Course Lessons

2 thoughts on “Course Lessons

  1. i have suffered from grief myself , i lost three very close family members within three years of each other . I lost my mother in march 2006 too kidney failure , she was only 51 years old and i was only 18 yeara old . Then 1 year later in january 2007 my auntie passed away from bone cancer , then in october that year my sister got diagnosed with cancer at 22 years old , she passed away 1 year later in december 2009 , it was one week before christmas and her funeral was held on christmas eve. I suffered alot at that time of my life and went through emotions i never new exsisted. So i no i can be a fantastic support for anyone needing someone to help them through it , i no when i was going through that awful time my life all i wanted was someone who understood exactly what i was going.

    • Diana,
      Thank you for your post. I am so very sorry to hear about your multiple losses. How did you work through your grief? What helped you? Reading books, attending support groups….?

      Comforting HUGS

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