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Sex porn sex japan black fuck
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May 1, 2014, Today is the second day with a new owner, Master James, but first I need to start with an introduction, my name is Kayleigh but I am also known as slave, slut, pet, and whore. My past and previous experiences are rough full of abusive relationships and being used, ironic that I'm this way today huh? I've had five masters in my past, and I've been used in many ways, some might call me experienced others; well they might just call it "doing my job as a woman'.

I get pleasure from pleasing my master, knowing they are happy and pleased makes my day. I've had my share of punishments such as having to heat up my pocket knife with a lighter and press it against my lactating breast.

The pain was immense and I had to do the same to my sore cunt, moments before I had to rub it raw with sandpaper not a single inch was to be missed then I had to cover the raw area with hot sauce and deal with the burn. I have been humiliated in several ways hospital australia doctor and nurse as having to suck off my boyfriend at the time and to let him cum on my face and hair then I was instructed to walk proudly around Walmart with my shirt covered in cum, my short skirt which ended an inch after my ass and sandals.

On the same trip to Walmart I was told to remove my underwear from under my skirt and leave them devon lees tits bounce on a shaft a shelf and walk away. I was told to walk to the other side of the store where I would meet my boyfriend and he would proceed to pull up my skirt and start fingering me in public.

It wasn't so bad until I noticed a group of guys peaking around the corner at me and just staring in awe. After I was told to pull down my skirt and stop acting like a whore we got to the car and I was threatened if I didn't take off all my clothes he'd beat me black and blue. So we drove down the highway, me not wearing an ounce of fabric we got stuck in traffic and he wouldn't let me cover or anything, I was so embarrassed but I had never been so turned on.

A while down the line I had my third master and I had cum without permission my punishment was not to use the bathroom for 12 hours and I had to drink several glasses of water constantly finally whenever he told me to use the bathroom he insisted I get into the shower and piss into a cup, I did because I was scared of being punished again I was then told to take the cup, open my mouth and pour it over my head.

Whatever fell into my mouth was to stay there amy andersen fuck a fan my shower was finished. I did and that is most of the worst stuff I have done. I have had to do orgasm control, take off several pair of panties through a day, stop and take pictures up my skirt, and more or less act like a slut and dress like a slut. Master James has had experience with his slaves I had asked him to inform me of what he has done in the past, he had told me that he has had his girls take numerous pictures for him; he has also had them tie themselves up.

It seems one of his favorite things to have a girl do is for them to masturbate then stop before they cum spanish milf loves to please this big spanish have them continue along with their day.

He has also revoked their panties and had them walk around without them. Like he tried to do with me earlier whenever I was wearing a short skirt. He also gets enjoyment whenever he humiliates his slaves like having them go into the bathroom and masturbate but have they stop before they cum.

Other examples of how he has humiliated his slaves is he makes them write on themselves and not erase it or scrub it clean, also remove panties and put them in her back pocket with them showing slightly. He will sometimes make them go to school with something in their pussy's and rarely make them cum on their panties then throwing them into the boy's bathroom He has had several slaves write on themselves with marker and he has them make sure that they stay clean.

Although Master James started somewhere and he has been doing for five years he started by watching a mentor and learning from him. He then would start looking for his own slave, but he didn't always have the best of luck he would find a serious slave then they would leave.

He would find another serious slave then they would leave again and he would go through a lack of energy and he would be upset but he hopes his slave now will not leave him.

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So you have now gotten a bit of my past, now time to fast forward into the present. I met my master through a kik message and we got talking. I didn't have one and we agreed to try it.


I agreed to be his milf alexis and brandi amazing threesome sex and my first instructions were to take a full picture of me clothed and to fill out a list, he had gave me several list of things I were to go through and decide how I felt on each one such as spanking, caning, maid, etc. I finished my tasks and waited for a response.

Master James was pleased that I had done my tasks and I fell asleep happily. Whenever I had woken up this morning I was greeted with a message from Master Josh and I had messaged him back whenever I had gotten on the bus, which would take me to college.

I had sent him a photo super hot busty brunette jerks and pleases tw my legs and my short skirt. He was happy with the shortness and whenever I got to school instructed me to take a picture looking up my skirt as I was going down a long staircase.

I did and he asked me if I was wearing panties, I replied back to him in an instant that yes I was wearing panties. I was then shocked by a message that was telling me that he was debating making me take them off or not.

He said that I was only allowed to keep my panties if I would beg for it. So I then sent him a message saying "Master please no, please. Please don't make me remove my panties. Please. My cunt juices will drip down my legs if I do master." I was snapped at in return saying "Even you know you can do better than that!" "Yes master.

Please don't make me remove my panties. My cunt juice will soak to the back or front of my skirt and make me look like an incredibly horny slut, please master let me wear my panties to cover my slit. Please master" I replied, but once again it wasn't good enough. I was saddened because I was giving it my all and it still wasn't good enough. So I tried one more time saying "Please master. I don't want to look like a stupid whore on campus. I will show you my wet snatch if you please let me have my panties on.

Pleas master I'll even take my nipples out of my bra so they show through my shirt please master.

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I don't want my sweet juices dripping down my legs all day please master." He then allowed me to keep my panties on but I had to stick to my side of the deal. Which I did and I was instructed to stay in the bathroom stall for 15 minutes and get myself as horny as I possibly could and I had to have proof by a picture every five minutes.

Whenever Master James returned I was then instructed to clean my cunt with my finger and put it in my mouth then I was allowed to leave the bathroom. But he told me the reason I'm not allowed to cum is because I had asked to keep my panties on.

He then instructed me at the beginning at each of my breaks I was to go to the bathroom, edge but not cum. Send four pictures, clean my sobbing cunt with my fingers and mouth then resume my day. A while later I returned back to the bathroom to start to edge, I done my pictures and sent them then started to rub my clit furiously. I then stopped rubbing my clit and started fingering myself because Master told me to, I told him I was very embarrassed because it was making the wet noise and there were other people in the bathroom.

He told me to continue and moan, I did and the other person heard me and started laughing under her breath, I told Master and he told me to continue and to do other things like make it more noticeable like moan louder and make the wet noises more, so I did and I had let out a slightly more noticeable moan and I did.

I then heard the woman mutter "slut" under her breath. I felt my cheeks blush and I am pretty sure my juices dropped onto the tile floor.


I then started to edge and then I stopped. I told Master James and he told me to clean myself then I could leave the bathroom. I did as told and walked out, my pussy juices soaking through my underwear slightly. Master then instructed me of my new rules I am to follow: Rule 1. I will respect master and be honest at all times. Rule 2. I will address master as master/ my owner at all times, each message must end with one of master's titles.

Rule 3.


I will not do anything without master's permission, including masturbating or cumming. Rule 4. I will keep my pussy smooth at all times and in the shower I will wash all my holes so they are clean and ready for masters use afterwards. Rule 5.I will not betray master! He is my one and only master.

Rule 6.I will try to limit my smoking and when I do I have to notify master.

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Rule 7. If I have a request or question I will ask masters permission first and I will state the subject (example- May I ask a question master it regards the story) Rule 8.I will notify master when I'm awake, when I go to sleep and half an hour before school, if possible I will ask masters permission on wardrobe for the day.

Rule 9. I will not let master wait, if he messages I will respond ASAP! I will not ignore him. Rule 10. I will try my hardest to be master's perfect slave. I will be his perfect slave and there is surly more to come. Thanks for reading.