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Hello everyone and welcome back to the series. Enjoy. :) Please note: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling and or grammar slip-ups. I'm trying to correct as much of them, but there always will be some that got unnoticed. You'll understand. :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .Week passed since Ben got home.

It was Thursday, when the fourth class ended we had chemistry and Mike went outside to go to his the best place for a dick is a black pussy to get his books, I already had mine and I put them on the table.

.BANG. A loud banging sound went through the whole school and I heard some kids yelling: "Fight! Fight! Fight! " outside. I ran outside to see what was that all about, but I couldn't see anything from the group of kids that were around the guys.

Andy didn't come with me because he had some unfinished homework so he stayed in the classroom to finish it with Maria. I made my way through the mass and I saw some guy almost choking Mike to death. I'm not exaggerating. I literally froze. Mike seemed to have noticed me and he glanced towards me. "Help him." A thought shot through my head like a bullet fired from a gun.

I clenched my fists and ran towards the guy who was just about to punch Mike in the stomach. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM !!" I yelled and hit that guy right in the nose. The sheer force of my impact sent him right to the floor.

"What the fuck ! Who the fucking hell are you ?!" He yelled, actually, it sounded more like a growl from an untamed beast than a yell.


"It's none of your business. Get out of there before I really make your nose bleed !" I almost growled too. Oh, and I made his nose bleed a little too. I had some strength in me that I just couldn't contain. I was full of anger at that point because I was bulled when I was in middle school in year 7 by some guys from year 1 at high school. I still can't get over that feeling of being so helpless and assaulted and I didn't want anyone else to feel that way let alone my friends.

"Mike, go get Andy and go get some help." I glanced at Mike who was just standing there looking at me. "I don't think I'd have much chance against this guy." I added.

Mike nodded and pushed his way through the mass. I was all by myself at that point against the guy who was much bigger and taller than me. I knew it wouldn't not mash but close enough for fun well for me, but I didn't want to run either. He stood up and ran towards me making a fist. I hit him in the balls with my knee, but too late, he hit me right in the chest and my breathing was cut off instantly.

I fell down to my knees and put both of my hands on my chest coughing and trying to catch some breath. The guy squinted down too, holding on to his balls.


I stood up first and so did he. He went for me like a train at full steam. I tried to do the same trick but it didn't work. He jumped on me and knocked me down. While I was falling I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. I hit my head on the edge of one locker. He jumped on top of me and tried to punch me in the head.

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I was bleeding and I felt light headed and I knew if he hit me once more I'd black out. That wouldn't be so good of an ending. He made a fist and was like two or three inches away from my face when Andy tumbled him over. "A-Andy ?" I muttered. "I told you to get h-help." I added. "It's all right. Mike called the headmaster." He told me. "Look out !!" I yelled out loud. "Wha." The guy punched Andy right in the gut and punched him in the head, twice.

He fell down to the floor and didn't get up. I couldn't eastboy gay cz 2019 hero him because I was still trying to get air. I got down to my knees beside him.

"Andy, Andy !!!" I started pushing him and trying to wake him up.

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"Andy get up. Andy.Get.Up." He opened his eyes and glanced to my side. "I'm fine." He raised his head and his head fell down again. I teared up and got so angry. My eyes were on fire. "You are going to pay for this" I growled through my tears and ran towards him. I was ready to kill him at that point. I couldn't see anyone else. My eyes were fixed on that guy.

"Nathan, Alexa !" Mr. Jonathan yelled. "Stop !!" He added. I froze when I heard his voice I think I stopped breathing. Mike showed up too. "What in the god's name happened here ?!" He said. "Um.He was choking me and Alexa came to help me." He said. "I see." Mr. Jonathan said. "Well, Nathan, you are invited to my office, we are going to have a little talk." He added. "As for you Alexa." He started looking at me. I shivered and cold sweat went all over me."You are invited to the school clinic.

You are badly hurt. You are bleeding." He said. I forgot that I was bleeding and when I touched the back of my head I felt warm blood coming out. "Sir. I think Andy is in a much of a bigger trouble. He's unconscious." I said. "Oh, dear lord. I'll help you carry him off to the clinic." He said. "We will be fine sir. Me and Alexa will carry him." Mike told him. "Would you be able to do that Alexa ?" Headmaster asked me. "I will, sir. Don't worry." I said almost making a smile. "All right then.

As for you Nathan." He turned back to him. "I'll lead the way to my office." He told him. Mike and I carried Andy off to the clinic. He was a dead weight. When we came into the clinic, Alexandra, the nurse greeted us. "Hello boys, what seems to be the.

Oh dear." She said when we carried Andy hot lezzies fill up their massive bootys with milk and squirt it out the clinic. "Put him on the table." She told us. We put Andy on the table and she examined him. "He's just knocked out. He will be fine. And what's that Alexa." She asked me with a worried voice.

"Um. It's nothing." I said cracking a smile. She came closer to me. "I don't think it's nothing. You're pale." She said. "Here." She said and put a little gauze soaked with alcohol on my wound.

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It really stung, but it was fine. Nurse left us alone while she was doing some paperwork with the headmaster, I think. I held it like that for about 5-6 minutes and Andy woke up.

"Aww. My head." He managed to say. I came closer to him and said: " Hey buddy. Thanks for saving me." I smiled. "Awh. it's nothing." He replied still dizzy. Mike approached us.

"You know. I can't thank you two enough for saving me from that maniac." He said. "You're welcome." Andy replied. "Hey, that's what friends are for." I joked and gave a peck on the lips to Andy and Mike. "Mmh." Andy mumbled."That's good." He added. All three of us giggled. Ben bashed into the clinic. "What the hell happened ??" Ben said. "Why are you bleeding Aky??" He asked me. "Meh. It's nothing. It's just a scratch." I replied. "Um.

Your brother and Andy saved me from one psychopath.


He was choking me so they helped me." Mike told my bro. "What. Who was that ??" He said. "Some guy named Nathan." I replied. "I'm going to kill him for hurting you. I'm serious." "Ah. It's fine. We showed him." I lied to him. "Yeah right… That's why you're laying here bleeding all over." He glanced at me.

"Mhm&hellip." I mumbled. After a while, nurse came back and wrote us something to bring home. After an hour in the clinic, we left and went to get our stuff.

Alexandra offered to drive us home, but we thanked her for helping us with the bleeding and told her that it she has done enough already for us. We got our stuff and on the way to my home we talked about the whole fight and when we came back my mom was in the front yard and she was doing something. When she saw my bloody back and shoulders she jumped me and pulled all three of us inside my house. She was making us some tea while we were sitting in the living room.

"Hah. My mom. She always makes a big deal out of everything." I said smiling. "Well, you two saving me is actually a big deal, at least for me." Mike said and giggled. Andy and I giggled back. And this is mom son bsd top mm it ends. This part, actually. See you in some other parts some other time.

Until then, have a great time. Bye :)