investigate and find out". With fingers trembling just a little Tim released David's waist band and pulled his zip down allowing his trousers to fall to the college girls compete tbe the biggest sluts collegerools com. The end of David's boner was protruding over the top of his underpants and he removed his hands from his hips allowing Tim to slide his hands under the waist band and ease his underpants down.

Released from captivity David's magnificent penis was bouncing around just in front of Tim's face. Tim stared in awe as it was twice the size of his in both length and girth. He looked at David and said "Can I—can I hold it". David laughed and said "I'm banking on it". So Tim wrapped one hand around the head of David's dick and with the other hand he cradled his balls and carefully massaged them. "I hope this feels as good for you as I felt when you did it to me" he said and David replied "It probably feels exactly the same and it's lovely, but you can hold my dick a bit tighter and make longer strokes".

Tim did his best to comply and David started to thrust causing his glans to pop out from under his foreskin. Thinking about his own problem Tim gasped and let go of David's shaft. "It's alright" David called out "It's fine, there's no problem please don't stop". So Tim carried on wanking but looked closely at David's dick head and said "I wish mine would do that". David said "It will in time, but can you rub me faster now". Tim increased his pace and said "Are you going to do your spunk" and David said "Yes, I'm going to cum, and it won't be long".

With that he started to moan quietly in time with the thrusting of his hips and a little dribble of pre-cum escaped from the tip of his dick. Tim put a finger on the pre-cum and spread it all around the head of David's dick and then he licked his finger. "It tastes a bit sweeter than mine" he said and he started licking the head of David's cock like it was a lolly-pop. On hearing David's panting and moaning Tim realised that he was giving David the same sort of pleasure that he had just experienced and this encouraged him to take the head of David's dick between his lips and stroke David's frenum with the tip of his tongue.

After a few seconds of this David said "Tim, I'm gonna shoot, so if you don't want my cum in your mou--- oh fuck, I'm there oh oh aaah". David's first shot blasted into Tim's mouth and this made him jump backwards. He had wanted to see David ejaculate but had expected more time to prepare and was not expecting the two more shots, of equal ferocity, which followed. One of these hit his upper lip and nose and the other splattered onto his chin.

David carried on panting as a few more small dribbles erupted from his penis and these Tim gently milked out of him. When David had got his breath back he looked at Tim and said "Oh Tim, I'm so sorry, I've shot my jizz all over your face". Tim, who was busy licking his upper lip said "That's ok, I loved it" but he accepted the handful of tissues which David was offering and dried his face.

"Dave" Tim said "you know you made me cum so that my dick would be soft eve hewson artist robin hood we could try stretching my foreskin over a pen top; well I think we missed the opportunity because look", and he pointed to his rock hard dick.

"Wow" said David "You sure are one horny dude; do you want to lie on top of me". Tim made no reply but smiled and took a step closer to David. David took this as a yes and held on to Tim as he fell backwards onto his bed pulling Tim with him.

They lay there for a while with Tim grinding his boner against David's half hard dick. Then David spread his legs and pulled his knees up allowing Tim to fall In between. He thrust his butt up and wriggled around until he had Tim's dick poking into his butt, then he reached behind, spread his cheeks and tucked Tim's boner into his crack. "Go on Tim" he said "Hump my crack". Tim started to hump, slowly at first with David holding Tim's dick tightly against his little bud.

David was enjoying the feeling of Tim's penis massaging his virgin butt hole. Tim also was enjoying the activity as indicated by his little whimpers and gradually increasing pace. After a few minutes his pace had increased to the point where he was getting quite breathless by the effort he was making. He said "It's happening" then he broke off the humping, knelt up and started to wank furiously.

His hand was just a blur but David caught the occasional glimpse of Tim's glans and realised that, in his excitement, Tim was stretching his foreskin much more than he normally would. He knew that if it snapped back over the helmet, the consequences could be most unpleasant so he quickly grabbed the base of Tim's dick to restrict the length of his strokes. This also enabled him to fondle Tim's balls and that was all that was needed to send Tim straight over the edge.

To Tim the orgasm was as powerful as the previous one but this time it only resulted in a mere dribble of cum which trickled down over his fingers and dripped on to David's tummy.

Then he collapsed on top of David and David cuddled him while he recovered. "Now" said David "Let's try a pen top before you get another hard on".

A suitable sized top was selected and using the semen, which was still covering his dick, as lubrication Tim was soon able to stretch his foreskin over the plastic tube.

"I can feel it stretching me" Tim wicked french babe give penis sucking pleasures "But it doesn't hurt". "That's good" said David "When you've hot treesome and a strap on camel toe up you'll probably need a smear of Vaseline to help you fix it, but keep it on as long as you can and next week we'll see if there is any change.

I can't see you tomorrow as my father will be home all day and on Saturday my sister will be having a birthday party and the place will be full of her friends, so I'll look forward to catching up with you on Monday". They got dressed and David escorted Tim to the front door where they had a quick hug and then Tim left to go home.