Zoey monroe in the office and the orifice

Zoey monroe in the office and the orifice
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Traci had her sweet revenge on Carmen captured on video. And even though she promised Carmen she would give her the video if she was the sole entertainment at the next party the following night, she intended to keep the master tape of the video for future blackmail and merely give Carmen a copy!

Traci and Tyler knew they could make a few extra bucks in one night by selling Carmen out to a group of horny men. With her sweet young high school face and her incredibly curvy little body, men would eagerly pay to have sex with her.

Tyler had a friend who had a house on the edge of town, with a large game room in the basement, this would be the perfect place for their money making gangbang. Tyler had some old acquaintances from prison, who he knew would love to fuck a young high school girl, and were more than happy to shell out a few hundred dollars to have their way with a young girl.

Traci wanted to film the gangbang, and possible sell copies, but Tyler said none of his ex con buddies would want any kind of video evidence of them fucking a teenage girl!

Three of the four guys that came for the gangbang were all large older black men, covered in tattoos and each one standing over six foot three and weighing well over two hundred pounds, the fourth black guy was the youngest at twenty three and only about five foot nine, and maybe one hundred & seventy pounds, but Tyler said he had the longest cock he had ever seen on a human.

His name was Johnny, but in the joint his name was Long John Silver, because of his extra long cock and his silver capped teeth. Tyler called him LJ for short. Tyler told them for a hundred dollars each, they could do what ever they wanted with her, nothing was off limits. The guys said that for that kind of money she had better be wet dream material!

Traci decided to have Carmen put on a little show first, to give the guys a tease before they got to have their way with her. Traci told the guys that this little high school slut would fulfill their every fantasy.

Traci then brought Carmen out to stand in front of the horny guys. She was made to look like a total tramp. Her face was heavily made up with thick black eyeliner and dark eye shadow, her lips were painted a crimson red and her cheeks had heavy rouge applied.

She looked like a streetwalker. They had her wearing a little white blouse tied at her Midriff, her D cups were bulging 5 guys gang rape twgirls the top of her bra and a short plaid skirt like a catholic school girl showed off her perfect legs.

She had five inch heels on and she could barley walk with out falling over. The guys all whistled and hollered as Traci slowly paraded her around in front of them on a leash attached to a leather slave collar around her neck. This was even more degrading than the night before, she was going to be a sex slave for Tyler and his prison buddies. As Traci made her walk around in front of the guys and shake her ass, Tyler told the guys she would be their sex slave for the evening, and they could do anything they wanted to do sexually.

He told the guys that they would all get a chance to fuck her in any hole they wanted, and drop their hot cum anywhere in or on her slutty body! He also told them she likes her sex rough, so they could put clamps on her nipples, slap her face with their cocks or piss in her mouth! The guys let out a collective cheer. Traci handed the leash to Tyler and said "She's all yours for the next six hours" Tyler told Carmen to undo her top and show the men her big firm teenage tits!

When Carmen hesitated, Leticia slapped her across the face. Tears welled up in Carmen's eyes as Tyler grabbed her blouse and ripped open the front as the buttons flew out onto the floor. Tyler angrily told her to remove her bra or he would cut it off with a switchblade!

Carmen reached behind her back and undid the clasp, as her bra fell to the floor. Her giant firm tits were exposed to their lecherous stares, she blushed from the way they ogled her tits. Tyler said for Larry (the biggest guy there) to come up and take off her skirt for her. Larry walked up to Carmen and ripped her skirt open with one tug of his giant hand, as it fell to the floor, he grabbed her panties with both hands and ripped them apart as the guys cheered.

Carmen stood there completely naked with only her high heels on, in front of the biggest, most evil looking black guys she had ever seen. Tyler was actually looking like the sweet one! The guys decided american mom son incest storys with english subtitles Long John would get to start things off, mainly, because they wanted to see her shocked expression when she got her first look at his twelve inch black snake.

LJ walked up to Carmen and took the leash off the slave collar, he told her she would do anything, anyone of them asked without question, or they would tie her up and whip her ass with a riding crop!

She nodded her head that she understood. LJ told Carmen to unbuckle his pants and pull out his cock. She undid his pants and they dropped to the floor.

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He told her to pull his boxers off and kiss her first prize of the evening. She pulled his boxers down and her eyes got wide with fear as she got her first look at his long black snake. It wasn't even hard and it hung halfway down to his knees.

His balls were the size of large lemons and she could only gasp as it started to harden & grow. He told her to take his long black snake in her little hand and give it a big wet kiss! The guys all laughed, as she leaned forward and planted her lips on the growing mushroom head. She gave it a couple of licks and looked up at LJ for his next command. LJ then turned around, sticking his ass in her face and told Carmen to experience the magical powers of his black snake she would first have to kiss his black hairy ass.

Carmen reluctantly started to kiss his ass cheeks. LJ barked at her. "No bitch, french kiss my ass you stupid whore, stick your tongue all the way up my asshole, use your hands to spread my cheeks and suck my asshole with your slutty little tongue!" "You have to earn the privilege of getting fucked by black cock, by eating black ass!" The other guys watching were in awe and started high fiving each other as she spread his ass cheeks and pushed her tongue deep into his hairy ass.

They knew that this teenage bitch was going to be degraded in every way imaginable before the night was over. As she drove her tongue up mia scarlett is riding a big cock like champion slut ass, she licked up and down his ass crack LJ's cock was hanging down inches from her face she grabbed it with one hand and started to stroke his cock, he started groaning.

"Now that's better, I knew you had a thing for black cock you little slut!" As she licked LJ's ass and stroked his cock, Sam came over behind her and started mauling her tits with his large hands. After a couple of minutes of Sam mauling her tits, he told LJ he wanted to fuck this little bitch and blow his load on her face. LJ told Carmen to lay down on her back. Detention clean up tube porn soon as she was flat on her back, LJ lowered his ass down onto her face and told her to lick his ass clean like a good whore.

He took his long hard cock and grabbed her big tits and pushed them together around his cock and slowly started tit fucking her big soft teenage tits. Sam, dropped his pants and was stroking his cock, which was about nine inches long, but as thick as a Coke bottle!

He fingered her pussy as LJ fucked her tits. Carmen had no idea of the man, or the size of his cock, who was about to fuck her. Her face was completely covered by LJ's ass!

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Sam put his giant mushroom head at the entrance of her pussy, and she thought they were trying to fuck her with a baseball bat or something! Her muffled cries could be heard even though her face was buried in LJ's ass! Sam pushed his bulbous head in and Carmen's body jerked! She had never had anything that size in her pussy. He was going to ruin her pussy forever! As he pushed further in, she moaned and groaned in agony.

Sam smiled as he told the guys that her pussy was the tightest thing he had ever felt! "She's only been fucked by tiny dicked white boys, he told his pals" LJ started moaning that the little bitch was going to make him bust a nut, and he was going to give her the nights first cum facial. Carmen's pussy was sopping wet as the giant black cock was pushing her towards a mind shattering orgasm, the thought of LJ's cock cumming on her face made her moan with pleasure. Sam started to pump her pussy harder and faster, he could tell his massive, thick cock was having an effect on her teenage pussy, and laughed as he told his buddies, "This little tart is really taking a liking to Sam's big old black fuck pole!" The guys started talking dirty to her, telling her how she was going to be begging for black cock all night!

LJ fucked her tits furiously as he kept her tits wrapped around his long black snake. As soon as he started to cum, he pulled his ass off her face and pointed his cockhead right at her eyes! His cum came spewing out in long ropey strands and rained down on her innocent teenage face, Sam was inspired and started fucking her harder, as LJ shot strand after strand right on to her nose, forehead and in to her eyes! She kept her eyes closed because her face was coated in cum.

Sam told LJ he better move because, "He was going to hose the little tart down with some hot cum" Sam pulled his massive log out of her ravaged pussy and immediately started shooting wad after wad of cum on her already cum coated face. Tyler said that she needed her face luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor off so someone else could get their ass licked or their cock sucked.

Traci came over with a spoon, and told Carmen to open wide and eat some black cum. She scooped up the cum and fed it right into her open mouth. Tyler threw a wet towel to Gemma minx and amber hahn strapon fun and said, "Wipe her up good, so we can hose her down some more" Dale was the fattest guy there and he wanted to see Carmen's lips wrapped around his black pole.

They had her get up on her knees to suck on Dales cock. As she knelt in front of Dale, he pulled his pants down and used his heavy, thick black log to slap her face repeatedly. After a few minutes of slapping her face with his cock, he sat down and pulled his legs up in the air and had his fat hairy smelly ass right in front of Carmen's face. She could see that it was disgusting, black and hairy and smelled like shit. He probably hadn't taken a shower in weeks. She cringed at the thought of what she had to do.

LJ was behind her and grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face right into his smelly ass! "Eat his filthy black ass you stupid whore, but don't worry, I'm gonna shove my twelve inches up your ass to help you take your mind off of it!" Everybody laughed, and watched intently as LJ rubbed some oil on her bubble butt and started pushing his twelve inch black snake into her tight ass.

Again Carmen's screams of pain were muffled by having her face buried in Dale's ass. Dale groaned with pleasure as she drove her tongue up his asshole, she darted it in and out like she was fucking his ass with her tongue. He was stroking his thick cock while she licked away at his smelly asshole. LJ got about three inches in when Carmen pulled her mouth off of Dale's ass and pleaded not to put all twelve inches in her ass.

LJ pushed her head back in to Dales ass crack and told her he was going ww com sexy story jogi ji dheere dheere dala fuck her ass so deep, his cock would come out of her throat. She knew now, that he fully intended to impale her on his foot long black snake regardless of how painful it might be. She cried as LJ pushed more cock into her ass.

The other guys were all gathering around to watch her ass get destroyed by his long cock. Carmen used both hands to hold Dales fat ass cheeks apart, as she kept her face firmly planted in his hairy ass, licking his smelly asshole like a two dollar whore!. When LJ had his cock buried up to his balls in her ass, the guys all cheered.

Larry came over with some metal clamps from a hardware store and clamped onto each of her nipples. Carmen cried even louder as she experienced a whole new level of pain. Traci was pleased with the way the night was going. She really wished she could take a picture of the obscene sex scene! Her innocent, popular little high school friend who had only been fucked by one white boy was now completely naked in high heels, on all fours, with her tongue shoved up the smelly hairy ass of a forty five year old fat black convict, getting her ass reamed by another convict with a twelve inch cock and having tight clamps hanging off her nipples of her extra large teenage tits!

Dale told LJ to get her ass reamed out good for him because he was going to fuck it next. LJ pulled his cock halfway out of her ass and he could see that there was shit residue on it, he decided after he blew his load up her ass he would make her lick his cock clean!

LJ pumped her ass for another ten minutes until he shot a gallon of cum up fisting loving dyke likes it deep and hard ass. Carmen felt like a hose had been turned on in her ass, she could feel that her ass was flooded with his cum.

LJ pulled his shit stained cock out of her ass and grabbed her hair and yanked her face out of Dales ass, and shoved his ass coated cock into her mouth. She gagged on the length of his cock being forced deep into her throat and the taste of her own ass.

LJ demanded she clean up his cock good, so his wife wouldn't know he'd been out fucking some little tramp! Dale grabbed her by her hips and thrust his fat black log straight into her ass all the way up to his balls. He thanked LJ for the pre-lubed ass! As he started pumping his shaft in and out of her well stretched ass, Larry who had been dressed the whole time, walked up to Carmen's face and unzipped his pants.

He pulled out the thickest blackest cock she had ever seen, although LJ's was longer.


Larry's was still at least ten inches in length and as big and round as her forearm! He told her to give his big black baby maker a wet kiss! She opened her mouth as wide as she could and she couldn't even get the head in her mouth! She gave his bulbous head a kiss and licked at the head, as if it was a scoop of ice cream. All the while Dale was pounding her ass and rubbing her clit.

While she attempted to suck his giant cock, Larry told everyone that after Dale blows his load up her ass, he wanted the little tramp to himself for forty minutes. Everyone agreed, because Larry was by far the biggest and meanest member of the group.

Carmen cringed, knowing that Larry would rip her pussy to shreds with his ultra thick cock. Dale grunted and cursed a tushy curvy blonde gets her ass gaped times, then shot his load deep into her bowels. As he pulled his cock out, a flood of cum came pouring out of her abused asshole. Traci commented that Carmen's teenage ass was the perfect receptacle for black cum. She went and whispered in Carmen's ear, that her cute little teenage bubble butt was probably going to endure a lot more big black cock before the nights over, and Larry with his giant cock and heavy large balls is going to pump you full with a quart of his potent semen.

Larry pulled his cock away from Carmen's mouth and started to undress himself. The guys all sat down, intent on watching to see what kind of abuse Larry would inflict on Carmen.

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When Larry was completely naked, everyone just stared in awe. His body was black as coal and chiseled like granite. His large chest was covered in tattoos and his arms were larger than most guys legs. His cock hanging between his legs looked like a thick piece of black steel pipe. He told Carmen to lay flat on her back and finger her pussy. As she did this, he stood directly above her, his flaccid cock pointed straight down towards her face.

Carmen was afraid of what he was about to do, and her fears came true as he started pissing straight down onto her face. The guys and Traci laughed as Larry's piss was coming down on her with such a strong force it was splattering all over her tits and hair as well.


Larry told her if she drank enough of his piss, he might cut her a break and not fuck her ass! Carmen opened her mouth and tried to catch as much piss as possible and swallowed it as fast as she could, hoping her ass would be spared from his mammoth cock.

The others were amazed at how much Larry was pissing and how much Carmen was managing to drink! Once his flow subsided, he squatted down and planted his ass on her face and told her to fuck his ass with her tongue. As she drove her tongue up his ass as far as she could, he laid his massive log between her soft teenage D cups tits and squeezed them together hard. She though he would pull them off her chest! He mauled her big tits with his giant hands and pinched the nipples so hard she screamed out in pain.

After fucking and mauling her tits for ten minutes, he decided he was going to fuck her so hard, she would probably pass out. He laid down on his back, his massive black log standing straight up, and told Sam and Dale to pick her up and put her down on his cock! They picked her up by her arms and legs and held her legs apart as amateur porn full vides with step sis in sleeping tried to lower her onto his thick pole.

Her pussy was resisting the massive intruder, so Larry took his hands and pulled her pussy lips open to help get his pussy wrecker into her tight, tiny hole. Carmen cried and groaned in pain as the head pushed in and it felt like she was being impaled on a baseball bat! He reached teacher and student hot boobs and grabbed her tits beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade pulled her down further onto his thick pole.

The guys tried to balance her, but Larry kept pulling her closer towards him. As he managed to get almost half of his giant fuck stick in her, she screamed for them to stop, saying her pussy was being ripped open.

Larry laughed and squeezed her tits so hard, she though he was going to tear them off her body. The guys let go, and Larry pulled her all the way down onto his cock as she cried and begged for mercy. He told her he was going to ruin her for all the little dicked white boys "that you used to like to fuck back at your school." Carmen felt completely stuffed. It was like every centimeter of her pussy was filled to the hilt with cockmeat. She was sure his thick cock was destroying her pussy as it stretched to ungodly proportions to accommodate his massive black pipe!

Traci had a big grin as she watched her helpless friend being fucked by the largest, meanest black man with the largest, thickest cock she would ever encounter. She twisted and squirmed, as if she could somehow dismount from the brutal pussy rape. Eventually, as she was still barely able to accommodate his giant pole, he rolled her over so he was on top and she was stuck underneath him.

He grabbed her thighs with his massive hands and squeezed her legs as he pried them open and shoved his cock in even further.

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Carmen continued to plead, "Oh God, please pull it out, it hurts so bad, your killing me!" Larry told her to shut up, and told her that her pussy was her only hope, because she couldn't get it down her throat and it would take all night to get it up her ass! Her cries of pain only seemed to fuel him on, he started pistoning his cock in and out of her ravaged pussy faster and faster. He started calling her names and telling her zarin khan xxx sex stories story was a worthless little fuck toy for them to use and abuse, that they would degrade her any way they wanted & she would never breathe a word about it to anyone.

Besides, we all saw your gangbang video from last night, only taking on four or five guys tonight should be a piece of cake for a slut like you! She cried at hearing that so many people had already seen the video of her being gang raped. She knew she could never tell anyone, if they saw the video they would just think she was a slut who liked black cock.

Larry's giant cock was starting to have an effect on Carmen, she was breathing heavy and her pussy was dripping wet, her body was betraying her. She was on the verge of a huge orgasm. Larry started telling her how he knew she would love his cock, like every slut he's ever put it in. He stopped pumping his cock, and told Carmen to tell him what she wanted. "I want to cum on your big black cock, she panted" "Tell me how you want me to pump you full of my black cum and how you want to have my black baby, tell me what a black cock loving slut you are now" "Oh God no, I can't" He stopped again, "Say it now, or no more cock for you bitch, I'll pull it out now and spray your face" "Oh, please, I'm a black cock loving whore, pump me full of your hot cum, I need your sperm so bad" "That's better" Larry started to really push his cock in to the hilt, his sweaty balls were slapping her ass.

He told her she was going to get a months worth of his cum from his swollen balls. She moaned and begged for him to fill her pussy with his sperm. She needed his cum so bad, "Please fill my cunt with your hot black cum!" Larry grunted and cussed as he began to shoot blast after blast deep into her pussy. "Oh God, fuck my wet cunt with that big cock!" She was experiencing the biggest orgasm of her life, while Larry shot a gallon of cum into her unprotected little pussy! He pulled his cock out and it made a plop sound, as a pint sexy pon story katrina kaif his cream ran out of her pussy.

He moved his cock up to her face and dragged his wet black log back and forth across her lips, she licked on it like it was the holy grail. He said, "It looks like our little tramp here, is going to be craving big black cocks from now on" As she licked up and mom is in hot water lod his wet shaft, he thought of how he would love to degrade her even more.

His thoughts became more demented, he decided there was one more thing he had to do to this sweet, young, little white high school girl. He told Sam and Dale to come over and hold her down.

Carmen had done everything he wanted, what could he want to do that would require the other two guys to hold her down, was he going to fuck her in the ass? Larry moved up over her face and squatted right above her mouth, did he want his asshole licked out?

As soon as he started grunting, Carmen knew what he was trying to do! She panicked and tried to move, she knew, he was going to shit on her face! The other guys watching said, "Oh no, he's gonna take a shit on this bitch" The guys grabbed Carmen's head and held it steady, knowing she would try to jerk her head away. Larry pushed and grunted and a barely solid turd came out of his ass and landed right on the bridge of Carmen's nose.

Everyone in the room went, "Oh my God, that's gross" Another turd followed and landed on her lips. Carmen kept her lips tightly sealed as she watched the third turd land on her chin. She had half of her face covered in Larry's shit.


At that moment, she felt that she was the most lowly slut on the planet. She had licked black asses, been covered in cum, pissed on, drank piss, been fucked in the ass, and now shit on.

The guys let go of her, and Larry stood up and looked down on her to admire her shit coated face. "That's what you are baby, a black mans sex slave, for us to fuck, abuse and use like a toilet. Even Traci felt sorry for her friend, seeing her like this, but she would not dare say a word to these guys. Dale and Sam pulled out their cocks and started masturbating to the lewd scene before them. LJ did the same. Within minutes all three guys were shooting cum all over her face, some landed on the shit and a lot of it went into her eyes.

She was now covered in shit and cum. Larry asked Tyler when he was gonna fuck her, and he said "Maybe later, after a shower". They all laughed.

Larry teen licks milf pussy stuffed with cock if anyone had a camera, and Tyler said they had a Polaroid. Larry said he wanted a souvenir picture of the little slut to remember her by. Tyler brought out the Polaroid and Larry took a few shots of her naked, shit & cum coated body! The guys left, and Tyler & Traci took her into the bathroom to get her cleaned up.

Once she was cleaned up Tyler took her back to his apartment and kept her to himself the rest of the night. He fucked her in every hole, and she sucked his cock and licked his ass like a total whore. He knew she was a different girl and he told her he wanted to see her again. She never went back to see Traci or Tyler. And none of her friends know about her past experiences with black men and black cocks.