Real czech teen gets double facial masturbation european

Real czech teen gets double facial masturbation european
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A Sleepy Girl, a Toy and Three Big Orgasms She's laying on her side, just starting to fall asleep while we're watching a movie. Her breathing is starting to slow and become steady. I wrap my arm around her chest and pull her in tight. I start giving her soft kisses on her neck and nibble her ear. She moans softly and pushes into me even further. I grab her breast over her shirt. I lightly pinch her nipple and She moans again. A little louder this time. I keep grabbing her breasts and pinch her nipples a little harder each time.

Her breath is a little rapid now and she's starting to squirm. All the while I'm still kissing her neck and ear. My hand starts to move down. I push her shorts down to her knees. She protested slightly but not for long. I slipped my hand between her legs. She spreads her legs just slightly. I pushed her legs a little bit further apart. I move my hand between her legs.

Her lips black guy and girl sixx vido just wet enough. I start circling my index finger around her hole and Up and down her lips. Always making sure to never slip a finger inside. She's begging me now. She wants me to fill her hole. She's so wet, it's dripping down her thigh onto the sheet. I slowly slip my index finger inside her, but only to the first knuckle.

She moans a little louder this time. Every time I go in, she moans a little bit louder and gets a little bit wetter. Then I pulled my finger out all the way.


She whimpered softly. This time I circled two fingers around her hole. She moaned softy again. I slowly start slipping both fingers into her.

Nice and slowly. Her breathing is becoming rapid now. I start to move in and out a little bit faster. With my other hand I ball her hair in my fist and force her to look back at me while my other hand is still going. Her lips are parted slightly.

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I lean down and kiss her deep and hard. She kisses me back with an animal like ferocity. She's becoming primal now in her need for me to fill her. All this time she's pushing her ass back at me and grinding on sunny leone elephant bf storysx cock.

She's making me hard which only serves to make her hotter to me. Her breaths are coming quicker. I know she's going to come soon. I quickly pull my hand out and stop all her motion. With my wet hand I slide up under her loose shirt and circle her hard nipples.

She pushes back against me again. She's begging me to fill her with the way she's moving. I move back down to her neck again and start biting and kissing.

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I move my hand back down her side, slowly, caressing every curve and angle. When Beautiful blonde girl masturbates with vibrator wecamnet get to her ass, I grab it nice and tight and give her cheek a nice hard smack.

She moans for me. I slip my hand between her legs again and start circling her hole. Then I glide my hands up her lips and play gently with her clit. Then I bring my hand back down. I press gently at her hole letting her think I'm going to put my fingers inside. Then I circle back up to her clit. I play a little bit harder there. She's moaning my name. Begging me to fill her. I move my hand back down and push three fingers in all the way in one quick motion.

She draws in a quick breath and moans my name loudly. I move my fingers quickly now. All the way in, almost all the way out, then all the way in again. Over and over. Over and over. She's getting close to coming now.

Her body is shaking.


Just when she's about to, I quickly stop and pull my fingers out. She cries out and begs me. Pleads with me to keep going. She needs the release. I ask her if she wants her special toy. She cries yes. I reach beside me and grab her glass butt plug and lube. I start gently rubbing her other hole with a little bit of lube. She moans again. I slowly work my finger inside and get her worked up.

She's squirming against me.

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I pull my finger out and slowly guide the butt plug in. Slowly in and out with lots of lube. She's moaning and throwing herself back against it. Finally, she swallows the whole thing. She moans so loud.

Seeing her swallow it makes me so hard. I flip her onto her back and lean over her. I kiss her so hard. She's running her hands up and down my body. I want her so bad. I grab my cock while still kissing her and slowly run it up and down her lips getting it wet. I need her so bad. I find her hole and slowly start to push in. It's not fast enough for her. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me into her. I slide all the way into her in one quick motion.

Now I'm the one who's moaning. Her pussy is so tight, it's gripping me like a vice. I can feel her hole trying to milk me. I know I'm not going to last long. I start pushing into her.

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With one hand I hold my balance, with the other I play with her clit again. She's moaning loud. I know she feels so full. She's digging into me with her nails. She wraps one hand around the back of my neck and pulls me down to kiss her deep and hard.

She brings her other hand to my lower back and waist and pulls me into her further. I know she's loving every second of it. Her breath is growing quicker and her moans louder.

I know she's going to come soon. I start slamming into her harder and faster.

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She's throwing herself into me with each thrust. She's grinding her clit into me. Just when I think she's going to come, I pull out all the way and slide all the way down her body. She protests loudly. I kiss all down her body. Sucking, biting and pinching her nipples as I go. I finally reach her pussy. I kiss and bite all the way around her lips.

She's so wet for me. I start sucking hard on her clit and she calls out loudly for me. She's starting to shake again. I know that she's really about to come and that I can't keep denying her anymore. I stop and quickly slide my cock back into her hole. She swallows the whole thing in one thrust. I pump in and out. One, two, three and the fourth pump she finally comes.

She wraps her entire body around me and cries out my name over and over between her moans. She's so loud, I kiss her hard to try and quiet her down. She's moaning hard against my lips and pulling me tightly against her with an aggression so raw and animal like. All the while, I never stop pumping into her. She needed this release. She grips me so hard and tight. I can literally feel every muscle in her hole pulsing against me.

It overwhelms me. I need her too. I wrap her up in my arms and pull her tight. I slam into her over and over. As fast and as hard as Dragon ball z porn more milk can. She's loving this too. I can feel her about to come again. She knows just what I like. She digs her nails into my back and bites ever so gently into my chest.

She's driving me wild. It's my turn to start moaning loud. I'm slamming into her as fast as I can now. I feel her pussy clamp down on me again and start milking me. She's coming again.

I can't take the feeling any more and I erupt inside redhead with big tits loves getting fucked from behind. I keep pumping for as long as I can, trying to keep her orgasm going. She's moaning loud in my ear.

I fill her up. We hold on to each other for a minute kissing each other, deep and passionate while we come down from our highs. We finally disengage and roll. I roll onto my back and she rolls onto her side, into my chest. We kiss one more time before we both drift deeply into sleep. In the post high bliss, we both forget that she still has her toy deep in her ass when we fall asleep.

But that's a story for another time.