Bootylicious delivery girl moriah mills gets a big tip

Bootylicious delivery girl moriah mills gets a big tip
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Andrea had spent the morning shopping for a new outfit and was back at home trying on her new purchases when the doorbell rang. Her son Jonny answered the door - it was Kathryn, a long-time close friend of his Mom who had called round for a chat - the two women loved to gossip about their love lives and swap stories about their experiences on the dating scene. "I'll be down in a moment!" Andrea called out.

Jonny made coffee for his Mom and her guest and when his Mom came down he went back to studying nearby in the dining room. He was in his final year of school and had been working hard for the upcoming exams so that he could go on to study at university.

"What do you think?" asked Andrea, standing before them in her new dress which beauteous teenies want for model business hardcore blowjob off her long slender legs, "It looks very nice Mom" said Jonny, with a smirk, looking up from his books. "Wow, that's a hot outfit babe" said Kathryn, "Yeah, but I can't decide which shoes to wear with it" said Andrea, "let me show you the other shoes I bought today".

She bent over to pick up another pair of high heels from the shoe boxes on the floor, the ones she was wearing pushed her legs up enough to provide a tantalizing view of a firm but rounded ass.

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Beautiful ravenhaired babe gets her pussy drilled brunette big tits two ladies spent some more time looking at shoes and talking about outfits, they were planning a night out together tomorrow and wanted to look their hottest.

Kathryn mentioned that she needed help replacing a light bulb at home and asked Andrea if her son could call around sometime to help her fix it. "Sure no problem Mom" he said, "I'll drop around later today on my way home from school".

Kathryn was at home trying to decide what to wear tomorrow night - she stood in front of her bedroom mirror wearing just black lacy underwear and dark hold-up stockings, turning around to check herself out. "Not bad for a forty-six year old," she thought, admiring her pert butt and firm, rounded breasts. She and Andrea got a lot of male attention when they went out and no doubt tomorrow night would be the same.

The doorbell rang - she put on a dressing gown to go down and answer it - it was Jonny - he'd come to replace the light bulb. "Oh hi Jonny, thanks for dropping by, the replacement bulb is in the box over there, can I leave you to it whilst I finish what I'm doing?" and with that she left the room.

"Make yourself comfortable and help yourself to anything from the fridge when you're done, there should be a pack of beers in there in you fancy one!" she called out from upstairs. Jonny had finished replacing the light bulb and was sitting on the couch having a beer when Kathryn came downstairs wearing just her underwear, heels and lingerie. He looked up and tried to behave as though everything was normal, despite his body language telling otherwise. "So what d'you think?" she asked, "Very nice" he replied, "Do you like what you see?" she asked, "Erm…", he was lost for words.

"I know you povd cute brunette gets dirty after her shower older women" she said, "I noticed you checking out your Mom this morning when she bent over".

Silence. He just sat there with his beer in hand, staring ahead and avoiding her sultry gaze. She walked towards him, her heels making a clacking sound on the wood floor: "You don't have to say anything, I can see you're turned on" she said as she leant over him, breathing gently in his ear whilst placing her hand on his hardening crotch. She straddled him on the couch, her long dark hair falling forward into his face, he put his beer down as she leaned in to kiss the side of his neck.

He moved her hair to kiss her neck as she started to grind her crotch along the long hard bulge of his jeans, making him moan; she kissed him on the lips, finding his tongue then proceeding to kiss him deeply. She felt his hands on her hips, sliding down to clasp her buttocks, then moving up to caress the soft silk of her bra. She reached behind herself to unclasp it, letting it fall to the floor as she stopped kissing to offer her bosom to his eager mouth.

He sucked her nipples quite hard as she ground her pussy on the long, hard cock, trapped beneath his tight jeans. She reached down to pop the button and unzipped him, sliding her hand down his jeans, brushing his cock with the back of her hand, then gripping it - he let out a long "Uuuuuhhhhh" as she moved her hand up his shaft, thumbing it's tip.

She could feel the sticky pre-cum that had begun to show as a small dark wet patch through his jeans.

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She pulled off his t-shirt and worked her way down his chest with her mouth and tongue, finally arriving at his cock which she took the entire length of as she slid his jeans and underwear down to his ankles. She moved up and down on his erect member, he thrust into her mouth as she moved down, causing her to gag silently. She started to use her hand on it, with his balls in the other whilst she moved her mouth up and down over the hood of his cock, looking at him as she did so.

She could taste the pre-cum and smell the sweat from his crotch, making her even more horny and wet.


She stood up and kissed him deeply, giving him a taste of himself, then stood before him with her pussy at his eye-level, before she slowly turned around offering her ass to his face. slipping her g-string down over her hips and down her legs, bending down to briefly reveal her moist, well-groomed pussy before standing up again, kicking away the undergarment. With his hands on her hips and pulling her towards him, he moved forward to kiss her ass, paying attention to each soft round buttock whilst making his way with his tongue towards the top of her butt crack then working down to tongue her dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories and pussy from behind whilst stroking her stockinged thighs.

He breathed in the earthy scent of her crotch as she moaned with pleasure as his tongue flicked the bottom of her cunt, unable to reach any further up her quivering labia. Wanting his tongue deep inside her, she turned around and pushed his head between her thighs, clutching his scalp and grinding her crotch against his face.

With his hands clasping her ass he tongued the bottom of her pussy, slowly moving up, holding her tight against his mouth as she stroked his hair.

She moaned softly as he moved his tongue up to her clitoris and began gently sucking on it, pulling at it with his mouth before pushing his tongue deep inside her cunt, tasting her full wetness as she ground herself against his face, still clutching a handful of his hair. She raised her left leg onto the couch to allow him to get deeper inside her with his tongue - he gorged on her cunt, licking and sucking with such intensity that she felt herself on the verge of cumming and after a virgin adolescent ayant des rapports sexuels avec une grosse bite minutes, she knew she needed him inside her.

She pulled his head away from her cunt, his face wet with her juices, making her giggle. He looked a little embarrassed: "Oh poor you, I think you'd better fuck me to make up for it" she said as she lay back on the sofa with her legs spread wide apart.

He moved on top of her, sliding his member inside her and pushing hard - she could feel the tip pushing inside her. He continued slowly pushing hard inside her, withdrawing slightly before pushing again, making her uncomfortable. "You need to fuck me" she whispered, "Pull back until it feels right and then thrust" she instructed.

He soon got the hang of it with a little help from her hands resting on his buttocks, guiding the rhythm as he thrust inside her as their breathing and the intensity of their fucking increased. After every few minutes he felt like he'd broken through a soft physical barrier deep inside her, leading to a more pleasurable level of intensity deeper inside her tightening snatch, his cock feeling bigger and harder with each level.

Her breathing quickened, she moved her legs up so that they rested on his shoulders, either side of his face, he pounded ever deeper as her pussy tightened even further and his cock continued to break through barriers.

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"Uuuuuuuuhhh-oooooohhhhh!!!" She came suddenly, the intense, pulsing, tightening of her orgasming pussy around his cock soon made him shoot his load - a seeming endless stream of cum - deep inside her. He felt her pussy exert a squeezing, tugging sensation that seemed to squeeze every drop of cum from his cock which was still deep inside japanes mom and boy story, still erect.

He withdrew his cock - glistening, it dripped slightly with a mix of his cum and her pussy juice, then slowly slid it in again, moaning with pleasure as he did so, which made her giggle breathlessly. He wondered why she did that - was she making fun of him? She lay there with her eyes closed as he continued to slide in and out of her, with her breathing deeply and moaning with pleasure with each stroke, sometimes giggling too.

Without saying anything, he pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean and freshen himself up. He looked at himself in the mirror as the sexual buzz seemed to have worn off. "What the fuck am I doing!?" he thought. She wasn't that pretty by his standards, she was a bit hard-faced he thought. But he'd had no problem getting turned on - she had a great body and certainly knew how to fuck - he'd enjoyed screwing her and making her cum so loudly and intensely.

There was no denying she was very sexy but he wondered how his Mom would react if she found out that her son had fucked her best friend. "Jonny, I'm just gonna take a bath so can you let yourself out when you leave?

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Thanks honey" she called out. He could hear her running the bath upstairs so he decided to slip out and go home, stopping at the sofa to retrieve his clothes and get dressed.

He found a slip of paper in his jeans pocket, her mobile phone number written on it and signed with a kiss. He arrived back home. "Hi honey" said his Mom, "did you stop by at Kathryn's to replace that light bulb?" "Yeah Mom, all taken care of, job done, one satisfied customer" he smirked.

"Oh thanks, that's great, I'm sure she appreciates you helping her out" The next morning at school Jonny was trying hard to concentrate in class, but he couldn't stop thinking about yesterday's adventure. "Sure, the girls in my year are all really pretty with their hot bodies, but they sure wouldn't do what Kathryn did to me", he thought to himself, remembering how she'd sucked his cock.

He wondered why she'd giggled after he'd fucked her and she came - was she making fun of him? After all he didn't have much sexual experience, that much had been pretty obvious. She'd probably just thought it'd be fun to fuck her best friend's teenage son and that was that.

But he wanted her and it was more than just wanting to fuck her again - he tried to figure out his feelings: was it something to do with her age, the fact she was Mom's best friend?


blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex Looking at the piece of paper with her mobile number on it, he decided to send her a text message: "Hi just wondering " he began to text, then the thought hit him: "That's it! She was making fun of me being attracted to Mom!".

He felt foolish and held off texting her, wondering what to do next. He looked down at his phone, he'd accidentally sent the text message. A moment later his phone rang - it was her. For a moment, he thought about ignoring her, but then decided he'd talk to her and answered.

"Hi Jonny, it's Kathryn, did you just text me?" "Uh, yeah" he replied, "I texted you by mistake, I meant to send it to someone else" Kathryn: "Oh, I thought you were texting to say you want to meet up again" Jonny: "Why would I wanna do that?" Kathryn: "Well you seemed to enjoy it the least time. Hey, is something wrong - you sound a bit pissed off with me" Jonny: "Well yeah, I am, I didn't appreciate you making fun of me" Kathryn: "I'm confused - when did I do that?" Jonny: "After we had sex, you were laughing at me" Kathryn: "Oooohhh!

No you got it wrong, I wasn't making fun of you, I always giggle when I orgasm" Jonny: "Are you serious?" Kathryn: "Well yeah! Especially the way you kinky mom and cronys daughter sits on dad at table then again while pulverizing in the me cum" Jonny: "I thought you were making fun of the fact that I'm sexually attracted to my Mom" (he hadn't meant to quite say that) Kathryn: "Your Mom is my oldest and best friend, I'd never make fun of you in that way" Jonny: "Uh, okay.

I guess I'm just a bit sensitive about the whole thing, after all it's a bit weird" Kathryn: "Some people might think that, but your Mom just wants to have fun, which is why we go out to meet guys and see what happens" Jonny: "Yeah I guess I can understand that" Kathryn: "Look at it this way - your Mom likes sex, she's gonna have sex, but wouldn't you prefer she had it with you rather than with some stranger she meets in a bar or club?" Jonny: "I guess so, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't wanna have sex with her own son" Kathryn "Why don't you call around later and we can talk some more about this"