My favorite latina ass taking it all 21 tube porn

My favorite latina ass taking it all 21 tube porn
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After several years of marriage, I found out a really dirty secret about my wife. Simply put, she is a cock crazed slut. She'll take any cock. It doesn't matter what size, shape or color.


If she can find it, she will suck it dry, and if the person is smart enough she'll let them fuck her brains out. I only really found out a few months ago. It started off as a regular Saturday night. We went out for a drinks at our local bar. We've gone there for years, and pretty much know everyone there. We said our 'hellos' did a couple rounds, and the night began to get fuzzy. Before we knew it, it was closing time.

"Last round!" the barkeep shouted. Their were about seven men in the bar. They all looked pretty drunk, I knew two of them. The rest must have been passing through town, since our town was just off the local interstate. "I'll be right back, just gonna run to the ladies room". On her way back to where we were sitting on of the men, a big scruffy trucker type, grabbed one of her ass cheeks. "Nice cheeks!". She turned around and smiled at him. Next thing I knew I was watching her unzip his jeans, pull his cock out, and place it in her mouth.

I just stood there frozen. This was my sexy wife sucking a complete strangers cock right in front of me!. The weird thing was, I looked down, and hand an erection. Another one of the people in the group, a tall black man took out the biggest cock I had ever seen. He pulled her head back and said"have some chocolate!" she hungrily agreed, and gagged hard on his huge black member. She began to alternate between the two cocks, and the other five men began pulling out there swollen erections.

Meanwhile, the bartender went and locked the door, and flicked off the lights, he just left a small exit light on in the back. He went to the 'circle' to join the fun.

The tallest man in the group reached into my wife's shirt, and squeezed her boobs really hard. "Rip my shirt off!" The black man in front readily cheerleader stepsis got fucked by her nasty stepbro, and the men took to sucking squeezing and devouring her perfect c-cup breast, and biting on her perfect little nipples.

She was moaning and groaning, she made sure to suck on all the cocks, even putting two in her mouth at once. The men lifted her little body up and threw her on the pool table. She got on all fours, and quickly threw her lather skirt off, revealing only her pink satin lace panties.

She was on the pool table in a matching bra and panties waiting to be fucked. I was at the other end of the bar, trying so hard not to take out my cock, and let off a much needed load.

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Two men stood in front of her, jamming their cocks in and out her mouth. Even from across the barI could hear her gagging. One man stuck his head in between her legs, and licked her through her panties, "oooohhhhhh" she moaned.

He placed his fingers in and out of her tight little pussy. She had just shaven it a few days ago, it was so perfect! Another man kept smacking her ass really hard, shoving her forward onto the large black cock she was devouring. They finally pulled her panties off, "I'm so wet|!" she screamed. One of the men, a larger one, who had a very trucker look to him, lay flat on the pool table next to her.

She got the me and connie all the time taking suckin right away, and squatted down on his cock. She rode him really hard, he was having a hard time keeping up.

He grabbed her, and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. The men kept switching places, they all wanted her to suck hard on their cocks. She was trying to get three in her mouth at once, but kept gagging to hard. Although I couldn't see much, I was able to see her reflection on the mirror next to where they were.

My wife fucking a group of men!. I was so turned on at this point that I took my cock out, and stated playing with. While she was riding one man, another slowly stuck busty senorita bridgette rides a thick schlong big tits latina finger in her ass. She wanted to moan, but the cock in her mouth kept her very busy. Then three men took turns spitting into her asshole, and sliding their fingers in and out.

I've never fucked her ass, so i'm sure it was really tight. I've thought of it. She has such a perfect one. It looks even better when she is fucking strangers! She was really enjoying all the fingers in her ass. But between switching cocks in her mouth, she yelled "someone fuck my ass already!. She climbed off the cock she was on, and got on her hands and knees. The black guy just shoved his whole cock in there "WOW!" I was sure she couldn't handle it, but she didn't want to say anything.

She just bent forward, and shoved a long warm cock right in her mouth. He fucked the shit out of her. She got of his cock, and lay on her back on the pool table.

He shoved his cock back in, and another man shoved his cock deep into her pussy. I was so turned on. I never saw anyone get dp'despecially my wife!

"WOW< I'm coming!! she yelled. Her juices flowed out of her pussy, onto the cock inside her, The man she was sucking on couldn't handle it anymore.

He came all over her face, eyes, and breast. She licked every inch of cum of her breast, and sucked him clean dry. "Thanks babe, you ain't bad!" she smiled at him as he put his clothes back on.

|But she had work to do. There were plenty more cocks to satisfy, and her pussy still needed more. She couldn't handle the black cock for very long. She got off and said "let me taste my ass".


She squatted on the floor, and after sucking him for a little while, he exploded and shot load after load of cum all over her. But she still to needed be fucked. She bend over with her feet on the floor, and her hands gripping the edge of the pool table.

She was hoping someone would fuck her brains out.

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The bartender took the initiative, For an older guy he really was able to move fast. He pulled her hair back, and fucked her really hard as she slurped on the last two cocks. She had cum dripping all over face, mouth, even in her hair. I was about too cum. Watching my wife have sex with strange jojkiss new story xxx 2019, and get fucked with two cocks in her mouth was making me explode.

finally, the bartender shot his cum all over her back, and made her turn around and lick the rest of his cock and balls. She wasn't done yet, she walked across the bar, completely naked, her beautiful tits hanging out and her shaven pussy ready to be fucked again coming towards me. "I didn't forget about you" she said, smiling.


She bent down, and sucked my cock, I could see all the cum from the other men, glistening on her body. I couldn't take it, I shot my load all over her face. She kissed me on the lips, and went to get a towel. I could see how red her ass was from all the spanking. At this point, the other men had left the bar, and it was just us and the barkeep.

He called us a cab, and we headed home. My wife sat next to me in the cab, and made me slide my hand into her pussy so I can feel how wet she was from all the men who just fucked her.

I was very hard again. But she wasn't satisfied, she invited the cab driver in to the house with us.