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Pure milf creampie first time we are the law my niggas and the law needs black cock
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The Miami sun shone down onto the pier. Perfect weather for babe is making studs schlong yield to her concupiscent sucking cruise. 18 year old Emma stood in line on the dock with her family, waiting to board the cruise liner. This was her first real vacation in years. Her family had been saving for a very long time to afford this for her graduation gift.

She shifted impatiently from foot to foot, anxious to get on board. the beautiful teenager was getting all sorts of attention from any male in the area. And honestly, who wouldn't stare? She was a little on the tall side, somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10" with toned legs from dancing. She showed off her ass with a pair of short shorts and her flat stomach with a tight tank top. Her most noticeable features were straining against the fabric.

She wasn't the biggest in the boob department, but her breasts were a solid C cup. Her brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and framed her face. The dock seemed to light up whenever she smiled. The stares didn't bother her really. They kinda turned her on. But the excitement of attention was soon replaced by the excitement of actually getting on board. The line had moved and Emma and her family finally were able to get on board the ship. As soon as she stepped inside she stopped and stared.

She was standing in the middle of the formal lobby, an immense space decorated in crimson and cold fixtures. She almost felt not classy enough to stand in such a grand place. Her mom touched her arm and snapped her out of her wonder. She quickly left the formal lobby and headed towards the elevators. A few decks up, she found her room. It was towards the back of the ship, and she couldn't help but bounce in excitement. She was lucky enough to get a room with a balcony, and too herself. Her parents were nice enough not to force her to share a room with her little brother and cousin, so the room was all to herself.

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She held her breath As she inserted her key and opened the door. The room was not exactly what she was hoping for, but it was decent enough. It was a little on the small side, with the queen-sized bed making the space feel cramped. Though the space felt much more inviting due to the sliding glass door letting in tons of light. She quickly dropped her bag on the bed and went out onto the balcony.

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The sun felt deliciously warm against her already slightly tanned skin. A soft breeze rolled off the ocean. This was going to be a good two weeks.

She basked in the sun for a few more bleeding during in sex first time before going back inside to change. She dug through her bag and found the new bikini she had picked out precisely for this vacation. In a few moments she was completely naked and admiring her body in the mirror. She struck a few poses before giggling to herself.

She knew she was pretty, but thought some of the compliments she got were a little over the top. She finished changing, put on her new sunglasses, grabbed some lotion and her new book, and headed up to the pool deck to catch some rays.

She found a chair in the sun and set up camp. She put on some lotion so she wouldn't burn, and got comfy with her book. An hour or so passed and Emma had gotten bored with her book and decided to use it as a front to people watch. There were all sorts of people, mostly old ones, milling around the pool. A few kids splashed around, but the teenager found them uninteresting.

One couple in the corner were definitely getting a bit too handsy and just watching them got Emma a little wet down there. Her lovely schoolgirl was teased and nailed by her older instructor was pulled from the couple by some loud splashing.

She looked over to the pool to see three boys, two about her age, and one a little younger, splashing each other and rough housing. She adjusted herself to get a better look at the trio. One of them had brown hair that clung to his head in wet ringlets. He was broad shouldered and by any means handsome. From what she could tell, was fairly built with decent pecs and lean abs.

The second teen in the pool was a little more built than the first, designed more for power than for speed it seemed. He had a much more developed chest and less noticeable abs. She caught a glimpse of a tattoo on his side. The youngest of the three looked similar to the first one, most likely his younger sibling.

The young boy was probably 15 at most and was just starting to develop some definition. Emma watched the trio for about 20 minutes before she decided she should get ready for dinner. Before she could pack up though, the first teen got out of the pool and Emma's jaw dropped. The boy's wet swim trunks clung to something very large.

It probably wasn't even hard and it already seemed massive. Now flustered, the female teen packed her things up and quickly left to change. Back in her room, Emma wasted no time stripping down and throwing herself down onto her bed. Her hand quickly found her lit and began massaging it as she thought of that guy's big cock fucking her. She continued to rub herself until she climaxed. Which, given her hormone levels, wasn't very long. She cleaned herself up and put on a white dress that reached down to her knees and showed off a little cleavage.

As she left her room, the ships horn blew, signaling that they were about to cast off. She hurried up to one of the observation decks to watch them pull out. After a minute of searching, she found a spot along the railing.

She pushed her way up to it and found herself next to the teen she had seen earlier, the one that was definitely packing something in his pants.


She pretended to stumble and bumped into him, muttering sorry and flashing a geeky smile. He smiled back and said it was alright. "I'm Quinn," he said, introducing himself. "Emma," she replied giggling. She thought he was quite attractive, and was formulating how to get him into bed. Quinn was thinking almost the exact same thing. He had seen her earlier and had made sure to give her a preview of what he had hoped to impale her with.

The two chatted for a bit before Emma had to go to dinner with her family. She gave Quinn one last smile before promising to meet him tomorrow to hang out. Dinner that night was uneventful. Emma listened to her family laugh and joke and tell embarrassing stories to the other family seated at their table. Her mood lightened when she saw Quinn sitting at a table across the dining room. She tried to get his attention but to no avail. Once dinner was over, she tried to sneak over but was apprehended by her mother and dragged off to see some show.

The next day was bright and sunny. Emma woke up and stretched. The show had ended quite late and she had gone straight to bed. She threw on a tank top and some shorts and headed to the informal dining room to get some breakfast.

Breakfast was uneventful. She had some eggs and toast. After breakfast, she was free to do whatever she pleased. They were out at sea so she couldn't go shopping in port. She was wondering what to do when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around and was hit by Quinn's dazzling smile. "Hey," he said, still grinning.


"Hey," she replied with a smile of her own. "how're you?" "Great now that I found you." The comment made her blush. She soon noticed that the other two boys she had seen him with were not around.

"Where are your friends at?" she asked, secretly glad that they were alone. "Oh they had other plans for the day." The two spent most of the morning and early afternoon together. Emma found out that, like her, Quinn had recently graduated high school. He had traveled almost as far as she had, him being from Washington, and her hailing from Oregon.

They laughed and talked and found out they had a lot in common. After lunch Quinn suggested that they try the surfing machine located in the back of the ship. "Sure! I have to change first." Quinn sexy blonde slut takes with two big black cocks and admired Emma's ass ash she hurried to go change. When she came back, it took all his will power not to pop a boner.

She looked stunning in her swimsuit. She giggled. "Have I left you speechless, Quinny?" Quinn stammered. "Uh no. Of course not. Let's go" He tried to play it off cool but Emma had him right where she wanted him. After failing several times at the surf machine. Emma decided to sit off to the side and watched Quinn surf. It got her all hot and bothered to see his wet body glisten and flex as he rode the artificial wave. She had to have him soon busty blonde riding a massive brutal dildo she might explode.

Quinn finally finished his turn on the artificial wave and the pair decided that they should probably get ready for dinner. Quinn, being a nice guy, walked Emma to her room. He was fairly shocked when she invited him inside for a minute. As soon as Quinn had closed the door, Emma reached behind herself and undid her bikini top, letting it fall to the floor.

Quinn just stared. A tent was soon apparent in his trunks. Now he truly was speechless. He had seen quite a few boobs in his life, but none really compared to these. They looked nice and firm. They weren't too big but not too small either. "You like what you see?" Emma asked, striking a pose. Dumbfounded, Quinn could only nod. Emma wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself close, pressing her boobs up against his bare chest and grinding her covered crotch against his.

She moaned as she felt how big he really was. He was fucking massive. She couldn't wait any longer. She tore off the rest of her bikini and tugged on Quinn's shorts. After a bit of work, they fell to the floor. "Holy fuck," was all Emma could say as Quinn's monster cock stood to attention. It had to be at least 10 inches and almost three fingers wide.

Emma's cunt was drenched by this point. "H-how big is it?" She asked, stroking it lightly. "Like…10 and a half" Quinn replied, eyes half closed, enjoying her touch as she stroked him. Without warning, Emma threw herself onto the bed. "Fuck me," she commanded. Her tight teenage snatch needed that dick inside it. She had never fucked someone this big and wanted it badly.

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Quinn awkwardly stood there for a second. Annoyed, Emma asked, "What's the hold up? Are you a…virgin or something?" Quinn shook his head. "Do you have condoms or something, I really really don't want to be a father anytime soon." Emma shook her head.

"I'm on the pill and clean. So long as you're clean we're golden. Now get over here and fuck me!" Sexy hot stripteasing babe at home seducing with her hot stuff on webcam nearly screamed the last two words. The heat radiating from her pussy was intense and she just wanted to get fucked.

Quinn didn't need to be assured a second time. He climbed on the bed and started to flick her lit with his tongue. She moaned and grabbed his slightly curly hair and brought his face level with hers.

"I'm wet enough, just plow me with your massive cock!" Quinn positioned his massive tool at her entrance and pushed. She moaned.

He was so fucking big! And this was only the head! He applied more force and sunk more of his massive rod into her tight teen cunt.

He did a slow practice thrust, trying to stuff her even fuller. She moaned loudly. A few more in and out motions and his freshly shaven pubes met her bald pussy. Emma sighed as she felt Quinn's full length in her. To be honest it hurt a little. Her pussy was stretched to the max to accommodate this massive tool, but she knew soon it was going to feel fucking fantastic.

Quinn, sensing that she was ready, drew out so that only the head remained, then roughly buried his full length inside her. She screamed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Quinn wasted no time as was fucking her full force. Emma pushed back against him, trying to get as much of him inside her as she could.

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She thrashed about, trying to hold onto something to contain her pleasure, scratching Quinn's back to shreds in the process. "Oh, fuck yes!" She yelled through the pleasure, as Quinn continued to drill her tight pussy.

"Harder! Harder!" Quinn complied and put the girl's sexy toned legs up onto his shoulders and really started to fuck her. Emma grabbed the sheets and screamed as the intense fucking brought her to her climax. Her already tight pussy clamped down around Quinn's massive cock, squeezing it tight. Quinn knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He asked her where she wanted him to cum. through her post orgasm bliss, she could only mutter, "Deep inside." Quinn was happy to oblige, He continued to ram her for a few more minutes until with one last powerful thrust his balls tightened and he let loose his massive load into her worn out snatch.

Emma almost orgasmed again, feeling Quinn's cock pulse and spurt inside her. Exhausted now, Quinn collapsed onto the bed beside Emma, who snuggled up close. They snuggle for a bit until Emma noticed Quinn's mighty soldier rising up again. She smiled and walked towards the bathroom, throwing a seductive and inviting look over her shoulder.

Quinn heard the shower start and soon went in to join her. Horny babes get fucked and facialized by hung studs was definitely going to be a fun two weeks.