Sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering

Sex with kathia nobili foot fetish fingering
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1ST FUCK (PART 4) BY me It took Grandma and Mom about 1 1/2 months to heal. In the meantime, I was used and abused by everyone. If I wasn't being fucked by one of the guys or the dog, I was being sucked and fingered by the women.

During that time Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma and I went looking at horses to buy. We found a beautiful stud that was all white with grey spots. Mom and Grandma stated that when they saw the horse they both had instant orgasms. I had a mild one also. They brought the horse and arranged to have it delivered to Grandpa's farm by the weekend.

I couldn't wait to watch Mom and Grandma suck and fuck him. I wanted to at least be able to take him in my tiny pussy. When we got home that night, Grandma and Mom showed us their sloppy wet panties and cunts. The guys got instant hardons and buried them deep into the waiting cunts.

When they had finished with the women they turned their cocks to me and procceded to give my tiny cunt another fucking of its young life. When they finished with me they went back to Mom and Grandma and reamed out their asses. Even Max got to fuck them both. Lady got nailed by the men while Max serviced Mom and Grandma. I knew before the night was over that I would have Max in my cunt, too, maybe even my ass. One of my jobs when I wasn't fucking some dick was to go to Grandma's house and wash and comb the horse we had bought.

This gave me a lot of time to play with and hold his large tool. I was able to get it hard all of the time. It was so big that it took both hands to hold it. I even licked the head a few times. Once while licking the hole in the end of it, the horse began to cum on my face. There was so much horse spunk I thought it would never stop.

Since I was naked as I always was when I was with the horse, I was covered from head to foot with horse sperm. I always rubbed it all over my body including my cunt and ass. I even pushed some of it in both of my hot holes. Someday I would be able and ready to feel the monster cock in my holes. One time when I was with the horse love creampie threesome with busty milf ends in anal creampie for teen tube porn having it cum on my body, Grandpa was there.

As the horse spurted its juices, Grandpa began pounding my cunt hole with long fast strokes. Grandpa pulled his cock from my ravaged pussy hole then scooped up a large hand full of horse spunk and filled my pussy with the hot juice.


Then he slammed his cock back into my hole and came. I was full of horse sperm and human sperm. I came instantly. Three times to be exact. Mom and Grandma continued to practice with the horse to see who would be the first one to be able to get the huge cock in one of their openings. Of course, since Grandma had more time with the horse, she was able to get the head and about 4" into her pussy. Mom wasn't far behind.

She was able to get only the head in. They both were able to get the horse to cum so that they could feel his hot spunk. He filled their pussies to overflowing. One weekend, when we went over to their house, Grandma stated that this was the night that she would be filled with as much of the cock as her cunt would take.

Hopefully, she also stated he would be able to get his dick into her womb. "I had Grandpa fucking me with the largest husband watches wife fuck black guy I own.

He has been able to bury it deep into my womb. Then he fist fucked my womb. I had always wondered what it would feel like to have a hand in there. I came so much, I had to wash the matress on the bed." She chuckled.

"I swear to god I had my hand so deep, that her clit was touching my elbow. Here I'll show you." Grandpa replied as he began to push his hand into Grandma's shaved cunt. We watched in ahh as his hand went deeper and deeper into Grandma's wet pussy. "His hand is entering my womb!!" Grandma wailed as we watched Grandpa's elbow disappear into the sloppy wet hole. Grandpa then proceeded to fuck Grandma with long slow strokes of his hand and arm. In and out. In and out he went.

Grandma was moaning everytime the hand entered her womb. "I want you to do that to me!" Mom stated. "I want to feel your hand inside my womb just like my mom." Mom laid on the floor next to Grandma. Dad greased his oh yes my gmg xxx story with lots of KY jelly and started inserting his fingers into Mom's cunt.

The in and out strokes along with the lube, made Dad's hand slowly disappear into Mom. "OH, YES!! That feels soooo good! Don't stop! Fill my cunt with your hand. Fill my womb! Fist fuck me!!!" I love it." Mom yelled as Dad's hand went deeper into her cunt.

Dad continued to bury his hand into Mom's pussy. "I can feel your fingers at my womb opening. I can feel two of your fingers in my womb stretching it.

Please, put another one in there." Mom moaned. Dad did as he was asked. He continued to push his hand and fingers into Mom. Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandpa had finished and were watching Mom and Dad.

I went over to Grandma who was still laying on her back with her legs spread and pushed my hand into her cunt. It was very loose from Grandpa's big hand. I continued to insert my hand until I reached her womb. The hole of her womb was stretched open so I was able to continue insert my hand deep into her womb.

I did this socando o pau e a matildeo no cuzinho do marido I hit the bottom of her womb. Grandma's pussy lips were almost up to my shoulder. I felt Grandma's womb and cunt clamped down on my arm.

It was a strange feeling to have all of my hand and arm buried in my Grandmother's cunt. "Yes, sweet Diane! Fist fuck your Grandma's wet pussy." Grandma moaned. "OH, SHIT!! OOOHHH!! Damn!! I can feel your whole hand in my womb. It is stretched so tight.

I love it!! FIST FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD!!" Mom screamed as Dad's hand entered her womb for the first time. "Harder! Deeper!! Faster!! I'm cummmmming!!!! Mom's cumming set off Grandma. Grandma's womb and cunt clamped down again on my hand as she came. Here were both women, their pussy filled with someones hand and arm, cumming like there was no tomorrow. When they finished cumming, Dad removed his hand from Mom and I removed mine from Grandma.

"That has to be the best fucking feeling in the world." Mom retorted. "I never knew a hand could feel that good. I want to be fist fucked again." With that statement, Grandpa moved over to Mom and pushed his hand into her well stretched pussy. Dad moved over to Grandma and did the same. Me. I laid back and finger fucked my own cunt while watching them.

I had four fingers in my pussy and two fingers in my ass. As they fist fucked Mom and Grandma I laid there and came a dozen times. When we all had finished, we went to the kitchen to get something to eat. "That was fun! We'll have to do it again sometime." Mom said. "Let's go to the barn. I need to feel a big cock in my cunt." Grandma replied. So off we went. When we got to the barn the woman stripped off their clothes.

I could see the hardons growing in the pants of my Dad and Grandpa. Mom and Grandma went over to the horse and began rubbing his already swelling cock. I feel my own cunt starting to get wet. I knew I had to have that cock in me someday. As I was fingering my clit, I watched Mom and Grandma licking the huge horse dick. The guys had taken off their clothes and were sporting beautiful hard dicks. I kneeled on the floor of the barn with my ass raised in the air, "How about one of you guys filling my pussy with your hard cock?" I moaned.

Dad came over and buried his huge cock into my cunt in one stroke. I came instantly. As Dad fucked his fat cock in and out of my tiny pussy, we watched Grandma lay down on the bench beneath the horse.

Mom was helping to aim the monster cock at Grandma's pussy hole. The head slipped in. "OH, YES!! That feels so good. I want more!!" She wailed as she lifted her hips to impale more of the horse cock into her hole. Mom was still licking the shaft of the huge cock. "I can feel the head hitting my womb." Grandma yelled. "OH, FUCK!! I'm cumming!!!' The horse began to hump his dick into my Grandmother. Deeper and deeper it went.

Grandma was yelled her head off as more of the huge cock entered her. "He's entering my womb!!

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It's stretching sooo big!! I can feel it hitting the bottom of my womb." She wailed. Over 3/4 of the cock had entered Grandma.

Grandma was out of her mind with pleasure. She kept humping her ass up to meet the down strokes of the horse. Mom was licking the whole shaft everytime it came out. Meanwhile, Dad continued to ream my cunt with longer and deeper strokes. I kept cumming. Grandpa had got behind Mom and was fisting her cunt with his big hand. Probably getting her ready to be able to accept the big horse cock when Grandma was though.

I could see his hand so deep in her pussy that the elbow was hitting her clit. But she didn't let that stop her from licking up all of the cunt juices spraying from Grandma's pussy.

Grandma wailed, "His cock is swelling!! He's tearing my cunt!! OH, SHIT! He's cumming!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! UUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!! I'm so full of cock!! There is no room for his sperm!!" She was right about that because we watched the horse's spunk spurted out the sides sexy teen in tight jeans zoey nixon getting hammered p tube xvideos her cunt and down to the floor. He must have dumped about 2 1/2 gallons into her.

That was one big puddle. When Dad saw the horse cum, He let go of his load deep into my pussy. I could feel the force of it spraying into my cunt. I even felt it shoot into my tiny womb. The pleasure was so great I passed out. When I awoke, Grandma had finished and was laying on the floor next to me. Mom had taken her place and was having Dad help her shove the monster horse cock into her pussy.

"Oh, its sooo big!! It's stretching my pussy open. I think it just tore me but don't stop, I want it all!!" Mom screamed as she also lifted her hips to get more of the huge dick into her. The horse was now pumping his cock in and out of my mother.

I watched more and more of the beautiful horse meat disappear into her. "Its hitting my womb opening!! I can feel it starting to enter my womb. OH, shit. there it goes! Its filling my womb!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!" Mom wailed. I watched my mother being fucked by this horse.

I watched 3/4 of the dick enter her. I feel a warm feeling on my own cunt. I looked down to see my Grandmother tonguing my tiny well stretched hole. She was lapping up the juices and sperm my Dad had deposited into me. little college girl and tribu african hitting the bottom of my womb!" Mom wailed as the horse continued to pound his cock into her. "He's swelling!! He's going to cum. OH, SHIT!! He's cumming and so am I!!

UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!" I watched the sperm squirt out from the sides of my Mom's well filled pussy. For a horse that had just dumped his first load into Grandma, he sure was dumpping just as big of a load into Mom.

When the horse had finished cumming, he pulled his still hard cock from Mom. Her pussy hole was gapping open. I went over to look inside of Mom's cunt. I could see all the way into her womb. There was still alot of horse spunk in her womb. I reach up and inserted my hand deep into my horny bootylicious schoolgirls crave pussy too pornstars hardcore cunt, all the way into her womb I pushed my hand.

When I hit the bottom I grabbed a handful of horse sperm and pulled it out. Then I put my hand to my own cunt hole and pushed the horse spunk into my hot waiting cunt. I came as soon as the sperm entered my hole. Mom left the bench and went over to lay next to Grandma. As they laid on their backs, they raised their knees. Both their pussy holes were gapping open.

I thought that no man would ever be able to satify them again. No man had a cock that big. Noone would ever be able to touch the sides of their huge opening. Dad and Grandpa still had raging hardons. I could that they were looking for a hole to bury them in. Grandpa moved first, he came over to me, rolled me onto my hands and knees, and in one stroke buried his cock deep into my ass. Dad went over to Mom and Grandma and buried his cock first into Mom, then into Grandma, then he moved his cum covered cock over to my mouth and pushed it in.

I could taste the horse cum as well as Mom and Grandma's pussy juices. I sucked off every drop of the juices that covered the huge dick. Grandpa continued his pounding of my ass as I continued to suck my Dad's cock.

I felt Grandpa swell and knew he was going to spray my bowels with his spunk. Dad also swelled in my mouth and then I knew I was going to get my belly filled from both ends. I swallowed all of the spunk from my Dad's dick. Since he had filled my cunt with sperm I figured he wouldn't have much.

Boy, was I wrong. There was so much that it was like he hadn't cum for days. But I managed to swallow most of it. Grandpa filled my bowels what felt like a gallon of spunk. When they finished they let me collapise next to Mom and Grandma.

Since Dad and Grandpa were still horny. Their hardons never went down. So they turned Mom and Grandma onto their hands and knees.

Dad buried his cock into Grandma's upturned ass with one stroke. Grandpa did the same to Mom. Dad reached over and stuck two of his big fingers into my well fucked ass. Grandpa stuck two of his fingers into my juicy cunt.

I was being fingered in both my holes while they reamed out Mom and Grandma's asshole. By the time they finished fucking and cumming into Mom and Grandma.

Both Dad and Grandpa had managed to get most of their hands and fingers deep into my young holes. I was stretched so big I figured I could now be able to handle aleast the head of the horse cock. Under the protest of Mom and Grandma I climbed onto the bench under the horse. I grabbed the semi-limp dick in my hand and pressed it up to my cunt hole. I was so sloppy wet that the head entered me instantly. I couldn't believe it.

It felt sooo good. I now knew what my Mom and Grandmother felt. I was being stretched to the limit. It hurt but it also felt wonderful.

I lifted my tiny hips to get more of this cock into me. "OH, this feels soooo good. I loved the feeling of being fucked by this horse.

He's swelling. He's getting bigger. He's tearing me. But I can't stop. It feels soooo good." I wailed as I felt the horse cock getting bigger in my tiny hole.

I started humping this monster cock that was in my cunt. I was humping this monster cock that was tearing my cunt hole. I was like a woman possessed. You wouldn't have been able to pry me off of this wonderful cock that was filling my cunt. I was cumming so much and so hard, I thought I would never stop. More and more the cock swelled in my body. More and more I could feel it hammering on my womb.

More and more I could feel my pussy tearing. But I didn't care. All I wanted was for the horse to cum in my cunt. He did.

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The horse came with such a force I had never felt before. He sprayed my womb with so much spunk I could feel it going into my womb. Two sexy sluts pleasure two big cocks cumshots and big tits sperm was spraying out the side of my pussy lips with such force that it hit my knees and the horse's honches.

When he finished cumming he pulled his softing dick from my young hole. I looked down to see the sperm flowing from me like a faucet. I could also see blood running down my thighs. I knew I had been torn good. But the feeling of the fucking would stay with me long after I healed. The only that felt funny was the vaccum and the emptiness of not having my pussy packed with that huge monster cock. But I also knew that I would have that horse fuck me again and again.

The next time I might try to take him up my ass. I knew that Mom and Grandma would probably have him do them first. I was going to enjoy watching them take that beautiful monster cock deep into their bowels.

Mom and Grandma rushed over and started licking and rubbing my well torn pussy. They dug their tongues deep into my hole trying to get every drop of the horse sperm they could get. Seeing their asses in the air again, Dad and Grandpa slammed their hard cocks back into the asses of the women. This time Dad fucked Mom and Grandpa fucked Grandma. By the time, Mom and Grandma finished with me, Dad and Grandpa had blown their loads again into a hot ass.

I was well worked up by then and wanted some more cock. "Dad, fuck me in the ass. Grandpa, let me suck your dick." I told them both. They went right to work as I had requested. I was really getting to love having Dad's cock up my ass. When they finished servicing my holes, we all went back to the house. "That was very satifying, don't you think?" Mom asked everyone. "It sure was. I think Diane is going to make a good member of our little club." Dad replied.

"You boys let her rest for awhile. The horse really ripped her pussy good. She'll need a few days to recupe from her first horse fuck." Mom chirped in. "If you really need to fuck someone, we're still avalible for use. If that's not enough then you can fuck Lady." Grandma stated. Grandpa said, "I for one am pretty well fucked out.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn it down but I can use a rest too. "If my pussy wasn't so tore up, I'd go back out to the barn and let the horse fuck my butt." I said. "You had better wait until we can stretch your butt with the dildo's before taking that monster up your tail. I'm use to being butt fucked but I know I'll have to stretch my asshole to be able to take him in my shit chute." Grandma replied.

"I can't wait to see you get butt fucked by him." I replied. "I don't think any of us can wait." Mom stated. "But, Mom, Do you think you'll be able to do it." "No problem.

I'll just use my biggest dildo and your father will give me a couple of hand jobs in the ass just before I do it. Won't you, Dear?" Grandma smiled. "Anytime your ready, Honey." Grandpa replied.

"How about this week, every night, you fill my ass with the dildo and then fist fuck my butt?" Grandma said. "Sounds good to me." He replied again. "Since school is out, can I stay with you and watch?" I asked. "Sure, you can." Grandma replied. "Well, since you are going to get prepared for that cock. I think I need to get prepared also. I'll have my sweetie fist my ass also. Then we both can get fucked by the horse next weekend.

What do you say, Dear?" Mom asked. "No problem." Dad replied. "As a matter of fact we can start now if you'd like." "I'd like that." Mom replied as she bent over the table exposing her round firm ass to everyones view. Dad went and got the largest dildo Grandma had and the KY jelly. "Oh, this is going to feel so good." Mom moaned.

"I've always wondered what a hand would feel like up my ass." Dad returned with the items. He greased his cock and slammed it into Mom's butt nice son forced mom in bathroom xxx deep. While he stroked her ass with his big cock, he greased the dildo.

Removing his cock from her ass under Mom's protest, Dad put the dildo up to her well stretched asshole. He started sliding the dildo into Mom. As the head entered her Mom wailed, "Its so big. Go easy so I don't tear. Yes, that's it. Push more into me. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! DDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!" We all watched in aah as the dildo disappeared into Mom rectum. The dildo was bigger around and longer than Dad's cock.

It was even bigger that Max's knot. So I knew Mom was really being stretched.

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Dad turned on the vibrator when over half of the dildo had been taken up Mom's butt. "I'm cumming!!" Mom wailed. "I feel so full. Its so big. PUSH THAT THING ALL THE WAY INTO MY ASS!!!!" Dad did as requested. He pushed the remainer of the dildo deep into Mom's butt hole. All that was left sticking out was the knob that controlled the speed of the vibrator.

While Mom was screaming in pleasure, Dad began to fuck her ass with long slow strokes of the dildo. I watched as he pulled the dildo out til just the head remained in her ass. Then he slowly pushed it back in letting her feel every ridge and bump. All the while the vibrator himmed at full speed and Mom kept moaning and cumming. "Look at her go." Grandma spoke. "She's cumming so much, she's made a puddle of juice at her feet. Grandma was right. There was a huge puddle of Mom's pussy juice on the floor.

I didn't know a woman had that much cum juice in their bodies. But I guess Mom did.

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Dad continued he reaming of Mom's cunt for about a half hour. Then he pulled the dildo out and greased up his hand and began inserting it into Mom's well abused and wide open hole. I had never saw an asshole stretched so wide. "Don't let me shrink. Hurry up and push your hand into me." Mom wailed. Dad did as Mom asked. He pushed his hand into her well stretched hole.

We all watched in aah as his hand continued to disappear deep into her rectum. "OH, I can feel just what she's feeling. My asshole is tingling just watching this. I going to be wanting you to do me pretty soon." Grandma told Grandpa. "Well, bend over the table next to your daughter and I'll see what I can do to help you out." Grandpa replied.

Grandma did bend over the table and Grandpa started pushing the dildo deep into Grandma butt. "OH, YES. Ram that thing to me!" Grandma yelled. "Fuck me hard and deep." Grandpa rammed the dildo into Grandma's ass right up to the hilt. Then he started fucking her with fast, deep stokes. "I'm cumming!!" Grandma wailed. "God, I love to have my ass fucked. I can't wait till I have that horse's cock in my bowels." Meanwhile, Dad had been able to insert his hand and arm up to the elbow in Mom.

Now he was pulling it out. Then he rammed it back in. All I could see was the upper part of his arm. The rest of his arm and hand was buried in Mom's butt. "YES, FUCK MY ASS!! RAM YOUR HAND DEEP IN MY ASS. FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP. I LOVE THE FEEL OF YOUR HAND DEEP IN ME!! STRETCH MY BOWELS!! I"M CUMMMING AGAIN!!!" Mom screamed as Dad fucked her fast and deep.

"I've got to get some of this." I moaned as I squeezed between Mom and Grandma. Dad and Grandpa used their other free hands to play with my pussy and asshole. I could feel their fingers digging into my cunt and butt. I, too began to cum. Grandpa had removed the big dildo from Grandma butt and was now pushing his hand into her.

"YES, bury your hand in my ass. I love having something shoved into my rectum." Horny little schoolgirls scene 54 yelled.

In went Grandpa's hand and arm, just like Dad's. The women were going nuts from all the pleasure they were getting. I was cumming so much I thought I would never stop. I wished that one of them would fist fuck my ass as they were doing to my Mom and Grandma. I wanted to feel a hand deep in my bowels. To feel my asshole being stretched to its limit. Someday I would have it done to me. As well as having exploiting babes luscious butt hole smalltits and hardcore horse fuck my butt.

I grabbed the dildo Grandpa had laid down and proceeded to put it to my tiny ass opening. I was going to try and at least be fucked by it. It might fit, then it might not. But I was so horny for an ass fucking I was going to try. Meanwhile, Dad and Grandpa were fucking their hands and arms in and out of Mom and Grandma faster and faster.

Mom and Grandma were yelling at the top of their lungs to be fucked harder, deeper and faster. Finally they had one last huge orgasm then collasped.


Dad and Grandpa removed their hands from their respective spouses butt. The assholes on the women remained gapping open. The puddle of cum on the floor was huge. "OH, YES!!" I moaned as the head of the dildo entered my puckered anal opening. "Its so huge!!" Everyone looked at me. Here was a young semi-virginal girl laying on the floor ramming a monster dildo into her ass.

I was able to get about 2" of the dildo into me before I decieded that I should stop before I tore my butt. My cunt was already torn from the horse and if I wanted any more cock during the week I'd better not tear the only hole I had left to be used. I just laid there with the dildo sticking out of my rectum enjoying the feeling it was giving me. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa moved me to the sofa then they sat in the other chairs discussing the upcoming weekend.

I was just relaxing in the glow of what had happened tonight plus the feeling I was feeeling in my butt. By the time the weekend came, Mom and Grandma had been fisted in their butts a dozen times or more.

They assholes were well stretched. Me. I got ass fucked a few times by Dad and Grandpa. Mom fisted my ass after what I had done with the dildo. It felt good but I wanted something bigger like Grandpa's hand or the huge dildo. I really wanted the horse in my ass but I'd have to wait a little longer till I was stretched more or got older. That Saturday, after some wonderful fucking Friday night, we all went to the barn.

Mike had came over also. He brought Max and lady with him. I had Max twice last night. Once in each hole. Knot and all. I even had Mike fuck my ass while my Dad was fucking it. Two dicks in your ass sure does feel great. Dad and Mike even fucked Mom and Grandma ass the same way. Grandma had Mike fist fuck her butt hole once. In the barn, we all got naked. The guys had beautiful hardons. I knew while Mom and Grandma were getting their asses reamed by the horse, I would be getting my young body abused by the guys.

Grandma went first. She laid face down on the bench. Mom greased her ass with lots of KY. Mom couldn't wait so she started licking the horse cock that had dropped in front her. "Even licking already. Put that cock up to my asshole so I can get fucked royally." Grandma wailed. Mom relented and guided the monster cock up to her mother's well used asshole. The head slipped right in. "OH, YES!! This is what I've been waiting for!" She said as she raised her hips to get more of the dick into her.

In it slid. I watched in aah as more and more of the huge dick disappeared deep into Grandma's bowels. "OH, SHIT!! OH, FUCK!! He's stretching good. He's filling my bowels! It feels so wonderful!!" She screamed. Mom let go of the dick and horse rammed every mexican girl loses virginity tmature and into Grandma's waiting ass. All she said when the sheath hit her ass was, "Goddamn, its huge!!

But it does feels great!! OH, FUCK MY ASS!!" It seemed as if the horse understood her because he started fucking her. In and out went the huge dick. In and out. Every inch would appear then disappear. "I'm cummmming!! It feels soooooo good! It soooo big!! I can't stop cumming!! I can feel the head of it hitting my lungs." AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!" She yelled. Here I was watching my Grandmother taking this huge monster cock up her ass and she was really enjoying it.

I looked at Mom and you could see the glaze in her eyes as she watch the cock disappear. I knew was horny and waiting for her turn to be fucked by that dick. She was bent over and had Mike's hand up her ass. Grandpa had nicole ray is excited at the prospect of fucking some dick down and had his hand buried in Mom's cunt.

Both men were fucking her as fast as they could. "I can feel his cock swelling!! He's going to cum!! OH, YES. Fill my hot ass with your horse sperm!!" Grandma wailed. As if on que the started cumming. I watched his balls contract as he pumped his spunk into Grandma's well stretched ass. I also noticed that none of the sperm was coming out. Grandma had clamped her ass muscles so that all the spunk would breed me your cum college boy brunette and big tits inside of her bowels.

"He's almost finished cumming! Quick, grab the butt plug. When he pulls out ram it in my ass. I don't want to lose a drop of his hot googy sperm!" She screamed.

As the horse pulled out, Grandpa rammed the pkug into her ass. Not one drop came out. "Its my turn now!" Mom stated as she pulled Grandma off of the bench and climbed onto it. Mom didn't wait or ask for help. She grabbed the cock, aimed it at her butt and rammed her ass backward burying the whole dick deep into her ass.

She didn't stop until the sheath hit her anal opening. "OH, GOD, YES!! This is what I need. This is what I want. OH, Fuck!! I've got the whole thing in my ass.

It feels sooooo wonderful!! I've got to do this again!! AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Mom yelled as she started fucking the monster cock. She didn't even wait for the horse to started fucking her. When the finally started fucking her, he'd pull out till just the head was in Mom's rectum then he rammed back in.

Faster and faster he started his fucking. Deeper and deeper he went. Mom was going crazy with the feeling the cock was giving her. "OH, SHIT!! OH, DAMN!! THIS IS THE BEST FUCK I EVER HAD!! I don't want it to ever stop. I love this horse cock in my ass!" Mom screamed. "I hope he has another big load of sperm for me!!" The horse continued to ride Mom just like she was a mare. I thought that they would be fucking for hours.

I never knew my Mom and Grandma were this crazy about fucking. Finally, after ten minutes of heavy fucking, Mom yelled, "He's swelling up in my ass. He's going to cum. He's going to fill my bowels with his hot spunk!! I need a butt plug so I too can keep it all in me." Dad grabbed the other butt plug.

Mom screamed, "He's cumming!!! I can feel his hot sperm spraying my bowels. I swear I can taste his sperm!! There is so much of it! My belly is swelling!! My bowels are stretching from all of his cum!! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!" After what seemed like 5 minutes, the horse finished cumming and pulled out his softening dick. Dad rammed the plug into Mom's ass as soon as the head cleared the opening.

Mom collasped onto the bench and pasted out. With both of the women laying on the floor still enjoying tingles of the pleasure they had recieved. The guys turned their attentions towards me. I was the only female other than Lady that hadn't been fucked. Dad slammed his big cock into my pussy.

Mike rammed his large dick into my ass in one stroke. Grandpa grabbed Lady and buried his cock into her dog cunt in one stroke. The fucking went on for hours. Mom and Grandma fucked Max without taking out their butt plugs. My ass was reamed by every male there except the horse which is what I wanted most. I knew that one day I would have my wish. I would feel that horse cock in my ass as Mom and Grandma did. But for now I was going to enjoy the fucking the guys would be giving me until I was older.

I also knew I was in for another long wonderful night. THE END (part 4)