Lesson Five


In this lesson, we will begin to study the Grief Reaction Factors. When an unpleasant or traumatic loss occurs, the Grief Reaction Factors influence how we will cope with the resulting grief. Much like their predecessor, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, several renowned psychologists have developed stages or factors that influence how we cope with grief. The four Grief Reaction Factors factors that we will study are:

  • Emotional bonding
  • Manner of death
  • Obstacles to healing grief
  • Previous loss experience and family dynamics Continue reading

Lesson One


Welcome to our first class. This is going to be a simple, straightforward class.  Most of you have very active lives PLUS, if you are in the throes of grief, it is VERY exhausting. If you’re looking to write a master’s thesis from all the information I am sharing, you won’t find it here, this is a basic information for the average person. I hope that whatever your struggles are that you will gain some help in healing. Never be afraid to ask a question or make a suggestion. I look forward to your constructive feedback. Continue reading

Lesson Two

Lesson Two


  • *We come together as people drawn to life, yet acquainted with death.
  • We come full of our memories—those memories that seem hard for us to bear and those that lift us up and give us the courage to go on.
  • We come together today knowing that we are not alone—that others struggle as we struggle, that others love as we have loved and as we love still, hour by hour, day by day.
  • May we find our full share of love and hope in this hour of togetherness before us. Continue reading