French mom clean the bathroom with son

French mom clean the bathroom with son
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It was my last night in town before moving and I was at a friend's party. They have a bar inside there house so everyone was drinking a staci silverstone sex sex stories story. I had to go to the bathroom and a guy I knew a little from school, a bass player, walked in on me.

We both felt a little embarrassed but just kind of laughed about it. I went back upstairs and there was porn playing. I sat down on the couch and mentioned that I once saw porn where a girl uncorked a bottle of champagne with her vagina and the guys were impressed that I watched porn at all. One of the guys, who I also knew from school, who was known for doing crazy things, suggested that we get naked and start walking around the party.

I didn't want to do it but he kept saying how great it would feel and it would show that I didn't care what people think. I was too scared to do this so I left the room. I ran into the bass player again on the way to the bathroom, (I go a lot when I drink) we both had to go and he said that we should go together and he could aim between my legs.

We didn't actually do this, we just took turns and then started making out in the bathroom. He pushed me up against the wall and started fingering my clit a little.

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I had told him earlier that it was my last night in town and all my furniture was gone. He asked where I would be sleeping and I said I had borrowed an air mattress. He said there was know way I was spending my last night on an air mattress. About 10 minutes later, I was in a cab on the way to his apartment. For some reason not explained to me, his crazy friend, who wanted me to get naked was in the cab with us.

We arrived at the apartment and started smoking weed.

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I was already out of it but this felt great. Crazy friend started stripping and in an instant we were all stripping and smoking and dancing around the living room as loud music blasted.

It was such a liberating feeling. My bass player friend lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom and threw me on his bed.


I was laughing squirming around as the music still blared, loving the sensation of being naked on the bed sheets. Crazy friend ran in after us and both of them leaned over me on the bed. The bass player started squeezing my breasts and playing with my pussy again and his crazy friend asked if I "Ever had a threesome before?" I don't remember if I answered, I just made sure they both knew by my body language that was what I wanted to do.

We continued making out and I grabbed onto his hard throbbing cock. His friend started licking my pussy. It felt amazing enough being a little high and laying naked on a bed, but this was ecstasy. He went to go grab a condom and his friend got up and put his dick in my mouth. It wasn't very big but better than yours to suck on. I kept sucking as I waited eagerly for him to come back and thrust his cock into my already wet pussy.


He returned and instantly got on top of me and went to work. He had an average size cock, bigger than his friends and he couldn't believe how tight my pussy was.

I was a little nervous because I had never had a threesome and didn't know these guys too well but my pussy was wet and begging for it. His friend pulled his cock out of my mouth because he wanted to watch me get fucked. He sat on the bed beside his friend egging him on to fuck me good and hard as he jerked off all over my tits. At one point he cock slapped his friend on the ass. I squirmed and moaned with pleasure and loved being watched.

I was getting fucked so good I couldn't help but cum all over his cock, screaming as he laid into my tight pussy while cumming inside. Crazy friend came all in my hair too. Once all three of us had cum, his crazy friend put on a condom and had a turn. He started playing with my ass but Exclusive yello rounds gym sex adventure didn't like it, so he wanted to get me from behind.

I got on all fours and felt his cock push its way into my still wet and father and daughter real family on the webcam swollen pussy.

As I squirmed around on his warm cock, I began sucking off the bass player. In the midst of this I was carried into the living room. My bass player friend sat on the edge of the couch and I got on my knees in front of the couch and continued sucking his cock for a good long time, trying my hardest to get it all in my mouth. As I was doing this his friend was fingering my clit from behind and sometimes slapping my ass.

I love being fingered from behind so I came again while I had a mouth full of dick, making it hard to moan, but it was really hot.

Bass player then came all in my mouth as I tried so hard to slurp it all up and swallow it. We went back into the bedroom and they laid my still naked body down. At this point I felt a little worn out but I was in bed with two guys that still had raging hard cocks.

The bass player started licking my pussy and said that he loved it cause my pussy tasted like honey. They said my body was perfect and I had a perfect pussy. He took a break from licking it so they could both look at my pussy and say how nice and pink and tight it was, like I had never even been fucked before.

They said I shouldn't hang out with them anymore cause they would ruin my perfect pussy.

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He laid down next to me and his friend put on another condom and started fucking the shit out of me again. There cocks felt so much better than yours and I hoped this would never end.

After he cum inside me he laid on the other side and I slept between them on top of the sheets because the room was pretty hot now from all the sweating and body heat and the sheets were covered with all of our cum. When I woke up the next morning I found my earrings in the crack between the bed and the wall. I guess they must have been knocked out while I was getting pounded that night. I put them back on and got dressed. I was a little bruised from kneeling on the hardwood floor and still had cum all in my hair, on my tits, and in my pussy.

The sheets had so much cum on them from me leaking all over and the guys jerking themselves off, that they had to be washed but he didn't have a washer or dryer.

So the three of us walked to father and daughter bf full sex stories story download friend's apartment.

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We were all still in our clothes from the night before and the crazy friend was just openly carrying the bundle of cum soaked sheets. We even ran into some people who had been at the party the night before but I didn't care at all, it was a sunny day in the park and I loved being a cum slut whore. I knew I would get fucked by these two again and couldn't wait to have both their cocks in me and taste their cum.

I might call them up and have them make you their cum slut bitch.