Course Outline

Hello Students!
This is a very brief outline. Whenever I taught this course, I was in a classroom setting all dressed up pretty with a projector, screen, laptop. My audience slowly wandered in, grabbed a cup of coffee, doughnut or a healthier food choice, and selected their personal space in the classroom. They were from all walks of life; everyday people who had come to see what this was all about. Some were firefighters, EMS, police officers, and in some cases, correctional officers (I taught those classes in the prisons!), medical, Hospice, mental health, and educational professionals, recovering addicts, junior and senior high school students, caregivers. Some were bereaved parents or grieving spouses, siblings, co-workers, grandparents, grandchildren, classmates, etc. Some had never experienced the death of a loved one, but wanted to find out what to do to help those who had or they wanted information to help themselves when the inevitable happened to them. In other words, they were people just like yourselves.

If you have questions or a comments, please feel free to share them in the comments section under an article or post. If it is personal in nature and you do not want to put it out there for all to see, please do not hesitate to contact me through my personal email. There are very few times that I am not on the computer so I will get back with you in private or on this blog ASAP. Remember, this is an open forum, but I will monitor each post before it goes “live”.

Coursework in Grief: a Lesson in Healing
Very General Outline

Understanding Loss and Grief
– Definition of grief
– Causes of grief
– Responses to grief
1. family history
2. degree of feelings
3. how loss occurred
4. time to grieve – complicated grieving
5. previous coping experiences

1. define grief and state common causes of grief
2. explain the many facets of grief – mental, emotional, physical & spiritual
3. identify reasons for personal reactions to loss/grief

Healing Grief
– accepting the loss
– coping with the pain
– living for today
– cherishing the past
– reinvesting in the future

1. identify grief as a process not an event
2. present coping skills for resolving grief issues
3. compare/contrast men and women’s response to grief

Helping Others Grieve
– in general
– bereaved parents
– grieving children

1. identify ways to assist those who are bereaved
2. explain special considerations when dealing with parents and children

Personal Life Issues
– marital problems/divorce
– what do your children need?
– home and job stress

1. identify specific loss, grief, and stress issues in your personal life
2. discuss the unhealthy results of job stress on family issues and vice versa
3. provide information to help resolve many of these issues

It’s Not Just About Death
coping with addiction
thoughts of suicide
injured or disabled – what you can do now
and a wealth of other topics

1. discuss the warnings signs of depression and suicide
2. relate substance abuse/addictions to grief and stress
3. what’s so great about retirement?