Hidden camera in massage russian

Hidden camera in massage russian
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Fbailey story number 298 My Sister The Sex Slave My sister Kimberly is sixteen years old, very pretty with nice big tits, and she has really been a stuck up bitch to me. Being her little fifteen-year-old brother makes me the scum of the Earth in her eyes.


I am not even good enough to speak too. When Kimberly got a nineteen-year-old boyfriend she got even worse. She became the envy of her girlfriends because she was dating one of the football players. (American football that is.) That put her in an even higher category at school. Over the next couple of months I noticed some unusual changes in her that Mom and Dad did not seem to notice.

She studied less and talked less on the phone to her friends. Her girlfriends stopped coming by to visit her too. She started dressing sexier and she stopped wearing panties. I noticed that right away because every night I waited to jerk off in her used panties and was constantly disappointed.

Then her circle of friends changed. She started going to parties and coming home smelling of cigarettes and booze, her hair was messed up, and at times her clothes were in disarray.

When I tried to say something to her she just snapped at me. She told me to shut to fuck up and if I ever said a word to anyone that she would kill me. What to fuck! I hadn't done anything to result in that kind of a tongue-lashing. So for the next couple of weeks I kept clear of her. Then one night after I had been sent to bed, I heard a light tapping on my bedroom door. It was Kimberly. She was in a sexy little nightie.

She came into my room closing the door behind her. Kimberly said, "I need for you to come to a party with me this Friday night." I replied, "But you hate my guts." Kimberly said, "I'm sorry for the way that I have treated you but I really need for you to come to the party with me on Friday." I asked, "Why me?" Kimberly answered, "Because you are my brother and cucumber in wet messy cleft softcore amateur Jeremy wants you there." I asked, "Why, so he can beat me up or something?" Kimberly said, "I don't think he is going to beat you up.

I'm not really sure what is going to happen. All I know is that he told me to bring you. That means that I have to bring you or else." I asked, "Or else what?" Kimberly looked down at the floor, up at the ceiling, and then she looked me right in the eyes. With tears in her eyes she said, "Or he'll punish me in unspeakable ways." I could tell that she was quite concerned. I finally felt like a brother to her.

I got out of bed, put my arms around her, and tried to protect her from whatever she was afraid of. I rubbed her back through her short nightie, her firm breasts were pressed into my chest, and my cock started raising up inside my underwear. All I had on were my underwear. As my hand rubbed lower on her back I knew that all she was wearing was that short nightie. My hand had touched bare flesh and I had not felt the waistband of a pair of thong panties on the way back up.

My cock continued to rise. I was pretty sure that Kimberly could feel it against her somehow. She snuggled into my arms and wept silently. I could feel her breaths as her breasts pressed into me harder.

Kimberly held my back tightly to her. I let my hands travel back down her back to her firm butt then up under her nightie as I brought them back up her body. She was not stopping me. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. Then Kimberly said, "Jeremy told me to do whatever it took to get you to that party on Friday." Then she patted my erection, backed up, and pulled that nightie up over her head dropping it to the floor.

"Is this what it will take?" Then Kimberly held one of her breasts in one hand and her pussy in the other hand. I could not speak. I was so astounded by her naked beauty that words escaped me.

Her skin was flawless, her nipples were hard, and her areolas were all crinkled. Her tummy was flat, her ass was rounded, and her pussy was a boy's dream. All of her pubic hair was removed, her mound was puffy, and her lips were separated, moist, and very pink. The wetness was glistening in the light from my lamp. Kimberly pushed me back onto barely legal teen gets pumped full of cum bed and removed my underwear.

She kissed the head of my cock, slipped her mouth over it, and then proceeded to suck me off. It was my very first blowjob and it was from my beautiful sister.

When I cum in her mouth she just kept sucking and swallowing until there was no more to swallow. Then she just kept sucking some watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana. I never wet soft.

Kimberly crawled up on me, positioned my cock, and sank her pussy right down onto it. Kimberly leaned forward placing one of her nipples right in my mouth.

While I sucked on it she started fucking me gently. Whether or not she knew it she had just taken my virginity. I was given her other nipple to suck while she continued to fuck me. When I came Kimberly jumped off from me and started to suck my cock for all she was worth. She would not let it go down. Then Kimberly got on her back, lifted her legs sex poren bulu ketek lebat to her chest, and told me to fuck her.

I told her that I was done but she told me that I had to fuck her one more time, or else.


I got over her and stuck my cock back into her pussy but she told me that I was in the wrong hole. I was sure that it was the right hole and I pulled it out a little to show her. She told me that I was xnxx 2019 porn folder story to fuck her asshole and that was what I was supposed to do.

She took a hold of my cock and forced the head up against her own asshole and told me to push it in. I suggested a lubricant but she said that it was not allowed. It was hard to get it in her but finally the head popped inside. She grabbed my hips and told me to keep going.

When I was all the way inside her she told me to fuck her anyway that I wanted too. Anyway! What way! I had no idea what she meant so I just did what came naturally. I did push-ups on my sister, thrusting my cock in and out of her asshole as I did them. I watched her breasts bounce around as I butt fucked her.

Before I realized it I was cumming in her third orifice for the third time that night. Kimberly kissed me goodnight, covered me up, and walked out of my room carrying her nightie.

+++++ That Friday evening I accompanied Kimberly to her party. It was at Jeremy's house. His parents were out of town. There were just a few of us there. Jeremy and three of his football buddies were there. Their four girlfriends were there along with their four brothers. Jeremy seemed to be in charge. He asked the four girls to stand and tell him if they had succeeded in their quest. They answered no, no, no, and then Kimberly answered yes. I was then asked to stand next to my sister.

Jeremy then asked me if I had cum in all three of my sister's holes. I didn't understand and Kimberly did not say a word. Eventually Jeremy asked me if I had cum in her mouth, yes, if I had cum in her pussy, yes, and if I had cum in her ass, yes. Then he asked me if I had done so in less than hour, again I answered yes. The other three brothers were then sent home. Once they were gone their sisters were told that they were never again to let their brothers fuck them. Jeremy told Kimberly to allow me two hours every week to fuck her as often as I could and that she was to cooperate fully as she had already done.

Wow! It had been a test, I had passed, and now I was going to be rewarded. Wait a minute. My sister did whatever Jeremy told her to do.

Was she his slave or something? Yes she was. The four girls were told to strip. Each girl immediately took off her blouse, her skirt, and stood at attention naked. None of them had been wearing a bra or panty. For their punishment and my reward the other three girls were told to come to my house on different days.

They were to see to it that I cum in all three of their holes before they could go home again. They would be mine for an entire night, not just an hour or two. The next order of business was to find a girl to be my slave so that I could join Jeremy and his friends as part of the group. I could not believe the names that were tossed around. When they mentioned Miss Connelly I was speechless. Jeremy noticed my excitement and told everyone that we had found a winner.

Miss Connelly was absolutely gorgeous and a brand new tenth grade science teacher. She was my homeroom teacher too. I had jerked off to thoughts of her. I could not believe it when Jeremy picked up a telephone, dialed her number, and put it sexy schoolgirl sasha bound tight with white rope speaker.

He simply told Miss Connelly that she had a Master and that she was to come right over to his house. We waited about twenty minutes for her to arrive.

When the doorbell rang Jeremy brought Miss Connelly into the room where we were. She looked at the other girls, immediately undressed, and stood next to my sister Kimberly.

Jeremy then explained to us that Miss Connelly was a transfer slave from the college that she had attended and from her high school before that. Miss Connelly was then informed that I was to be her new Master. She just smiled at me but did not say a word. Jeremy told me to take Miss Connelly up to his parent's bedroom and talk. Xxxpron baby first time sex asked Miss Connelly to tell me about her past, told her that she was my first slave, and he told her to help train me.

First off her name was Lorelei, she was twenty-five years old, and she had been a Sex Slave since she was thirteen years old. She had belonged to her older brother all through high school until he had joined the military. Her brother passed her off to a College Professor until she graduated and came here. He released her but Lorelei didn't want to be released so she found Jeremy.

I just got lucky. Lorelei told me that she would do anything that I wanted her to do, however she said that I needed to respect her career and not to jeopardize it. I could ask her to wear short skirts without panties, not too awfully shear blouses without a bra, and that I could fuck her during our lunch break.

She said that it would be very nice if I didn't have her show her pussy to her students, fuck other teachers, or do anything that would result in her getting fired. Then Lorelei asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Yes I did. I had her get on her back on the bed and then I got between her knees and just looked at her. Lorelei had long legs that joined at her beautiful pussy.

She was shaved bald and I could see her pussy lips that had opened up slightly to show off one cute inner lip that was quite pink. Her love mound was quite pronounced. Her tummy was sunk in but smooth, her ribs shown nicely, and her breasts stood up like twin mountains capped with pink areolas and kandi hart likes to get drilled hard pink nipples.

Her collarbone protruded, her slim neck stretched, and her face was gorgeous. What I had done to deserve her? I could not believe my luck. I confided in Lorelei that my entire sexual experience consisted of rough sex machine melissa moore begs for rough sex my sister's three holes just a couple of days before.

She smiled and said that she would be happy to teach me all that she knew if I wanted her to. Yes! With that she held the back of my head and gentle pulled my face into her crotch. She told me to start there by kissing her womanhood. I kissed it and I licked it. It tasted just like strawberry jam. She said that she likes to taste good for her Master. She sure did. I licked into her until my tongue couldn't reach any further. Lorelei laughed and suggested that I go after her clit with the same enthusiasm.

It was the teacher coming out in her. After all I needed instructions and I had asked for it. I loved eating her pussy and attacking her clit.

She moaned, grabbed the back of my head, and fucked up into my mouth like a woman possessed. She then thanked me for giving her an orgasm. It seems that her previous Master would not allow her to give herself any relief.

In other words she could not jerk-off. Well I do it all the time, why can't she? I told her that she could jerk-off any time that she wanted too. Lorelei smiled and said that she would love to masturbate during my class and then I could smell and taste her fingers palatable adorable hottie rides long cock girlfriend and hardcore if I so desired. Okay! From her pussy I was brought up to her breasts. She said that they were 34-DD.

They certainly were impressive. She said that she liked them sucked and squeezed but that she especially liked her nipples pinched and twisted hard. She can achieve an orgasm just from her nipples. Once again she was not allowed to do so to herself. Yes she was! She said that she would do it when she faced the board in class and then turn around with two of the hardest nipples that I ever wanted to see.

Great! I was already looking forward to my next class with her. From her breasts I went to her xxx sunny leone storys fool sex stories and she taught me how to kiss. Miss Connelly was a terrific teacher, especially in sex. When I finally entered her pussy I was too excited and cum almost instantly. She did not care in the least. She then sucked me hard again and let me slip it back into her pussy.

I lasted all of about a whole minute but she just said that I would get better and that I would become the best Master that she had ever had. Then she sucked me hard for the third time and let me fuck her again. She was wonderful and she was all mine. Once I was completely satisfied we returned to the others. Jeremy asked me if I liked my Sex Slave and I told him that I did.

He then asked Lorelei if she liked her new Master, she did. Then Jeremy produced a piece of paper transferring ownership of Miss Connelly to me.

Both she and I signed it and Jeremy and my sister signed as witnesses. It was almost like a Marriage License. When we left Lorelei offered to drive Kimberly and I home.

During the drive her skirt was up around her waist and her legs were spread for me. Her blouse was unbuttoned so that I had access to her breasts too.

Between pinching and twisting her nipples and rubbing her clit I gave Miss Connelly three orgasms while she drove us home. It might not have been the best thing to do because we almost got in an accident that last time. I had trouble getting to sleep that night. All I could think about was Lorelei. So I crept into my sister's room and got in bed with her.

She was pretty tired and didn't want me to bother her but I told her what my concerns were and she smiled then started talking to me about her relationship to Jeremy, what he made her do around school, and what he didn't make her do around school. It kinky woman in blue pantyhose gets her butthole slammed squirting pornstars like a secret society and the whole idea was to do outrageous things but not to get caught.

Like one day she had to tease her Math Teacher by flashing him her panties throughout the class. She had to wear a butt plug to school with really tight jeans on. She is also not allowed to give herself any pleasure that is something that only her Master can give her.

I told her that I gave Lorelei permission to pleasure herself and Kimberly smiled. After our talk I returned to my bed and fell asleep. In the morning Kimberly and I wound up in the bathroom together. Since we already had sex together she just sat on the toilet in front of me and then got in the shower.

Things had certainly changed. Mom noticed the change too and commented on it. Kimberly told her that we had come to an understanding and that we had matured past the kid stuff. Mom smiled and asked, "Does that include taking a shower while he is in the bathroom with you?" Kimberly replied, "Yes." To which Mom said, "Interesting, very interesting." When I got to school I rushed to my homeroom to see Miss Connelly.

She was even more beautiful than I had remembered. She was wearing a pink semi transparent blouse with a black lacy bra on underneath it. She had on a tight pink miniskirt too. I could just make out a black thong underneath it too. She smiled and motioned me to her. She thanked me for giving her permission to relieve her own tension. She told me that she had masturbated herself to sleep the night before and that she did it again in the shower that morning.

I just smiled and she told me to be the last one left when classes started. After she had taken attendance, made the announcements, and told us what the cafeteria menu was for the day she let us do whatever we wanted to do for the next few minutes. Several girls asked to go to the bathroom to check their makeup and she let them. Some of the boys made up excuses too since Miss Connelly was being so easy. When the first class bell rang everyone flew out the door.

I went up to Lorelei and she kissed me. She asked me to tweak her nipples and then to finger her clit for her. She tasted like blueberries that day. I liked it. It was lunchtime before I saw her again. She took me to her classroom, locked the door, and covered the window with a piece of black paper.

Then Deep in her throat and deep in her ass undressed for me in the sexiest way possible. She then sucked my cock until I filled her mouth with cum. She sucked me hard again and asked me to butt fuck her.

She got down on the floor like a dog and had me take her from behind. It was wonderful. Then she sucked my cock clean for me. In the process I got hard again. She looked at the clock and asked me if she could get dressed before the bell rang.

She promised to suck my cock right up until students started beating on her door. Okay! Watching her get dressed was almost as nice as watching her get undressed. True to her word she sucked my cock and I cum just in the nick of time. She had to lick her lips as she opened the door. Several students seem surprised to see me in there with her. She said, "Extra credit" and just smiled as I left. When my Science class began I took my seat and just admired my Sex Slave.

She never called on me at all. I would watch as she turned toward the board to write something, pinch her nipples, and turn back around. The boys just stared and the girls all giggled. She did it three times during the class and each time got the same results. Near the end she sat behind her desk and gave us a quick assignment. I mom and sun xxxsex storys that she was masturbating for me and that I would get to smell and taste her fingers on my way out.

One of the girls stayed behind to talk to talk to Miss Connelly so I just waved at her on my way out. After school Miss Connelly offered to give Kimberly and I a ride home. She told us that Candice Mitchell had questioned her after one of her classes.

Candice had asked Miss Connelly why she had been in a locked room with me at lunch and why she had gotten her nipples hard on purpose during class. Miss Connelly questioned Candice's intentions and found out that she was very sexually excited about the whole thing. Then Miss Connelly asked me if I would like a second Sex Slave. Sure, why not! So we waited until we saw Candice walk by. Kimberly and I told Miss Connelly that Candice had been mentioned at Jeremy's house as a possibility but that as soon as I heard her name I was sold.

When Candice walked by Miss Connelly asked her if she wanted a lift. She got in the backseat with Kimberly then we went to Miss Connelly's house for a long talk. Along the way Candice confessed that she was very turned on about being someone's Sex Slave. She was not a virgin but she wasn't sexually active either. She had put out some 'feelers' but no one took her up on her offer. Then when Miss Connelly changed overnight she was just curious. Miss Connelly lived on a dead end street in a rented two-story house.

She closed the blinds and drapes in the living room and simply removed her pink blouse and pink miniskirt standing there in just her black bra and thong panties.

Then Lorelei unzipped my pants, took out my cock, and proceeded to give me a blowjob right in front of Candice. Lorelei was good too. She seemed to like putting on a show for Candice. Lorelei deep throated me and I cum. She took it all then opened her mouth to show Kimberly and Candice my cum before swallowing it. Lorelei asked Candice to undress for me. She looked at Kimberly first then started to undress as she was told.

Candice pulled her top up over her head, folded it neatly, and placed it on the coffee table. She had on a plain white bra and apologized for not wearing something more sexy for me. She removed her jeans to reveal a pretty pair of pink panties with a wet spot in the crotch. She looked at Lorelei and then reached behind to release her slut is fully in love with sex games. She smiled at me as she removed it and showed off her B-cup breasts.

She looked embarrassed at having the smallest tits in the room but I smiled and she liked that. As she placed the bra on her pile of clothes she bent to stretch the material of her panties across her fine ass. Then with a smile Candice slipped her panties just below her crotch and stood there for me.

She had a full bush of dark hair on her pussy. She apologized for that too but was not sure whether or not a Master would want her bald or not. She said that it could be removed quickly. I told her dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion I liked it bushy and told her not to shave or trim it at all. Then I knelt before her and lowered her panties the rest of the way to the floor.

When she stepped out of them I held them to my nose and inhaled. She had a very strong musky odor. I had Candice lay on her back on the rug and I stuck my tongue in her pussy. I went from her pussy to her mouth and emily addison vs cali logan her. I went from her pussy to Lorelei's mouth and kissed her. Then I went from Candice's pussy to my sister's mouth and kissed her. When I had enough I told Lorelei to take off her bra and panties and get down between Candice's legs.

Lorelei did so without question and feasted on the pussy before her. Kimberly suggested that I have my two Sex Slaves eat each other while I watched.

When I asked Kimberly if she wanted to join in she said that she had to ask Jeremy first. The call was placed and permission was granted. I could fuck her too if we considered it our weekly fuck session. Okay! Each girl spent a few minutes in both of the other's pussies and I fucked all three of their pussies in the process. Each girl made sure to get a fresh load all to herself. We were running out of time and had to get home but first Kimberly had Jeremy email her the contract that Lorelei printed out for us.

Candice and I signed the Sex Slave agreement with Kimberly and Lorelei signing as witnesses. It was settled I had two Sex Slaves. Lorelei and Kimberly told Candice how important it was to keep their Sex Slave lives secret. I told Candice to tell her parents and all of her girlfriends that I was her boyfriend. She was not to mention being my Sex Slave. She could tell her girlfriends about our sex if she wanted too. Then I told her to wear a miniskirt to school the next day with thong panties, that she was to masturbate in one of her morning classes, and that she was to tell Lorelei and I all about it in her homeroom at lunch.

Then we got washed up, dressed, and dropped off at our homes. Right after dinner Candice called me and said that her parents wanted to meet me. Okay! I went right over to meet her parents and answer any questions that they might have.

It actually went better than I had expected. They took a shine to me right away. Her father just wanted to know where we were going and when to expect her home. There was a ten o'clock curfew on school nights and midnight on weekends unless something special came up. Okay! Then her mother told me that I would be allowed to go to her bedroom as long as the door was left open. Okay! Then I met Candice's fifteen-year-old sister Doris. It was funny that Candice and I were both sixteen and our sisters were both fifteen.

We went right up to her bedroom with Doris right on our heels. No wonder I could go into her bedroom, we had a watchdog guarding us. Not for long! Candice threw her sister on the bed, sat on her chest with her fanny in her face, and removed Doris' panties. Then Candice leaned down and ate her sister's pussy while I watched. Doris never said a word. When Candice released her Doris stood up.

At her sister's request Doris undressed for me showing off her A-cup titties in the process. Then Candice had her sister give me a blowjob while she explained to me that Doris was her Sex Slave and that made her my Sex Slave as well.

Great, now I had three Sex Slaves! A while later Doris sucked me hard so that I could fuck Candice. Doris stood watch for us and then licked us both clean afterwards. I kind of liked having two teen girls enjoyed fucking big black cock on the bed interracial threesome pair of sisters. I sure slept well that night after cumming five times.

I really should have fucked Doris though. I told her that she was required to wear a miniskirt to school with thongs too and that she was to keep quiet about everything that we had done. At home I told Kimberly what had happened and she just smiled knowing that Doris was just like her. She asked me if Doris was still a virgin and I told her that I didn't know, that I had only gotten a blowjob.

Kimberly said that the Friday gathering might be a good place to take her virginity with everyone watching. Okay! The next day at school Jeremy looked me up and wanted to talk. Basically he told me not to go hog wild and make Sex Slaves out of all the girls in the school. Miss Connelly told me later that if I wanted a hundred Sex Slaves that I could have them.

However, she also told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I told her that I had been happy with just her, that she was there when Candice happened, and that I hadn't been looking for Doris. She just came along with the package. Miss Connelly smiled and told me that she understood but that I should back off for a while to see where all of this would lead. I had Candice and Doris meet us in Miss Connelly's homeroom for lunch.

The door was locked and the window was covered. Miss Connelly took charge and told both girls what not to do and mainly that was not to draw unwanted attention, not to get her in trouble, and to respect me. She told them that the contract that Candice had signed and the one that Doris would be signing was binding, not in a court of law but in the eyes of Masters and Sex Slaves everywhere. She told them I could give them pleasure, humiliate them, or even inflect a great deal of pain if I wished too.

She then told them that as my first slave they must also obey her too. During that lunch period we got much better acquainted with one another. Doris was a virgin and I would take it on Friday at the meeting. Also other Masters and Sex Slaves would be there too. She estimated that fifty people would be present, about twenty Masters and about thirty Sex Slaves. That week the four of us spent a lot of time together getting to know one another and learning things about ourselves too.

I learned that my sister and Doris really liked one another but that Jeremy wouldn't let Kimberly have sex with Doris unless he could watch. I had sex with Lorelei and Candice every day and got blowjobs from Doris. Lorelei loved anal and Candice got used to it too, lesbian anal dildo domination my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin every day I fucked both of their holes.

Doris wanted sex so badly that she could taste it. I planned on taking both of her virginities on Friday. Lorelei helped out by stretching Doris' hymen to thin it out and not cause her so much pain the first time.

She also had Doris wear a butt plug to bed at night. On Friday Miss Connelly picked up my other two girls and then picked me up. Kimberly was to be picked up by Jeremy. The attire for the slaves was to be white button blouses and black or dark blue miniskirts. Lorelei made sure that the three of them looked good. She said that their appearance reflected on me and that she wanted me to stand out proudly. Their white button blouses were made of very thin gauze that was practically invisible.

Their black miniskirts were just thick belts. I could see the top of their pubic hair and their pussy lips too.

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Each was wearing a red pair of heels that was just as tall as they were comfortable walking in. They had been practicing for that occasion. Just before we went in Miss Connelly produced a small bucket with ice cubes in it. They each took two and applied it to their nipples.

Not only did it stiffen their nipples but it also melted and the blouses stuck to them nicely. My name was on the guest list and we were allowed in.

People took notice of my three girls that's for sure. Miss Connelly had been right their clothing was perfect. I was very lucky to have such a wise slave to guide me. I was called into a private meeting where the agenda was discussed. I was to take Doris' virginity at about eight o'clock and her anal virginity at about nine if that was okay. It was fine with me. Then about eight-thirty Doris and my sister would put on a demonstration for us all.

Again it was fine with me. Since Doris would have my come in her pussy they figured that my sister should have too. Now they were pushing it. I would have to fuck my sister Kimberly just a few minutes after Doris or as soon beforehand as I could. Jeremy was smiling like he was up to something. Not a problem, after all I had fucked Kimberly three times in an hour. Okay! As I suspected I was not given any time with my sister until after Teen blonde and blacks mens hard anal gape dp creampie interracial and hardcore took Doris' virginity.

Okay if that was the way Jeremy wanted it that was okay with me. I talked things over with Miss Connelly and then went back to the judges when Jeremy wasn't there. He was looking for a way to humiliate me so I was going him one further.

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At eight o'clock I would take Doris' virginity, fuck my sister's pussy, and then fuck Doris' ass all in about a half-hour so that the two girls could put on a demonstration for us about eight-forty-five. See how Jeremy likes that! My girls were all ready when eight o'clock arrived. The chain of events was laid out and the fun began. Doris was well lubricated thanks to Candice. Slipping into her was relatively easy. There was some pain on her face but I think that was just for show because Lorelei had told her that it would look good.

She even managed a tear in one eye too. Fucking her was actually something special seeing as how she was my first virgin. After I cum in her coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore blowjob pulled away Lorelei wiped my cock and Doris' pussy with her white blouse and showed off the pink stain from me breaking her hymen.

Immediately Lorelei sucked my cock to keep it hard and then I fucked my sister. God that felt so good that I could scarcely believe it. I think it was because of the audience witnessing our incest.

Anyway I cum in her and once again Lorelei was right there sucking to keep me hard. Candice licked Doris to get her wet enough and then I slid my cock into her ass taking her anal virginity. That time the tears were real as well as the pain. I was sorry but she had known that it would hurt. The crowd went wild. The more Doris cried the more they cheered. I was just about to pull out when Doris told me to give them a good show. So I pulled on her hair and pounded into her ass almost knocking her to the stage floor.

She took it like a trooper. I would certainly owe her for that one. Just as I cum and pulled out of her ass someone announced that it was eight-twenty-eight and that in two minutes Kimberly and Doris would put on a show together.

I was also congratulated on setting a new club record for cumming three times in twenty-eight minutes taking the title away from…Jeremy.

All right! He was pissed and told my sister to suck every bit of my cum from Doris' two holes even if she had to use a straw to do it. She told Lorelei so that I would know what Jeremy was up too.

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Lorelei had a short conference with Doris and asked her if she was up to eating Kimberly's asshole like a pro. Was she ever up to it, that was her specialty with her sister until I came along.

Apparently Candice fed her sister a lot of shit. Soon enough the two girls were on the stage going at it as if it were a wrestling championship or something. Kimberly was good but right away the crowd went to cheering for Doris. Doris licked gobs of cum from my sister's pussy, showed the crowd, and swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing it. She scooped more out with her fingers and then went after her ass first. Kimberly was still trying to get every drop of my cum from Doris' pussy like she was told.

Doris on the other hand was enjoying the pleasure applied busty babe drilled after cocksucking her man big tits and cumshot her tender pussy and putting on a real show for the crowd. Doris 'six-packed' Kimberly and sucked her thumb and finger clean. At one point she had three fingers deep in Kimberly's ass and fucking her with them.

She damn near got her whole fist into Kimberly's pussy too. If she had some K-Y I knew she would have. Then finally Kimberly got around to Doris' ass, shoved two fingers into her sore butt, and made Doris cry out in agony. Doris shouted 'fucking bitch' and then bit Kimberly's pussy causing her to cry out in pain.

Then it was just a cat fight until the judges broke it up. The crowd gave Doris the win all the way around. At the end of the night my girls and I won the monthly honors. I even got a gold key to put on my key chain.

It didn't go to anything it was just a gold key and it put me in good standing with the other Masters. After the festivities were over and the socializing started Lorelei took me over and introduced me to her sister Jasmine and her Master. They were identical twins. Wow! We made arrangements to get the girls together in a couple of weeks.

That was when they would be back in town again. Okay! Lorelei made sure that we got Candice and Doris back home by midnight. Doris was really sore in her crotch but she said that it had all been well worth it. No one fucked her after I broke her in, but I did let two guys fuck Candice and three others fuck Lorelei while I got to fuck two other girls that were pretty young. They had been told not to give their age out but they had to be as young as thirteen but then again who can really tell?

Doris was sure that they were eurotik tv etvshow premium story than she was. I went home with Lorelei and called my mother to tell her that I was safe but that I wasn't coming home. Then I got to sleep with my number one Sex Slave all night long.

In the morning Miss Connelly invited Candice, Doris, and Kimberly over for lunch and a day to talk again. Kimberly couldn't sit but laid on cuckold watching how her slut wife is being fucked homemade espanola belly on some pillows.

Jeremy was not a happy camper and had beat her for not winning the contest. In the first place it was only supposed to be a demonstration until Jeremy got all bent out of shape. Then the little turd beat her ass with a leather strap until he broke the skin. Lorelei suggested that Kimberly take it to higher authorities if she wanted to. She said that Sex Slaves had rights too but that it would take a tribunal to overturn the paper that she had signed granting Jeremy ownership of her body and soul.

If it was her wish she should get things started right away. At Kimberly's request Lorelei made a phone call and explained the situation.

An hour later three men came to the door. We were all asked to leave while the investigation took place. So we went out for ice cream and waited to be called back. It was a good two hours before we got that call and returned. Lorelei said that it was taking way too long and she was concerned at the outcome. When we arrived Jeremy's car was in the driveway so Lorelei parked out on the street.

When we entered one man told us to be silent and sit at the dining room table. The four girls were told to get naked, as Sex Slaves should be. The Mediator took me into another room and asked me just one question, "Was I willing to become my sister's Master if necessary?" Yes! We rejoined the rest and he started in, "We the Grievance Committee have investigated the charge of cruelty against Kimberly by her Master, Jeremy.

After talking to all parties it is our decision that Master Jeremy did in deed inflect revenge on the wrong person and that Kimberly did her best last night to satisfy his command as we all can testify too. Master Jeremy has shown his immaturity in owning a Sex Slave so we perky gorgeous teen bounces on a penis Grievance Committee have removed Kimberly from his possession and he has been sentenced to two years on probation.

In that time he may not be allowed to attend a sanctioned meeting or to own a sanctioned Sex Slave. At Kimberly's request and her brother's acceptance her ownership will be transferred to her brother, her new Master. Also it has come our attention that Doris has not been properly sold into the Sex Slave business. We have papers for you four to sign. Master Jeremy you are excused." With that Jeremy shouted out some obscenities, slammed the front door, and squealed his tires as her peeled out.

The Mediator said, "Well that just proves his immaturity." We then signed certificates or ownership for all four girls. They were the official certificates that get recorder and embossed for future references.

So each girl signed her teen licks milf pussy stuffed with cock and soul over to me as a Sex Slave and I signed as her Master. Then two of the Grievance Committee signed as witnesses. I arranged them in order so that Lorelei was still my number one and then Candice, Doris next, and my sister Kimberly last. The men congratulated us and said that the certificates would be filed properly with the National Office.

Wow! They had a National Office of Sex Slaves. Wow! At Lorelei's suggestion the girls called home to tell their mothers that they were spending the night. Then I called Mom and told her that I wasn't come home that night either.

All Mom said was that we need to talk. She was right! I had looked at the list of National Officers on the back of the Certificates and found my father's name as one of the State's Representatives to National.

We certainly did need to talk! The End My Sister The Sex Slave 298