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Cartoon xnxx free download pron
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My first experience with bestiality was a number of years ago and happened quite by accident. i was living with my boy friend who had a house and some land outside of town. he had horses so there was a barn and some small out buildings on his place. While out riding Jake came across a dog and it followed him home, He was a very sweet dog some kind of mix, hound and who knows what, about 26 inches tall and about 85 pounds.

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he looked to be well taken care of and obviously lost so we decided to keep him and see if we could locate his owner, there were a couple of old kennel runs connected to the barn so we cleaned one up and put him in there. he seemed satisfied with his new digs and settled right in.


I would feed the dog and care for him in the morning and Jake would clean up and care for him in the evening when he got home from work, After a couple of days we settled into a routine. We had placed an add in the local paper and called all the local vets letting them know we had found a dog and what he looked like ETC.

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Like I said he was a sweet dog and we were thinking of maybe keeping him if his owner never turned up. On the 5th morning I went out to feed and say hi to the dog I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. When I opened his gate he was happy to see me and jumping around like dogs do I was in a hurry so said a quick hello and placed his food dish down and turned to walk out when he grabbed the leg of my shorts in his mouth and pulled them down, they fell to my ankles almost tripping me. I laughed and reached down to pull them up as I did he jumped up on me knocking me forward onto my knees landing on my back and knocking she sets out to conquer the cock of her long time crush wind out of me.

I was on my knees with my face on the concrete and my bare ass up in the air trying to catch my breath.I then realized that the dog was still on my back he had his paws on each side of me and was humping away at me. this scared the hell out of me and still trying to catch my breath I tried to get up but the dog pushed me forward and down again as he kept humping away I could feel the tip of his dick hitting the right cheek of my ass.

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I tried again to get away by crawling he was so strong I couldn't get away. I am 5.6 and 125 and could not believe the strength of this dog. I kept trying to move to get away and all of a sudden I felt the tip of his dick right between my lips and this dog really started pushing hard then and before I could take another breath he was in me and pumping away like crazy.

I don't know why but when I felt his cock slide in I just froze I was terrified here I was being fucked by a dog! I don't know how long it was before I regained my senses at least 10 to 20 seconds maybe more, I freaked out and tried to elbow him off and get up and run but he just held me hammering away at my pussy it is unbelievable how fast his dick was slamming in to me I could feel the heat from his cock it was so much warmer then a man feels.


I kept struggling and began to cry but nothing I did helped. Soon the dog slammed up into me and just held on then it felt like his dick was getting bigger. All of a sudden it hit me I have seen dogs breed before and knew his knot was swelling up my god could it swell enough to lock itself inside of a woman!!

I was about to find out.

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It kept swelling and swelling and began to get uncomfortable I have never felt anything so long or large in me before and began to panic again. I tried to get him off of me and all of a sudden he started cuming and when that hot fluid hit my insides I don't know what happened but suddenly I realized just how good it felt!

I calmed down and and decided that seeing as I wasn't going to be able to get him out or off of me that I would just see what happened I mean it really felt great like nothing I ever have ever experienced. His cock had me so full that as he came it put even more pressure on me and all of a sudden I started cuming and I came like never before in my life, I am normally quiet during sex and yet here I was screaming at the top of my lungs as I experienced the most intense feeling of pleasure I have ever felt in my life.

I started to come down from it receiving a fat dick in her mouth blowjob he started pumping more of his seed into me and set me off again I was screaming and shoving back into him I began to wonder who was fucking who now as I pushed back into him over and over and came a third time.

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After I don't know how long the dog started getting restless and I didn't want him to stop so I grabbed his paws and tried to hold him on my back, after a while he began to whine and lick the back of my neck so I released his legs and he did what dogs do and hiked one leg over and turned around facing away from me as he did pretty chick is caressing cum hole softcore amateur cock turned and began to to pull out on me putting pressure on my over filled pussy from the inside out setting me off once again, as I came again I just collapsed and as I did his dick popped free and I mean popped!

what a noise it made as it over stretched me coming free. I just lay there and looked back at him I saw what had been in me and could not believe my eyes it was huge from the back of his knot to the tip was an easy 8 inches and his knot was the size of an orange.

He walked away and lay down to clean himself up. I was to weak to move and could feel his cum leaking out of me as I lay there, I put my hand down to my abused but very pleased pussy and found that I was gaping wide open he had stretched me that far farther then I would have believed possible! After 10 minutes or so he came back over and started licking me so I some how found the strength to get up and as I did more of him poured out of me and ran down my legs to the ground.I just walked out of my shorts and staggered out of the kennel and made my way to the house went in and just fell onto the couch I didn't care that I was a mess I just needed to rest.

The next thing I knew I was waking up at first I thought I had been dreaming but the feeling in my pussy and the dried dog cum all over me proved it had been no dream! I got up and hobbled into the bath room and took a shower all the time thinking about what had happened and my reaction I felt a little guilty yet I also felt really satisfied. Blonde lesbians get to please each other the shower I dressed and went out to retrieve my shorts.

The dog was curled up on them sleeping he got up wagging his tail as I opened the gate, he was very calm and just stood there as I picked up my shorts and left. Back in the house I sat down at the table I was a bit sore from the pounding I had taken so decided to take it easy the rest of the day.

Jake came home at his usual time and the poor guy was horny I had to pretend I was sick, I was sore and stretched out and didn't want him wondering what had happened to me. I lay in bed that night and couldn't get the thought of what happened out of my mind.

This was my first experience and not to be my last and I'm sure that many who read this will be shocked by what happened. I'll say this I will never give up sex with men but sex with dogs is like !! well it's hard to explain the difference but as they say don't knock it till you've tried it.Barbie