Alena croft fast sex storys

Alena croft fast sex storys
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I was sitting in Classical Art, daydreaming about nothing in particular when the announcements came on. "Good afternoon students, this is Mr. Jones with your afternoon announcements." said Mr. Jones, our vice principal. He continued on "first off, I would like to congratulate the basketball team for……" I immediately zoned out to go back to my day dreams. I thought about super powers, and then being rich and famous, but it always led back to sex.

I don't know why it did that, but it just did. Maybe it has something to do with evolution. I allowed my thoughts to roam free and began to think about the girl sitting next to me. Her name was Denise. She was about 5'4, and just stunning. She had a cute, angelic face, palmable boobs, trim waist, and round ass. Then I drifted towards a long time friend of mine, Renee. She was an old friend and since she was in a grade lower than me, we barely saw each other in or out of school. She was about 5'6, and always had this mischievous look on her face, when she really was a sweet girl.

She was light skin, had perky, what I would say maybe D cup boobs, and an ass to match. Before I could dive into my fantasy of her, I heard something that caught my attention on the announcements. "and remember seniors, keep out of trouble this year. If any of you cumulate 3 suspensions or 5 detentions, you will not be allowed at Prom or to walk across the stage." Prom was exciting to me because of all the girls and the wild after parties and what goes on at those parties.

I'm still a virgin and hadn't really done much with a girl and was hoping this year would be it. "Remember students, no outside food or drink at ANY school sanctioned event." He said that because a fight broke out last year because some guy got drunk and talked about fucking this girl in front of her current boyfriend at the time. I saw a video of the fight, punch and finger foods everywhere.

As I reminisced, the last bell rang and I hurried to my locker, it being a Friday and all. As I was hot latina slut alexis amore takes it up the ass ceska hd it, my friend Wayne stopped by. "Hey Mike, you see that video of Josh's party last night?" he said "Yea. Did you see the one of what Sheila did at that party in the back of Derrick's car?" "Oh yea, that's was some freaky shit!" Wayne was a close friend of mine who was lucky enough to always have hoes on deck.

"So, I was planning on saving up a limo for Prom this year, just to look classy rolling up to the hotel" he said. "A limo?

Okay" I said with a sigh. "Who's all do you want to roll with us?" "Let me see, Trisha, Lana, Tiffany and some other people. There's room for you and 1 of your hot dates if you wanna come." he said, using one of his lame jokes "Sure, I guess" "Alright man, I gotta go and catch this bus. See you later" he said running off, showing off his track star status.

I continued to rummage through my locker then found my art notebook. I slammed my locker, threw my lock on and proceeded to walk down the hall.

Since I had a car, I usually just roamed the hall, looking for something interesting to do, a couple friends to kick it with, but today, being Friday, the school was pretty dead past 3:15. I just said fuck it and headed to the door when I noticed Renee sitting at a lunch table sort of yelling at her phone. I walked up and mouthed "are you okay?" and she put one finger up to tell me to wait a minute.

I sat down next to her and waited for her to finish her rant. "Huh, people are fucking useless!" she groaned as she hung up to phone. "What happened, everything okay?" I put on my best concerned face as I am very awkward in situations like this. "Yeah, my friend just left me with no way to get home. See, she was supposed to take me pretty latina gets huge load of sperm in her face, and we were supposed to hang out, but she wants to go hang out with some guy she calls her boyfriend.

So now, I left without a ride." I nodded in understanding, looking slightly down. "You got a car don't you, give me a ride." "Only if you fuckin," I mumbled to myself, covering any hint of it with an obvious cough. I thought about it for a minute, and then agreed.

"Yeah, come on." She gathered up her books and jacket and we headed put the front door. "Wow!

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This is you!" She stopped dead in her tracks when we reached the car. I have a black with red over toned 2011 Ford Mustang, full customized, also with the best engine the money of a high school senior can buy. "Um, yeah, get in, but watch the leather" I joked and she gave me a 'nigga please' look.

She hopped in and we speed off. "Well, aren't we in a rush" she laughed. "Ha, yeah, I like the way she rides, smooth and fast" "I ride even better" she mumbled, I guess thinking I didn't hear her. We made it to the light and I asked "So, which way are we going?" "Take a right and turn right down Sawson rd. I'll tell you from there" I made a sharp turn and she slightly slid in her seat and her milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy landed partially on my dick.

She immediately removed her hand; I think I saw her smile a little. Once we made it to Sawson, she gave me more directions and an address and we were in front of her house. "You wanna come in, catch up on things and talk and what not?" "Um, I don't know&hellip." "We got left over pizza and some pop, you know you want it" she said in kind of a taunting, sing-song voice. "Sure, if I get pizza." We climbed the stairs of her home and entered through the white doors to a sudden shock of white crispness.

Her house was like TV's interpretation of heaven, bright and white everywhere. I thought I might go blind; it was so bright and pure. "Head upstairs to the last door on the right, the one with my name on it. I'll get the pizza and pop." I went upstairs and into her room to another shock, but this time of a pink explosion.

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Almost everything was pink. The dresser, the bed, closet door, even her stand that the TV rested on was pink. I saw a chair over in the corner and sat in it as I awaited her arrival with the food and drinks. Did I mention I was hungry? Moments later, she came hopping in the room humming some lame pretty boy song with two plates of pizza and a big bottle of Pepsi. "Here's your food, thanks for waiting." She said handing me a plate.

"I just wanted to warm the pizza up, hot pizza is good pizza." She plopped down on her bed and took a big swig of the Pepsi, then passed me the bottle. "You just drank out of that!" I managed to squeeze through a mouth full of pizza. "Quit you bitchin and drink it." I shrugged and took a swig. We continued to eat and drink from the bottle and afterwards started to young slut michelle can gets her pussy punished and catch up on stuff, and then she hit me with the question.

"So, you got yourself a girl yet?" The question came so fast and so bluntly that I went blank for a moment. "Um, wow, uh, no I don't." I awkwardly looked around the room, searching for another topic, anything to get away from this one. "Why don't you, you seem like a nice guy. You've always been nice to me, a perfect gentleman." I looked back at her. "Thank you and I don't know why. I guess the girls don't see me like that" "Well, if it means anything, I would love to have a guy like you." She said, coyly looking away.


"Really? Youre fucking with me hehe" "No, I'm serious. A guy like you, so sweet, kind hearted, smart. Any girl would be lucky to have you, even for a moment." She scooted closer to me, grabbing my hand.

I looked into her eyes and she had this warm smile on her face. ash hollywood is killer frost but shes not do you think of me?" she asked. "I mean, youre alr-" "No bullshitting me, im serious right now." He eyes were so captivating that im complied to her order.

"Well, if we're being honest right now, Ive had this sort of crush on you, since we were kids. I mean, it's odd because im supposed to be the older one here, yet im crushing on you.

You've always been so nice and sweet and adorable." "You think im adorable?" "Yeah, I honestly do." At this point, we both were silent, and it felt like an eternity past before either of us said anything. "So, have you been with a girl before?" Again, she asks those blinding questions.

"No, I have not. I mean, Ive done stuff before, but haven't necessarily gone all the way. I don't know if its bad luck or coincidence or I haven't found 'the one' yet." "Interesting." She slowly lifted my hand and guided it to her breast, kneading it slowly.

"How does this make you feel?" I just sat there silent, with a slight grin smacked across my face. She then started rub my now throbbing cock through my pants. "Oh, you seem to be a little excited." "I think Im more than a little excited." I chuckled.

She then slid off the bed on to the floor between my legs. "How would you like it if I did something for you today, something special?" She then grabbed my zipper and undid my brother sister mother father xxx, pulling them down. I couldn't believe the reality of the situation. A girl Ive know since we were kids that I have been crushing on for such a long time is now on her knees, slowly starting to stroke me.

"How would you like it if I put this dick of yours in my mouth and sucked you off right here, right now?" I almost came right there, just from her question alone "That would be amaz—" I couldn't even finish my statement because she swallowed my whole length into her mouth, massaging my dick with her throat and tongue.

I melted into the chair as she slowly bobbed up and down on my dick. I was on a whole other planet, her head skills were far beyond anything I have experienced in my short time on this earth. "Are you liking the way I take care of you?" she said, popping me out of her mouth.

"YES!" I said, breathing heavily. "Good, now I want you to cum for me, cum straight down my throat. Cum for your new girl." And then she went back at it, sucking and swallowing me.


This was amazing. I never thought this level of pleasure existed. She kept sucking on me, never once taking my dick out of her mouth, she was a pro. Before long, I felt that oh so familiar tingle then my hips bucked as I shot rope after rope of cum down her throat, just ask she instructed me. And she kept sucking on me, swallowing every single drop of cum. "Damn, you sure did come a lot." She said, pulling my limp dick from her mouth and tucking it back into my underwear.

"Did you enjoy it, baby?" "Yes, yes I certainly did. You are amazing." "Like I said, im yours now, and you are mine. Next time, I want you to return this favor haha." I stood up to pull my pants up, and then I heard a car pulling into her backyard. "Oh shit! My mom's home, you have to go, like right now!" She rushed me down to the front door and pushed me out, not before kissing me quickly.

"Ill call you later tonight, okay?" "Okay." I said, running down her front porch to my car. As I got in and pulled off, it hit me that I now have a girlfriend. "This year is starting off fantastic!" About 20 minutes later, I was pulling into my driveway, coming down from that adrenaline high 19yr old college girl upskirt at craft store tube porn had experience. I was in a daze, but not for long, cause I got a text on my phone.

It was from my best friend Greg. Aye bro, whats goin on big dog? You still tryna hit up that party tomorrow? I totally forgot about Inez's pool party. Inez was someone I was sorta talking to over the summer. Nothing really came from it, but we are still friends.

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I immediately shoot him back a 'yeah, its still going down tomorrow night' and head in. Tomorrow should be fun.