Mom help sis saxy wcom

Mom help sis saxy wcom
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I have a confession to make. I am a 36 fertile party slut impregnated like a bitch old woman with a predilection for 15 year old boys. I'm not proud of it but I love seducing young boys and their fresh, virtually untouched (except by themselves of course) cocks and balls.

This is the story of how it began and it remains probably the most erotic experience of my life. I was just 16 at the time and had been aware of my own sensuality and sexual curiosity for some years.

I had learned to use my fingers to bring myself off fairly expertly but, although I knew what naked men looked like, I was still a virgin in all senses of the word. I knew that, with my long blond hair and petite, slim figure boys were very attracted to me but I had resisted the exploratory gropings of various boys for fear of getting a "reputation".

I was also well aware that my 15 year old brother, Dan, tried to spy on me in the bathroom and my bedroom at every possible opportunity attempts I had up to now thwarted but with which I was becoming really irritated.

Now I have to say I was not the least bit attracted to my little brother but one day I decided I had had enough of his peeping and thought it would be fun, rather daring and might satisfy some of my curiosity about boys to call him out and see what happened.

I also knew he would not spread it around the school. Every Saturday our parents played golf, leaving the house to the two of us and I knew that, once again, Dan would try to peep through the keyhole while I showered but, this time, instead of hanging my robe on the doorknob, I left the keyhole clear while I began slowly to undress.

When I was down to my bra and panties I suddenly pulled open the door and laughed at Dan almost falling on his face into the bathroom.

"You know" I interrupted as he tried to stumble out an excuse "If you really want to watch me shower I don't mind, but in exchange you have to let me see your cock and, if you masturbate, I want to watch." It was so funny! He didn't know whether to stay or run and he was almost trembling with excitement.

"Well?" I prompted.

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"O.K." he finally murmured. "So drop your pants and sit on the toilet seat." He slowly pulled down his pants, releasing the first actual male erection I had ever seen. It was long, smooth and slim with a large purplish knob and, I can tell you, it got my juices flowing as I imagined what he could do with it!

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Now I was trembling with excitement and a little fear about what would happen. This was when I first realized how easy it is control males using sex, or the promise of it. He obediently sat on the toilet and began stroking his cock while I finished undressing (allowing him to see my breasts but modestly turning my back as I stripped off my panties and stepped into the shower).

I then decided to give him a better look as I soaped and rinsed off, paying particular attention to my pussy and was a little surprised at how quickly he came. I had obviously never seen a boy cum and so I was disappointed when all that happened was that he grunted and covered the tip of his cock with toilet paper as he shuddered.

That wasn't good enough, I'd have to get a better look. He began to pull up his pants in spite of still being hard but I said "No, I want to see how long it takes to go soft. Stay there and I will come closer to dry myself off." I then stood right in front of him and slowly dried off and while he could not take his eyes off my pussy, especially when I lifted my leg and placed my foot on his thigh, I could not take mine off his cock as it slowly went soft and leaked cum onto his balls and just showing myself off to my brother like that made hot to rub myself.

I resisted because I jeez on legs of small tits girl it would be even better later. "Can I touch your cunt?" he asked, and just hearing him use that word made we even wetter (I decided to use it from now on)but I said that while I would let him watch me from time to time there would be no touching after all, we were brother and sister.

Yeah, right! I still wanted a closer look when his cock spurted so, a couple of hours later, I went into his room, pulled his earphone out and whispered in his ear "I need to pee really badly.

Do you want to come and watch me?" I'm sure the double entendre didn't escape him. I stepped out of my panties, asking him to hold them, lifted my skirt and sat on the toilet with my knees pressed together.


"Come on, I can't see anything." he complained. "You know the rule" I replied "Drop your pants and let me watch you jack off". He did just as I ordered, standing with his erect cock right in front of my face and, as I watched, a drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit and he used his fingers to spread it over his knob God this was making me hot!

I slowly spread my legs and began pissing and by the time I had finished he was holding my panties to his nose with one hand and rubbing himself furiously with the other so I put my hand between my legs and began slowly rubbing my slit.

When I put my finger into my cunt hole and then brought it to my mouth and sucked it, a jet of cum spurted from his cock and hit me right in the eye and before I could react it was followed by two more which landed on my nose. At first I was afraid I would go blind or something but then my own orgasm hit and I came like a train and just as loudly. My God, I had never cum like that before and, even though I was still not attracted to him, I realized that Dan and his cock could be very useful in my search for sexual excitement.

I made him clean up my face while I cleaned his softening cock and I told him I had more surprises in store provided he told no-one. During the next week we didn't have the house to ourselves but I teased him unmercifully. I would wear my short nightdress when we were watching TV with Mom and Dad, making sure to give him a few "accidental" glimpses of my naked cunt. I would stand very close and declare in what I hoped was a sexy voice "I need to pee really badly" and then run off giggling and on one occasion I was standing in front of him in the kitchen while Mom was preparing Dinner and I reached behind me and rubbed his crotch until he was big and hard and, I suspect, came in his underpants.

By Thursday he was panting to repeat the experience but I was ready to take it up a notch. "I might let you touch me on Saturday" I suggested when I knew he was worked up by my teasing "but I've always wondered what Billy's cock looks like so I want you to invite him over to join us".

Billy was Dan's best friend, also 15 who could hardly take his eyes off me when he was around and I thought he was wild naughty milf wife pegged and licked cute but, of course had never said so. To be continued if you like