Bbw mature comes to the doctor for sex

Bbw mature comes to the doctor for sex
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Itookmy step daughter to the bar last weekend. We had a few drinks and she asked if I rememberthe time her momaunt took ill on memorial day? I said yes of course. Shetold me of her fantasy and askedif I wanted to play it out? We did and this is what transpired.

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Everyone involved is over the of 18 when all the sex actually happen. My wife Michelle was away for the weekend, tending to an ill aunt. I was left alone with our step-daughter. I use the label step-daughter loosely. Michelle and I have been together for 12 years.Mellissa is 14 and since she has not seen him since he left.

I am the only person she considers as dad.


She knows I am not her dad. She has a picture of him, but it stays in a drawer. Michelle wanted to track him down and make him pay child support, but I said no. I will take responsibility for Missy. She does not let anyone call her Missy, just me.

We have an agreement. I call her Missy, she calls me daddy. I dont have children of my own. I was tested and for some reason my sperm dies amost immediately after release. Missy is mine. It pisses her mom off sometimes, because I spoil her. Missy knows what she can get away with and she sometimes pushes the envelope. She also knows that I have rules and as long as she stays with in the rules life is good. I have a great job and make enough money to send her to private school and she has a lot of luxuries other kids don't.

She got in trouble at school on Thursday for correcting a teacher. Mom revoked all her privileges until she came back from Minnesota. I was on Missy's side but I am married to Michelle, so I have to uphold her punishment. Missy knows that my hands are tied.

I think she didn't mind being stuck in this big house with her daddy. We have a good time watching movies, laughing and joking around, even debating. She is very smart and convincing. I always taught her she would not get in trouble if she argued as long as she was respectful and laid out valid arguments. So I am just as resonsible for her being grounded as she is. I also have taught her that nudity is not dirty nor is sex.

Granted, her experience with sex is very limited. I have nude art all around the house. In fact a couple are originals. Missy is not allowed to play on the computer or use the phone. Mom took her laptop, I-pad and phone.she was allowed to post on her Facebook page status as grounded.

She posted Banned! 3 days. Made me laugh. Her mother, not so much. I thought it was both funny and insightful. Anyway, Missy is very attractive. She has blonde hair with a light redish tint. The more she is exposed to the sun, the more the red comes out. Her eyes are blue, but she talked me into some green contacts. Actually, the contrast is quite eye catching. Two things have been happening lately. One, I have had alot to do at work.

Between budget cuts and being a man down at work, my workload is extremely heavy. No petite teen ass fucked while sucking off for sex. Sometimes rub one out in the shower. Two, Missy has been dressing a little more provocative around me.


Her mother is around, she tones it down. She has always been clingy but lately she hss been cockblocking her mother.

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Whenever Michelle and I would get frisky she would act up against her mother then sit in my lap. This has put a strain on our relationship. At least the sex part. On time her mother was upset at me and said. You should just fuck her, maybe she would blowjob on the side deepthroat and pornstars down.

How does a man respond to that? I joked no way, she would never leave us alone then. In the dark recesses of my mind, the thought was actually a turn on. So here we are stuck in this big house together. Me sexually frustrated, and her with raging hormones. This is recipe for disater. Now, up until the last month or so, Michelle and I have had sex every night, even if it were only a handjob or blowjob.

I am not positive, but I think Missy watched her mom blow me one morning. Just after I came I heard rustling in the other room. In fact, now that I think hard about it, that's about the time the cock blocking started. It's Memorial Day Weekend, about noon. I am working on a spreadsheet for work. Missy scampers into the kitchen pours a glass of apple juice drinks it real quick. Then scampers back to her room. She is wearing matching bra and panties. They are light pink.

She grabs a towel from the lenin closet and goes back into her room. Then back into the kitchen wrapped in tbe towel. Its obvious she is putting on a show for me. I ignore her. She pours another glasx of apple juice, drinks it and says "daddy? I am going to take a shower. Ok?" "Ok sweetie". She scamper to the bathroom. Not sure what possessed me, buti go into her room and find her pink panties.

They were wet. I put my nose to her soiled crotch. I took in the combination of her young girl juices and and perspiration. My cock stirred. Then I tasted it.

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Oh the taste was divine. Then I sucked on the juicywet spot, wanting to suck out all her girl cum from the silky fabric. I am sure she had just jilled off.