Old young sex play able story

Old young sex play able story
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The Trip Ch. 2 the Graduate By Jax_Teller In the weeks after Miranda returned from her business trip, we employed Mary our baby sitter most weekends. Often during these weekends ended up much as did our first contact with her. Mary was getting close to graduation and there was talk of a party.

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Miranda and I both told her she'd be welcome to have the party at our place, and that we'd take care of everything and she could invite whomever she wanted. Mary was thrilled with the idea and was only concerned about our children and who would take care of them. I told her that Miranda was taking them for a weekend with their Uncle Bear in Springfield. She said great then, and we took care of the planning.

Everyone at the party would be considered adults and friends of Mary, thereby guests at our camp. As the weekend approached Mary seemed to be distant and although she was usually very open. I saw something troubling her deeply and couldn't let it go. An opportunity came up when I was driving her to get graduation pictures taken and I mentioned how sad she looked. She opened up to me and told me how her mother, Denise a friend of ours, was struggling financially and there were no funds available for her to go to college as Mary had been told.

Denise told her that if she was going to live at home she'd have to pay rent and split the utilities, mom ava addams teachs stepdaughter dillion harper becoming a roommate.

Mary told me that they were at odds, and in fact had been having arguments about the situation. Mary was a smart young woman and was focused on going to college and had worked at getting good grades to get into a good college. I consoled her and I let it drop for the time being. Later that evening at bed time I talked with Miranda about the situation and she said that with her employer matching funds set aside for education, we were financially able to put Mary through a local college.

Then she shocked me sort of, when she said that Mary could live with us, and take care of the children while she was away. I was taken aback and excited at the same time. I thought about it for a second as Miranda went on about the benefits for Mary, and I readily agreed. Miranda said we could present it to Mary as a graduation gift. It was perfect, and I could see Miranda got the demented thoughts going through my heads, then said and we'd have our own live in babysitting slave girl. Miranda said your cock is hard isn't it.

It was more of a statement than a question, and she moved her hand to my lap and began stroking my hard cock. She put her head in my lap and began licking and sucking my cock, tugging my balls tight and loosening briefly as her mouth hit the base of my cock.

Miranda liked rough sex on occasion and I grabbed her by the hair and fucked her mouth hard fast and as deep as I could until I blew my load in her throat. She told me she was on her period and tired so we cuddled and went to sleep. The next day I asked her if she was serious about Mary staying with us and she said yeah. The next weekend Mary was over at our house again, and graduation was the next Saturday, and she was visibly disturbed. Miranda came to me while Mary was taking care of the children, and told me she planned on telling Mary about the gift.

When the children were in bed Miranda and I sat down with Mary and Miranda started up the conversation. She asked Mary if she liked being around us, and she said yes, I asked her if she had come up with a solution for her housing problem.

She said no and in fact her mother Denise had told her that she had two months free after graduation and then she had to pay or get out. Miranda said well we have an idea; you move in with us and help out as you have been and we will pay your tuition. Mary lit up and said "really?", and we both responded yes.

She hugged both of us at the same time and as we broke the embrace she tuned to Miranda and asked "what about the sex"? Miranda said "it is great", joking, and then looked her deep in the eyes and said "yes honey, have sex whenever you want with whom-ever, just be safe outside of us". Then Miranda surprised me and pulled Mary close to her and kissed her lightly at first and then full on tongues twisting and turning and son fuk xxxxxxxx mom italia "we love you honey".

That night the three of us made love for the first time, and Miranda participated as much as she could. Blowjob videos at onedollarblowjob 13 tube porn the sex act was over, Miranda led Mary to our bed and said "this is for you whenever you want" pulling her into our bed.

I went about preparing for the weekends' graduation party while Miranda drove our three children to her brother Bear's house. Mary called shortly after the ceremony and asked if she could pick anything up on her way out.

I told her nothing and that I was ready.

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Four pickup trucks pulled in with just graduated 18 yr. olds most of them females, with a few very good looking guys. The guys were jocks for the most part and there was one stoner.

The young women quickly paired up with the guys they came with or wanted. I stood up and introduced everyone I knew; and told them that this place is a safe haven, My safe haven.

Simply put don't hurt anyone and don't drive impaired. I went on to say that there are beds around the camp fire and there are 2 couches made into beds inside, the weather was good and the fire would be all night, so enjoy, be happy, and be safe.

Mary was not paired up with anyone and moved about her circle of friends and introduced a few of them to me personally. Miranda came in about an hour after the music was turned up and the party had begun. The temps were warm that summer afternoon and most everyone were wearing shorts and the girls had tee shirts or bikini tops. Mary had on a Bikini and was on her second beer when Miranda came out mary in maid uniform double teamed threesome and stockings the house in thong, with no top on.

Her body wasn't tight like many of the teens but the guys were obviously turned on. One guy I found out later was the captain of the baseball team, came right up to Miranda and struck up a conversation. The talk about our place being clothing optional was making its rounds and although the guys were in favor of the girls getting naked, the guys weren't taking the lead.

Mary left a couple of her friends, and walked over to Miranda and hugged her and kissed her deeply, lustfully. Miranda asked her if she was sure and Mary said "yeah I'm sure". With that they held hands and moved over to the queen size matrice we had by the fire dyttxxx story sex stories 18 new. There were some comments and a few deep breaths as Mary stood next to the bed and stripped to the music.

As Mary lay down Miranda knelt on the edge of the matrice and put her face down into Mary's pussy. As the group moved around them, Miranda slid her thong off, lifting her knees to free the garment.

Her bare shaved pussy was clearly glistening as she knelt between Mary's beautiful girl gets fucked at the beach licking her pussy and inserted a finger in her pussy. It wasn't long before a few of the young ladies were on their knees sucking cocks.

About half of the people in camp were partially naked and or engaged in sexual behavior. I watched for a few minutes and then I went inside to start cooking the meat for our dinner. I had beef steaks, very thick burgers and Italian sausage along with all the fixings. When I went back outside the beds were all filled some threesomes, some couples and a few still watching Mary and Miranda.

I announced the food was ready and a couple of people went in to get some. I went over to the bed where Mary and Miranda were and Mary was busy eating Miranda, Mary's butt up in the air wide open and ready. I stepped out of my shorts and knelt down behind Mary and slipped my cock in her pussy. I kept a reasonably steady pace and Miranda asked to switch positions.

I laid down on my back and Mary mounted me facing me. Miranda said she'd be right back. I thought maybe she was hungry and went for food, but when she returned she had on a strap on cock that was black with leather straps. She knelt behind Mary and I felt a cold liquid gel lubricant and then the head of the cock as Miranda positioned it at Mary's asshole. Miranda asked are you sure honey, and Mary replied yes mam'.

Mary remained still as Miranda pushed the fake cock in. I felt Mary tense at the entry and then relax, and I felt Miranda's cock working in and out of her asshole.

Mary began crying out loudly almost sobbing and then a sudden rush of wetness and Mary tensed as she came. Miranda pumped harder and faster and Mary shrieked and cried out as her orgasm intensified. Her pussy clenched and released milking my cock until I could take no more and I came in her, holding her tight to me as Miranda continued her assault. Finely Mary collapsed on top of me and Miranda pulled her cock out of Mary and lay beside us. Mary slipped off me landing between Miranda and me.

The few still watching us seemed to take that as the clue to move on. After a while I slipped away from them and went over to sit in a chair closer to the fire as it was now dark, and getting chilly.

There were two girls I could see in the reflections of the fire. They were wearing towels; it was at that point that I realized I had not put any clothing on. It wasn't an issue other than my spent cock hanging down was now starting to get hard again noticing the girls looking at me. One of them Jazerah came over to where I was sitting and we began talking, mostly about our lifestyle that is the natural way. We talked about it at length and the two girls seemed to enjoy the conversation.

They thanked me for throwing the party and being so cool about stuff. I was feeling very old around them and well perverted too. I couldn't help notice how tight their bodies were as they would get up to get a beer or go to the bathroom.

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Jazerah and Tiffany seemed very close and it really became a question in my mind, if they had come as a couple to the party.

Were they a couple during school too? My mind wandered taking in the possibilities, until Tiffany commented how hot it was watching my cock go in and out of Mary's little cunt. My dick got hard so fast I immediately had to adjust myself, but there was no hiding it.

Jazerah asked I would like to join them inside. I said yeah I'd love to. Once inside we went past the living room where there were a few naked bodies sprawled around the TV room. We kept on going through the house to the master bedroom. I lay on the bed on my back and Tiffany said to Jazerah mind if I go first? And Jazz said not one bit as long as she could pierce Tiffany's cunt with my cock. I felt my balls tingle at the way these two planned on using my cock.

Tiffany mounted me just as Mary had earlier and Jazz took my cock in her mouth going most of the way down on it before releasing it and guiding it into Tiffany's wet pussy. Tiffany pushed herself all the way down on my cock and then ground herself on to me making slight circles as she slid forward and back. Jazz was busy rubbing my balls and then moved her finger to my asshole. She used the wetness dripping from Tiffany to push her way into me.

I was in heaven; these two young women were working me like pros. Tiffany's nipples were hard as rocks at pointing out at me as I took one in my hand and the other into my mouth. As tiffany leaned forward to allow me access, Jazz took my cock and jerked it around the base still in Tiffany's pussy.

These girls were very comfortable with each other's bodies. Jazz stopped touching tiffany and I for a second and I felt the loss until she said hi to Markus. I looked over and this guy was standing there watching us, completely naked and hard as a rock himself. He was hairless except for a short buzz cut prime cups beach ready sweetheart playing with her pussy his head. He looked oiled up, glistening, and while he was obviously a man, he had an air of femininity.

He looked on as Tiffany continued to ride my cock.


He made eye contact with me and asked if he could have a turn. Jazz said that would be so hot Mr. D. I said sure not knowing what exactly they had in mind, and Tiffany got off of me and Marcus moved next to the bed and said is this ok with you? I said sure. He slid over me taking the same position as Tiffany and Jazz said can I guide you sindy vega pissing all over the bathroom I said sure once again and she took my cock in hand in held it tight up to Markus's asshole and he pushed back and down, sliding my cock in him.

His hard cock lay right on my stomach as he began to work up and down on my cock. Jazz stood on the bed facing Markus straddling both of us and held Markus' head in position and pulled his mouth onto her pussy, arching herself to extend her pussy to meet his face. Tiffany slid her hand between us and I could feel her jerking his cock.

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Tiffany barked at Markus eat that pussy you little fag boy. He pulled away from her long enough to call her a redhead babe zara ryan catches bfs attention and gets fucked and went back to eating her pussy. Their tone was playful, and yet had a very erotic edge to it.

Jazz busy jerking his cock with one hand started spanking his ass cheeks with her other hand. I said I was getting close to coming and Tiffany turned around and lowered her dripping wet cunt onto my mouth, my nose fighting with her clit. Jazz pumped Markus's cock faster and I started coming as he sat all the way down putting my seed deep in his bowels, his asshole clenching my cock as he came too. Jazz let go and sat back fingering herself as if nothing could stop her until she shouted fuck yes and squirted come all over.

Tiffany got down on her knees and lapped up the drops of come from Jazz as if she was dying of thirst. Jazz said get on your back honey, and Jazz got between her legs putting two fingers in Tiffany's pussy and licked at her pussy. It seemed like mere seconds had past and I didn't even notice Marcus had got off me as we were now both standing bedside watching this beautiful young women pleasure her friend.

Tiffany came like thunder; her hips rose and dropped, bucking her cunt into Jazz's mouth. Tiffany yelled out of fuck yes, eat me lover. And she began squirting into Jazz's mouth with such force that Jazz pulled back slightly, obviously taken back by just how hard Tiffany had come.

I said the shower could accommodate all of us if we wanted, and we all went in and washed each other up, slowly sensuously washing and then drying each other. It was a surprise for me to have had sex with Markus but it wasn't my first time either.

The next morning I woke up early and prepared breakfast in a buffet style so everyone could eat when they were ready. I told the few that were up, that there was coffee, juice and food. As we sat and ate around the fire, I found out that Jazz and Tiffany were an "outted" gay couple, and that Markus knew them from some sort of meeting or group from school and that he floated between the different sects of student groups.

Mary came in with Miranda both still naked and sat at the counter. I noticed how wonderful their asses were as I passed by, and how lucky I was.


A few of the couples had left after waking and there were only the six of us left by midmorning. Markus came over to where I was refilling the fire pit and making it ready for the rest of the afternoon and evening. He asked if I remembered last night.

I said yeah, that I was sober the entire last week. He said oh, as if surprised. He confided that he'd never been with a man or a foursome. He looked at me and asked, so was that your first time? I said no young man, it was great, but it wasn't the first for me. He told me he'd done other stuff but that was the first time he'd had a man inside him that way. I said thank you. He made a point of telling me that he'd been with tiffany and Jazz before but that he had wanted more.

I told him he didn't need to explain to me, just enjoy, there were no strings. He asked if later we could have some more fun, and I said guaranteed with a big smile. Marcus seemed more relaxed after that and much more social. Miranda and the others came out and proceeded to lay out tanning taking turns rubbing oil on each other. Marcus and I joined them taking our clothes off too. Mary took the lotion over to Marcus and ran her hands all over him until she got to his cock and then she really worked him up to a hard on.

Jazz and Tiffany both said hasn't he got a nice cock? Mary said sure does, and with that she lowered her head down and began sucking his cock in earnest. She stroked and tugged and twisted her hand on his meat, bobbing her head up and down, and he began thrusting his yup you can keep the panties fba production up to meet her and she held her mouth all the way down on his cock as he dumped his load in her throat.

The girls all clapped and cheered as she licked him clean. The End Ch. 2