Beauteous babe exposes anal gap for fuck

Beauteous babe exposes anal gap for fuck
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I had been living in my 4th story apartment for about three months. I had never really thought about the building that sat about fifteen feet from mine.


Our windows lined up perfectly. The buildings had to have been built with the same floor plans. My day at work had been rough and I got home much later than normal.

I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if I got over time, but I was salaried and they took full advantage of it! As I entered my apartment, I didn't bother to turn on any lights and headed straight for the bathroom. I wanted a nice warm shower. On my way to the bathroom I noticed the windows across from me were wide open and I could see straight into them. It totally peaked my interest and I stared for a bit.

I had removed my clothes as I stared. I am not sure what I thought I might see but I couldn't pull myself away. I pulled one of the chairs from my dinning room up to amateur public sex in a store changing room window and promptly sat down naked as a j bird. As soon as I sat down, there she was! She was absolutely gorgeous. I watched as she walked through her apartment, fussing with different things and finally moved out of my sight.

I couldn't help but wonder where she went. She reappeared just as suddenly, only this time she was barely clad. She had removed her skirt and her shirt and was now walking through her apartment in her bra and a pair of panty hose. I'd heard that a lot of women don't wear panties under their hose. I think it was something about getting to hot or something of that nature. I wish I had paid a bit more attention to that conversation! My mind returned to her sexy body as she sat down on her couch and turned on the TV.

As she watched she slowly removed her hose and tossed them over the arm of the couch. I felt the familiar stirring in my cock as I watched her remove her bra. Man, I couldn't believe that she was sitting in her living room, nude and watching TV! Man hand drifted to my hardening cock and I absent-mindedly gave it a few strokes as I watched her lay back. What happened next surprised the hell out of me. I watched as she slid her hands up the sides of her gorgeously perfect body.

Her red nails lightly grazed against her fair freckled skin. I felt my body tingle as if her hands were on me. I could feel her fingertips traveling up my sides.

My cock jumped. She moved her hands up to her perky breasts and began to roll her fingers around her pink nipples.


I wanted to feel them in my mouth so bad. I watched as she pulled on them, pinched them and massaged her breasts. I could almost hear her moans from here.

I was completely hooked and not to mention hard as a fucking rock.

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I'd never watched a woman masturbate. Well, ok I have, but porns don't count. Here she was, alone (or so she thought) and she was doing it for the simple reason of pleasing herself.

As she continued to knead her fleshy breasts with one hand, she brought the other hand up to her mouth. She slowly inserted her index finger into her mouth and sucked on it like a little cock!

As if I wasn't horny enough, she's sucking my cock now! I knew I wouldn't be able to watch much more without having to satisfy my own self. I watched in total anticipation as she let her fingers wander back down her body to her pussy.

My mouth salivated as she slipped her finger in between her luscious lips, her red curly hair covering her finger. She slowly rubbed her clit, back and forth, in slow fluid movements. After a few moments she spread her legs further apart. I could see her pussy, all pink, wet and absolutely inviting. She inserted her finger into her hole and arched her back.

I could tell she was moaning.

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I just couldn't hear it. Damned traffic! I imagined her soft moans in my head as her fingers danced in and around her sweetness. Her movements became jerkier as she continued on. My hand had been stroking my cock for a few moments. I could have cum at any point by then, but I wanted to wait for her.

I wanted to share her climax, even if she didn't know. Faster and faster moved her fingers. She began to squirm on the couch as her legs began to shake.

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I knew she was about to cum. I watched intently as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge. My hand rapidly became a blur to anyone that might be watching. Finally with a few jerks and her body going tense she came. Her hand slowed down and rubbed her clit in a slow but firm circle as she worked her climax to its peak. At the same time I felt the warmth begin to flow up the milf teen ass bbw dp of my throbbing cock.

Before I knew it, my cock exploded with my thick cum, covering my thighs and the chair.


My stroking slowed and I tried to match her. As her climax began to subside so did mine. She relaxed her body on the couch. I could see her chest heaving as she struggled to regain her breath.

She brought her fingers up to her nose and inhaled. She then slipped her fingers one at a time into her mouth, sucking off her sweet juices. She let out a giggle. I couldn't hear it, but I saw her ample breasts bounce as she did. From then on I watched her. I always made a point to check her place as soon as I got home from work. It was definitely a great way to relax after a rough day at work.