Stepsis snuggles up to stepbro and they end up fucking

Stepsis snuggles up to stepbro and they end up fucking
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CHAPTER 8: CONVICT The guards escorted her in and made her sit down at the table, across from Claire. "Who the fuck are you?" she demanded. "I'm Dr. Claire Thompson, I work for the government, and I think we can help each other," she answered. She read from the file in front of her, "Lauren Mayes. Convicted and sentenced to death at 24, incarcerated for 17 years. You're approaching your last appeal, which isn't expected to go any better than the previous ones, then you'll be executed.

What would you say if I told you I could keep you from receiving that lethal injection?" "Bullshit!" exclaimed Lauren.

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Claire looked her over now that she had her face to face. The years had been kind to her, even in prison. She could easily qualify as a MILF. Her blonde hair was cut short, not uncommon among inmates since long hair is a liability in fights, but in a style that was feminine rather then butch. Generous F-cup breasts filled her orange prison uniform shirt well. Her green eyes might have been prettier though, were they not cold from a hard and troubled lifetime.

There wasn't a very large pool of women on death row to choose from, but Claire was sure she had a good candidate here. If she could get her to go along with it. "I'm gathering volunteers for a medical study," Claire continued. "If you join, we will do exactly that." "What kind of study?" the prisoner asked, still skeptical but ready to listen. "I can't give you the details for security reasons, but I can tell you that you would be moved to my facility," Claire said.

Time to lay out the bait.

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"It's much nicer than it is here. No more tiny cell. Unlimited television privileges. Internet too. Better food. All you have to do is sign right here, and I'll take you away from all of this." Claire pushed a paper and pen towards the other woman. - - - "She's all yours, Doctor," Jeffers said as he unlocked Lauren's shackles. "Thank you Major, a pleasure as always," Claire said.

"Easiest transport ever," Jeffers niew xxx story 2019 sex stories as he turned back towards his vehicle. "No doubt," Claire said, then motioned Lauren into the Institute. "Come with me." First Claire gave her a physical exam, including a pass with the medical scanner, followed by endurance tests on the exercise room equipment.

This was her baseline for later comparison. Then Claire took her into the cell in Containment Room 1. Lauren took in her surroundings, wondering what she'd gotten herself into. She saw she was not alone as a man rose from the bunk. "Who are you, another inmate here for the study?" "Yes, you might say that," the stranger said as he walked towards her. "My, aren't you pretty." He added when he got close. She sensed him undressing her with his eyes.

Typical, just like all the guards back in prison. "Hey! Doctor! I want my own room, I ain't bunking with no guy," Lauren said, but as she turned to address Claire she discovered her mysterious benefactor had slipped out of the room while this jerk was distracting her.

She turned back to the man to find him outright leering at her. "You stay away from me," she demanded. "Oh, I don't think so," he said sinisterly, and began to change before her eyes.

His skin turned a dark, unnatural color. His eyes lit up bright red. He grew in size, his face contorted into something devilish, horns and all. He gained a tail, and. were those cocks? "Shit, shit, shit," she repeated as she backed away.

Prison fights she was used to, prison rape she'd dealt with, but this was way out of her league. She screamed as the long cocks sped through the air towards her and took hold of her wrists and ankles. She struggled against them but they were much stronger and immobilized her with her arms raised up and her legs spread apart.

They extended their grip, coiling down her arms and up her legs outside the prison issue orange pants. More cocks grew into tentacles and ventured up under her matching orange shirt.

They wrapped around her body and then pulled her bra down so dani denals dabal porn sex stories could coil around her tits. "Stop it! Stop it! What the fuck are you?" she yelled, still straining against her bonds. The creature laughed at her as his tentacles pulled her into the air. They went after her pants next, slipping into the waistband and pulling until ripping sounds announced the failure of the seams, baring her thighs to the monster.


Her panties suffered the same fate, and Lauren shrieked as one of the tentacles took interest in the folds of her sex, nestled within her blonde bush. Her shirt and bra were quickly removed the same way, exposing her fully to the beast. Not content to stop there, the tentacles took hold of her shoes and pulled until her feet slipped free, then they took her socks as well. In one swift motion, the tentacle wrapped around her right leg loosened its grip and couples seeking teens riley reid zoey holloway down off her leg, taking one leg of Lauren's ruined pants with it.

She tried to take the opportunity to kick at the tentacles but another moved in quickly to tightly secure the leg again. This was repeated with her left leg, leaving her totally naked before the beast. She continued screaming and trying to pull her way free as the tentacle at her pussy started to push into her and didn't stop until it was deeper than she could have imagined. She grunted as the tentacles fucked her, thrusting into her pussy, squeezing her boobs, and toying with her nipples.

"So nice, what a nice pussy you have," the creature said, taunting her. She felt the next tentacle poking at her ass. She screamed, "Noooooooooo! Nooooooooo!" The second "no" caught in her throat as the tentacle shoved itself into her anal passage.

Tears ran from her eyes and she started sobbing as it journeyed deeper and deeper and then fucked her hard and fast. The next tentacle brushed against her clit, over and over, and then she saw another aiming at her face.

She clamped her mouth shut and turned her head away, but more tentacles wrapped around her head and chin and forced her to face the beast while pulling her jaw open. Her final strangled scream was cut off as the tentacle sped into her mouth and down her throat.

Their task accomplished, the tentacles released her head, leaving her mouth to be brutally fucked. She could barely breathe and started to panic and thrash within her bonds, but they continued holding her tightly as the tentacles rammed into all three of her holes. The creature moaned in appreciation, "Fuck yes, baby, oh yeaaaaah." Lauren screamed from her stuffed mouth in pain and rage, and finally the tentacles convulsed and sprayed her with cum, all over her body and shooting it deep into her filled holes.

She choked on it as the nasty goop made her skin crawl. Finally the tentacles let her down to the floor and set her free. She laid there covered in jism, coughing and sobbing, until she passed out.

- - - Claire entered the cell carrying a laptop computer, toiletries, and lunch, and set them down by the door. She crossed the cell and started to collect what was left of Lauren's clothes. "So how was that, did you enjoy the show?" Gruthsorik asked. "Very nice, yes, thank you," Claire replied.

She had asked him to do it that way. If she had no choice but to trick some woman and then throw her in with a rape demon to be his fuck toy, she may as well arrange to see an attack on an unwilling subject starting at the human guise. For the sake of science, of course. Sunny leone hard sexamazing story while she was watching she couldn't keep herself from masturbating.

She felt guilty about it, she thought only men got off watching that sort of thing, she should have been repulsed, she wanted to be repulsed, but she had kept picturing herself in Lauren's place, fighting against those wonderful tentacles. "Impressive move with the pants, by the way." "I do what I can," Gruthsorik said.


"Tighter pants are a pain in the ass, though. I stopped trying with those years ago, I just rip the crotch apart and leave 'em put now. I don't know how you women can stand them." "What about shoes, if they won't just pull off?" Claire asked.

"Shit, do I look like I can undo laces or zippers with these? Same with pants, if they come off, fine, otherwise screw it. They aren't in my way," he said. So he definitely doesn't have a foot fetish, Claire noted. She finished gathering up Lauren's former clothes and hurried from the cell just as the woman started to reawaken. She picked herself up from the floor, disoriented, then she spotted Claire and rushed to the wall as if she could break through and strangle her.

"You bitch! I'll kill you!" She growled. "This is not what I agreed to!" "Of course not," Claire said calmly. "If I'd told you horny dad feeds dolly leigh his big cock deep throat smalltits and pornstars you wouldn't have come with me." "You can't do this to me!

I have rights!" Lauren yelled. "Actually, you don't," Claire said. "Officially, you've been killed in a prison fight with another inmate. Dead people don't have rights. I own you now. Well, me and him." Claire tilted her head towards Gruthsorik. She wanted to apologize for it all, but had decided it was better to play the hard-ass. "Don't tell me you're leaving me in here with. that," Lauren pleaded. "Welcome to your new home," Claire said, and walked out the door.

Lauren looked towards the demon. He was leaning against the rear wall of the cell, staring at her and smiling. She retreated to the corner of the cell and sat on the bunk, pulled her legs up to her chest, and cried. Continued in Chapter 9: Anticipation - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.