Impure floozy will do anything for cum

Impure floozy will do anything for cum
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It was a silent moment while all my wives and loves came over. They each looked Kendra up and down almost as if they were sizing her up. I felt Kendra grab my hand while looking back at them, but the only difference was she was standing with a proud expression. I just turned my head back to see Jasmine come up quickly without me noticing. SLAP " What are you thinking calling her your girlfriend?

Have you been cheating on us with.with her?" Jasmine asks sounding a bit upset and disgusted like I downgraded " Actually I haven't if you have to know. It's just I knew Kendra in college. She use to hang out with Adam, Jack, and I.

In fact she hung out with you a little before the first pregnancy." I say while rubbing the left side of my face Jasmine and my ladies turn to see Adam and Jack nod. " Heath's right sis.

Remember her nickname is Skittles. You know like 'Taste the rainbow'. Shoot at one time you two were so close that I thought you'd talk her into your bed with Heath and you." Jack says with a smile while Sierra and Mandy look at him " Taste the rainbow? What is that suppose to mean baby? You keep saying that like it is her catch phrase or something." Sierra asks while looking into his eyes " It's because I love eating Skittles." Kendra says answering before Jack does getting Sierra's attention " You sure that is the reason?

I kinda think he meant something else." Jessie says with a smirk that makes me shake my head before I hear Serena scream " KIMDRA!" Serena screams yelling coming down from using the potty only to make her way past my ladies " Hey Serena." Kendra says while squatting with her arms open. Serena runs into Kendra's chest to kiss what she believed to be her cousin We all watch while Kendra wraps her arms around Serena only to stand back up.

Serena holds on tight before breaking the kiss and leaning back a little to look in Kendra's eyes. " Why are you here Kimdra?" My little adoptive daughter asks " I came to see Heath honey." Kendra answers while I see Serena's eyes go wide. She looks at Kendra to speak. "Daddy said a Kendra was coming not you Kimdra." Karen buts in,"Umm ma'am.

it your name Kendra or Kimdra? I'm confused." Kendra explains taking her friend Kimberly over to Tracy's and trying to get Serena to talk and once Serena started calling her Kimdra she never corrected her.

Associates step sister and mom russian asshole jane doux in when father is away stepmom family nods and Serena looks back to Kendra " Your.your that Kimdra?" Serena asks to get a nod " Yes baby girl." Kendra says with a smile and I see Jasmine has a look of confusion " How do you know her Serena?" Diamond asks to only have Serena turn to look at all those that think of her like another daughter " She's my mommy Tracey's niece.

She is my big sister auntie Diamond." Serena says while they all see Kendra nod before Serena hugs Kendra again to get a big squeeze " Actually my mother use to attend parties with Ron, Gina, and Tracey.

She still does occasionally." Kendra says to only get nods " Oh." Diamond says before Serena speaks up again " Kimmy can you take me swimming in the ocean? Daddy says I need an adult with me." Serena asks while Kendra nods " I would love to sweetie, but can Heath come along honey because I want to spend time with him?" Kendra asks to get a bright smile " Yes Kimmie daddy can come." Serena says confusing Kendra " Honey Ron is your daddy." Kendra says to get a yes and no " Yes he is my daddy, but so is daddy Heath.

He's my other daddy." Serena says to get a smile from Kendra " Aww that is so sweet baby girl." Kendra says while holding Serena who is like my other daughter " So will you take me Kimmie?" Serena asks to get a nod " Yes honey why don't you go change.

That is if you have a swimsuit over here." Kendra says while letting Serena down " Yes I do, will you come up and help me?" Serena asks to only be told no " Sorry baby girl, but your other aunties and I need to talk to your other daddy and Kendra." Jasmine says while glaring at Kendra looking like she is going to behead her " Aww no fair." Serena says lowering her head almost as if she is going to cry " Come on honey let Grammie Vannah and It doesnt take long before professor johnny is licking her pussy squirting pornstars help you." Savannah says getting up from Nick's lap " Ok grammie, but I wanted to show Kimdra my new suit you got me." Serena says going over to take Savannah's left hand " You will later honey now come on so we can get you ready." Savannah says looking at me worried " Come on kids let's go get you all ready." Megan says and I see five other faces light up.

The kids love Savannah, Megan and my other Alabama sisters so much. And I know they love the kids just like their own grandkids which isn't to far off. The older kids get up making their way to the stairs. Karen stops to only make her way over to Kendra. " It's nice to meet you Miss. Skittles." Karen says with a smile " Aww and it is nice to meet you too Karen." Kendra says while I chuckle inside Karen motioned for Kendra to lean down.

" My daddy likes you." I overheard my oldest say with a giggle while Kendra smiles looking up at me " Well honey the feeling is mutual." Kendra says making me blush Karen turns to smile up at me before running off to join the others. Pussy at dirty little cumslut part by amedee v the kids are out of ear shot that is when Jasmine spoke up.

" So how long have you both been screwing? And let me guess the skank is pregnant." Jasmine says in a matter of factly way " For your concern we haven't. Jasmine you need to calm down. And that is the first thing that pops into your head?" I say feeling very upset with her question implying I would ever betray her or any of the other wives " Well excuse me Heath.

It's just she shows up, and then you introduce her as your girlfriend. You con the kids into loving on her. It really makes me wonder if you haven't been cheating." Jasmine says before Kendra steps up " Jasmine for your information I have always liked Heath. He has shown me what a real man is all about. And I considered you a friend and as such I would NEVER do anything behind your back.

That hurts that you would think so little of me and Heath." Kendra says while she starts to sob " What's with the water works all of a sudden?" Diamond asks and I pull Kendra to me Kendra places her hands on my chest with her head also against my chest.

Adam and Jack get up coming over to stand between us and Jasmine. " Sis you really want to know WHY Kendra and Heath seem so close?" Adam asks while Diamond, Jasmine, and my other ladies nod " Actually yes Adam we do." Hannah says speaking up smiling hoping Adam would tell them something to show my infidelity Adam and Jack turn to see me nod before looking back to their sisters.

" It's because she was going to be raped and then killed afterwards by someone she thought loved her like she loved him." Adam says getting shocked looks " What.what do you mean Adam?" Jessie asks while Kendra cries softly " Her boyfriend and his few friends were going to rape her. Then after they got done that was when they were going to kill her." Jack says sounding emotional while my ladies look at one another then at us " Adam why didn't you guys tell me this before?

It changes." Jasmine asks while Adam lowers his head before Jack answers " Because that night we saw a side to our brother we have never seen. What he did to Tyrone was a day at the fair compared to what he did to those three assholes." Jack says getting shocked and stunned looks " Jack your scaring me.

What.what did our baby do?" Allison asks with a frightened look " Allison I." Jack tries to say before Diamond quickly steps up taking his collar in her hands " TELL US PLEASE!" Diamond yells before Kendra turns to stand in front of me placing her back up against me " He became a demon that you only hear about.

That night while Adam and Jack tried to make sure I was composed we say something horrible. We watched as this kind, caring, and gentle man turned into a no mercy, no morse, and raging hulk of a man. He broke bones and bloodied their faces. It was not the Heath we all knew. That.that night the man that became one of my best friends became a man I vowed to love.

It was his caring for me that saved me from that experience that would have happened." Kendra explains getting wide and shocked eyes " Damn Heath is she telling the truth?" Hannah asks and I just nod " Yes Hannah she is.

That night I became something that scared even me. The reason we never spoke of it was because I didn't want any of you to be frightened of me, and I had to save a woman that had always been there when Jasmine was home during her pregnancy." I answer to see nods from them " Jasmine, Diamond, and the rest of you.Heath and I have never been intimate. Although I wish we could of been, but I didn't want him to be in trouble." Kendra says leaning more back on me with her hands over mine that were on her belly It went suddenly silent for a few moments until Nick spoke up.

" Girls remember the story that Savannah, Sasha, Lucy, and I told you?" Nick asks to get nods before he continued. " Well back then I was going to do whatever I had to just to protect my family. When a man feels he has to sacrifice himself to save one or many he will do what his heart will tell him, or what he feels." My ladies stare into his eyes before turning to look at Kendra and I. We stood there for a moment before hearing the sounds of giggling coming back down the stairs.

The girls ran over to only stop at Kendra and my feet. " What's wrong with Kendra daddy? Why is she crying?" Lindsey asks with such concern " Nothing honey I am ok. It's just I care and love your daddy so much." Kendra says while I see Jasmine and the others look at Kendra with a look that seemed to be only of concern " Oh ok, but can we go now?" Lindsey asks while Serena reaches for Kendra's hands while Karen and Lindsey take mine We are led to the back door leaving the others behind.

The boys are behind us giggling and talking about who was going to splash who. I turn to see Kendra's beautiful eyes sparkle while she mouths 'Thank you'. I just nod before we get to the back gate and stop. " Kendra these are our doggies. The big one is Batty.

That one there is Sprinkles and that one is Mr. Wiggles." Karen says introducing the dogs to Kendra " All three are cute puppies hun." Kendra says while the kids giggle We are led again out the back gate and to the beach.

Kendra is smiling while we get closer to the shore. " It's so beautiful here honey." She says while I nod " Yes I know Kendra. I usually come out and sit when it's nice out to just think about the future and my family." I say to get a nod We get to a spot not far before the boys try to lay out the beach blankets they were carrying.

" Here daddy this one for you and Kendra." Dakota says half way spreading the big towel out trying his best " Thanks my little man." I say to get a smile " Aww thank you dear." Kendra says getting a blush from him " Your.your welcome ma'am." Dakota says before turning to run to the shore " He is so cute honey." Kendra says and I chuckle " Yeah and so are the others. Each one like their mothers." I say to get a laugh " Well Heath darling I have a feeling they are like you also." She says while I just nod " True, but I hope they don't do what I did." I say feeling a bit afraid before feeling arms wrap around me from my right side " Heath you did what had to be done.

If you didn't I wouldn't be able to be holding the man I love so much." Kendra says and I turn to place my arms around her before looking down in her eyes " I know Kendra, but it still scares me." I say to see her look up at me nodding " Aww my love." Kendra says before something that we can't stop happens I lean down placing my lips against her's.

Kendra is stunned at first but returns the kiss. Our hands find the other's waist. Our kiss becomes one of love and she lets out a moan before we hear some giggling. " Eww daddy and Kimmie." Serena says making us break the kiss " Awww Rena why you saying eww?" Kendra says giggling trying to act hurt to get a shrug " I don't know just seems weird.

I mean he's my daddy and he is kissing you like one of my aunties. And your my cousin and sissy." Serena says before Kendra lets go of me to only turn picking up her little friend who she considered a little sister " Serena I know it seems awkward to see me with Heath, but I love him honey." Kendra says to get a smile " I can see that Kimmie." Serena says while they both share a hug After hugs are given Kendra and I watch while the kids decide to make a sand castle.

Kendra takes my hand to lead me to the beach blanket to sit down. She gets in my lap placing her arms around my neck. We look in each other's eyes before she speaks.

" Heath darling I need to confess something." She says to only get a nod before she continues " Honey I um well also want you to take me. I want you to make love to me sometime today. I have waited so long for you to make me your girl.your woman." I look deep into her eyes being a bit stunned, but already knew by the phone sex we had what she wanted. To be honest I think I wanted it too " Kendra I would love to be in your arms right now in a bed, but we got the kids to look after at the moment." I say to see her nod " I know my love, but I am so wanting you right now.

I want to repay you for saving me." She tells me saying what she is feeling and I shake my head " You don't have to repay me Kendra. I did what I had to do." I say to get a nod from her " I know darling, but I want too." She tells me and I start feeling a tightness form in my jeans while she looks in my eyes wide eyed herself before I see a smirk," Baby are you getting hard for me?" " Um yeah sorry." I say to get a giggle " Don't be darling I want you to get very hard." She says before scooting her crotch up to my mine " Kendra?" I ask to see a devilish smile " Shh my love just enjoy the feeling of my bikini bottom over your shorts.

I want to work us both up for later. I want to get very wet in my pussy. I don't want any foreplay just you making me your woman also." She tells me while slowly grinding against my crotch I just hold her while seeing the kids are not watching conquering a lusty pussy doggy style hardcore cumshot starting their sand castle.

Kendra and I softly kiss every so often to hear giggling. The boys just shake their heads and the three girls smile. I smile knowing that this beautiful woman that I had saved was totally devoted to me. She has never hurt me not even once in college.

She was always a great friend. Someone I could go to and talk about what to get Jasmine for a spontanious moment or two. Kendra was always there for me during those months Jasmine was home. She even kept veronica rayne has the worlds finest milf cumshot mature other girls away saying I was taken.

I guess in those months I should of known. The next two hours go by and my family all come out. My wives, Renee, and Allison have the babies on a blanket under a big umbrella that Chris and Adam set up. My godparents took over watching the kids. Nick, Savannah, Megan, and the others are playing volleyball guys versus ladies except for the ones that are pregnant. Michelle and Selena are refereeing on the sideline. I notice Jasmine looks over at Kendra and I before returning to talking with our wives slim thick twerking hairy pussy and ass in thong syko stupid thick loves.

I guess they all have been thinking about everything that has happened since I have returned from the West Coast. Kendra got my attention with a kiss on my right cheek. " Um baby what's that over behind us?" She asks and I turn to see " It's the shed darlin why do you ask?" I ask to see her look in wonder " Does it have anything inside it?" She asks biting her lower lip " Um yeah a bed, radio, and fans. Why do you ask?" I ask again answering her question She begins to look around and I do the same to see no one looking.

Kendra returns her eyes to mine to only lean in to my right ear. " Can we go in there because I have to have you my love. I am sloppy wet between my legs. My bikini bottoms are soaked. I need you baby before I cum right here." Kendra tells me whispering while moving my left hand between her legs to feel I turn to look in her eyes feeling she is very wet.

I smile and she does the same making me feel so happy. " You sure darlin?" I ask to see her nod " Yes baby please take me in the shed. Strip me naked and have your way with me. I need you my love. I need you inside what is your's as innocent beauty masturbates in front of an old dude as you want it." She says with a few tears " Kendra why are you crying?" I ask and she places her head on my right shoulder " Because baby I love you so much and have wanted you in my life for so long.

Since that night you are all I think about. Heath please take me as your's. I want you so much against my body. I don't care if it is a day, a week or a lifetime." She tells me while I look around I have her get up, but when she does I see the crotch of her bikini is dripping.

I shake my head because I didn't think grinding against my crotch would get her that wet. She helps me up and I take her left hand in my right. I led her over to the shed. I can hear her giggle like a high school girl. Once to the shed I open the door to let her in first.

I turn to look around to see no one looking. I step in to only shut the door. Kendra lets my hand go making her way to the bed. She turns to me while her hands go behind her. I take a few steps to her before watching her top come off dropping to the floor. She stands there with a shy smile. I step sexy dee cherry hot webcam show i see hot babe f placing my hands on her waist taking in her breasts.

Her nipples were erect with dark pink aerolas. I looked up to see her smiling. " You like them baby? They are all natural and all your's to charming yo blonde teen loves it hard with.

I hope to have your baby one day so you can drink my breast milk also. I have read some on sexual play while my love sucks on my nipples during intercourse." She says asking and exclaiming to me " Yes I do Kendra.

I guess I always wondered what they looked like, but was scared to try anything. That and I thought Diamond and Jasmine was enough until things kinda grew." I say seeing her nod before she stepped up to me " Baby I would of let you have me then.

I have another confession to make. I was falling in love with you in college before that night. You showed me so much caring and love that it took all the will I had not to take you to my dorm. I wanted you then, but now I am going to make my place in your heart. Please take me and use me anyway you want just love me just as much as you can." Kendra says to me while I untie her bottoms just to let them fall Kendra steps back to let me see her nude body.

I notice a thick full patch of pubic hair covering her pussy. " I.I don't know if you two germans cocks for an asian hottie julia reaves a hairy pussy, or a shaved one. I hoped for a hairy one." She says and I chuckle " Hairy baby all the way." I say seeing her smile " Good." She says stepping up to me I feel her hands go to my waist before I feel my shorts start to be pushed down.

Kendra gets on her knees before moving my shorts off my lower body. My manhood plops out and she gasps. " Oh god baby your huge." She says while I step out of my shorts " Yeah that's what the others keep saying." I exclaimed while she rises back to her feet to only shyly take me in her right hand and start stroking me slowly " Do you think it will fit?" She asks getting a chuckle " Yes darlin it will fit." I say before pulling her to me Kendra lets out a squeal before I lean down to kiss her lips.

All this looking at her body and her hand on my dick has gotten me worked up. She moans into our kiss before I pick her up with my hands going to her sexy ass. I break the kiss to look in her eyes. I feel her hand go down between us.

She grabs my cock to only place it at her entrance. Without warning Kendra lowers herself letting out a moan. " Oh god baby.your big.feels like the head is ripping my hole open." She says with a moan " Take your time beautiful." I say seeing her nod biting her lower lip Kendra slowly slides her warm, wet, tight pussy down my shaft working a bit at a time deeper up into her. Before I know it I can feel her cervix with my head. " Oh I feel so full." She says with her hands on my shoulders, and her legs wrapped around me " I know Kendra.your so tight and wet." I say with a moan " Baby.what should I do?" She asks with a moan " Take your time and make your own pace, but do something before I cum so soon." I say getting a giggle Kendra starts raising up before impaling herself back down.

She feels so good that I can't help but moan. We look into each other's eyes seeing that love that has grown over the past few years. Kendra's moans sound so beautiful to my ears. I just want to hear them forever. Kendra leans forward placing her breasts against my chest that feel so good.

" Oh fuck baby.I'm.I'm going to cum.yes baby.make me cum.on that fat beautiful cock." She says with her head on my left shoulder while moaning I smile before helping her moving her tight pussy up and down on my dick.

Kendra moans in my ear before I feel her pussy clamp down. " OH SHIT.I'M CUMMINGGGGG!" She yells out while I feel her cummy juices splash against my cock " Kendra.oh shit." I say with a moan " Yes my love.cum inside me.fill my womb up.with your.LOVE!" Kendra says while I move to the bed placing her down on her back while still thrusting into her Kendra smiles gorgeous amateur from camxcom is masturbating squirting like no tomorrow her legs to only pull them to her.

I start pounding her pussy hearing her moans fill the shed. I can't help but place my hands on her thighs and thrust faster and harder into her tight pussy. " Oh yes.faster baby.make my pussy sore.oh god you.feel so good." My beautiful Kendra says while I plunge deep into her " Oh god that looks so fucking hot." Comes a familiar voice from behind me I turn to see Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah all naked and playing with themselves.

Pamela alone in the face of danger adr

I can't stop while they come over rubbing themselves. " Oh god no." Kendra says while trying to cover herself up while still thrusting her pussy down to meet my own thrusts " Oh no honey if your going to be with us then you need to uncover those beautiful breasts." Diamond says getting on the bed to only uncover Kendra " Girls.what are you.doing?" I ask while still thrusting into my newest lover " Well we looked around for you baby to talk, but when we didn't see you both.well." Jasmine says placing her hands around me " We wondered 'Hm where could they be'?

Then we got close to hear Kendra moan so we thought maybe it was time to come in." Diamond says laying by Kendra to only wonderful cock sucking delights hardcore and blowjob for her clit " Diamond?" Kendra starts to say and I feel a hand on my chest to see Hannah smiling " Shhh sexy relax we are going to help Heath cum in you so good." Diamond says while rubbing Kendra's clit slowly " Yes relax Kendra because we have been talking, and think it is only right for you to be part of us." Hannah says moving up onto the left side of Kendra " Oh god.I'm cumminggg again." Kendra says announcing with a moan " Yes honey cum on our man's cock." Hannah says before leaning down to take Kendra's left nipple in her mouth " Oh shit.what are you.doing to me?" Kendra asks to give out a long moan " Well honey we are going to make you cum on our man's dick one more time before he cums in that virgin womb." Diamond says leaning down to take Kendra's right nipple into her mouth " Baby you getting close?" Jasmine says sliding her hand's down to wrap her fingers around the base of my manhood " Yesss." I say with a moan " Try to hold back baby because she has to cum on your fat beautiful cock before you can cum in that sexy womb of her's." She tells me while I feel her breasts against my back I didn't know want to think.

Here I am thrusting fast and hard in and out of Kendra, and on the verge to erupting until Jasmine cuts off my urge. She is keeping me hard to the point I am throbbing inside Kendra.

I look down to see Kendra has her hands on each of Diamond and Hannah's heads so they suck her nipples while Diamond rubs Kendra's clit fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore. The sight of them both naked and pleasuring Kendra just makes me that much more turned on.

Kendra must be very close because I notice her eyes are closed with head tilting back. Hannah has her right hand between her chocolate thighs rubbing herself to get her own arousal out of the way. I feel my body can't hold back until I hear Kendra scream. " OH SHIT.I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG.OH FUCKKKKKKK!" Kendra says before I feel her cum spray all over my cock " That's it honey cum on our baby.

Paint that cock of his with your juices." Jasmine says grinding up against me from behind " Jasmine.please.let me cum." I ask feeling my balls tighten seeing both Diamond and Hannah give Kendra a shared kiss " My baby want to cum?

Does he want to cum deep inside the beautiful woman that is on her back with her sexy caramel skin legs in the air?" She asks while I nod feeling a build up at the base of my dick " Yes please let me cum deep inside her wet, tight pussy." I say on the verge of screaming " Girls should I let our man cum?

Should we give him the pleasure of cuming inside his new love that will share our bed?" Jasmine asks while I see Diamond and Hannah break their kiss with Kendra before turning to look up at me They both move up to me placing their hands on my chest.

I notice Kendra laying there moaning and I can't stop fucking her with all that my wives are doing to us. Diamond places a kiss on my chest. While Hannah looks into my eyes. " Baby do you want to cum in that virgin womb?" My beautiful Hannah asks to get a moan and I feel Kendra's pussy clamp down hard. It feels so good but I need my release " YES PLEASE.I NEED TO CUMMMMM!" I yell feeling tears fall from my face " Jasmine um something's wrong with Heath." Hannah says staring at me intently in which makes Diamond stop her kissing on my chest " Oh shit Jazzy baby he is crying." Diamond says with concern while Kendra sits up but keeps moving her pussy back and forth on my shaft Jasmine lets go just to step on my right to look up in my face and I can't hold back.

" OH FUCK.HE IS CUMMINGG.INSIDE ME!" Kendra says arching her back while I push deep into her pussy making it mine and filling her up with my love and seed " Holy shit." Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah says in unison and I pull Kendra's hips against my crotch so nothing spills shower sex and bedroom way facial cumshot and face sitting reaches up pulling me down to kiss my lips while we both moan with rope after rope filling her womb.

I feel hands massaging my back to calm me down and Kendra milks my dick with her tight love canal. Kendra breaks the kiss to only let me go with her arms falling down on the bed. I notice her chest rising up and down fast. I raise up to only be pulled out of Kendra hearing her grunt. Both Diamond and Hannah have me lay down next to Kendra.

I see Jasmine keep Kendra's blonde luscious gal engulfing dick with cream striptease and hardcore up before diving into the hairy pussy. " Jasmine.let her.calm down a bit." I say catching my breath " No I want to taste my newest.sister wife." Jasmine says before I hear Kendra moan " OH GOD." Kendra screams arching her back " Jasmine honey I think she likes her pussy ate out." Diamond says while her and Hannah clean my shaft tasting Kendra's and my juices mixed together After five long minutes of being cleaned with tongues hushpass first timer lena anderson filled with dick mouths between our legs my loves lay down with us.

Kendra snuggled up to me on my left while Jasmine spooned up to her with Diamond snuggled up on my right with Hannah up behind her. " So I take it you all have talked and decided?" I ask and my three wives that were in bed with Kendra and I rose up to look at us both " Yes we have baby.

I am sorry I slapped you. I guess after all that has happened we felt you were leaving us for real, but then we began to think if you did you would have months ago. Heath you mean so much to us and the kids. We know how a woman gets when she tastes that fountain that is your heart. And after hearing what you did for Kendra well that showed her just what a real man is." Jasmine explains to get smiles " Kendra we hope to get to know and love you as we have all the others.

We all love and embrace Heath's heart that has shown such love. I have been with Jasmine and Heath for years now, and know of their love especially this wonderful man right here.

Kendra if I can be so bold to ask would you mind if we think of you like a sister and possibly a wife in the future. We know it may be sudden but we would be honored to be your wives." Diamond says in which makes me warm up inside " Kendra you have no idea how it feels to wake up in the morning in a bed with a man and the ladies that fill your heart with love. Yes we all have sex with the other. Yes Heath has us all in the same bed.

I was once a lesbian, but the more I hung around Heath and seeing his love for Jasmine and my first love Diamond I knew I wanted the same. So I gave him myself one night on the beach, then after we both went to Jasmine, Diamond, and Tiffany. That night they all brought me into their hearts.

Kendra we are many, but share one heart. Kendra like Diamond said it maybe to soon, but would you think of being our wife with Heath one day?" Hannah says while I hear Kendra sobbing " Oh god you have no idea how much I want to be Heath's wife. The past few years I have wanted nothing more then say 'I Do', but never thought it would be possible.

I would love to be the wife to all of you too. The only thing is I want to be wined, dined, loved, and sixty nined. I want to be asked romantically not like in a spur of the moment or as a consulation. I will say this though my answer will be yes just as it is now." Kendra states and I see smiles Jasmine straddles Kendra and I wrapping her arms around us after laying down upon us both.

" We accept your request darling, and tonight we all will make love to you like it should be." My Latina love says before Kendra and I hug her tight At that moment Diamond and Hannah join in welcoming Kendra into our shared love.

It's a intense moment while I know and feel these three were starting to heal also. It's around 4:30 in the afternoon that I am sitting on the beach between Jasmine and Diamond with Kendra laying against my chest. She is holding Serena against her chest.

Dakota comes over to only stand in front of us. " What's up little man?" I ask to see a smile " Daddy is it ok if Kendra takes me swimming?" He asks if wanting a date " That's up to her son." I say to get a nod " No she my Kimdra not yours." Serena says speaking getting up to stand between Dakota and Kendra shocking us all " Serena why are you being mean to me?" My second oldest son asks being hurt " She is MY Kimmie and no one else's." She says putting her arms across her chest stunning Dakota " Serena hun what has gotten into you?" Kendra asks while Serena turns to look at Kendra " Kimdra you are like another mommy to me.

You are my cousin but a big sister too. You play with me and have fun with me taking me to the park. I love you and don't want to lose you." Serena answers lowering her head and arms. I notice she is about to cry Kendra raises up taking Serena into her arms just to look up in the little girl's eyes. " Look Serena I love you like a daughter, but you need to learn to share me.

I am with your daddy Heath and his ladies. If the day comes and they ask me to marry them I will say yes, then their kids will be my own also.

I will always be your Kimdra my sweet little Serena." Kendra says and we see Serena crying " Oh Kimdra I love you so much. Please promise me you won't top and bottom boys xxx storys me." My little adoptive daughter says asking " I promise honey, now I think you need to apologise to Dakota. I know you hurt his feelings." Kendra says taking control of the situation Serena nods to turn looking at Dakota.

" I'm sorry bubby for being mean." She says with her head lowered " It's ok sissy. I still love you Rena." He says stepping up placing his arms around her kissing her like he does Karen or Lindsey.

I watch and Rena returns it hugging her brother in her heart with everything she has. " Aww that is so sweet." Diamond says as we all smile " Serena can she take us swimming?" Dakota asks breaking the hug Serena turns to look at Kendra and I.

" Daddy and Kimmie will you both take us swimming?" She asks with pleading eyes " Kendra can honey because daddy needs some rest honey." Jasmine says while Kendra turns with a smile " YAY!" Both kids yell in unison to only grab Kendra's hands helping her up Kendra just giggles being lead away. My wives (minus Tiffany) and loves(also minus my mom and step mothers) gather around me with smiles.

" Ok ladies what is going on?" I ask to get laughs " Well darling we want to bring Kendra into this harem the right way." Jessie says with a smirk " Oh you all do now? Tell me how you want to do this?" I ask to see them all giggle " Well baby since Jazzy, Diamond, and Hannah has gotten to have some fun with her we think it's our turn. Jessie, Hard hammering for ebony playgirl hardcore blowjob, Simone, Vanessa, and I want to have our turn to make her our lover while she joins in knowing us all." Renee says while I see them nod " Ok um what about me?

What will I be doing while you all make her a part of us?" I ask to get giggles " Well baby you have three that have been well wanting a ride on that beautiful cock." Jessie says while I raise my right eye brow " Oh and who are these three?" I ask looking at Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah " Actually baby they are not talking about us. They are talking about Ellie, Verna, and Kiko. Papa Mike told us earlier he was glad you were back, because Ellie has rode him raw." Diamond says while I shake my head " Yeah, seems since you were gone for two weeks Ellie, Verna, and Kiko have well went double time on their husbands.

I guess they missed you as much as we have." Allison says with a grin " But I thought you all would want me tonight?" I ask to get nods " We do baby, but since Adam, Jack, and Kendra told us all about what happened well we want to show her a woman's love also. We all want to be with her and eventually her with all of us." Vanessa says while they all nod in agreement " Baby we love you with all we are, but Kendra needs to know we are part of you also.

Tomorrow night we all will be with you, but tonight it's about her and us ladies. Besides the godmoms want the other man they" Simone says while I let out a sigh " And besides have you took a good look at that sexy chocolate ass of Kendra's. Damn I just want to pull her bottoms off, spread her ass cheeks and lick that puckered hole." Renee says getting moans " Mmm I bet it tastes as sweet as her pussy does." Jasmine says licking her lips " And them titties oh god they were delicious." Hannah says getting laughs " Ok, ok I get the point.

Victoria tiffani big cocks make victoria excited suppose it would be nice to be given a little show while I have my older loves with me." I say getting smiles " Plus we will all be in the same bed baby. It's not like we are taking her away from you.

We would never stray from you." Allison says and I sigh again just shaking my head " Yeah I wish I could say that was true with some of you that I love." I say getting concerned looks " Baby what.what do you mean by that? Who has strayed from your heart and love?" Jasmine asks only to see me look at them all " I rather not talk about it right now if that is ok." I say to only get nods " Ok my love, but know we are here for you if you want to talk." Jasmine says to only get a nod We sit there talking of the night before and the day so far.

I told them I was sorry while they do the same to me. I kiss each one to only be held tight by each. Jessie gets between my legs as Renee and Simone sit on either horny cuties alone at home on the couch of me. Vanessa sits in her sister's lap smiling to her sister and me. About 5 o'clock that afternoon Kevin shows up looking a bit worried.

He comes over standing in front of my ladies and I. " Heath I need a bit more time." He says while my ladies look like they want to laugh " Oh and why is that?" I ask to see him look at me intently " Because I haven't found a place yet." Kevin answers and I see Kendra come strolling back over with a seductive grin " Oh I guess it will be a hard thing to find a place during this time of year." I say as Kendra walks past him to get in Jessie's lap, since Vanessa is now behind me, to only lean in to kiss my lips before leaning in to kiss Jessie's for the stockinged veronica avluv fuck in the office time " Who the hell is this skank?" Kevin asks in a surprised tone " This is Kendra, our man's newest love.

And our' she isn't a skank Kevie!" Jessie says placing her arms around Kendra " Wait what? What do you mean newest love? Are you getting rid of Tiffany?" Kevin asks a bit upset and I see he starts to get mad " Well brother it's like this." I say pausing and I see each of my ladies nod while Kendra giggles before I continue,"I knew about what Tiffany was planning. I knew the whole thing was a joke." Once I get those words out I see him stare shocked at me.

I glance over to see Justin, Damon, and Nicky come over with concerned looks themselves. " Your telling me I have been looking for a big home for your wives and kids for no fucking reason?" He asks to get nods from us all " Yep, did you really think our baby would leave without his kids last night to go out for dinner?" Diamond asks getting a look of shock from him " You were never the smartest apple Kevin." Nicky says getting Kevin's attention " What did you say you little runt?" Kevin asks looking intently at his big brother's eyes " You heard him nephew.

We even knew Heath wouldn't leave his kids or those he held in that heart of his. Even if he did want to leave his loves the kids would have gone with us.

It took me a couple minutes to realize it because he was doing a damn good job at acting." Justin says with a smirk getting the others to nod Damon steps up to Kevin at that moment.

" Kevin you must of been so into Tiffany's idea that it took over, or you wanted her for yourself." Damon says shocking us all " You little shit I have nothing but respect for Heath and Tiffany.

I didn't want either of them hurt. How was I suppose to know it would backfire because he knew?" Kevin says as the guys laugh " Because your big and dumb." Damon says before Kevin shocks us all It's at that moment the ladies scream getting all the families attention.

Kevin starts wailing on Damon's ribs and face. Damon is trying to defend himself, but to no avail. Justin and Nicky quickly try to get Kevin to stop, but are slung off like flies. Nicky lands on his ass in the sand while Justin gets slung over to land close by my wives Hannah and Diamond. " MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" I yell seeing my ladies get up and move back while I stand to protect them They all move behind me and I see Nicky and Justin quickly get up themselves to help Damon who has curled into a ball being beat senseless.

Nick and the others run over while I see Ellie, Verna, and Kiko round up their grandbabies. I see my daughters are crying and probably worried. I stand there with my arms out to my sides keeping my cherished behind me. I turn my head to see Kendra is holding onto my waist. I also see the others look on very scared of what will happen. I turn back to see Kevin fighting his brothers and uncle.

Nick is doing as I am with his wives. Caleb, Simon, E.P., Jax, Jack, Adam, Chris, and Travis are protecting their loved ones as well. We all watch what is going on. Damon, Nicky, and Justin have no chance and I look to see Nick looking over at me. He was probably thinking the same thing I was. I gave him a nod in which he returned to only turn to speak with Savannah and Megan. Both started to shake their heads no.

I let out a sigh to turn around in Kendra's arms. " Darlin's whatever happens just know I love you all." I say seeing shock in their eyes " Heath what.what are you saying my love." Kendra asks with some worry " Kendra those three have no chance against Kevin. Nick and I are the only two that can stop Kevin right now." I say while Simone and Vanessa step over to comfort Kendra " I don't understand." Kendra says and I place a kiss on her forehead " Heath if you must please be careful.

We need you my darling." Jasmine says also stepping to Kendra while the others follow " What is going on?" Kendra asks and I see Jasmine place her arms around Kendra " ARRRGGGHHHH!" I hear a scream from behind Turning I see Damon bloodied and Nicky down with Justin up in the air in a choke hold flailing trying to connect with Kevin.

I look over at Nick who nods. I turn my head once more to see my beautiful loves look at me with scared and worried eyes before turning ferrera gomez and victoria sweet share a jacuzzi to see Justin slammed into the sand. I sigh before starting my way to Kevin slowly then start my run to stop him. Nick is doing the same and we both collide into Kevin taking him down. Nick goes low while I went high. Kevin is turned inside out and when he falls we land on him.

He is frozen while Nick and I hold him down trying to talk some sense into him. " KEVIN STOP THIS AT ONCE!" Nick yells out as I nod " Then you need to tell those three to keep their mouths shut or learn how to fight like men instead of little bitches." screams Kevin. Nick talks in a calming voice " We will, but you need to stop fighting your family. You brutilized your baby brother. You hurt him and might have badly hurt him." Nick says and I see Kevin look at him angry " Fighting my family?

Look I am not the one that caused me to turn out like a fighter Nick. You were the one who wanted me to man up if I do recall correctly." Kevin says while Nick goes quiet " Kevin, your dad might of done things he shouldn't have, but if it wasn't for him you wouldn't of been born." I say shocking them both as I get up They both follow getting to their feet.

I stand there while Kevin looks at Nick. " Heath I admit your right, but he has never owned up to some of the shit he has done to me over the years." Kevin says just to see my head shake back and forth " Maybe not, but like they say the past stays in the past." I say seeing Kevin shake his head now " Yeah, yeah I have heard that a million times, but still he stays a asshole.

He never changes just to make me look like the bad guy." Kevin says and I can see hurt in Nick's eyes I stand there thinking of my years as a teenager before my own hurt starts to come out. " At least you had a father in your life growing up." I say catching a few gasps " Heath?" I hear Mike says while I lower my head " don't know how it feels to have your father when your a boy to only lose him when your starting to be a teen. The years growing up never to hear his voice, or have him say how proud he was of you." I say feeling my fist shake " Heath your right I don't, but still he hurt me.

And for the record Nick has NEVER been proud of me. Nick never noticed all I had done or my younger siblings. He was always just interested in his own ambitions and selfishness." Kevin says while I just shake my head before stepping up looking into his eyes " KEVIN HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT MAYBE HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE A LIFE FOR ALL OF YOU? HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP A FAMILY TOGETHER? DAMN IT I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HOW THIS FAMILY SEEMS TO BE OK AT ONE MINUTE THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I GET HURT FROM SOMEONE'S SELFISHNESS!

KEVIN I LOVE YOU AS A BROTHER, BUT YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE A FATHER THAT LOVES YOU!" I say yelling in his face " Heath it's alright I am use to my son calling me names and hating me.

I know I have done things to make him hate me. I hope that one day he can forgive me." Nick says trying to get me to back off " Nick it's not ok.

If you were my dad I would respect you even if you made mistakes." I say not looking away from Kevin's eyes " Heath son calm down before you pass out." Mike says coming over I take a few steps from Kevin, but don't take my eyes off his. " I suggest you two start becoming father and son again because I for one am sick and tired of all this shit." I say before turning to make my way over to my kids I see them looking very worried and before I get halfway there they come running to meet me.

Karen and Dakota are first to me before the other four join in a hug while I go to my knees to hold them. Ellie comes over quickly to kneel next to us.

" You ok baby?" She asks to get a no " I just want everyone in this family to get along. It's time for us all to start being a family. I am tired of getting hurt every damn time I turn around." I say to see her nod " I know darling." Ellie says hugging me and the kids I hold my kids against me tightly.

They each snuggle into me. " Daddy I was scared we were going to lose you again." Karen says with tears " You will never lose me baby girl. I am your father and always will be." I say feeling her squeeze me as tight as she possibly could We stayed like that for a bit longer until Savannah, Megan, Shelby, Lisa, Sasha, and Lucy came over.

Nicky and Justin help Damon up but he starts to head to the house. Sasha calls him over. He reluctantly comes back and starts to get bandage up. He took quite the asskicking but he seems more hurt from Kevin's actions towards him than the blows. They took the kids saying that I needed to spend time with their mothers.

The kids nodded to go play on the beach with a few of the family members. My ladies came over to check on me. I was helped up and shown love with hugs from them all. We went over to join Verna and Kiko along with my other little ones. Mike came over to say him, Nate, and Ricky were going to start dinner. Telling us to relax for the rest of the evening. Ellie, Verna, and Kiko gave him a smile that I just chuckled at.

I turned to look and see Nick and Kevin talking. I guess what I said got through their heads. I feel a hand on my right thigh turning to see it's Kendra. " You ok my love?" She asks to get a nod " Yes I am way ok now darlin." I say with a smile " Ok just asking honey. Um baby the girls want to be with me tonight.I hope you don't mind." Kendra says looking a bit worried " It's ok beautiful because I want you to know them and be close to all of them since they may become your wives too." I say to see her smile " I know, but I think they want to get very intimate, but I don't want you thinking I am cheating on you." Kendra says making the girls laugh " Kendra honey I will never think that.

I will be there watching these beauties bringing you into our shared love." I say to get nods and smiles " He is right Kendra hun we never do anything without him around.

He likes to watch us give him a show, and plus give one of us some loving." Jasmine says to get again smiles and nods " Well this will take some getting use to then." Kendra says with a grin " Oh honey you have no idea what your getting into.

Isn't that right my darlings?" Ellie says placing her hand on my right thigh " Oh your right baby." Hannah says giving Ellie a smile " Oh my what do you mean?" Kendra asks while Ellie moves her hand up teen has lesbian sex with tutor during halloween my crotch " Oh Kendra hun I also am with Heath along with Verna and Kiko. Yes we are his godmoms, but also his lovers. We love him with all our hearts just like we do our husbands." Ellie says while Verna and Kiko smile " Oh wow so your all his lovers?" She asks to get nods before looking at me with a smirk while she continues,"So you like older woman as well baby?" " Yes why not when they are so beautiful and loving." I say seeing her blush " True they are it's just um I never knew darling." She says while I nod " I know honey and I didn't until last year when they kidnapped me to a hotel." I say with a laugh.

I explain how they wanted that closeness from my youth back and giving themselves to me was the only way they could think of " Oh please like you didn't like our pussies riding that beautiful cock." Verna says getting laughs " Hey I didn't say I didn't like it but it was a new experience." I say to get giggles " Talking about a new experience baby. Can we go for a swim Heath darling?" Ellie asks to get a raised eye brow " Um ok but what about papa Mike?" I ask to get a giggle " He is ok with it you know that, and besides I wore him out last night and the past two weeks.


He said if I wanted any loving to get it from my other husband to be." She says getting all my ladies to laugh Ellie stands up to only help me up. She tells everyone we will be back in awhile. " No worries momma Ellie go enjoy the man that has a beautiful heart and a fat dick." Vanessa says with a smirk Ellie leads me out to the water and I watch her sexy ass sway back and forth.

I can't believe this woman that took me in after my family left me to find an empty house was my lover. I mean damn what man my age would think not to accept her love in every way. Once we get in the water and swim a few feet out she turns to only place her arms around my neck before wrapping her legs around me. I place my arms around her looking in her eyes.

" What's wrong Ellie?" I ask to hear her sigh " Heath do you know how much you mean to me?" She asks to get a nod " Yes, because you took me in years ago just as if I was nerdy chick kimberly moss in surprised sex with a huge cock guy own son, and then confessed your love for me last year and again this year." I say to get a smile " True I did, but um honey I have fallen more in love with you.

I know I shouldn't, but I have. To me you are my own son just a lover as well. Heath I have missed you so much and never want you to leave me. I love you Heath Dakota Thompson so much and give my heart to you." She says shocking me more " Ellie but papa Mike?" I ask and she grins " Baby he is very ok with you and me.

He told me I needed to be honest with myself and I am being honest to you. So for my next question I hope you will say yes." Ellie says while I nod " What is it beautiful?" I ask to see her smile " Can we go over to those rocks and make love in the water?

I want you in me baby so much." She asks stating her words " Sure, but what if anyone sees us?" I ask to get a laugh " There is a spot on the other side baby that no one can see. I already swam over and checked last week. I played with my pussy moaning your name while the waves clashed to block out my moaning." She says surprising me " Wow really?" I ask to get a giggle and smile " Yep and I sprayed out into the ocean with my legs up in the air.

So can we go my love?" She asks and I smile nodding while she lets me go already swimming over I turn to follow her. She swims like a damn mermaid through the water. The rocks are a little ways away, but me not being in the ocean for a few weeks I can tell I need to start working out again.

Once around the rocks I see Ellie get up in the spot she told me. It's a bit slanted, but yet high enought to get upon it. It is surrounded by high enough rock walls to not be seen from the beach.

I get up on the slanted flat surface to see she has already taken her bikini off. I guess she wasn't lying about needing me.

Ellie spreads her legs sitting up smiling at me. " What do you think baby? Think this is romantic enough to be our love nest when we want to be alone?" She asks while I nod taking my shorts off " Yes so what do you want to do first?" I ask seeing Ellie bite her bottom lip " Well baby I think I will need something i love stockings so much so i filmed it pov my mouth while you play with my body." She says patting the spot next to her I make my way over to sit next to her only to be softly shoved back.

Ellie straddle's my chest to look down in my eyes with a smile. She reaches between her legs to stick two fingers inside her. I hear her moan while slowly playing with her love spot. Ellie takes her fingers out to only move them to my lips.

I open my mouth just to let her fingers slide inside. I close my mouth to slowly suck on them. I taste her juices knowing she is really aroused.

" So what do you think baby? I douched and showered this morning just to fill my pussy up with your cum.

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I want you to make love to me, but fuck me with all your love. I want you deep up in my cunt." She says before scooting down to only lay down on me " Ellie you sure you want to do it here?" I ask feeling her hand move between us to my shaft before slowly stroking me a bit " Yes I want you right here and now." Ellie says placing me at her entrance before moving her love canal onto my dick I place my arms around her feeling her slowly start riding me.

" Oh yesss.just where you belong." Ellie says with a moan Ellie moves her hands up to my face with a loving showing of ecstacy on her face. " Heath mmmm feel so good.please darling take me." Ellie says with tears forming " Ellie what's wrong?" I ask feeling her pussy slide back and forth on my shaft " I am just so happy.I have you in my life.I want you be in my heart.I want to do this everyday." She stretching a moist asian pussy japanese hardcore while I feel her press her lips on mine I do what she asks by thrusting deep into her getting a loud moan.

Our tongues snake out wanting the other. We openly kiss while I pound her love canal with so much love. She moves her hands above stranded ella hughes repays a stranger with a blowjob arching her back to break the kiss.

" OH GOD BABY.FUCK MEEEEEE!" Ellie says while I grab her ass and pound her faster and harder while she moans loudly " Ellie you feel so good." I say seeing her smile with love in her eye " Always for you baby.that's it pound my cunt.make it sore for later." She says and I feel her cunt clamp down I can't believe how this mature older woman who was my godmom, but now my lover was giving me herself again. I guess missing me had a profound effect on her.

Her breasts were bouncing back and forth while I gave her all I was. " OH YESSS.RIGHT THERE.YESSS BABY.I'M.I'M CUMMINGGG!" Ellie yells raising up reaching behind her to only ride me fast I look down to see her juices flowing down my shaft to my balls.

She just keeps going and I feel my balls tighten up. I can't take it any longer since it's been two weeks since I have had any loving like this. First Kendra earlier and now Ellie.

I place my hands on her hips to hold her down against me. " YES BABY CUM IN MY TWAT.GIVE ME YOUR LOVING SWEET CUM!" Ellie yells while I erupt deep up inside her " OH ELLIE!" I yell feeling her pussy milk my cock She falls on my chest to only keep riding me to get all my sperm in her. I hold her tight while she catches her breathe. " Oh shit.that was so good.I have missed you so much." Ellie says and I kiss her forehead " I have missed you too beautiful." I say feeling a smile then a kiss on my chest We lay there naked while my manhood slowly slides out making Ellie feel empty.

She looks up at me with a smile. " Baby I am getting you tonight again. I hope you don't mind." She says and I chuckle " Nope because I love your pussy around my cock." I say getting a moan " Mmm I love it when you talk dirty to me." She says while we both laugh " I know, so how about we get dressed and head back to the beach?" I ask to get a aww " Aww baby I love being naked and laying on you, but your right we should." Ellie says before we kiss After kissing for a few minutes I broke the kiss slapping her sexy ass making her moan.

She loved having her ass spanked. She dressed me, but gave my cock a long suck then a kiss on the head. That was her way of thanking me. Ellie, Verna, and Kiko each caroline pierce and her mom rilynn rae share a bbc shown their way of thanking me for loving them.

Ellie was a kiss on my manhood. Kiko was a massage while Verna was a spank on my ass. Each one had their kinky side just like the other women in my life. I watched while Ellie pulls her bottoms up tight to keep my love juice from leaking out. I just chuckled while she grinned while putting her top on. We gave each other another kiss before jumping into the ocean making our way back to the beach and our family.

All I could dude saves busty teen then fucks her was who was next to pull me away to just be alone with me.

I kept my pace by Ellie so I could be by her in case her legs gave out. Ellie and I got back on the beach just to see my wives, Renee, Allison, and Kendra gone. We asked Kiko and Verna where they went to only find out they went shopping for Mike, Nate, and Rick. So I sat between Verna and Ellie while both snuggled up to me.

Kiko was holding Anthony while feeding him a bottle. The other babies were cooing and waving their little hands in the air. Verna got up to only stand there looking down at me. " Care to go for a walk with me baby?" She asks while I look from her to my other two older loves " Go ahead baby we have the kids. Go enjoy time with you chocolate lover mom." Ellie says with a grin I just shake my head getting up while Verna takes my left hand in her's.

I look around to see Damon, Nicky, and Justin playing a few games with the older kids. Nick and Kevin were sitting with Savannah and the others chatting away. Chris, Selena, Travis, and Kaye were also talking in a group of their own.

Verna and I started down the beach by the shore line. " Heath honey how are you feeling?" She asks with some concern in her voice " Good beautiful, just wondering what's up?" I ask responding to get a giggle " Well we are walking down the beach baby." She says and I just shake my head " I know that, what I meant was why are you each being with me separately.smartass." I say to get a laugh from her " Hey you love my firm bubble ass with as many times that you have pounded it and you know it.

And to answer your question it's because we each want you alone every so often. Even your wives are going to only want one on one with you. Honey we all love the orgies and gang bangs with your beautiful manhood and strap ons, but it's that one on one connection that we want also. Yes today you are getting each of us alone, but tonight we will be back to being with you together." Verna says explaining while I took in her words " I guess I never knew." I say feeling her let my hand go to only place her arm around me while I placed mine around her " Heath darling we know, and understand you want that closeness, but being just with you is what I have wanted for so long.

I have seen you grow into a man that has my heart, body, and soul. I helped raise you and just like the other three in my same spot but I can't tell you how proud I am of you. I know I have to share you just like you have to share me, but you have my love no matter what. I love you so much baby." She says exclaiming while I just nod We walk chatting about making plans for the night and about Tiffany.

Once we get to some big boulders Verna pulls me past them into a spot that we can't be seen easily. " Verna what are you doing woman?" I ask before she shoves me against one of the rocks getting on her knees after " Getting some of my man.

I want that white beautiful cock in my mouth and then my ass. I want you to fuck me right here on the beach. Now stay still while I get this dick huge white dick for teen alyssa cole for my ass." Verna says shocking me pulling my shorts down to only take my dick in her mouth with hands around on my ass I let out a moan feeling how warm and wet her mouth is.

I can't believe this is happening while I hear music being played. I look down to see Verna looking up at me bobbing her head slowly back and forth on my dick while squeezing my ass cheeks. I give out a moan placing my hands on the wall behind me. Verna works more and more into her mouth until the head is in her throat. Verna takes her right hand off my ass to only place it around my hard shaft.

" You like that baby? You like when your African slut sucks your fat cock into her slutty mouth?" Verna asks with a dirty smile Verna liked to play the slutty woman in my life.

She loved to watch me taking one of the other in bed or in the shower. I think she was my kinkest lady out of all those that I loved as a wife or lover.

I mean she even made Hannah look tame not that I was complaining " Yes.oh god Verna. Take my cock you slut. You keep it up and I'm gonna pound your ass so hard your gonna be walking bow legged for weeks." I say moaning before she stands up keeping a steady pace stroking me " Baby my ass is waiting for you.

I am already lubed up and cleaned out. I want that white fat cock in me." She says while undoing her bottoms with one hand I just stand there watching before she leads me to a wall just next to us. She lets go of my manhood to only bend over placing her hands on the wall. I smile while placing my hands on her sexy ass spreading her cheeks to see her puckered brown hole. I line my dick up to back entrance to only ram into her. " OH YESSSSS.RAM MY ASSS BABYYYY!" She yells with a moan while I let her ass get use to my intrusion " You like my dick in your ass?" I ask while giving her left ass cheek a slight slap " Yes I love that white cock in my chocolate ass.

I love having my love in my holes." She states while I feel her relax before slowly thrusting in and out of her loving back door Verna moans with the clashing of the waves hitting the rocks not far.

I feel her start to meet my thrusts sliding her asshole back and forth on my dick. I move my right hand up to her long hair to only pull on it softly. " OH BABYYY.PULL MY HAIR.FUCK MY ASS.RAPE MY BODY!" Verna screams out and I just smile knowing she is getting into it I feel her puckered hole clamp down wanting more.

I plunge deep into her to get a moan that speaks volumes. It's not long that I hear a gasp come from our left. Verna and I turn to look and I see a familiar face. It's the girl that Adam saved a few years ago. I can't stop because I am enjoying Verna's tight ass so much. " Oh hey hun.don't stop baby.we won't be.oh yesss faster.long hun.OH FUCK!" Verna says moaning while I feel her squirt on my legs " problem I heard a scream almost like a woman was getting raped." The girl says before Verna lets out another moan that could easily be mistaken " Yes and no.oh shit baby harder.I just get so into our playing.oh baby yesss fuck my baby fucking and making love to me.he feels so good." Verna states while I watch the girl move out of people's sight to only slide her right hand down into her bikini bottoms " I see that and it looks so hot." She says spreading her legs a bit enjoying the show " Mmmm oh it is and feels so yes thats it.mmmm play with that pussy honey." Verna tells me then encourages the girl " Oh I am.oh god I need some cock.oh shit." The girl says while we watch her left hand go to her right covered breast " Mmmm yes baby.fuck me." Verna says while her and the girl moan almost in unison " Verna I." I say with a moan feeling my balls start to tighten up " Go ahead cum.cum in my ass.cum in your Tigress's ass." Verna says while I pull her tight against me " Yes cum in that ass Heath.oh yessss." The girl says while I erupt deep in Verna who raises up placing her hands around to my legs " Give it to me baby." My mature African queen says while I unload my balls juices into her bowels " Is he cumming?" The girls asks moving her hand wildly in her bikini bottoms " Oh yeah amy andersen fuck a fan is.mmm I love the feeling of his cum.painting my insides." Verna says milking my cock with her asshole I lower my head to Verna's right shoulder panting and I feel her right hand on the back of my head.

" Mmm thank you teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked that was so amazing. I love you so much my darling love." Verna says before turning to kiss my lips " OH FUCK.I'M CUMMINGGGG!" The girl says making Verna and I break our kiss to turn and see her shiver " Mmmm she looks sexy when she cums baby." Verna says stroking my left thigh The girl takes her hand out of her bottoms to only come over to offer her fingers to Verna.

Verna accepts to only suck them with a moan. I just shake my head with a chuckle before the girls giggles. Once Verna is done she steps away releasing my manhood from her ass. She gives the girl a hug before giving her a friendly kiss that shocks the girl who just starts to enjoy the kiss. I step up behind Verna placing my arms around her. She breaks the kiss to only lean against me. " Thank you for the taste honey. I love pussy just as much as I love my man's cock." Verna says while they both giggle bonding over some girl time " Well thank you for the show and the kiss.

I needed a nice cum, but I think I will go get my baby to fuck me now because I am still horny." The girl says looking up at me before continuing," Heath only if things were different I would of joined you both, but I know you have enough women in your life.

Damn what a life it would be." She giggles while staring between mine and Verna's legs. I blush while Verna turns to see it. " Awww baby your blushing.

And she is right what a life it is with you." Verna tells me before holding me close with her breasts against my chest to give me another quick kiss " Well see you two around. Maybe we can um do this again. That is if you both don't mind me watching you both.

I think it's hot watching two people make love and fuck." The girl says while Verna laughs " Oh honey I love to be watched and watch myself. Maybe you and your boyfriend could join us next time. I don't mean swap I just mean watching each other." Verna says and I laugh " Verna darlin you just like seeing another young lady get fucked." I say getting a playful slap on my ass " Bad boy and yes I do. I love watching you fuck my daughters." Verna says causing the girl to laugh " Well see you around since I have a cock to ride." The girl says walking away making Verna and me just stare at her ass sway back and forth Verna sees me staring to only grab my flaccid dick.

" Don't even think about it baby. You and this beautiful cock belong to the other ladies and I. And we belong to you sexy." She says making me pull her into me " I know besides I don't think she could last long with us anyways." I say getting a giggle " Nope and only if she knew. So how about we get dressed and head back because I am getting hungry and I need to give Ellie a protien drink out of my ass before it all leaks out?" Verna says making us both laugh We step over to our clothes and get dressed.

I couldn't get what just happened out of my head. Verna and I getting caught and watched. I shrug to only feel it was a rush and maybe a bit of a turn on.

Maybe having sex in public wasn't all that bad. I know ever since Ellie, Verna, and Kiko have been back in my life I have been doing some crazy stuff. As she gets dressed I admired her body.her breasts looked a bit bigger, her belly was tight with abs that looked very sexy. Her ass was firm, but still looked nice while it jiggled when it was smacked lovingly from me or one of our loves.

Verna stepped over with a smirk on that beautiful face. " Like what you see sexy?" She asks taking my right hand " No I love what I see." I say to get a nod and smile " Good because this body is your's to have whenever you want. As I get to be your love slut slave." She says with a adorable grin " Verna you know I am not into that master and slave stuff." I say to get a nod " I know baby, but we can always role play to spice things up a bit more.

I am not going to lie to you baby. I have a fantasy of being tied up and used by you. I want to be your cum slut every now and then." She says and I can't argue with her. I have learned not to fight with my loves on bedroom things because I never win " Ok darlin we will try that some time." I say to see a sparkle in her eyes " Good now lets get back because I want Ellie to eat your cum out of my gaping ass." She says before giggling We start leaving hand in hand.

Before we do though Verna and I hear a loud moan coming from some rocks not far away. We laugh knowing that the young woman was getting what she needed. On the way back Verna and I spoke of tonight and what we wanted to do. I knew the day was still young, and knew I still had one more to spend time with.Kiko. Once we got back Verna helped Ellie up to only whisper in her ear. Ellie giggled before grabbing Verna's right hand to make their way to the house.

Kiko and I laughed while I pulled Kiko to me. She got into my lap with her thong bare ass cheeks on my bare legs. She looked in my eyes before speaking. " Heath darling don't worry I don't want to make love right now. I just want to spend time together and talk." She says while I nod before she continues," So how has your day been baby?" " Well it's been very interesting to say the least.


I thought I would be spending it with Kendra, but now I am spending it with all my women." I answer to get a giggle " Well my loving Heath we just love you and want to make up for two weeks of not having you around." She exclaims while I can understand " Well I guess there will be no rest for me." I say as we both laugh " Aww my sexy Heath yes there will be like right now, and besides I want us to take a sensual bath.

I want to wash you with my hands." Kiko says with a smile and I nod only wondering what that might entail " I would like that very much." I say before we hear one of the babies start to cry before nother joins in Kiko and I make our way to find it's Tina and Maggie May. I pick up Tina while Kiko takes Maggie May. We sit next to each other while talking. The girls quietly hush just listening to us speak. Pink lovely teen snatch meets a cock girlfriend homemade love my kids because each one were conceived out of love and brought into the world with love.

Lil Verna and Lil Jackie are quiet just like the boys. Tina and Maggie May are the loud ones of the seven. I look down into her little bright blues eyes.

I feel taken back to how my mother would always call me her bright blue eyed baby boy. Now that I look into the same eyes I have I can't help knowing that all my kids are my bright blue eyed baby girls and boys. I let out a sigh before speaking up. " Tina I will never abandon you or your siblings. You will never have to worry about anything while I am around." I say those words before she shows a smile and coos " Oh my baby I think they understood you because Maggie May is smiling as well." Kiko says while I laugh " Well what do you expect they are my smart growing little girls." I say to get a nod with a smile After enjoying the beach for thirty minutes more my wives and loves return to tell us dinner was ready.

They each help to get the little ones back in the house while the rest of the family gets the older kids in the house. Jasmine and Kendra take my hands to lead me to the house while Kiko walks behind with her hands holding onto my waist. I have to chuckle inside knowing after how the past has brought hurtful tidings but these women will always come back into my heart. ================================================================= Selena's POV: After helping get everything in and calming the kids down I decided to join Michelle and Kaye in Kaye's shower.

Michelle and I wanted to talk to Kaye about her wanting Heath to give her a baby. I knew the reason just as Michelle and I wanted kids also, but our reasons were of love and we loved Heath just as much as we loved our own men. We had been in his life and hurt him for us to decide we would protect him until our dying breaths. Kaye bent over to start the water while Michelle and I began to strip. My breasts were growing like Michelle's was. They were filling up with milk for our babies that were growing inside us.

Kaye began to strip when Michelle sat on the side of the tub spreading her legs to see if she needed to shave them. I leaned against the sink counter taking in both their bodies. I loved Chris with all my heart just like I loved Heath, but I loved the women in my life. Tiffany was my girl always, but I have missed her between my legs lesbian models open up their deep anals and penetrate enormous magic wands on my body.

Since our mistake that caused Heath to leave I have never had Tiffany or another until Heath finally agreed to allow me to get pregnant with our baby. Michelle was a beautiful woman just as Kaye was. They have both been like sisters to me. I looked up to both of them so when Kaye told me she wanted a baby by Heath that is when I began to worry.

" Kaye can I ask you something?" I ask getting her attention while she sat by Michelle " Of course hun we are sisters right? So ask away." She says smiling while Michelle looks up at me with concern " Ok you say that you want Heath to give you a child. Is that the only reason because I am afraid if it is then he will be hurt? I love you both, but Heath is my brother plus my best friend. I love him just like I love Chris, but I know him and I can't be married because I am with Chris.

So I want the truth." I ask stating my feelings to her Kaye looks between Michelle and I before lowering her head. " Selena.Michelle I know you both are concerned, but I want a baby. I am not going to hurt Heath because I." She answers just to trail off " You what Kaye?" Michelle asks before Kaye looks up in tears " I love Heath so much. When I came out here I had one thing on my mind and that was to protect him from my evil bastard of a father.

During that time I had gotten to know Heath. I would see how he loved Jasmine and Diamond. I even watched them make love to him a few times without anyone knowing. He always treated me like family and even when he found out my true identity he tried to get me to stay because of how I treated the family. He always looked out for me thinking I was a good person even though I helped twist his brother and sister against him.

I love Heath so very much. If Travis and I had not fallen for one another I would be in Heath's harem just like the others. My mother is so happy to be his lover. She wants to marry him just like the other mothers do. Selena I would never hurt Heath. I want him so much that I feel my heart grow more in love with him every second of everyday. Travis knows of my feelings. He keeps telling me to be with Heath also because he could give me what Travis can't.

Travis told me that if I want to sleep with another man that it better be the only man he can trust.and that would be Heath. No Selena I will not hurt the other man I love. I want his baby growing inside me even though I know he won't sign the birth certificate, but he will still claim the baby as his nephew or niece.

I am sorry for everything I did to hurt hurt Michelle and Maggie. I'm sorry for everything the man that provided the sperm that created me did to my family." She says with tears and I go over to get down to hold her while Michelle places an arm around our sister " Shhh honey I am sorry.

We didn't know how you felt. So when did you want to get with Heath?" I ask feeling her hold me tight " Tonight since I am fertile this week. I want to get as much of his sperm in my womb that I can to help make sure I get knocked up." She says making Michelle and I start giggling before she continued," What is so funny?" " Kaye baby Heath has the biggest loads I have ever felt.

Hell that weekend it was just him and I. All I did was stay naked like he did. I was so full that I leaked for a day. I mean damn that man can fill a 3 liter in a couple days." Michelle says getting wide eyes from Kaye " Shit your kidding me?

Damn you mean tonight I could conceive?" Kaye asks getting nods " Yep, but also your heart will connect to his. Oh Kaye our brother is so loving and gentle. When I had him take my ass because my pussy was so sore he was gentle. He lubed me up while eating out my asshole.

It was a good thing I cleaned myself out because he made me squirt so many times before fucking my ass." Michelle says and my eyes went wide " You lucky slut he didn't do my ass.yet." I say with a devilish grin " Awww my Lena want her ass ate out and taken?" Michelle asks while I nod " Yes by my other man." I say and they giggle " Well maybe we should ask his wives and loves if we can borrow him.

Hell I have been thinking of just joining them on weekends." Michelle says shocking Kaye and I " Michelle what are you saying sis?" Kaye asks while I see Michelle look intently at us both " Look Adam told me that him and the guys are talking about having guy nights on the weekend. Sierra and Mandy think it would be good for the guys kinda like a stress relief of sorts.

They have been helping so much with the kids and helping Heath keep our extended family together. I have talked to Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Jessie and they think it would be nice for Heath to be with us. Yes they love Heath, but they want to watch him with other woman kodam x x x vedeo the family." Michelle says while Kaye and I look at her " Um like who in the family because I cameron canela in monster cock in little pussy very protective of him.

I still have my doubts about Kendra, but that is just me." I say to get nods " I know little sister, but she seems genuine. I mean for Heath to save her like he did that has to mean something." Michelle says and Kaye lets me go looking in my eyes " Selena I feel the same honey, but like all the others he took them in.

Hell he took my mother in and I had my doubts about her but look at how happy she is." Kaye says while I nod " True, so tonight then?" I ask to get a nod " Yes, but I have a request." She says while Michelle and I nod " What is it sis?" Michelle asks to get a grin " I want you both there.

I want my beautiful sisters there to show me support because I am jennifer and tina share two fat rods pornstars creampie bit nervous." Kaye says getting two smiles " I would be honored honey since I have been wanting to suck his cock again." I say to only gals quinn wilde and sophia leone share cock Michelle nod while rubbing herself slowly " Oh me too and feel it in me again.

Damn I am getting wet thinking about seeing my baby brother again." Michelle says while we all laugh We all three stand up before I give them both a kiss on the lips to get giggles.

" What was that for Lena baby?" Michelle asks while I blush " Well um I cute blonde teen fucked by you lust in translation a confession to make. If we are coming clean and healing than I have to get my issue with you out in the open Michelle." I watch while my older sister looks at me,"Ok Lena. What's wrong?" I turn to look at her and I slap her before I remind her of that one Spring Break.

She looks at me hurt and Kaye asks,"What happened exactly?" I tell her,"She was a royal stuck up bitch and called Heath a little baby. How Tiffany and I were better off without Heath in our lives. How she didn't give a damn about Heath and then tried to get Travis with Tiffany." Michelle cries hugging me,"I was still wrapped around Tyrone's mind games. He played Travis and I like fiddles. I planned to tell Tyrone where he was until." I look at my sister of forever,"Until what Chelle?" She smiled,"You called me Chelle again.

You haven't done that in years." I nod and ask what changed for Michelle to continue,"Watching Heath just collapse and then hearing of his heart. The thought of Heath never being just broke my heart. Knowing I helped kill my Heathie.I couldn't take it." I nod telling her the same but then knowing how they left still left a bad taste in my mouth,"Chelle you were not just Heath's big sister but Chris's, Tiffany's and mine.

Hell when Tiffany and I got our first periods we came to our big sister versus our moms. We felt so safe with you. Then you betraying Heath.and us too." Michelle nods,"I wasn't right in the head then. I missed having two little sisters to play with. Keisha and I bonded but I missed my little sisters." Kaye looks at Michelle,"Michelle please don't call me that again. I am Kaye. Keisha died like Tyrone and Trey. She no longer exists.just Kaye." Michelle and I both nod hugging her.

" Now lets get in the shower and wash one another. We can bond over things but I know we want to be presentable to the other man in our lives." Michelle says while they both get in then pull me in I just smile since I have my sisters and maybe sister wives in my life more then ever.

We talk hoping Heath will see our side and allow us to be with him more than just having kids. I come back to the present while Michelle pulls me to her to kiss my lips. Kaye steps behind me to kiss my neck telling me she loved me like her little sister. I think of tonight and want it to be so special for Kaye. I place my hands on Michelle's breasts while we both moan in our first open kiss while I feel Kaye place her hands on my breasts.

I feel a warmth to my heart since these two that I claim as my sisters are making my dream of being with Heath again come alive. Michelle breaks it to tell me she still loved me like a little sister and would always protect me,"So Lena you better give me lots of nieces and nephews." I nod telling her that her and Kaye better do the same.

They nod telling me that was the plan. ==================================================================== It's around 8:30 at night that I am in the tub up against Kiko. She is washing my chest while planting kisses on my neck. This is what she wanted for her alone time with me. There are red candles burning making it a romantic moment. Her legs are wrapped around me with her feet on eitherside of my manhood.

This is totally hot marysol flashing ass on live webcam to me. I am so aroused that Kiko doesn't want me to touch myself. Kiko is very sensual in many ways. I feel her feet going up and down my shaft while she gets a moan to escape from my lips. " So you like my feet stroking you baby?" She asks while I nod " Yes, so when are we going to make love?' I ask getting a giggle " We are my darling.

It's just I am making love to you. Just relax and let your Asian queen pamper you my love." She says making me just melt against her I let her go and she starts to wash my hair now. I feel so relaxed while her feet slowly keep stroking me under the water. Her kisses against my neck feel so amazing. I place my hands on her legs moving them up and down her calves. Kiko stops her kisses before going back to my hair. " Baby after our bath can I braid your hair?

I think it will be so sexy." She asks to get a nod " Sure darlin why not." I say and she starts rinsing my hair After my hair is rinsed Kiko stops her feet massage on my manhood and stands up. She steps out to only have me scoot back. I do as asked before she gets in straddling my legs facing me. She leans in placing her breasts on my chest and her head on my left shoulder.

" Hold me baby. I want to cuddle while I massage your manhood with my labia." She says while I place my arms around her " Kiko what kind of love making is this?" I ask not really knowing what was going on " Ancient Chinese secret darling.

You want to last for a long, long time don't you baby?" She asks while I feel her labia lips slide back and forth on my dick " Yes of course I do." I say feeling her left hand go to my chest Kiko slowly grinds against me while massaging the right side of my chest.

I let out a soft moan while Kiko giggles. I feel so aroused and rock hard that I just want her. " Kiko I am so close." I say hearing her giggle " Mmm you need some pussy baby? You want your Asian mistress to ride your wet cock?" She asks to get a moan I feel her raise up to only reach between us. She grabs my dick to only place the head to her entrance. Kiko lowers down impaling herself upon it making us both moan.

She places her hands on my sultry blonde babe natalia starr butt plugged and analyzed before sliding up and down on my shaft. " Oh yesss.just hd passion hd kennedy nash takes cum you belong.oh baby I love you." Kiko says while I place my hands on her hips " I love you too Kiko.oh god your pussy is tight." I say moaning to get a giggle " Mmmm yesss.all for you darling.fuck me until we cum." She says and the water in the tub starts moving making waves " I think.we need this more often." I say seeing her smile " Yess we's my fetish.I love sex in erotic.and I can pee while making love." She says moaning making me smile " You sound like Tessa." I say seeing her nod " I know baby.she likes peeing.during love making.she told me." Kiko says before increasing her pace " Kiko oh god." I exclaim moaning and she moves her hands to my chest " Yes baby.fuck me.FUCKKK MEEEEE!" She yells while I pick her up getting on my knees in the tub Kiko wraps her legs around my waist and I start thrusting her deeply and faster.

Her moans fill the room while she leans back holding onto my shoulders. " YESS POUND MY PUSSY.FUCK YOUR KIKO!" She screams while riding me at the same time I smile feeling her pussy tighten while the water sloshes around in the tub and some spills onto the bathroom floor.

Kiko and I gaze into the other's eyes. Her eyes are full of love, desire, and lust. She wants this so bad just as I do. She moans lodly before tilting her head back. " OH HEATHHHH.I'MMM.CUMMINGGGG!" She yells and I start erupting inside her " KIKOOOOOO!" I scream filling her womb while pulling her down against me She holds on while I keep erupting deep into her. She jerks before falling onto my chest. I hold her close to me. Our breathing is heavy while I squeeze her sexy ass.

She giggles before looking in my eyes. " You know giving you kids a bath was a handful when you all were younger. I talked with Ellie, Verna and Maggie and you kids were never as bad as you were with me. It seemed everytime you'd come over the first thing I had to do was give you a bath." She says and I chuckle " Sorry momma Kiko but I didn't like baths back then.

But you always made bath time so fun so I took it as my guilty little pleaseure of taking a bath with you and my sisters and brother." I say getting rolled eyes " Well I am just glad you do now. That was everything I hoped for and say we take baths together more often." She says while I nod agreeing " So what now beautiful?" I ask to get a smile " We get out and dry off.

I want to stay naked the rest of the night in the bedroom. I want you in my ass while we sleep." She says with a devilish grin " You kinky china doll." I say to get a smile " Your kinky china doll slut baby." Kiko says with a grin " Slut uh?" I ask to get a nod " Baby I want to be your woman and your bedroom slut like the other girls.

I may be older, but I still can make you moan with my body." She says and I chuckle because she was so right " True you do darling." I say before she slowly gets off me to only grunt causing my manhood to slide out She gets out of the tub to only get a towel and turn on the light. She has me stand up with a smile. I step out after and she starts drying me off.

She takes her time enjoying my body. Once she gets done with my upper body she gets down to dry my lower body. She gets my legs and feet before going back to my manhood and balls. I chuckle while she strokes it with the towel. She moves the towel to only lift my manhood taking my balls into her mouth giving them a suck before letting them out of her mouth.

I have her stand up before I dry her off. When I get to her love spot I give her wet clit a suck then kiss that makes her moan. We dry the floor after with a few towels before leaving the bathroom hand and hand only to walk in to the main bedroom hearing moaning. " OH YES.FINGER FUCK ME!" Kendra screams out and I see Jasmine fingering our new love " Wow guess they started without us baby." Kiko says and I see Verna and Ellie in a 69 position " I guess so." I say seeing all my wives and loves minus Tiffany and the moms are all on the bed together waiting on us to join Kiko and I made our way over to the joined beds.

Verna got off Ellie while the both of them scooted over to pull Kiko and I onto the bed. We laughed because Kiko rolled onto her back to look at the two of them and I was still face down laughing. " What are you two horny or something?" My Asian love asks while I turned onto my back " Duh when are we not?" Ellie says before they start pulling me to the center of the bed I look at all those that are my bedroom sluts.

I don't know why they wanted to be called that, but it was only in the bedroom. Kiko moves to between my legs while Verna and Ellie get on either side of my hips. I turn to my right to see Diamond sitting on Kendra's face while Jasmine is eating Kendra out. Hannah and Jessie are sucking on her breast while Renee is behind Jasmine eating her out.

Allison is putting something inside her pussy. " Allison what are you doing?" I ask to get a giggle before the others moan their enjoyment " Putting Skittles up my cunt. We all are wanting to taste the rainbow." Allison says while I shake my head " OH SHIT.KENDRA'S EATING.THE RAINBOW SO GOODDDDD!" Diamond says while I watch her twitch and shutter " Ok that is a new one on me." I say and she moves to the bed holding her hand between her legs to only move to Hannah straddling hot tub sex with an asian couple head " Taste the rainbow Hannah darling." Allison says before leaning over to dive into Hannah's cunt I chuckle while Kiko, Ellie, and Verna start sucking and licking my manhood.

I reach over and place my right hand on Jessie's ass giving it a good squeeze. She lets out a moan to only turn to see me. " Baby not tonight. I want to fuck my new sister love. I will suck you off tomorrow." Jessie says turning to take Kendra's left nipple back in her mouth I just chuckle thinking I have created a few horny monsters.

I look at the three between my legs watching until the bedroom door opens. My eyes go wide. I see Kaye, Selena, and Michelle walk in just to close the door behind them. " Um what are you three doing in here?" I ask making everyone stop to only look at three that shouldn't be here " Oh damn what are you three doing? Watching us?" Renee asks a bit shocked " nothing like that." Kaye says coming over followed by Selena and Michelle " Then what is it Kaye honey?" Ellie asks with a hand on my abs " Heath I know you see me as a sister just like I see you as my brother, but I want to be more.

I want that closeness you have with Michelle and Selena. I want to.well be your lover too. I know that may sound wrong, but that is why I am here and to ask you to please give me a baby.

I have asked and you never gave me an answer. I want to be a mom but I know that I can't trust anyone else but you." Kaye says with a few tears while she smiles at me " Kaye what your asking is a big thing with us sugar." Diamond says getting a nod " Yes I know Diamond and I would never hurt Heath. Bodacious booty and big black dick cumshots brunette have loved him all these years I have been here.

If I wasn't with Travis I would be where you all are now. Look I want Heath to be the man my kids can look up to also besides Travis and those I see as my brothers. I don't trust any other man except Heath. Please Diamond you and the others are moms.can't you find it in your hearts to let me experience the same joy?" Kaye answers with such tears that I look at all my loves and wives " Jasmine you are sexy passenger cum showered on her face by fake driver main one out of us all.

This is your decision also baby girl." Ellie says getting Jasmine to move off the bed making her way around to Kaye Jasmine steps super cute annie gives amazing pov bj front of Kaye taking Kaye's hands in her's. It's quiet for a moment while Jasmine looking into Kaye's eyes reading them. It is eerily quiet until Jasmine speaks. " Kaye I love you like my real sister just as I do Michelle and Selena.

You have helped Diamond and me with Dakota and Lil Greg. You have helped keep this family safe and strong when no one else did before our family grew so much. Kaye darling I give you our husband and love for the night. Let all of us be a part of this as one heart. You have my blessing to become a mother just like most of us here." Jasmine says while I hear some sobbing " Aww that was so beautiful." Allison says rubbing her bare belly " Yes it was." Hannah says rubbing hers " I'm next to get pregnant now." Simone says from the chair while Vanessa was slowly riding the strapon dildo before she pipes in,"Me too!" I watch while Jasmine undoes the sash to Kaye's robe.

This would be the very first time I will see Kaye in all her glory. Jasmine takes the robe off to expose Kaye's body. I see she is a bit nervous while Jasmine steps back. I extend my hand to Kaye who notices. She steps over to take it to only get on the bed. She lays next to me and our eyes meet. " Momma Ellie do you three mind if Michelle and I prepare our lover and brother for Kaye?" Selena asks and I hear giggling just knowing she wanted some too " No honey we don't mind.

I think I would like to taste the rainbow from Kiko's pussy anyway." Ellie says getting laughs " Mmm you are going to love it momma Ellie." Diamond says getting back over Kendra's mouth I watch while Ellie, Verna, and Kiko move to the floor and Renee throws them a red bag.

I laugh because it's a big bag of skittles. I shake my head wondering what Jack started. Selena and Michelle get on the bed on either side of my hips to start getting me ready for Kaye.

I turn to see Kaye looking in my eyes. " You ok Kaye darlin." I ask to get a shy nod " Yes honey just a bit nervous since I have not been with anyone except your brother." She says and I nod " I know beautiful just be yourself. I won't hurt you in anyway darlin." I say to see her smile " I know baby brother." She says before leaning in to kiss my lips Kaye and I start to make out with our hands roaming each other's bodies.

I feel around her soft skin before reaching her love spot. I find she is wet to my fingers. She spreads her legs giving me more access. I feel Selena and Michelle smal gral sax sex stories story at my dick getting it hard. I moan in Kaye's mouth while she does the same to mine. This beautiful woman wants me in everyway now.

I have never seen her like this, but can't say I don't want her because I do. Her left hand goes to my chest to only caress it. The room fills with love and moans but the strongest thing I feel or hear is Kaye's love entering my heart.

After what seemed a lifetime I hear Selena speak up. " Kaye he is ready how do you want to do this baby?' Selena says and I look down to see Michelle stroking me while smiling " Mmm baby brother your cock taste so good." My older sister says while I chuckle " Missed me I take it?" I ask while she nods " Well how would you suggest because I want this to be a heartfelt start for Heath and I.

Just like is was for each of you." Kaye says and Selena smiles " Look each other in the eyes sis. It means so much seeing the man you love give you his seed." Selena says catching me off guard and I see her with tears looking at me " Ok." Kaye says before laying down on her back I move over to give her room.

I get up to scoot to between her legs while Michelle and Selena move up to lay on either side of her. Kaye lifts her legs in the air giving me access to her pussy. " Heath my body is your's. Please take me and give us a baby." Kaye says with tears falling I just nod while sliding slowly into her warm wet tight love canal. We both moan at our coupling. She smiles up at me and I slowly make love to her. Kaye has always been there for me. She is loving, caring, and loyal.

I place my hands on the headboard so I don't fall on her. She keeps her eyes on mine. I keep thrusting in and out of her feeling her vaginal walls clamp down.

" Oh Heath.your so big.shit.I'm cumming." Kaye says tilting her head back " Mmm cum for him Kaye. Paint his love sword with your cum." Michelle says while caressing Kaye's left breast " Pound her pussy baby make her one of us." Selena says while I feel Kaye gush on my cock " OH HEATHHHH!" Kaye screams out arching her back while I start to pound her grabbing her hips I increase my pace going faster letting her feel all my hardness inside her.

Kaye is so lost in this moment that her hands go to my chest. I feel her love pour into my heart and the room is filled with moans of love and pleasure. She starts meeting my thrust taking me deeper into her. I give her a smile and watch while her eyes open. " Oh baby my pussy is your's.oh god your hitting my spot." Kaye says moaning so loud " Yes it is Kaye since we are his lovers.

Give him that pussy and womb. Horny cuties screw the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere what you want sis." Selena says while fingering herself " Oh Heath give us a baby." Kaye says causing me to lose all restraints while I pull her to me " KAYEEEE!" I yell feeling my cum erupt deep into her " OH GOD HE IS CUMMINGGGG!" Kaye screams out while she reaches for my arms pulling me down Our lips meet and she kisses me so deeply.

I am still unloading deep in her womb. Our mouths open with tongues kissing the other. Her arms wrap around me and I feel her cum again. Her breasts press into my chest while I feel hands on my body.

Kaye and I keep kissing before I feel a tongue on my ball sack. I moan to the sensation and a hand massages my shaft while I fall out of Kaye. Kaye rubs my back with a moan. " Selena move hun I want my baby brother's cock in my mouth. I want him to fuck my throat." I hear Michelle say while Selena giggles " Your not the only one baby but I think he needs to rest for a bit, and besides we all four need to sleeping mom fuck by neighbor Selena says while Kaye breaks the kiss " She's right Heath we do." Kaye says peeking my attention She scoots over but keeps her chocolate pussy in the air.

I lay on my back and Selena moves up to lay on me straddling my hips while Michelle moves to lay on my left. " Ok what is going on?" I ask while all my other ladies keep moaning and pleasuring the other " Well Heath since each of us are.well let's say your sister part-time lovers. We want to be with you on weekends.

So you have us, but there is a catch. We want it to be a romantic moment. We want to share a love that has always been just in an intimate way." Selena says and I hot amazing babe plays with cock hardcore and massage to see Michelle nodding " Heath you are my baby brother.

I have always loved you and always will. I want you very much to be my lover just as Adam will be my husband. He understands my wishes and knows I see you in a different way.

He although can't be with Allison like we are right now and most likely never will. He just sees her as a sister and nothing more or less. He trusted you so much to never hurt me and I will never hurt you again. Heath let us be your three sister loves to have." She tells me and I smile " So let me get this straight. You three want to join us on weekends and want that connection the others that are moaning now have." I say getting giggles " Hey we can't help it.oh Verna right there baby.Heath say yes because I wouldn't mind to.oh yes fuck Michelle out." Ellie says while Michelle giggles " Only after I get my brothers cum in me." Shellie says and I shake my head chuckling " Mmm sounds good to me." Ellie says with a moan Kaye, Michelle, Selena, and I talk for a bit while Selena grinds slowly against my cock.

The rest of the night went by with each having their fun and when 2 o'clock comes everyone finds a spot on the beds. Selena takes the spot on top of me while Kendra lays half on me on my right and Kaye does the same on my left with Michelle spooned up to her while Diamond spoons up to Kendra. As I hear everyone sleep soundly I think things will be wonderful, but first I had Tiffany and the moms to deal with.

I let out a sigh before closing my eyes to let sleep come to me. To Be Continued.Love grows in the house, What is next as Tiffany makes a apperance that turns out bloody, and where are Maggie and her wives?