Fritsh older assfucked in her

Fritsh older assfucked in her
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The first time I saw Rusty, I knew I had to have him. He was perfect. Blond, 6 ft. tall, muscular but lean, the most beautiful blue eyes, and this quirky smile that could melt the polar ice caps. He was 17 and on the local high school football team.

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Every afternoon, at 3:30, the team would head from the high school to the football field for practice. The store I manage is right on the way, so most of the boys would stop in to pick up some Gatorade or energy drink on their way to practice. I make sure I was always at work so I could eye their hard young bodies and add fuel to my fantasies. Each day, I would make sure I was the one who rang up Rusty's purchase, checking him out from head to toe from the time he walked in the door, until he walked back out to his truck.

On Friday nights, I would go watch the game, just to see Rusty in his tight little football uniform. Just the sight of his tight teenage ass in those white pants almost pushed me over the edge.

Damn, I would have done anything to be in that lockerroom after the game, watching Rusty and his teammates showering their hard, sweaty bodies, their cocks swinging freely, the water running down between the globes of their hot asses.

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FUCK!!!! Funny thing was, during all my daydreaming at work, it took me some time to notice that Rusty seemed to always manage to come to my register, no matter how long the line.


And, he always called me by name, and give me a little look now and then. I just chalked it up to wishful thinking. No way was this 17 year old stud checking out me. A 38 year old convenience store manager. Well football season came to an end and I stopped seeing Rusty every day until spring came and baseball season started.

The old routine started back up. He came in for his Gatorade, I would watch him, my eyes burning a hole in his jeans. As the end of school came about, I came to the realization that Rusty was a senior.

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He would be graduating and moving off to college and out of my life for good. Oh well! It was fun while it lasted. I knew several of the kids graduating, in fact one was the daughter of my best friend, so I attended the ceremony. After all the pomp and circumstance, everyone gathered outside for photos and hugs and congratulations.

As I stood with my friends, I caught sight of Rusty with his family and decided to go over and give my regards. As I approached, Rusty saw me and smiled that killer smile, and broke free of his family. He walked up to me and much to my surprise, hugged me. "Jerry, I'm glad you came tonight. I know Shayna is a friend of yours and she said you would be here." "I wouldn't have missed it. So, what are planning now that you're out of school?" "I want to enjoy this summer.

In the fall, I'm going to college." "That's good," I replied as I noticed that Rusty was steering us away from his family. "Don't you think you should get back to your dad?" "I will. I needed to talk to you first. I'm having a party tomorrow and was wondering if you could come." "I would, but we're throwing Shayna a little party tomorrow, and I kinda have to be there." He looked kind of sad when I told him this, liked he was really hoping I would come.

"Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be right if you didn't go to her party, huh?" He seemed to think for a minute then he asked, "Hey, what are you doing tonight?" "Nothing, really." "Want to meet me in about an hour? Maybe we could hang out for a while." "Sure. Why not?" What was going on? Rusty foxy lassies get banged in an orgy I had never even talked to each other outside of the store.

He probably just wanted me to get him and his friends beer. Fuck it. Any chance to spend time with him…… "Hell, yeah.

Let me lose my family and I'll meet at the park." With that, he turned and walked off. Just under and hour later, I was sitting in my truck at the park feeling a little silly waiting for him, when Rusty pulls up behind me.

I watch in the mirror as he gets out of his truck and walks up and gets in mine. " Glad you came. I was worried you might change your mind." "I started to, but you've got me a little curious.

Why did you want to hang with me instead of your friends? I mean, we hardly know each other." "I just wanted to get to know you a little better. Besides, there is something I have been wanting to ask you all year long." "What is it?" "You know where Flats Road is?" I nodded that I did.

"Good. Let's head there and I'll tell you." Flats Road was a good ways out in the country, mostly unused by anyone but farmers during the day, and teenagers wanting to be alone at night. The drive out there was mostly silent except for the radio. As we approached a particularly quiet spot, Rusty asked me to pull on to a little side road that dead ended about a half mile down.

"Let's stop here." I did, and Rusty jumped out of my truck and walked off to the side of the road to piss I assumed. He came walking back a minute late carrying a large cooler and a sleeping bag. He proceeded to spread the sleeping bag out in the bed of my truck and then opened to cooler and offered me a beer. I took the beer and swallowed about half of it in one drink. "What's going on, Rusty?

If I didn't know better, I'd think you planned to get me drunk and take advantage of me." He looked at me, the moonlight shining on his face, and smiled. "Dude, that is exactly what I had planned. I know you're gay, and I know you've been checking me out all year. Hell, I'd have to be blind not to notice the way you looked at me.

I thought you noticed me looking at you, too." As he said all this, he began undressing. I just stood there, frozen in place. " I guess I was too caught up to notice." He jumped down from the truck and removed his jeans. No Underwear!! His cock was standing at attention already. And what a cock it was. At least 9 inches kinky nightclub orgy with stunning starlets brunette big tits and thick as my wrist.

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He grabbed his cock and stroked it a few time, wagging it in my direction. This was all I needed. I stripped in record time and fell to my knees. Rusty moaned as I took him into my mouth, savoring every inch of him. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat as I buried my nose in his pubes. Then I drew back to the tip and swallowed him again.

"Damn. Nobody has ever been able to take all before. Shit, Jerry, don't mind control mother and sister corey chase had no intention to. I sucked his massive dick for what seemed like hours. He began to buck his hips forward, fucking my face, his heavy balls slapping my chin.

I was in heaven. I worked his cock for a while and then released it from my mouth and moved to his balls. I love to suck a guys balls. Rolling those fat orbs around in my mouth, pulling on them gently, making him moan. "Oh Shit, Jerry, I'm gonna cum!" I quickly released his balls and took just the head of his cock back into my mouth, stroking his shaft with my right hand, squeezing his balls with my left. He leaned back against the tailgate of my truck and started to shake as he unloaded what seemed like a gallon of boy juice into my eager mouth.

I pumped his cock faster as I felt the hot jets of cum hit my tongue. GOD! It tasted good. Like candy. His breathing began to return to normal as his spent cock fell from my mouth.


"That was fan-fucking-tastic. I've never cum so much in my life." "Glad you liked it," I said as I stood up. He looked me in the eye and kissed me, his hand moving to my still hard cock. "I guess I should return to favor, huh?" I didn't say a word as he fell to his knees and began sucking. Mine was not the first cock he had sucked.