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Teen big tits on cam watch more of her at ulacamcom
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After college I moved to northeastern Pennsylvania and finally had my own apartment and privacy. All during college I was haunted with fantasies of bondage, torture, humiliation, and sexual abuse. My new found privacy allowed me to serf the Internet for topics related to my fantasies and during these sessions I discoverd a magazine called "Bound and Gagged"which was a magazine dedicated to male bondage.The bondage was good but not quite what I was interested in.It was then I realized I more closely identified with females in bondage.

As I viewed more female bondage photographs I realized that I enjoyed imagining myself in their predicament, but also in their clothing. I had no trouble finding transvestie boutiques on the Internet and immediately began by purchasing some sexy lingerie panties, garter belts, sheer black nylon stockings and bra's.

I remember the thrill the first-time I pulled on those stockings. I felt even more submissive than ever before and from that moment on I began practicing self bondage, but self bondage was not nearly satisfying enough so I knew I had to find some way to experience sunny leone new xxx bf real thing. I began serfing the net and found some adult sites like alt.com, however at first I was afraid to place a personal so I came up with an alternate solution.

Since I moved to this area I had frequented several adult book stores and I knew that at least two of them had bulletin boards for adult oriented notes or ads.After several hours of consideration I came up with an ad that I thought might get some response so I made two copies and ventured out to post them an even as I did that I had some reservations, however, I believed I was safe because I was only giving out my email address and I could have an email exchange to see if I was comfortable with whomever might respond.

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My ads read: Tired of searching for that elusive submissive female who you can tightly bind and torment to persuade her to satisfy your every desire no matter how humiliating or degrading it may be to her. I offer you a possible alternative. Sex is not necessary it is optional you may or may not exercise your option. I am a passable ultra-submissive masochistic transvestite who could,and for that matter should, be tortured into satisfying your every sexual desire no matter how humiliating or degrading it may be to me.

Mild to moderate torments or tortures are acceptable and desired I only ask that I not be marked or permanently marked in anyway.There is only one thing you can't do to me that you could do to a female submissive.

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I will entertain imaginative dominant males individually or in groups of two, three, four, or more.There is safety in numbers, therefore, groups of two or more will receive the special attention. I can be contacted at my email address which is: [email protected] I posted my ads on a Friday and I realized if I got any response I would need a wig, a dress and shoes which I did not buy on the internet because of size and fit so on Saturday morning I took a bus to New York where I knew there were transvestite boutiques where I could try those things on to assure a good fit.I bought a wig, two sexy dress's and a pair of mom and son massage forced heels with a 4" stellatio heel.I spent all day Sunday walking around my apartment to get used to walking in heels.

I was really aroused because I was also wearing my stocking. My imagination was running wild.I kept checking my email all day long but I did not get any response to my posted ad.

I finally went to bed disappointed.


Monday and Tuesday came and went still no response. Finally on Wednesday I got an email. I was very excited but then a little disappointed the email was from a couple.


I had not anticipated that, but the email explained that they were a dominate couple and that the female was very sadistically inclined and enjoyed experimenting with cock and ball torture.After several female exchanges on Wednesday and Thursday by agreed to meet with them at their home on Friday evening.They told me that I didn't need to dress completely becausethe emphasis would be on my cock and balls so therefore I should just wear my garter belt, black nylon stockings and high heels.No wig or dress was necessary.

Friday evening put on my stockings and garter belt put my heels in a bag than after putting my regular male clothing over my female lingerie and drove the 10 miles to their house. As I rang their doorbell I was aroused, but feeling a little apprehensive. This really large man about six-foot four inches tall and 250 pounds answered the door.He invited me in an directed me to their celler entrance. I started down the stairs and he followed me after closing the cellar door.

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I looked around the room and I began to have second thoughts about what I was getting into their celler was nothing more than a pretty well equipped torture chamber.Then I saw her she was sitting on a chair dressed in black leather with sheer black nylon stockings and high heeled boots.

She was an imposing figure.She instructed me to strip.I followed her instructions and then felt very vunerable standing there almost naked in my garter belt and stockings. I removed my shoes from the bag and put them on my feet.She stood up and led me over to a rack like table and instructed the to lay down on it.She grabbed my balls commenting as she did that they were going to get a real workout tonight.Her husband then secured my hands and feet yo the table in a spread eagle then he came over to the side of the table and began turning a crank and I felt a jack like devise rising against the small of my back raising my body up into a bow like form until the restraints on my wrists and ankles were pulled so tight I had to complain.

He then said," Just one more turn," and he turned the crank one more time making my bonds cut into my wrists and ankles.Now she went to work with a very thin cord which she wrapped around my balls pulling it painfully tight before tying it and then ran the remaining cord up to an eye ring in the beam above the table where she tied it off tightly.Then she turned to her husband and said,"This slut complained about being jacked up so why don't you lower the jack a bit." I knew that would be painful but I didn't know how painful untill he hot amazing babe plays with cock hardcore and massage it lower.

The pain was excrusicating and I was sweating like a pig and I couldn't help but moan.She looked at me and said," Your not to durable are you?' I responded, " I am sorry but I guess not." She answered, " At least your honest we'll try something a little different. I was released pussylicking yoga lesbian toyed till squirt flexible and booty the table and my arms were bound behind my back and a spreador bar was placed between my legs forcing them apart.The cord was removed from my balls and replaced with a leather contraption which aired chains hanging down to which weights were attached.This was not too bad yet however I realized more weights could and would be added later, but first her husband was going to Fuck her while I watched.

I thought it a bit curious that he was using a condom usually married couples practice birth control using the pill.It never dawned on me that they had a plan and they would use that condom to humiliate me. After fucking his wife he removed the condom came over to me and helping me to my knees which I felt was a break because to weights on my balls touched the floor thus releiving the pain in my balls,but then he pressed his cock against my lips telling me to lick his cock clean.

My first reaction was to turn my head away. He then said to his wife," Your slut don't want to clean my cock what can yiu do about it?" She picked up a ping pong paddle and began smacking my ass as hard as she could and I must admit it was arousing to me I felt my cock begin to react and the after about 8 swats I told them I would lick his cock clean.

I licked and then sucked his cock until he said it was clean enough. After some more weights were added to my balls a curling iron was attached to my cock and I was tortured for and hour or so having the curling iron heated up and then cooled down about 12 or 15 times.

Now the used condom was to come into play. She brought it over and said We my wat to use this over again so we need you to clean it up for us." Then holding it up to my mouth she said, "I hope your going to do this willingly and we don't have to hurt you anymore." What could I do I opened my mouth and she emptied the cum into my mouth.

Then she instructed me to swallow it all and after I did she asked me to stick my tongue out so she could slip the condom on my tongue so I could clean the interior.Satisfied that I had cooperated fully she presented me with my final humiliation of the evening. She presented me with a tray of used condoms saying as she did, "We thought you should have a good meal before going home so yesterday we went out to the local lovers lane and collected all the used condoms we could find so before we set you free you will have to eat all of these condoms and since they were used by who knows what kind of people we won't be wanting to use then again so we want you to swallow them all not just the cum but the condom and all.

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I looked at the tray and I could there were quite a few. She then placed the tray down in front of me saying," You'll have to eat them without our help but since we could only find 17 you shouldn't have to much trouble, by the way next time we'll try to find more even if we have to go to 2 or 3 locations.


As I began to eat the condons I thought to myself next time would there ever be a next time I wasn't sure. I felt completely humiliated as I drove home and my cock and balls were very sore.